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Found 16 results

  1. juniored


    So. I'm trying to do loan a player. I want to use him as a regular starter. The club wants me to pay 100% used and unused salary. And also 3.8m monthly used fee and 7m monthly unused fee. Now I really want the player and I don't mind paying the 3.8m fee per month but when it comes to the unused fee, to avoid that, do I have to play him every single game, bc no matter how important he is, he would have to miss a couple of games. Or can I play him for a certain number of games? I don't understand what I have to do to avoid the unused monthly fee.
  2. So in my journeyman save I am currently in Scotland. In the rules, no team can have more than 4 domestic loans. I keep getting loan offers for my players from clubs that already have four domestic loans. This has happened at least 10 times in the year and half I've been with Morton. Each time the team making the offer already has four domestic loan players. I accept some of them just to see. And every time I get an email about how it fell through because the club already has four players on loan. Why are these teams making these loans, and at such a high rate? Here are some images of this latest ones. Here we see Edinburgh make an offer. Here it is declined. On the same day it was declined, I get new offers for another player, notice Edinburgh are one of those teams. One of the teams on the new offer, with four loans players in their squad. The other teams squad with loan players. And here it is rejected. This has become such a common thing that I'm starting to auto reject all loans because I'm not getting any legit offers to loan my players. And I never get loan offers from outside Scotland. Its only ever clubs in Scotland. And only ever clubs who already have four domestic loans. If you need a save file let me know, I can provide one.
  3. ParkeraGames

    Loan Players

    Hey, New to FM18 and haven't played updated versions since FM15. How do you search for players that would be interested on joining on loan? I dont like using player search and I know in FM15 you could ask for a team report and this would give you a list of possible loans.
  4. Hi SI, Loan Players I loaned some players at the start of the 2018/19 season "until the end of season". It is now August of 2019 and some of the players loan deals will not end. Every couple of weeks I get mail in my inbox saying that these player's "loan deal to end soon". However I have been receiving these mails every two weeks since the end of June (when the loans should have expired), and the loans wont expire. I also can't terminate the loan due to the clause. 23rd of August- Loan ending on 2nd September 1st of September- Loan ending on 16th September Retirement I also have a similar problem in that two of my staff are postponing retirement. Like the loans, when approaching the date of retirement they will postpone it for a couple more weeks. This too has been happening since the end of June 2019, now mid-August 2019. 23rd of August- Retiring on 31 Aug 1st of September- Still at club Side Note I'm not sure if this is a bug or how it works in real life, But I'm playing in the Eredivisie (Holland), and for the last two seasons I have finished 4th. Ordinarily 4th - 7th participate the a Euro Cup playoff, however both years I had already qualified due to the Dutch cup winner already having qualified for Europe. If this happens should 5th - 8th not take part in a playoff for the extra spot? Thanks for any feedback
  5. I have loaned 3 players to SLB affiliated club Lechia and i keep receiving messages they rejected the loan deal.
  6. Scouts recommending players that have no interest at all in joining the club Scouts recommending players that cost money when you have no money (lower league clubs) Scouts recommending players for loans that are actually already on loan at another club, the player in the pic attached was already online at Oxford City so why recommend him and interest "NONE" Can they not understand when a club has no money (even though I had to do the assignments and state NO Value) Surely your chief scout would know from meetings within the club what the budget is etc Cheers
  7. As newcastle i sent dwight gayle out on loan to huddersfield... however he's just popped back to play for my u23.... very rand om.
  8. I am playing as Liverpool and put Ben Woodbury out on loan. However, after moving and playing 2 friendlies for them he then played in the Liverpool under 23 team.
  9. I've just started a new game in Scotland and want to terminate the loan contract of a player in my squad, but when I try to terminate it it says something along the lines of: "foreign loans cannot be terminated outside of the transfer window" even though I am in July! Is this a bug?
  10. Mark Loves Erica

