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Found 57 results

  1. I've noticed that during a match the game will freeze if a penalty is awarded. By "game" I mean the match itself. I can still click on things and go back to the main menu etc but the actual match will not continue. Happens every time. I have my game set to "only commentary", all match settings are turned to the bare minimum (2D). Replays, highlights all turned off. I miss the old split screen! I'm running on Windows 10. Anything else you need to diagnose this just ask. It's unplayable as it is, which is a shame as I've bought CM/FM every year for 20 years. If this can't be fixed I'll have to get a refund.
  2. Long time until FM2019 but thought I'd drop this in now seeing as it occurs to me. I play LLM almost exclusively (Conference National all the way down to level 9). Because the crowd sounds are designed for grounds like the Nou Camp and AlianzArena I either have to put up with the sound of 90,000 screaming fans whilst the attendance is actually 16 people and a dog or I have to turn the sounds off. My suggestion, then, is as follows... Scaleable crowd sound fx. it doesn't have to be extensive - empty (just pitch sounds), tiny (a few voices getting lost in the blowy outdoors), small (the chatter of a couple of hundred people echoing off a tinny sounding stand), medium (a few thousands people cheering, singing and oohing and aahing in a ground), large (a full modern stadium of people) and huge (The Maracanã, sounding as only it can sound). The ability to turn off the crowd but keep the pitch sounds on (ball being kicked, ref's whistle.etc) A, perhaps, more achievable alternative. It isn't a massive thing but it would enable me to make use of the sound fx in a way I haven't been able to before.
  3. Hello everyone, I have been consulting for two months now. I do not have sounds / songs from the fans in the games, I would like to know if someone has a solution? thank you already
  4. Hi, Please see the screenshot below. My game crashes at some point every time I go into a game. I've had the below error multiple times and have had a different one before that mentions something about 'staging'. Please help as this is making the game unplayable. I should note that I'm playing an online game and this only happens to me. I have updated by graphics drivers etc. Honestly, we've encountered so many bugs in this years FM in a very short time of playing that it begs the question if the game was even play-tested. Never had issues with FM before. New team at Sports Interactive??
  5. My friend in my online server couldn't start his match due to a loading screen saying "awaiting line up..." at the bottom
  6. I have play until seasons 2025/2026 and i find a bug that 3matchs in 3days on 26th,27th and 28th December 2025. Picture attached. You can see the date of Norwich, Aston Villa and Hull.
  7. Hello, I wanted to make a query, after the update 18.2.0, I have only sound of the fans in the games that my teams play, when I want to see other games of other teams there is no sound, any solution? Thank you Citar Editar
  8. Hello, I wanted to make a query, after the update 18.2.0, I have only sound of the fans in the games that my teams play, when I want to see other games of other teams there is no sound, any solution? Thank you
  9. When I visit the Board menu and select Match Confidence and Transfer Activity from the drop down menu, I don't get the feedback from the fans or the board on those things. So, as you can see from screenshots, I have played half of the season, yet there is no reaction on the match performance from the board or the fans. Also, I've been active on the transfer market, yet again, no reaction from the board or the fans.
  10. After the 18.2.0 update, and then the 18.2.1 update and hotfix, the game started crashing very frequently after clicking submit team button before a match. This problem hadn't occured in updates that were released before 18.2.0
  11. After the latest update, the "pre-fields" of my team, league and the other game are getting replaced on the game monitor, so I have to replace it every match... IT is SO annoying.
  12. I usually put my team in "Contain", play safely, etc and bring up a more defensive player as soon as i score a goal against big teams. but the match freezes forever when i do that. is it known bug? It just freezes when i click confirm the tactical changes. i keep waiting and expecting that the game will eventually resume, but none happen, so i force closed it. it happened several times. i will upload 2 crash dumps created by this bug. but im not sure if its created when the game freezes or when i force closed it. or its just my PC is not good enough? FM 2018 v18.1.1.1040318 (2017.11.14 15.39.01).dmp FM 2018 v18.1.2.1043465 (2017.11.21 13.54.03).dmp
  13. The game freezes frequently during the match with 2 humans teams. 1 red in game? Crash. 1 change? Crash. Please... The problem is serious!
  14. Hello, I have some little issue on Football Manager 2018 about the Match Engine. Actually I have 2 graphics cards : an Intel HD one (the primary graphic card) and a Radeon R7 M440. But in the 17, I had 4,5 stars on 3D performances. I have now only one star and even when the game is in "Very Low Graphics", we can't see clearly the players and it's so far from a normal match engine like i saw in some videos. So I checked in my graphic card parameters (Radeon), I enter a special command in "Lauching Options" in Steam and I finally arrived to get the game look well. Because FM took the Intel card, not the Radeon one, so that's why there were terrible graphics. But when i re-open the game, the 3D performances were still 1 star... I checked so I played a game and in "Very Low Graphics" it was like the first time, horrible. But when I put the Graphics in "Medium", the graphics were very good and it worked well, first time I open the game it didn't do that ! So here is my question (after all of this I know ^^) : Can I play in graphics "Medium" if the 3D performances are showing 1 star ? Or it can be a "bug" so the 3D performances are still showing the Intel one ? I don't want my PC get down but I want to play to the game and I already discusses with the french support of SI, and he told me (after I send him my dxdiag) that with my configuration, i should play the game fluidly, so it should work in "Medium" Graphics. Last thing, sorry if some things were not very understable, I'm french so I can have sometimes bad expressions ^^ Thank you for reading and thanks in advance for the answer Greetings, Amaury
  15. Hey I wanted to look into some of my replays, but I found it to be quite the pain in the butt to move around. I couldn't find any hotkeys either in the settings. Are there really no hotkeys to rewind/forward and skip to previous / next highlights?! Or at least have the option to always show the buttons and not hide them whenever you press pause...
  16. During a match, I had two pending substitutions when suddenly one of my players received a red card. No problem, but then the 'Tactics' popup appeared, and the game crashed after accepting the changes. I added the .dmp file. FM 2018 v18.1.2.1043463 (2017.11.22 20.38.37).dmp
  17. Pitches

