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  1. This story will follow the managerial career of Adam Hart, who was my son from my FM15 Alphabet Challenge Journeyman save. That thread can be found here: PH71's FM15 Alphabet Career
  2. The Giant 70 Challenge First of all this challenge requires you to download claasens Mega Pack of extra leagues playable. You can not choose other add-ons only these databases are allowed and they are all required. How many leagues you load at any time is still up to you. Download link to @claassen Megapack can be found here: This Challenge follows very much the same procedure as Ultimate Football Manager Challenge, but its bigger and you are bound to be taken to many places you have never managed before. Ultimate Football Manager Challenge was originally made by an idea from @LetsGetReadyTo and is now maintained by @vikeologist and a link to that challenge can be found here: Starting up: Make sure the database add-on from claasen is activated with no other database add-ons. Then load a game with as few or many leagues as you want, and change around during game time as much as you want also. Attribute masking is optional, but in-game editor is a no no. Its also recommended that "Do Not Add Key Staff" is unticked. Start a manager that is the youngest possible 19-20 years, and with no coaching badges and Sunday League Footballer reputation. Holiday for as short or long time as you want and apply for jobs. Requirements: The following competitions must be won in order to claim the Giant 70 achievement: CLUB TROPHIES - 25 Domestic Top League. (There is a minimum of 3 leagues from each of the 6 continents, so 18 of the leagues are somewhat bound.) - 25 Domestic Cup Competitions (Where minimum 10 clubs enter) , from a minimum of 20 different nations. This could be anything from a Checkatrade Trophy to the top FA-Cup of the nation though. - 10 Continental/World club comptetitions. The mandatory competitions are: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, CONCACAF Champions League, African Champions League, Asian Champions League, O-League and Club World Cup. (In the event that a bug stops you from participating in Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana, you can swap these for AFC Cup and Caribbean Club Cup, BUT only if the savegame has this bug.) - 10 International trophies. The mandatory competitions are: World Cup, Confederations Cup, Olympics, UEFA Euro (European Championships), Copa America, Gold Cup, Africa Cup of Nations, CHAN, Asia Cup (Nations), Oceania Cup Totally 70 trophies for the biggest challenge yet to be achieved in FM.
  3. As the dust settled with non-FM obligations last week, my old save beckoned. But, so did FM 17. In a moment of weakness I gave in to that annual, foul temptress. But memories of Sweden are still calling me. So, let’s try this again, shall we… It’s The Hope That Kills You As football fans, we can all relate to that sentiment. The "what could have been" moments. The heartbreak. The days when your overpaid, selfie-obsessed striker couldn't hit water if he fell out of a boat. Barbosa at the Maracana, 1950. Messi in the final of the Copa America, 2016. Baggio in the World Cup final, 1994. Ghana at the 2010 World Cup. Bayern Munich in Barcelona, 1999. John Terry in Moscow, 2008. (Ok, if I'm being honest the last two were pretty frickin' beautiful and count among my favorite football memories. But, I digress...) For many, redemption comes in one form or another, some more glamorous than others. Titles won. Individual glories and accolades. The heartbreak simply another chapter in the broader narrative. For others, the heartbreak defines them. Haunts them. Overshadows prior accomplishments, triumphs and accolades. The moniker of the "nearly men" is applied, and supporters grow old thinking, "what if...?" This is the story of those teams. Since its inception in 1955, 22 different teams have won the Champions League (and its predecessor). 17 teams have reached the Final, only to fall short: Atlético Madrid (1974, 2014, 2016) Stade de Reims (1956, 1959) Valencia (2000, 2001) Fiorentina (1957) Eintracht Frankfurt (1960) Partizan (1966) Panathinaikos (1971) Leeds United (1975) Saint-Étienne (1976) Borussia Mönchengladbach (1977) Club Brugge (1978) Malmö FF (1979) Roma (1984) Sampdoria (1992) Bayer Leverkusen (2002) Monaco (2004) Arsenal (2006) Similarly, 8 different nations have brought home the World Cup. Yet, 4 have reached the Final and returned home with empty hands: Netherlands (1974, 1978, 2010) Czechoslovakia (1934, 1962) Hungary (1938, 1954) Sweden (1958) This save will chronicle my (second) full-blown attempt to bring glory to as many of these sides as possible. As with before, there are no hard-and-fast rules beyond the concept of the save. While I enjoy developing youth, I will not take a youth academy only approach at these clubs. Rather, I will work within club-specific plans without any self-imposed transfer restrictions (e.g., a 2-4 year-plan makes sense with the like of Arsenal, versus a 6-8 year plan with Malmö ). I will leave on high -- thus, once I've won the Champions League, I must move on. Surely I won't be fired...will I? After my first club, I will only accept a position with one of the sides listed above, or a club that manages to join this elite (!?) group of "nearly men." Likewise, if a club manages to win the CL under another manager, they are removed from the challenge. On the international scene, the same basic rules will apply -- I will only accept an international management position with an eligible nation. If I win the World Cup, I must move on. Nations can be added to and removed from the eligible list, based on results at the World Cup. With respect to Czechoslovakia, I consider both the Czech Republic and Slovakia eligible. While some of these sides are "easier" than others, I will begin with one of the "smaller" clubs and proceed from there, wherever the winds take me. I am also holidaying 2 years into the future, to allow for a unique playing environment. I've loaded the top leagues in Belgium, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Serbia, Spain and Sweden, with a large database/pool of potential players. Up Next: The stage is set. June 2018.
  4. Having started a game as Arsenal in the Beta, I've quickly grown very bored of that save as it's just so incredibly easy. In FM13, and FM15, I had great fun with Journeyman saves, so I've decided to put my Arsenal game on the back-burner and focus on something that is hopefully both more fun for me to play, and for you guys to follow. To keep the realism level up a bit more, I've decided to go with a couple of simple rules this time around. I will stay at a club for at least 2 years before applying for any other jobs. If I am offered a job before that, I may take it. I will take any job that represents an improvement to my financial situation. The only exception to rule 2 is that I will not manage a club I cannot stand. This rules out Milton Keynes FC and Manchester United. Starting Skills Initial Setup The Vanarama leagues will be loaded a season in; this was an oversight when I created the game.
  5. If you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there This story will follow the footsteps and struggles in the life of Nelson Mandela Jr. Yikes – I mean, with great looks like these, a disgustingly straight posture and a name like that who wouldn’t take this fine gentleman serious? If nothing else his height of 1.50cm… wait did I see that correc-oh, I did. Standing tall and proud at 1.50cm and weighing in at 151kg (????)… How can his short legs carry that much? He weighs a kilogram more than he’s got centimeters… Yes, erhm, a fine man, and quite the sense of style too. White suit with red shirt and purple tie. Flamboyant, this whalelike gentleman. “You need good suit!” was his mother’s words as he went on a shopping trip to the local tailor who was put on a hard task making a suit to match his size. These colors were the only he had in stock in large enough quantity to fit it on Nelson’s corpus. His ‘Uncle JimJom’ who’d been like a father to him his entire childhood laughed so hard he had to lay down three days straight when Nelson returned home. His mother didn’t speak to him for just about the same amount of time, instead she slapped him on the chest as she made loud noises. His mother named him Nelson Mandela Jr. as she was, and still is to this day, convinced that a roughly 70 year old –but still potent! - Nelson Mandela visited The Kingdom of Swaziland and fell in love with her. After a week of great passion, sadly Mr. Mandela had to urgently leave Swaziland. He left without leaving an email or a phone number which of course is the only way you’d ever get in touch with someone as unknown as Mr. Mandela. When Mandela Jr. once showed his mother a picture of Nelson Mandela his mother slapped him and yelled “That is not the man! I will not hear of this. Your father is beautiful and important. You have name like him, go be great man!” And thus began his journey into the world. With a name like that, who wouldn’t want him as their coach? Oh ****, I forgot to talk about his grey hair even though he is 25 years old…. This guy…
  6. A Journey Through Yugoslavia Former Yugoslavia. What a country it could have been if its states didn't fight. In this career I will travel around former Yugoslavia starting in one of the nations second tiers as a 20 year-old with no coaching badges of experience. My main aims for this career are too -Win all Yugoslavian League Titles -Win the Champions League with a Yugoslavian team -Have all 4 semi-finalists in the Champions League be Yugoslavian -Have a Yugoslav player win the Ballon D'or -Win the World Cup with a Yugoslav nation -Have all 7 Yugoslav nations qualify for the World Cup in the same year Anyway lets get started
  7. Franjo: A Journeyman Story

    Save Us Franjo (Franjo: A Journeyman Story - Ep1) The final whistle goes, and pure elation washes over me. I can see it, hear it, and I can feel it. We've won. It's all been leading to this. All of the late nights, the tears, the despair, all of the **** I've been through in my managerial career... It's all been worth it. I lead the team up the steps towards the trophy. The path is barely visible through our adoring fans: leaning in, cheering, patting backs, ruffling hair, taking selfies. This is for them. All tens of thousands of them, and the millions watching at home. We're moments away from lifting the Trophy. We have done it...And then I wake up. Bollocks. Becoming a Manager isn't something that just happens. You can't just wake up and walk into a Football Stadium asking if they have vacancies. Management is something that most in the profession have spent their lives learning. My name is Franjo. And I will be a Football Manager. But who will I manage? I'm an Everton fan so the Everton job would be nice. I'm English, would I take the national job? Sure. It's a poisoned challis but I'd fancy my chances. Then there's your Barcelonas, your Bayern Munichs, Juventus, or even Paris Saint Germain... I could always just retire in the Bahamas after a week if it goes tits up. Realistically though these jobs are a long way away. I'm a hopeful. A rookie. A nobody. I've been looking for a way into management for some time now. Looking for the right first step on the right ladder. And today, Saturday 30th July 2016, I think I've bloody found it. FC Höllviken are perfect. They're a small, pretty unknown, semi-professional club floundering in the Southern half of the third tier of Swedish Football. They might just be the kind of club that would be desperate enough to take a chance on an unknown, untried manager. I send in my extremely bare CV. The next morning I have 1 new email. It's Alexander Lundgren, Höllviken's chairman, and he wants me to attend an interview later today! They're more desperate than I thought. We have a good chat, despite the language barrier. He's concerned, rightfully so, about my lack of experience. I tell him that everyone starts somewhere and that seems to put him at ease. I tell Alexander that I'm a firm believer in bringing through youth players, so a lack of funds doesn't rattle me. I tell him that I'm the man who can save his club from being relegated from the third tier. I think it goes pretty well. I don't know how many of you will have experienced this in your lives, but there's no situation that makes you refresh your emails quite as often as being unemployed. "Maybe they've replied now? No of course not, it's only been 5 seconds... but how about now?" 4 days pass and I've heard nothing from Alexander. Given that I applied for the job at midnight and had an interview 11 hours later this is making me increasingly nervous. Clubs are hiring new managers all over the place and I only applied for 1 position. If I don't get it I may be out of work for a few months yet. A week since my interview and still no word. 8 days. 9. 10. 11 days after my interview I refresh my emails for the infinitieth time and there it is. From: Alexander Lundgren, Chairman of FC Höllviken. Subject: "Save us Franjo"
  8. Where To...?

    Where To...? After a few stories on here trying to do various things, I've decided just to have some fun on FM before the new edition comes out. There's going to be no rules or no particular challenges I'm going to set myself on what will hopefully be my final save of the year. I'm going to start with who I like, see what happens and go from there. I've decided to start with a national job firstly to get the game off to a fast pace. I've loaded most of the major European leagues, top divisions in all but England. Again I just want to have some fun with this, I'm not exactlythe best FM-er on this forum, some of the stories I've read have baffled me they're that good, so I doubt I'll take this one anywhere near some of those, but let's see what happens. I'm going to start with Argentina. They start the game ranked 1st in the world and have course have some world class talent in their ranks but haven't really hit the heights that a lot of their players have at club level. Players that spring to mind are of course Lionel Messi, twice a major continental and once a World Cup finalist, he's not been able to get his hands on that elusive major international trophy in his 29 years yet. I'm going to try and change that for the great man. Others include Angel Di Maria, Javier Mascherano, Sergio Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain, the list of talent goes on and on. And there are younger players coming through at this level like Mauro Icardi, Paolo Dybala and Matias Kranevitter. Initially, I'm going to try to continue Argentina's road to the World Cup in Russia 2018, but if a tempting club offer becomes available then who knows, we could see some dual management on the cards. I took over in July 2016 with a few World Cup qualifiers coming up. Despite the huge array of talent at my disposal, I couldn't have gotten off to a worse start. We played 6 matches in 2016 under my stewardship and failed to win any of them, it was an awful record and terrible start to my managerial career in charge of this fantastically gifted football nation. The one positive result was against Brazil, who were then ranked number 1 in the world after overtaking us due to our bad run. We desperately needed 2017 to be much more prosperous for us. Talking of 2017, an interesting email popped up in my inbox. Southampton were in dire straights in the Premier League, in 18th place, they sacked manager Claude Puel and wanted me to take over, despite never winning a match as a manager. I jumped at the chance of an interview and before I knew it, I was the manager of Southampton. Southampton FC have of course established themselves well in the Premier League since gaining promotion in 2012 and have grown steadily into a European club after qualifying for the Europa League last season through their league position. They have been well known for selling high and buying low over the years, but it certainly hasn't done them any harm in terms of their status in the game. Since the promotion, Southampton had grown year on year and bettered the previous finish each season, until the disastrous 2016/17 season. As mentioned before, Southampton were of course in the Europa League this season. Before we get to league matters, let's see how we did in that competition first. We actually made it all the way to the quarter finals. My first match in charge was the second leg of the first knockout stage versus Zenit and despite losing we managed to win the tie in a penalty shooutout. We then dispatched Anderlecht after a convincing second leg performance in Belgium to set up a quarter final clash with Lyon. We won the first leg at home despite going down to an early away goal but ultimately, that was the goal that cost us as we fell to a 1-0 defeat in France. Making the last 8 of a major European competition is no mean feat, lets see if we could replicate this decent European form in the league. Unfortunately, we couldn't. Relegation confirmed on the final day. Not only had I not won a game with Argentina in 6 attempts, I'd now taken what I thought was an established Premier League club into the Championship. I thought I'd be out the door the next day but the board stuck by me, somehow, and I kept my job going into the new season. Going back to Argentina, here were our 2017 results so far. We finally managed to get a win under our belts against Ecuador, albeit narrowly, then 2 more wins again Peru and in a friendly against Algeria got my tenure back to some kind or normality. We couldn't manage to beat Spain in another friendly and then followed that up with a defeat in the Superclasico against Brazil. We went into the new season with our qualification hopes looking like this. We were in 3rd place behind Brazil and Columbia with 4 games left, all of which were not currently in the top half of the qualification table. Hopefully this would mean we'd have a relatively easier end to our campaign after the rocky stage we endured in 2016. My next post will take us back to the south coast and see what happened during a turbulent summer at St. Mary's and how we prepared for our first season back in the second tier for 5 years.
  9. Hello and welcome to another FM17 career mode thread from yours truly. You may remember me from a thread based on my journey with Weston-super-Mare in which I took the club from the Conference South to the Premier League. Unfortunately, I lost interest in the save (like I do with most one-club careers) and gave up on it after a terrible start in the top flight. I haven't played FM since January but got the itch to have another crack so here we go! Grab Life By The Baltics The Baltics? Huh? - I've been very lucky to do quite a bit of travelling over the past 12 months. I have just returned from a trip across the Baltic Sea in which I visited six countries. I thought it would be interesting to start a game with only those six countries loaded. To make things a bit more personable to me, I will only be allowed to manage in the towns/cities I actually visited. So what countries/leagues/places will be available? - Norway (Bergen, Stavanager and Oslo), Sweden (Stockholm), Denmark (Skagen and Copenhagen), Finland (Helsinki), Estonia (Tallinn) and Russia (St Petersburg). I will start unemployed with a National C Licence and Sunday League rep, taking the first job offer I receive from a team based in any of those places. I have loaded all six countries (using Claasen's league pack for Estonia) down to at least the second tier. Norway and Denmark go down to tier three while Sweden goes down to four. What are your aims/goals? - Like most of my FM saves, I will just go with the flow. I like journeyman saves so this will probably include a lot of moving around. I will most likely begin the journey in Estonia's second tier, Sweden's fourth tier or Norway's third tier. Personally, I see FC Copenhagen and Zenit St Petersburg as the two biggest clubs available to me so managing both of those would be great in the long run. The save game is all set up so I will post my first update once a suitable club has been found. Cheers! Our Journey So Far... Fana Fotball (Bergen, Norway) - (Norwegian Third Tier, 30/6/2016 - 1/10/2016) - P12; W 2; D 3; L 7; WP 16% - Sacked Huddinge IF (Stockholm, Sweden) - (Swedish Fourth Tier, 1/8/2017 - Present)
  10. After the save game corruption of my Oceania save I was severely tempted to try the 'The Giant 70 Challenge' a link to which will be posted below- I say 'Unofficial' mainly because there is no gaurantee I won't be distracted by some other challenge in-game (I tend to get fixated with a country and spend decades there, but I will keep that to a minimum!). There are also a whole host of international tournaments added by Claasen's Mega Pack that I want to try and win as well. Oh and on top of that, Ideally I'd like to do it in alphabetical order by Nation, but we shall see how successful that is! But the general gist of the save will be to win the following (as per the Giant 70 Challenge)- CLUB TROPHIES - 25 Domestic Top League. (There is a minimum of 3 leagues from each of the 6 continents, so 18 of the leagues are somewhat bound.) - 25 Domestic Cup Competitions (Where minimum 10 clubs enter) , from a minimum of 20 different nations. This could be anything from a Checkatrade Trophy to the top FA-Cup of the nation though. UEFA Champions League UEFA Europa League Copa Libertadores Copa Sudamericana CONCACAF Champions League African Champions League African Confederations Cup Asian Champions League Oceania Champions League Club World Cup INTERNATIONAL TROPHIES: World Cup Confederations Cup Olympics UEFA Euro Nations Copa America Gold Cup African Cup of Nations CHAN Asia Cup Oceania Cup The EXTRAS that I would quite like to win too- Arab Club Championship Central American and Caribbean Games Francophone Games Islamic Solidarity Games Lusophony Games Mediterranean Games Pan-American Games Pan-Arab Games Supercopa Euroamericana u20 World Cup Along with the various Asian, African, European, North American Oceania and South American club and international tournaments added to the game by claasen's Mega Pack Only then will I really be able to say "Football Manager 2017? Yeah, completed it mate!"
  11. This is my first ever update thread, despite having been a member of the forums since 2004. I have been playing the game since the first Championship Manager on the Amiga, but in recent years have struggled to get into a save. I love adding as many leagues as possible, and getting everything "just right", but then when I sit down to a save, I rarely get past pre-season or the first 10 games or so. This year has so far been slightly different, me starting a game on the Beta and sticking with it until the 4th season which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, since the new patch I arrived, I have been attempting to get into a new save, and failing. I have spent the last few weeks lurking on this forum (and others) and reading other people's career threads and enjoying them, and being insanely jealous at the fun everyone but me seems able to have. Then I decided that I would try and share my career and see if this inspires me to stick with the save. Not only that, but because of the "grass is always greener" attitude that seems to constantly result in me starting again, I have decided on a challenge which a) has a clear and defined goal, b) is unlikely to result in me ending up at the same club for too long, and c) is massive. The challenge is to win 28 competitions, some specific, and some region specific. Using claasens excellent league pack, I have increased the number of leagues in the game to 103. These have then been divided up by region, as below. I plan to win one top division per region & then move on using the add/remove leagues feature; 1- Middle East & Central Asia (Iran, Israel, Kazakhstan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Uzbekistan) 2- Indian Ocean & Oceania (Australia, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Singapore) 3- The Far East (China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand) 4- North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Sudan, Tunisia) 5- Southern & Central Africa (Angola, Congo, DR Congo, South Africa, Zambia) 6- Western Africa (Cameroon, Ghana, Ivory Coast, Mali, Nigeria, Senegal) 7- North America (Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Jamaica, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Trinidad & Tobago, USA) 8- South America (Northern) (Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Venezuela) 9- South America (Southern) (Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay) 10- UK & Ireland (England, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales) 11- Former USSR (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine) 12- Former Yugoslavia (Bosnia/Herz, Croatia, Macedonia, Montenegro, Serbia, Slovenia) 13- Scandanavia (Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden) 14- Southern Europe (Albania, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Greece, Turkey) 15- Austro-Hungaria & Eastern Europe (Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia) 16- Benelux, Germany & Switzerland (Belgium, Germany, Luxemborg, Netherlands, Switzerland) 17- South Western Europe (France, Italy, Malta, Portugal, Spain) As well as a competition from each of these regions, I aim to win the following competitions; Continental 18- AFC Champions Leage 19- African Champions League 20- NAM Champions League 21- Libatores 22- European Champions League International 23- World Cup 24- AFC Nations Cup 25- Cup of Nations 26- Gold Cup 27- Copa America 28- Euro Cup of Nations Bonus 29- O-League 30- OFC Nations Cup Rules; Randomize Regions All leagues within region as playable, all others as View Only Start Unemployed with Sunday League Rep & no badges, Take first job offered Cannot Leave Region until National League won Cannot Start in New Region until all leagues added/removed date has passed (Leagues will disappear completely after removal & don't turn view only, which will hopefully help keep the game reasonably quick as the save ages) Can move clubs within a region Champions League to be "played for" when in the final region for that continent - so if the final European region I end up in is Scandanavia, I HAVE to win the European Champions League with a Scandanavian team. This means that the roll of the dice will really influence the difficulty of the challenge. Also, as there is only one North American region, I would expect to see my reputation get something of a rise if I leave that region having won the North American Champions League early in the game. Can choose a manager of any nationality - I will be creating a fictional manager for the save born in one of the countries of the first region to make getting a job a little easiser. It is also worth noting that I play quite slowly, so the thread is unlikely to move particularly quickly . I'm also pretty terrible at the game which will no doubt contribute to the time this takes So, with this in mind, the dice has been rolled and number 15 means I will be going to one of these countries first; All other leagues are view only, running a large database including all current internationals, Players from top & top division clubs with national and continental reputation, as well as players from clubs in continental competitions. This leaves me with around 107,000 players. So, with all the will in the world, Maciej Nemec, a 35 year old Polish/Czech who admittedly doesn't look very good on it, begins his journey!!
  12. The year is 2076. A great manager has already come and gone, shaping the footballing world in his wake leaving some surprising nations flourishing, and some others in shambles. Nordic football in particular is in a crisis. The retired legend took Sweden to the top, and as a result all the talent was drained from the Norwegian and Finnish leagues leaving the once stable (if mediocre) leagues in ruins. Norway in particular is in bad shape. The Tippeligaen sits comfortably rated as the 167th best league on the continent, and that's a recovery. The clubs with the highest reputations are all in the Second Division after facing years of financial turmoil that eventually broke them down. Unfamiliar faces rule the league for a year or two at a time before falling into the despair of relegation immediately after. To sum it up: it isn't pretty. This is the world Daniel Birbas, a wide-eyed kid from Atvidaberg Sweden was born into. He knows he isn't good enough to coach in the Allsvenskan, not even after it has crashed back down to 20th in the coefficient table. Instead, he looks to Norway, looking for anyone ready to take a chance on a 21 year old kid with heart. An Overview of the World North America Liga MX still reigns supreme, having won the vast majority of CONCACAF Champions League titles with America, Monterry and Pumas UNAM. MLS clubs, in particular Seattle, LA and Toronto occasionally put up a fight and win one with the even rarer finals appearance by a Central American club filling out the rest. On the international side, Canada has grown into a regional power, winning more than their fair share of Gold Cups. Costa Rica shows flashes of brilliance and will occasionally mount a challenge in that competition, with one successful campaign to date, but the USA and Mexico are the dominant forces on this side of things as well. In the Caribbean Championship some new faces have shown up at the top, showing the first signs of long-term change in the region. Curacao and Barbados are the frequent favorites in this competition, displacing the Jamaica and Trinidad and Tobago duopoly from the early 2000's. While neither have yet been able to qualify for a World Cup, it will only be a matter of time before one of these teams can survive the Hex and begin to play on the world stage. South America Almost nothing has changes. Argentina and Brazil dominate. Ecuador and Colombia both of surprise Copa America wins to their name and Bolivia has made a shock appearance in the final before getting absolutely annihilated in the final by Argentina, but for the most part South America has been pretty stable. All nations barring Bolivia have made at least one World Cup appearance and Bolivia doesn't appear to be anywhere near a breakthrough. On the club side, Brazillian and Argentinian clubs have dominated the Copa Libertadores. Cruzeiro has won plenty as have San Lorenzo, Boca, Palmeiras, Corinthians and Independiente. Mexico has 3 winners spread out fairly evenly with Atlas, Monterrey and Leon each winning one about 20 years apart from any other. Europe Oh boy. Sheffield United dominates England. PSG, Man U, Liverpool and Everton have all been relegated recently, Stoke is out of the league entirely, Braga has won a Portuguese title, AIK nearly won several continental titles, Wolverhampton has won the Europa League 3 times, Nottingham Forest are reigning Champions League winners and Spain and Germany remain 100% unchanged. Hamilton and Celtic trade titles, Austria is the most prominent one team league (except maybe England now that Sheffield have won 9 titles in a row). On the international side, England have won several Euros, Portugal finally break through in 2040, Croatia went back to back in the 2030's and the Czech Republic have become the nearly men of Europe making the semi finals 3 times and failing to win a single title. Asia By far the continent which has changed the most. India is a World Cup qualifier, Hong Kong was one win away from doing the same. Jordan, Indonesia, Qatar, China and the UAE also hold that title to their name. Saudi Arabia failed to make the Third Round of World Cup Qualifying in recent years along with Iraq, Uzbekistan and Syria. It's a free for all on the international side and everyone is throwing their hat in the ring. The Asian Nations Cup is, in contrast, relatively boring. Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Japan have traded it amongst themselves for 70 years now. On the club side of things, Iran, Saudi Arabia, South Korea and Australia dominate. The last time a winner came from a nation other than these 4 was Gunagzhou's win for China in 2013. Africa The Cup of Nations and the Championship of Nations rotate among the same, predictable cast of characters. Nigeria, Cameroon, Morocco, Mali, Cote d'Ivoire, Egypt, South Africa, Senegal, Ghana and Tunisia win pretty much everything and are the only nations to have qualified for a World Cup from Africa in the time of the save. Congo has won one shock championship in the AFCON but have been unable to repeat this success. One of the longest active streaks in the save is in the African Champions League, which has been won by an Egyptian club since 2033. Club Africain from Tunisia has come close to ending this streak multiple times, but as of yet they have been unable to do it. Oceania New Zealand has won everything. Literally. They have not lost a game to an OFC rival since 2016. The same could be said for the O-League until recently when Ba from Fiji pulled off the miracle of the millennium and upset Team Wellington in the final in 2068. Global The World Cup has been horrendously boring. Not a single surprising winner in the 60 or so years of the save. France, Italy, Spain, England, Germany, Argentina, Belgium and the Netherlands are the only winners. Please, someone interesting win the thing. I'll happily post up pictures or an overview of any other competition there's interest in seeing, but for now, back to Daniel! 3 November 2076: When Bodo/Glimt called back yesterday and told me that they weren't interested in hiring a 20 year old, I figured that was it. But today that called back and apparently 21 makes all the difference! I got the job! Of course I'm nervous about taking over a club at this age, but I can't wait to start my journey. I'd love to get enough experience to take over the hometown club, club I dare not dream bigger. Not yet. Daniel Birbas Team History and Overview FK Bodo/Glimt Once one of Norway's stronger clubs, Bodo/Glimt have since fallen on harder times along with everyone else. They sit in deep financial trouble, with no transfer budget and a meager 110 thousand for wages. Their most recent finish was a disappointing ninth in the 2. Divisjon, Group 1. Their last impressive finish came back in 2003 when they were runners up in the Tippeligaen. The city of Bodo, in the northern reaches of Norway is the city they call home, and they have no local competition for fans which is nice. The squad as it stands is less than impressive and I'll go over them after a few off season moves. Short Term Goals 1. To get Bodo/Glimt promoted back to the Tippeligaen ASAP. The Norwegian Leagues are a free for all, so this shouldn't take too much effort. 2. To get Bodo/Glimt into Europe. This might actually come first. Seeing as the Second Division teams have won the Norwegian Cup fairly regularly as of late with a decent stroke of luck we could get back on our feet fairly fast. Long Term Goals 1. To get the Nordic leagues out of the chaos that they are currently in and at least back to being mediocre. 2. To bring Atvidabergs back to being the great club they were in the 1970s. 3. To wander around international management for awhile, doing whatever piques my interest. Expect a jaunt around Africa or Asia at some point at the very least. 4. To not be too unrealistic with the managerial jumps Daniel makes, both upwards and downwards. No getting bored in the Premier League and loping off to coach Estonia or the opposite. 5. To get better at doing career updates, I will need help with this one.
  13. Summer hols over, training course done but a week or so before I am back to work so time to fire up this save again and get my 2022 season report done
  14. African't you see what I did there? - An African Adventure Following my European Journeyman this will follow the same premise, just in Africa instead. I'm using @claassen's excellent megapack along with the added international competitions and I've also added in the 3rd tier of South Africa as well. More countries but a lot less leagues. I'll be starting unemployed with no experience or badges, my name will still be Makoto Nakamura but this time he's from Djibouti. I also don't think I'll try to get coaching badges asap as it exaggerates your reputation and helps you get high level jobs really easily. Lets do this.
  15. So, a couple of months ago i started a journeyman save, that has been both broadcast on twitch, then edited to be uploaded to YouTube. We started unemployed, and started out at Ange IF in the Swedish 3rd tier. I wanted to get the save pretty in depth before I posted anything here, as I wasn't sure whether or not the save would be streamable due to the size of the database. If you enjoy, please do consider subscribing on YouTube or dropping a follow on twitch, i'm loving broadcasting this save. Also, this has been my first real series on YouTube, so progression from the 1st in the series to now is there, hopefully i can continue to improve. First Season:
  16. America, land of the free and now, thanks to @Uncle_Sam's awesome database located here I can manage in the USA like never before, but I'm going to hopefully explore these states using @PaulHartman71's idea of accepting every job that comes to him, I'm going to be the American 'Yes Man'. I should probably say why I'm managing in America, or where my interest has been piqued, well it's not because of the MLS, obviously that would be the pinnacle for in the game though. It's because in real life the majority of the football I'm watching is from the USL thanks to them broadcasting every game live on their YouTube channel, located here. Leagues loaded: All of the USA, I may include Mexico further down the line, I may not. Players loaded: Everyone based in North America. I'm starting unemployed with no experience, I am Hank Brown, and I am from Idaho.
  17. Everybody loves rooting for the little guy! I've loved reading everyone's stories of their careers taking a club from one of Europe's tiniest countries and making them a European powerhouse! I've seen some amazing stories around San Marino, Gibraltar, the Faroes and Luxembourg and decided to go for something similar. I'm a massive fan of @Jupjamies amazing San Marino save and the insane amount of patience that takes... My aim is simple, though stupidly hard, take a team from each of the smallest nations: Malta, Andorra, San Marino, Luxembourg & the Faroe Islands and complete the following steps: Get to and win their top domestic division! Turn Professional! (& hopefully bring some other clubs with me) Win Multiple Domestic Cups! Qualify for the Champs League Group Stages! Only Use Players of that nationality! (Little different from other saves, I have no issue signing other prospects from each country, as long as they're under 20 at the time). Once each nation is established and the national team is up to the top 50 in the world I must move onto the next country! This is going to have to be a passion project because it's going to take AGES! I did a Maltese only save before and got beyond frustrated after 12 years in FM 16. Fingers crossed we can keep it going this time! The plan is to post a pre/post season entry, a youth intake entry and any other major achievements/announcements. SOOOOOO.....where to begin....
  18. Chasing Pep: Beating the thinker at his own game Why hello. Welcome to the career of Francisco Lapello, a decidedly average Spanish football player who will be taking on modern football’s revolutionist. This career is inspired by Noikeee’s Jose Mourinho Story. Like Noikeee, I’ll be challenging myself to topple Pep Guardiola — surpassing his Hall of Fame career total. The task is already tough. But it’s made tougher by the fact that Guardiola is still bang in the middle of his career at a club with unlimited resources. Aside from the sheer points total, there’s plenty of other goals to conquer. Francisco Lapello Goals: Win each of Europe’s top five leagues Win back-to-back European Cups Manage Liverpool — It would be nice to be the guy to end the Premier League drought playing a version of total football. Manage Barcelona — Even if just for a season. Recreating the 2012 look, and hopefully success, is enticing Win the MLS — Likely a career swan song. Win an international tournament — Spain or England are preferable Achieve icon status at a club (it seems impossible to reach legend status, even if you win 7 leagues titles and three European cups in eight years – not that I’m bitter or anything) Play beautiful football — Be as aesthetically pleasing as possible, while being as successful as possible. Guardiola’s HOF total: Chasing Pep will be no mean feat. I’ll start the career focusing on Europe. I’ve loaded each of Europe’s top leagues, as well as the US (I’ve always enjoy managing there). League’s loaded: In addition to the league’s above, I’ve loaded players from the top South American nations, Portugal, and Belgium. The Tactics: While chasing Pep, I’ll be recreating much of his ideology. We will play beautiful football, with an emphasis on dominating the ball — high up the pitch — pressuring opponents from the front, and attacking in waves — both in attack and in defense. I’ll go into tactics in more detail in a later post. But the goal is to find a happy medium between the Pep’s Barcelona and Munich sides, while revolutionizing myself and creating some funky new systems. Like Pep, the formation will shift week-to-week, but the aims will remain the same. I’m starting out unemployed, with no preference on where I’ll begin this epic adventure. Ok, I guess we should get started. Career Updates:
  19. Matt's on a Journey, Man!

    After following @Makoto Nakamura awesome posts from his African and currently American journeyman saves I though about doing the same. (Disclaimer, I've never done anything like this so any pointers / tips / criticism please fire away) and I intend to start as low as possible using the awesome USA database created by @Uncle_Sam with the following leagues loaded:- My manager looks like:- I've found if you're the nationality of the country you're managing in you get job offers more, whether its coded like that I don't know but just something I found. I'm American and part English (I'm English) and favourite team is Newcastle (just like real life) and I'll be applying for teams in the NCAA to get me started. I want to try and win as much as possible in America before going to Mexico and Argentina before either going back to the states or England. Rules for myself are I won't resign from a team unless I've won at least 1 trophy (pre season tournaments do not count), I will only apply for jobs if they are teams that have a badge because I don't like playing with those default badges, I do have logos installed but there's a few trams that don't have 1 and I will not take a job at any of Sunderland, Aston Villa, Leeds, LA Galaxy or Scotland. I plan on doing monthly (in game) updates although as a family man and father of 3 I don't get to play FM as much as I would like so it may be that I provide 3 monthly updates but we'll see. Hopefully you guys can join me as I live the American dream, sort of!
  20. Idea As a football manager player for 13 years now, I've always had the same type of career; Pick a team, build them and stick with them. This time, however, we'll be taking a first venture into journeyman management as an unemployed former Sunday league player with no qualifications. We'll have lots of leagues loaded and try to work to the top of the game, eventually attempting to win trophies in multiple countries. I'll also try to be realistic with job offers. For example, I will accept any offer as if it were real life, considering the manager's financial implications, as well as the footballing side of the affairs. Self Imposed Realism Rules First things first, I wanted to impose some more realistic rules, to make the save both more challenging and more of what you'd expect as a young, inexperienced manager. For this, I have imposed a ban on the player search & staff search screens, as a football manager would not realistically have such a thing (unless they looked on FM) . As a result of this, I can only find players & staff using the following methods. Placing staff adverts. Reading the journalists rumour mills. Contacting the club I support (Luton Town) & Senior Affiliates (where available) for help. Scout/Agent Reports My other rule is in relation to my manager's career and jobs. I will not apply for any jobs when I am employed, meaning I can only move clubs when I am approached by another team. At the start of the game (to get my first job) and if I become unemployed, I can then apply for jobs to keep the career moving. This rule is simply to encourage me not to give up and jump ship if I have a bad season at a club. Also, as mentioned above, I will consider offers from the manager's personal point of view, realistically including financial implications for the manager, as well as footballing reasons in the decision making process. Next We'll pick things up when a club decides to employed me for the first time.
  21. BITESIZEFM - Speed Play - Worldwide Adventure Evening everyone, so after reading loads of stories on here and other forums I've decided to start one of my own. Like many other players at the moment I love a journeyman save so that's exactly what I'm gonna do. So how will mine be different from others? Probably not much difference but my main aim is to win the Top League in each Nation with the default database, in any order I want. The rules? Apart from the obvious rule above I will start (like all journeyman saves) with no coaching badges and the lowest reputation. Now I'm sure your all thinking, "there's no way he can even think about completing this before FM18 comes out!" Well yes it's gonna be a struggle but to make it quicker (hence the name "Speed Play") I'm gonna use Instant Result for most games. Don't fall asleep or turn off just yet! I will control all team matters, from signings to tactics to training and everything else in between but I'll leave most of the games to my ass man, important big games, etc. I'll play myself. Hopefully if all goes well I will do a similar kinda thing when FM18 is released. My updates will be monthly, a short, sharp post telling you the results and current table with any interesting news as well. I will also write a post as and when I get a job/change teams. So with my adventure starting now I need to work out what Nations I'm gonna load up first, with zero rep/badges I need to load up some smaller nations. Normally my journeyman saves I play offline would start in South Africa or Asia so to be a little different I'm gonna load up 5 smaller European Nations Belarus Finland Iceland Northern Ireland Serbia They weren't selected at random but I went through and picked a few Nations I don't tend to manage in. Once I have won 2 or 3 of the top leagues then I will add a couple more and so on. So for now wish me luck and I'll post once I've got a job
  22. Chapter One - Holy Crap, That's a lot of Countries...I'm Gonna Need A Globe Ok so I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't buy Football Manager 2017. I have a 6 month old baby and thought I won't have time. I was doing very well, only mentioning to the wife twice a day how I wish I had time to buy and play the new Football Manager 2017. So it was my birthday on the 4th...guess what Birthday Claus bought me ... new socks and a mug that has Lionel Richie's face on with the quote "Hello, is it tea your looking for?". Oh and Football Manager 2017! So what should I do as my first save? Mansfield Town my home team? Chelsea the team that is spread all over my favourite bowl, mug, pint glass etc... Nah. I decided to start small. After reading the always brilliant @Makoto Nakamura and his A-Z journey I decided to download @claassen's amazing world league pack. My aim is to win as many trophies as possible. I started by randomising 3 countries from the following possibilities... Africa Asia Europe North America Oceania South America Algeria Afghanistan Albania Antigua and Barbuda American Samoa Argentina Angola Australia Andorra Aruba Cook Islands Bolivia Burkina Faso