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  1. Very frequently, while I am playing a game of Football Manager 2018, the game will suddenly freeze, be it on the inbox or in a match, and a few seconds later, the game will close without notice and i will have no crash dump. Please help, as it is very annoying when it crashes during a game, especially when winning!
  2. Hello It has been a while since I launched a new Football Manager Arabic website + Youtube Channel + Twitter account I played Football Manager since CM 2003/2004 so I wants to try to promote this amazing game to more Arabic Audience and help those who plays Football Manager. here you can find me : Twitter: https://twitter.com/FootballMana_AR Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKK_g1ISAJHAS_7rBMcc2Bg Website: http://www.footballma-ar.com/
  3. I recently brought a new laptop, installed Steam and FM18. When I try to create a manager profile I can only select a 'Place of birth' and can't actually put in my actual date of birth. Can anyone help with this issue please?
  4. Allow discipline, working with youngsters and adaptability to be increased. Allow club values to exceed 2.14B. Let managers be offered higher wages, 93k seems to be the ideal max.
  5. Hi, I'm having a serious issue here. Since a few days ago I've been trying to play my FM18 on laptop and it was forced to close right after I started the game. Crash dump files were generated and I've attached those files in this forum as well. I would appreciate it if someone could help me with it. I've tried to uninstall and reinstall the game but no help. The same problem still occurred. FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.05.24 19.42.37).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.05.24 19.47.40).dmp
  6. What are some of the ways that people improve finances of a team? I know selling players, playing bigger teams in friendlies are both ways of doing this. I think cash strapped teams are always fun to play with, makes you consider every aspect of your team. Do you need 8 scouts? What youth players should I look to improve and develop to bring into the first team next season etc. Leave your thoughts below, thanks!
  7. Dear Sports Interactive Team, in the next year, FM will get the license from the German Football League (DFL). I therefore assume that there will also be German language. In Germany, the coach does not regulate the transfers and player contracts. We have so-called "sports directors" in Germany. In England, the CEOs also have a lot of influence on transfers and contracts. It would be cool, if you could play as a sports director/CEO, so you could: Manage player contracts Buy/sell players Manage contracts of coaching staff and manager Sack/appoint manager and coaches Building up the club structure Create a club as a CEO/sports director Change/decide the club philosophy Crisis management Scouting management Etc. Best regards
  8. Johnlancs

    Manager Reputation

    Hi Im playing a Spanish game and started as an 'unknown' manager. Im now in season 4 having started unemployed (no idea if that makes a difference) and taken Gernika from League 2B into a mid table La Liga team, however my manager rating is still stuck on 'obscure' Not sure how to go about raising this (I'm making profit from transfer, developing youth, underspending on wages etc etc) or whether it's a glitch within the system Attached a screenshot
  9. 70 Legendary Managers Added - In Depth Sample: See spoiler for list Any information found on the internet was used to complete as full and accurate a picture of each coach's style as possible. - Every manager has a unique personality: From correct birthdate, birthplace, hair/skin color, languages spoken...to liked clubs, disliked clubs, rivalries, controversial or calm, adaptability, and career plans...they all have been given attributes to act similar to their real life counterparts. - Preferred formations and play style: If I could find it, their formations and play styles have been added as close as possible. What types of roles they liked as well. - Tendencies: If possible, I added tendencies, such as counterattacking, target man...if they often wore suits or tracksuits, if they roamed the touch line or sat quietly...etc. - Every manager has a club: The club they won the most titles with or spent the longest time with was used. If that was taken already, the 2nd best club was used, and so on. If no club was available, a random club was chosen from the league they managed in. - Current real-life managers have been replaced, of course. Either they are Assistant Managers on a 1-year contract, or been sent back to a previous club they managed. - Managers who are icons for a club were given long contracts: For example, Bob Paisley's contract for Liverpool is until 2040. - For long-term saves, all managers are around 50 or under - 20 rated attributes: Determination, Tactical Knowledge, Squad Rotation and all the Training-related attributes are 20. This is to make great managers, and to help(slightly) the poor player development and rotation AI clubs have. - National Teams: If they managed a national team, that was added if possible Better AI Managers Overall Besides the new managers, ones already in-game have been modified. For 130 CA+ managers: - Given a 20pt CA/PA increase - Coaching abilities increased also, relative to their CA - Tactical Knowledge increased, to 14 or greater, relative to CA - Coaching style from Not Set to General - Use of Subs is no longer less than 11 - Squad Rotation is 20 - Tendency to fit players to preferred tactic, no longer higher than 14 For 160 CA+ managers: - Added missing ethnicity, hair, skin info For 100 -120 CA managers: - Added preference to be Assistant Manager to 10 Questions Remaining: 1. There has long been an issue of unrealistic manager appointments. Would adding career plans help? For example, a Polish 160 CA manager hired in Italy. Would giving him a career plan to manage in Poland reduce that? 2. High quality managers without a job Would it be better to reduce their reputation so they are more willing to work in top leagues? Remove career plans? Or give them a tendency to work in lower leagues? 3. There is a new non-tactical attribute: Versatility Does anyone know what that refers to? 4. Formation variety is poor. Would anyone like it if there was more variety? For example, checking all 130+ CA managers: 179 prefer 4-4-2, 157 prefer 4-1-2-3 DM Wide, 155 prefer 4-2-3-1 Wide, and 83 prefer 4-2-3-1 DM Wide. Would adding variety make the AI dumber? Or are there other OP formations the managers could use to make them better? Input and Testing Welcomed: Having only used Google to know what these managers were like, someone with more knowledge can point out errors, or supply information as to their tendencies. Someone with great knowledge of FM's tactical side could see if a better formation should be chosen, or play style changed, etc... Of course, testing is needed: to see how the managers play, if changes need to be made, crashes happen, or simply if a mistake/typo/wrong info is found. File: 70 Legendary Managers Facepack: 70 Legendary Managers.zip Thanks for reading!
  10. I suggest when creating a manager that you are able to select a number of clubs you played for (if you select that you had a pro career). You could select for example 1-5 clubs and your status at the club ie 'Club Legend', 'One Club Player', 'Cult Hero', 'Fan Favourite', 'Journeyman' etc. Your playing history would then affect job offers you a likely to get. As we know players linked to clubs are more likely to be linked to managing said club. Would also reduce Likelyhood of been offered a job with a rival club. Club legends or Fan Favs would also be given more time from fans. Real life example right now in Zidane. Many of real life examples of managers managing former clubs. This could in future link to players youd have played with that could be likely to join your staff.
  11. I am starting to become fed up with FM18. I am in my 4th season with Crystal Palace (My Own Team I Support) and I just can't establish any consistency. I have finished between 9th and 13th every season but playing games are just so frustrating for a number of reasons. No. 1: This one drives me up the wall the most. My players are brutal for conceding within 5-10 minutes after we score a goal, I mean every game. We score a goal within two minutes the other team goes up the pitch on the attack and scores, even though my team has good concentration stats, I can't tell you how many pens I've snapped because of this!! No. 2: Like the concentration stats, my players also have decent passing stats but the amount of goals that we concede because of sloppy passes from my own players is scandalous. No. 3: I have two four star strikers that have finishing stats of 17 and 18 that can't seem to hit the back of the net from 6 yards, even in their natural advanced forward role. And then some second rate striker with a finishing stat of 11 will bag a brace for the opposition with ease. No. 4: Penalties! Luka Milivojevic is my set penalty taker but no matter who takes them we miss around 3-4/5 penalties and Butland or Plizzari in goal for me have yet to save a penalty in the four seasons. I have tried everything to fix these problems, I've tried using different tactics with different roles. I have hired some of the best defensive coaches in the game and played with a well structured tactic and still can't stop conceding. The tactic I use is the same one I used to use in FM16 and I qualified for the Champions League nearly every season with a much less talented team than the one I have now. If anyone has any help as to how I can fix these problems it would be much appreciated, because I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure it out. This is my team and tactics.
  12. We are 3 people multiplaying on a save. We were constantly applying for jobs at clubs as we played trying to reach higher and higher. But now at our 3rd season we can't apply for jobs anymore. When a manager gets fired and a job opens up that "apply for job" section is greyed out. We can't apply for any jobs. Not by the applying section and not by going to the club and trying to apply that way. It has happned before on other saves aswell. My friend also noticed that he couldn't create a new manager and take over any club. All that section were greyed out, only nations were his options. If this is an occuring bug we can't play this way..
  13. Williams Gaming

    Missing Textures

    The stands on the left, right and bottom are being upgraded and they are just grey
  14. Williams Gaming

    Missing textures?

    So the three stands that are left, right and bottom are all being upgraded but they are all greyed out. Anyone know why?
  15. After under about an hour of just browsing on fm (pre season i have yet to play a match) the game crashes and creates a crash dump. FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.09 12.54.04).dmp Help would be appreciated. ive tried uninstalling and reinstalling the game, still same crash happens.
  16. Hi Guys, first post! My first career is Wolves, I kept the same Assistant manager for season 1 in the championship. Season 2 I decided to review my backroom advice further. I changed the tactical setting for advice emails to a different person. I then stopped receiving pre match tactical advice from that person. They will not discuss: (As attached on the screenshot) I don't always listen to the advice, but it is useful to remind you how your player roles are set for the mentality etc, I would rather have it than not. I am sure this has happened before on 2017, and I can confirm a friend has had the same issue where he does not get this advice. I have not started a new game, or taken a new job at a club to test if it will come back with the default Assistant Manager set. I can confirm, I have switched the 'GET ADVICE FROM' back to assistant, in case there is a bug where coaches can not send that information by email. I can also confirm I have had 2 assistant Managers in a short space of time since trying to fix the bug by seeing would they reset it. I am pretty sure a new club, or a new save would reset this bug, but I have no intentions of ending this career. I am at a disadvantage as I'm not able to get the full use of my advice. Any advice, or if anyone has identified this issue I would feel better to know I'm not alone, as I cant find the issue anywhere else on Google discussed. Cheers, RR.
  17. Hi. I’ve just bought and downloaded FM18 and it won’t load. It says running but doesn’t load, no matter how long I leave it. I’ve read some of the threads, and I’ve seen that some antivirus software can interfere, but I’ve paid a lot of money for Norton antivirus and don’t want to get rid of it for a game? Surely there is another way round this? Help!
  18. Hello, Quite a serious issue - I'm into my fifth season on my save and decided to resign from my post in search of pastures new. It seemed that my resignation triggered a global recruitment freeze! I have included a screenshot of the number of jobs which have had managers leave for one reason or another and not backfill the roles. The EFL Championship has 9 vacancies, some of which have been open for four months. I'll be extremely disappointed if my career on this save is over... tend to try and pursue the 30 season run and to get cut down in year 5 would be a hammer blow. Can post any further supporting information. Is this something that has been reported before?
  19. Hey I am manager of Dortmund playing online with about 10 others.... I don't understand given the amount of trophies won that I am not at least a club Icon or Legend. Can you shed any light on this for me? Thanks Tony
  20. Three manager attributes are failing to increase and have stayed at 1 since the beginning of the game. These include: Working With Youngsters Adaptability Discipline Other attributes have been growing organically through time and coaching badges. Discipline seems to be the most important as it has an impact on how the players react towards you. For instance, a top manager of 20 years shouldn't be walked over by an 18-year-old regen.
  21. So when I first started up the game for the first day I had it, I always skipped the manager creation screen because I was just on it mostly to setup a bunch of things that I deemed necessary before I began starting a save. So after I finished that up, I started a save on Arsenal and I setup the database and loaded everything. But then I had to put in the information of this manager and now I'm stuck at this point and cannot get passed this screen, as shown by the grayed out next icon. Is this an actual bug, or am I dumb enough to forget to fill out a required field?
  22. Son just received FM18 for Christmas. Activated Scottish, English and French leagues (confirmed on game status page). Clicked all ,manageable, When choosing a Scottish premier team though he’s told the club can’t be selected. Feel like we’re banging our head aga8nst a brick wall...any help much appreciated.
  23. I recently posted in this forum and i did get a reply but its getting frusterating that i cannot play the game.... When i try and start the game i cannot as i can not create my managers Appearance due to there being information missing etc Date of birth.. i mean this may not be the case i've reinstalled deleted files verified in steam and still the same thing persists... any help would be appreciated or a fix or something would be fantastic as i can't even play the game i pre-ordered... P.s never played the beta so i don't have a previous manager save i can use...
  24. What is you success story in any Football Manager iteration? Here's mine. In just 10 game years in 1 week of play, I have become the greatest manager in the game, surpassing Ferguson. I did it by winning 2 champions league trophies, 2 world cup trophies, 6 premier league titles, one confederations cup trophy, 3 FA cup trophies, 3 league cup trophies, and a dozen other minor trophies. And yes, I did it by cheating a bit. So I started with Bristol city in the championship, promoted them in the first season and won the first FA cup. Halfway through the premier league, I was approached by Aston villa, signed with them and finished 2nd the next season, and won the first champions league trophy. Three months into the next season I was approached by Man City and took them through 7 years of winning trophies. Also in that time I won the world cup with England and won the following world cup with Holland. When my reputation became legendary clubs and nations were offering me jobs quite often and I had to refuse. I was playing on football manager 2009 by the way, so by 2018 game time, I had resigned after becoming the greatest manager as seen in these pictures So what is your success story, have you become the greatest manager, with or without cheating ?
  25. After the game update to 18.2 my game started crashing while i try to move from one of my inbox messages(about loan of some player) to another message, it only crashes with this particular message.Tried few ways like sending manager on a holiday but didn't help it keeps crashing because of this one message in inbox. FM 2018 v18.2.0.1050224 (2017.12.17 02.50.10).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.0.1050224 (2017.12.17 02.51.14).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.0.1050224 (2017.12.17 03.44.34).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.0.1050224 (2017.12.17 03.48.31).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.0.1050224 (2017.12.17 03.58.25).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.0.1050224 (2017.12.17 04.07.24).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.0.1050224 (2017.12.17 04.09.19).dmp