    Crowd Shows Wrong Kits

    I am having the problem that sometimes the crowd are wearing the wrong teams kits (as the picture shows). In some matches they show the correct kits. Currently running the game on the highest preference settings possible for the match engine. Anyone else had this problem?
  18. Hi, I'm having trouble with FM18 is lagging in my match engine, but also when i launch the game is the ''intro'' lagging a lot. Furthermore is the calendar also lagging. My game settings is on medium, and i have 5 star in 3D Match Compatibility. Specs: Intel Core i5 -7200u Graphic card: NVDIA Geforce MX150 2 gb VRAM 4GB DDR4 What can the problem be?
  19. Hi, Me and a friend are having an issue where we cannot view eachother's games online. We are able to view them from the beginning, however the 'line up and warm up' animations at the beginning of the game block the match. When leaving and rejoining, it removes this screen but the game never moves on from the 'warm up' animations. The person playing the game isn't able to continue the match until the viewer leaves. Please fix
  20. Dear SI After the latest update I couldn't start a match since the game is crashing right before it. Please find crash dump file attached. Best Regards Filip FM 2018 v18.0.3.1036176 (2017.11.05 19.47.48).dmp
  21. big_boi97

    Match Commentary in matches?

    In FM 2017 I played on Key highlights and between highlights I would get a lot of commentary on pretty much everything happening in the match which is what I want to see. In Fm 2018 Beta I hardly see any commentary while in between highlights, I see it mostly during highlights. EDIT - I noticed that the things I am expecting to see on the commentary at the bottom of my screen, I am only seeing it in the Match Report page. Is there any way for me to get this info to just be written at the bottom of my screen in commentary, instead of me manually going to the Match Report page to read commentary?
  22. I can't see the names of the players during matches for some reasons. I don't know how to do the settings..
  23. loras 3

    Match engine issues

    Hello, I have a big problem in fm 2018, and I had the same problem in fm 17.3.0. First, the dribbling doesn't work. It works only when the player is in the wings. If not, he loses the ball. I don't know if it is a bug or if it's normal. So it's almost impossible to break a solid formation. the second thing is the number of long ball behind the defense. it's a number who's really high so we lose often the ball because all of these kind of passes aren't good. At the end of a match, a player can lose sometimes twenty times the ball. It's not realistic. Bug ? I just want to say : I play mentality normal, fluidity balanced, short passes but with an advanced sticker. And when I use this role or a poacher, there is always this huge number of poor long passes and it's frustrating. I'm a little disappointed because I love the new features, but in the match engine, there is bugs that I saw in fm 2017 and I note that they aren't fixed. Do you work on it ? or do you think it's fine like that? Killian
  24. Midway through a match and I leave it on half time for a few minutes I come back 3_4 minutes later to find out it's crashed nothing works and I have to turn the game off. Extremely disappointed with the game I want a refund
  25. l.devidovich

    Graphical problems

    Hello Everyone. After two days, I still find some problems related to the graphic resolution. As you can see in the images below, players are not visible, their shape is hidden, as well as the spectators. What can I do? I bought the game from Steam on November 9th, on an Italian forum a member told me it was a bug of beta version, but the problem is still here! Please help me, Thank you so much! These are the info of my Mac: