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Found 13 results

  1. Currently managing Ireland in FM17 and as we don't have a plethora of young talent coming through the ranks, I was wondering if there was any way to find any players from abroad who haven't declared for their country yet but could declare for me if I was interested. Thanks very much
  2. On their first Sampaoli's announcement of my save, there are three "gray" players on the list. Im playing the Argentinian League, so there are no reasons to complete the squad with unreal players.
  3. I start the save with me as a manager of Arsenal and Thai national team. I'm about to play in the Asian World Cup Qualification and jump into the team report for Thai national team but it's seem that the report is mixing up with the Arsenal team report.
  4. I started the game planning to do a journeyman save, it automatically puts me on Aldershot so I resign and the USMNT offers me the job immediately. My manager was set to have no qualifications.
  5. FM18 is here so hopefully this will be a save to ease me into the game, surely there can't be any bugs with the World Cup, European Championships, Confederations Cup or the Nations League? If I get sacked as England manager then I'll try and get a job with a different national team, until a few of the added leagues have been released anyway. Leagues loaded: England to Vanarama North/South, more will be loaded when I get sacked. We have a database of 59,000 players with all internationals from every continent and every player with a national reputation. And why England? Well, hopefully I can't be any worse or more boring than how we are in real life.
  6. Emerging from the depths of the Vanarama National league, I was able to sign a promising keeper from Everton > Mateusz Hewelt. He has two nationalities, being Irish and Polish. After a few months on goal, he got selected for the national team, which is awesome. What's less awesome, is that the manager of the Polish national team, appears to have a thing for keepers. He almost selects enough of them to form the starting XI. Screenshot is attached. Sad thing is that he doesn't stand a chance, never getting his first cap. Even worse is that I'm have to miss him every now and then in a competition that swamps a team with matches. Playing on a Axon ZTE 7 with version 8.2.2
  7. So I'm currently managing Derby County FC and Italy. It is the 2018/19 season and I just wanted to focus on my Derby career instead of splitting my attention with 2 sides to manage. I've had a poke around some of the other forums and I can't find where the button is. I've tried a board request but realised it's for your club and I can't find it anywhere at all! Please help me! -TJ
  8. Introduction In a galaxy far far away....(In the year 2015) The fastest man on the planet, Usain Bolt, sits outside on his porch while browsing online newspapers. Daily Mail, The Sun and The Guardian are the first that comes to mind. It's a sunny day outside Kingston, symbolic of Bolts optimistic nature and current mood. His smile quickly fades as he scrolls down. Bolt had been on a trial with Manchester United the past week and he was more than pleased by his own performance. He might not have scored any goals, or given any assists, or dribbled past anyone with the ball, but his pace up and down the wing without the ball was unmatched! All the newspapers claimed that Bolts trial for Manchester United had been a blatant PR stunt and that they had no real intention of signing him. Bolt gave a call to his agent, asking if it was all true, did they not take him seriously as a footballer? His agent tried to get his mind on other tasks, reminding him that he had to defend his tittle as the worlds fastest man. Bolt didn't care for it, football was his true passion and if he couldn't play, he would have to manage. The Jamaican football team was having a mediocre start to the WC qualification. Bolt, having a lot of power in Jamaica, saw his opportunity and got in touch with Horace Burrell (President of the Jamaican Football Federation). He shared his idea of becoming the new manager of Jamaica in the most nonchalant way anyone could imagine. Burrell quickly dismissed the idea as ludicrous, Bolt couldn't just expect to gain that job simply because of his accomplishments as a sprinter. Rather than continuing to make a case for himself, Bolt reminded him of the CONCAF scandal Burrell had been involved in back in 2011. What about it, said Burrell. Well, I just happen to have received some new information that will make Sepp Blatter look like a saint compared to you, Bolt said confidently. Burrell went silent, what Bolt said could easily be true, which was something he could not afford. Burrell kept his head calm and figured out how to solve this. He said; "Okay, listen. I can't make you the manager of Jamaica, but hear me out! If you can find a merited national manager to work alongside you, I can hire the both of you. What do you say?" In a country far far away (from Jamaica), retired Norwegian football manager Egil "Drillo" Olsen is watching his daughter perform in the Cheerleading WC qualification. He receives a call from a number that is unknown to him, he is instantly annoyed and assumes that it is a national newspaper hoping for a comment on anything football related that he couldn't give a **** about. He picks up his phone and answers it with a single, angry grunt. From there on, the conversation went a little bit like this: Bolt: "What did you say? the reception must be bad up there in the north. This is Usain Bolt, the sprinter, I'm crossing my fingers that the name rings a bell" Drillo: "I know who you are, but how do you know me?" Bolt: "I might not know you, but I know your daughter from when I visited Norway to take part in the Bislett Games. She said that you were quite successful with the Norwegian national team back in the day? Drillo:" Yes, that is true. Now what is this about you and my dau....." Bolt: "Sorry to interrupt, this is urgent. I would like to invite you to Jamaica, we have a meeting with the Jamaican Football Federation. My assistant have your details and will arrange everything on your behalf" Drillo: "You sure move fast" Bolt: "BA DUM TSS!"
  9. I think that it would be a good idea to have the England C-Team in the game. For those who don't know the England c team is the football team that represents England at non-league level. It currently is managed by Paul Fairclough and normally plays against weaker national teams or more commonly against under-23 national teams such as those from Turkey or Belgium. The majority of the players selected are those in the Vanarama National League and so it normally represents some of the best non-league youth prospects, hence why many of the players have gone on to play at a higher level. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/England_national_football_C_team
  10. Hi guys, I'm managing a National Team at the moment. I've called up a few U20 players for the Senior squad, but they have never been selected for the U23/U20 ever since. Even after I removed them from the Senior squad, the U23/U20 manager don't call them up. This is odd, considering they're some of the biggest prospects in the country.
  11. When picking my national team i search for that nationality but the players i have in my club team do not appear in this list. is there any way this can appear it used to in older versions of FM?
  12. Hey guys, I have some ideas on what would make FM17 a great game especially when managing a national team. Ever seen a fantastic young player who is eligible for more than 1 country, however his preference is to play for another nation. E.g. I was managing Ireland in one of my saves and there was a talented youth play called Adam Collins who was born in London but could represent Ireland. Whenever I tried to call him up he would reject it. A feature that would be great is the ability to persuade players to switch allegiances and play for other countries that they are eligible for. Any thoughts? You can persuade him that he wouldn't get as many caps or whatever for a different country or he can become a legend etc. In addition it would be great to be able to interact with a player even after they reject you so you can try build a relationship with them so eventually they can change their mind (also, you can use the media and speak to the players agent) or get them not to accept another call-up. Plus you can get a member of the current team with a high rep (e.g. shay given) to try and talk them into switching nations
  13. In Football manager 2016 I am managing Galway United an Irish team and I am in the year 2020 when all of a sudden the Irish national team and the Irish u-19s have all fake players. Is there any fix to this glitch because all the players who regularly play for the Irish national team players on my team now have abmysal morale because they have been left out of the national team setup and its affecting my team morale. I've been playing this save for 5 years and this has never happened before.