Bahrain Armenia Bahamas Fiji Brazil Cameroon Bangladesh Austria Barbados Kiribati Chile Congo Bhutan Azerbaijan Belize New Caledonia Colombia DR Congo Brunei Belarus Bermuda New Zealand Ecuador Egypt Cambodia Belgium Bonaire Papua New Guinea Paraguay Ethiopia China Bosnia-Herzegovina British Virgin Islands Samoa Peru Ghana East Timor Bulgaria Cayman Islands Solomon Islands Uruaguay Guinea Guam Croatia Costa Rica Tahiti Venezuela Ivory Coast Hong Kong Cyprus Cuba Tonga Kenya India Czech Republic Curacao Tuvalu Liberia Indonesia Denmark Dominica Vanuatu Libya Iran England Dominican Republic Mali Iraq Estonia El Salvador Morocco Japan Faroe Islands French Guiana Niger Jordan Finland Grenada Nigeria Kuwait France Guadeloupe Senegal Kyrgyzstan Georgia Guatemala South Africa Laos Germany Guyana Sudan Lebanon Gibraltar Haiti Tunisia Macau Greece Honduras Uganda Malaysia Hungary Jamaica Zambia Maldives Iceland Martinique Zimbabwe Mongolia Ireland Mexico Myanmar Israel Nicaragua Nepal Italy Panama North Korea Kazakhstan Puerto Rico Northern Marianas Islands Kosovo Saint Kitts and Nevis Oman Latvia Saint Lucia Pakistan Lithuania Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Palestine Luxembourg Suriname Philippines Macedonia Trinidad and Tobago Qatar Malta Turks and Caicos Islands Saudi Arabia Moldova US Virgin Islands Singapore Montenegro USA South Korea Netherlands Sri Lanka Northern Ireland Syria Norway Taiwan Poland Tajikstan Portugal Thailand Romania Turkmenistan Russia United Arab Emirates San Marino Uzbekistan Scotland Vietnam Serbia Yemen Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine Wales So only a few to chose from really. The First country to come out was... Senegal! The Second Country to come out was... Jordan! The Third Country to come out was... Italy! Now I had the countries I need to decide where I wanted to start my World Wide Adventure! I created a new manager with my real age (28). He started with my real experience Sunday League Football (even that's a stretch!). He also started with no badges whatsoever. I didn't want to start unemployed I wanted to start at a club. I decided to start in Italy, plenty of clubs to choose from at a lower level. I was going to be the worst team in Serie C until one team caught my eye. A team who has fallen from grace and was crying out to be saved. Parma Calcio 1913. The club has recently joined an ever increasing list of Football Club's struggling to keep up with the monetary demands of the modern game. They were declared bankrupt and were relegated to Serie D. A promotion last season has once again made the once great club playable, and this is where I will start my (hopefully) amazing journey. The rules are simple. 3 countries will be loaded at any one time. A country can be ticked as complete once a competition the board cares about has been won. For example my first season with Parma I compete in the Serie C/B league and the Serie C cup. The board expectation for the Serie C Cup is "Not important" meaning if I win this competition it won't be good enough to move on. I am free to move around the 3 countries loaded. Meaning just because I've started with Parma it doesn't mean I couldn't join a Senegalese team or a Jordan team before moving back to Italy. Once a country has been deemed complete it will be removed from the game and another nation chosen completely at random will replace it. I don't think for a second I will complete this journey but I hope to have a lot of fun on the way! I will try and update as much as physically possible and any feedback is always greatly appreciated. Year Team Country League Position Cups Notes 2016/17 Parma Italy Italia Serie C/B Serie C Cup
  23. Hi Everyone! I am PB Smoothie! I am not new to FM or the forums however this account is new and I won't be using my old one any longer (I wasn't very active anyway). I hope I am doing this in the right place (if not, can someone point me in the right direction). I have created a Youtube channel named "PB Smoothie" and I upload episodes of my FM17 save, Managerial Masterclass. It is really just a Journeyman save but with a cooler name . Anyway, if you guys have some time, please check it out and let me know what you think, both good and bad! Also, if you do FM Youtube videos please let me know where I can check you out! Okay here is a link to the first video in the series! Thanks all, Smoothie
  24. [FM17] EU Must Be Joking

    Hi all. You join me in my 5th season. I've planned this save to be a combination of both a journeyman type and also spending a decent amount of time building teams up. By the end of the save I'd like to have got at least some form of silverware in all of the countries loaded. A brief summary below of what's happened in my first game in FM 2017 which has lasted more than 2 seasons: I started with Celtic I'm in my 5th Season I'm on my second club. I started with a Semi pro reputation. I only have 1 database edit in that "Brexit_does_not_happen.fmf" which can found on FM Scout or wherever. I haven't played FM 2016. I played FM 2015 very briefly. I tend to stick to one formation with slight tweaks depending on the opponent/importance of the match. I intend this save to be simply to get as much fun as possible out of one club before moving on whether it be limited by trophies, promotion, finances etc. I left celtic as I felt I could not attract any quality players other than regens reccommeded by the scouts. After half of a season with Sevilla I already have an itch for a lower league game. Also forgot to mention the leagues loaded: England Premiership and Championship France Ligue 1 and 2 Germany Bundesliga 1 and 2 Holland Eredivise and Juniper League Italy Serie A and Serie B Portugal Primeria and Liga II Scotland SPFL Spain La Liga and La Liga 123 See below for a summary of the seasons gone past past and the trophies won.
  25. Meet Adão Dragão The backstory is that Dragão was a journeyman central midfielder in Portugal. He showed promise as a youngster, coming through Real Massama's youth academy and playing in the top two tiers but injuries hampered his career causing him to drop down the leagues. Now we are going to try a venture through the Portuguese system and beyond. I want to model my managerial career progression on the likes of Eddie Howe and Sean Dyche. So managing a lower league side up until they're in a solid position, then going on to bigger things. So, for instance, Howe has been linked with the England job or a large domestic team like Manchester United. As for my managerial style, it will be hit and hope I hope you enjoy reading through.