    End of 1st Season

    Hi ive just got Wolves promoted with one game to spare end of first season can u guys tell me some good players that get released or are cheap for me to look at to boost my squad i need a ST and AML and a LD desperately cheers
  11. Managing Swindon Town in the Championship (2019/20) and I've got a young player who's been out on loan getting a permit for a season. This season I've offered him out to loan and other English teams have made offers, so I'm confused about whether he needs a permit or not? The work permit bubble still shows up on the 'Player Status' section and the 'Apply for Work Permit' option is still available under the 'Contract' tab but other English teams can offer to loan him, which they wouldn't be doing if he wasn't eligible for them. Also, the work permit system in the UK has been scrapped according to this Brexit email Any ideas?
  12. Hi there, I want to report an issue, I am currently in my thirth season with Ajax in FMM 2017 on an enhanced engine and something came to sense. It's (almost) not possible to loan out players, it rarely occurs that a player of mine goes out on loan eventhough I have great prospects to offer. It only occured like 3 times in three seasons that I was able to loan out a prospect by offer. But then the following, when I succeed finding a temporarily club for my youngster they are only willing to have them for three months instead of what I offered: the end of the season. For now it never happened that a club is willing to loan a youngster for more than three months. Am I doing something wrong or is it a bug? Edit: I offered someone for the full length of the season. And yet again, they only want him for three months. Computer controlled teams are loaning eachother players as well for three months. See screenshots.
  13. Has anyone had any issues registering players into their La Liga team in the January window? It may specifically affect loanees only. I have loaned a player from PSG and one from Valencia, and it tells me both are unregistered. When I click on the 'Unr' it takes me to the registration page and I can add other players but not those two. They are available for the Cup(s). I have had them for at least a week. Any ideas?
  14. Sorry if this has been posted previously or is obvious but I was wondering how I can set up loans and transfers OUT to always require certain conditions unless I intervene. So for instance I want to make a condition of someone loaning my player that the player can play against my team. Or I want it to be a condition of sale that I get a sell on fee (I can then remove these conditions in individual transfers, but I want them to be the default) I thought I saw a way to do this but for the life of me I can't find how I did it - is this an option or was I imagining things? Thanks in advance
  15. Seems like this feature is buried deep in the new football manager, but how can I send a player back to the club he came from, or pull a player from a team I have loaned a player out too? Notes: Yes these is a clause to allow player to return in the contracts. Need to be shown location of it mostly.
  16. When you play in Swe-2 a certain problem shows up every single season (but is by far the worst in season 1). Since AI teams have infinite money and do not need to worry about bankruptcy at all, they will take any loaned out player offered to them, without taking salary into account. The most egregious case I've ever seen was when Vita Hästen (Swe-2) which have a salary budget of 3.5MKr in my version of the db, accepted so many loans their total wage budgets for that season was at 9.9MKr. That's right almost 200% over budget, did this prompt any GM being fired, or those news items about being in economical shambles? Nope, they just used the players they never ever could afford to win the league. This keeps happening in later seasons, but not as much, as by then another issue (NHL players being willing to play in the SHL during their peaks) causes the SHL teams to spend all the money on huge stars rather than infinite depth players. So there aren't as many loaned out players to deal with. I've tried lowering the SHL teams budgets to more reasonable levels to minimize how many pointless depth players they can get. But it just doesn't seem to help. Whatever I do db side, the AI just keeps sending players on loans that aren't economically possible. To be fair if an SHL team loaned a player down IRL I'm fairly certain they would cover most/all the player's salary. Which would fix this issue (in a way) since as a player you can't just loan to your heart's content without getting in trouble (but the AI can). Not to mention if you try and ask for a loan, your board will give you such a tiny loan budget it's near impossible to get loans yourself, you have to just wait and hope to be offered them. And since this happens so late you'd already have used all your budget building your team at that point. As a result you shouldn't take loans offered to you 9/10 times. This essentially makes the entire loaning mechanic only really work as a crutch for the AI, which to be fair the AI needs, but it's still really annoying to see this stuff happen over and over, and it adds a lot of artificial difficulty to the first season of any 2nd tier league for no good reason. Then to add insult to injury, during the early summer when your team has no money and no wage budget available, since you get the TV-money and budget update June 30th, and the season ticket income between July 15th and September 15th or so. They go out and use their money (which due to being massively over budget they should not have) to buy up a bunch of the prospects on my shortlist. Hence my comment about the AI having infinite money from before, it's the only reason they would be able to pull off those purchases.