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  1. So, It is the year 2133. World war twenty-seven has broken out, and football is still somehow going on. A new manager, under the name Zing Zong has risen, and is about to take his steps into the world of football management...
  2. After completing the Ultimate Manager Challenge (UMC) on FM17 I have decided to re-do this monumental challenge on FM18 but instead of just posting my season updates on the UMC thread I will do month by month updates on here. If you don't know what the UMC is then here's a link to the thread For anyone who can't be bothered to read it then the aim of the challenge is to win: Leagues La Liga (Spain) Premier League (England) Bundesliga (Germany) Ligue 1 (France) Serie A (Italy) AND 5 OTHER TOP LEAGUES. Champions Leagues Champions League (Europe) Champions League (Asia) Copa Libertadores (South America) NACL (North American Champions League) ACL (Africa Champions League) International Tournaments UEFA Euros (Europe) AFC (Asian Cup Of Nations) Copa America (South America) Gold Cup (North America) ACON (African Cup Of Nations) <Not the African Championship of Nations - CHAN> FIFA World Cup Confederations Cup Others: Domestic Cups from 10 separate nations required (where top level teams can enter) FIFA Club World Cup -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- All this will be done with the manager starting with no coaching badges, sunday league reputation and as a 20 year old! Tough I know! Finally, just to make it even more difficult, I have to have attribute masking on. So now you know my aim I shall get started and update you all once I get myself a job. I plan to load up some nations from Asia and South America to start with. Nearly everyone starts this save in China and South Africa so will steer clear of these to start with.
  3. The Challenge The challenge is both simple, and fiendishly complicated at the same time. Adopting the persona of Phileas Fogg, I will attempt to follow his 1872 route around the world as closely as possible, and can only move on to the next team once I've won the domestic league title. I will also attempt to win the Champions League or equivalent continental title in each region visited. All of which must be completed in no more than 80 days game time. Leagues Loaded My manager As I said, I'm managing as Phileas Fogg. I've created a manager with a UEFA Pro Licence (as I'll need to get jobs at top clubs quickly to complete the challenge), but only Sunday League experience for a playing career. Here he is Starting point As you can see, the challenge will start and finish at Chelsea Why Chelsea? Simple. It's the closest football stadium to the Reform Club, where the challenge began and ended in Jules Verne's book Rules of the save The domestic title must be won before the next leg of the journey is 'unlocked' I will create the next vacancy as soon as this objective is met, but I must apply for each job as necessary, and cannot just recreate my manager. If an application is unsuccessful, I must wait until the end of the next season before trying to get the job again. A sacking ends the challenge. I will keep my Assistant Manager for the entirety of my career, unless he is unwilling to move. If he will not make a move with me, I will keep the existing Ass Man, and hire the original one at the next club he is happy to join. I've renamed Angelo Alessio (Chelsea's Ass Man) Passepartout (Fogg's valet) and the intended route in maps Club #1: Chelsea - Objectives Win the Premier League Get the Paris Saint Germain job
  4. Now that FM18 is out, I can begin my main save, a journeyman save following the (fictional) career of Kimmo Kari. He is from the relatively small town of Mikkeli (population of around 34 000) and despite never being very good at the sport, has always loved football. For the past 4 years, he's been a season ticket holder at his local club, Mikkelin Palloilijat (also referred to as MP) and has also watched HJK and FC Barcelona on TV, in addition to picking up tactical tips from watching Pep Guardiola's Bayern and Manchester City teams. He has now made the decision to step into football management despite not having any coaching badges or playing experience.Will he achieve his dream of becoming manager of FC Barcelona? Not even he knows, but we will find out.
  5. I have decided to have another go at a Journeyman save for FM18. This will follow the same pattern as my other Journeyman stories in that I start in the bottom leagues and hopefully work my way upto the top in the quickest possible time. My aim is to be as successful as I can winning as many trophies as I can along the way. I am allowed to take any job in the world that will have me and can job hop as necessary to get to the top. My aim at each club I manage is to have as much success as possible and also to attempt to take them as far as I possibly can with having a good reason for leaving them. I will be playing the game realistically and taking my salary into account when I do this as any person would do in real life. The Game Set Up I have chosen to set up 26 Nations containing 64 leagues. I have loaded the top 21 FIFA football Nations in the world along with a few others that I would like to manage in The Manager I am a retired Sunday League Footballer with no coaching badges hoping to make it to the very top. Job Interviews I need to start my career in anyway possible. I am looking for the right club to get me onto the road to success. I went on holiday and applied for all jobs - understandably I was unsuccessful for interview stage at most clubs, especially the top ones. But gained interviews at the following clubs. People asked Why decline the above two interviews - when you hardly have any management experience? The answer to me was simple - I want to start work at the right club which I feel will bring me short time success. The League Season had commenced at the above clubs and were well under way. I wished to start at a club that would at least have a pre-season so that I could get to grips with the team I inherited.
  6. My previous attempts (ever) at a journeyman career have failed miserably, but this year I have a feeling that my determination will guide me through a long save that hopefully will be fun to document. The aim is to build a long and successful career at any cost, which means taking whatever job is around the corner and hopefully do well enough to snatch a bigger one after some time. This is the starting setup, I only have some db files to correct names. This is my manager profile. I'm starting as low as possible to reflect what should be a somewhat realistic journeyman career. I plan to do season-end updates, as well as when I take charge in a new club.
  7. Heeeeello and welcome to my (first? only?) FM18 thread! It's the good old journeyman type of career here, as I've done so many times. Whilst the last time round I tried to be over-ambitious and aimed at José Mourinho's scalp for beating him to worldwide glory, this time I'm just aimlessly trying to have some fun by touring the globe. For now, I have selected a bunch of exotic and not-so-exotic destinations to keep me busy at the start of this: And these are my elite managerial skillZ, yo: My alter-ego, as used a few times before when I want to play as myself, is Portuguese manager Henrique dos Santos. Say hello to him (for some reason the face creation has gone godawful and looks nothing like myself): As I've done a few times before, whilst starting unemployed has its own charm, I prefer to handpick a starting place. This shall soon be revealed although it's not hard to make a proper guess based on the screenies above. For this career I'm expecting to play pretty slowly so am at the moment aiming for monthly updates to keep the thread busy (but potentially shortly written). This may change. Right, let's get on with it. The next post will be a nostalgic rundown of all my previous careers, and the next next post shall present my first challenge.
  8. An FM 18 Journeyman Career So here we go - this is my attempt at a journeyman career for FM18. For this attempt, I am starting with every European league loaded, and will start off unemployed with no coaching badges and the lowest level of experience. I am also going to holiday for two months in order to clear out the jobs available at the start of the game (starting 24 July 2017, the start of the English pre-season). In addition, I will have two small rules: I have to accept the first contract extension offered by any club I am at with no negotiation I cannot accept any other offers and have to resign at the end of that second contract Hopefully this will strike a nice balance between moving around different leagues and clubs, and being able to build a good team together.
  9. What is this thread all about? I know it's a completely cosmetic feature, but I really like the fact that SI have introduced some background music in the game while you are in the preferences screen or indeed loading the game itself. It's something that is actually really quite basic when you think about it, but for whatever reason, SI have always chosen to spend their time on the more "meaty" aspects of the game. I would suggest that a great many of us play FM with the sound turned off and with music, TV or something else going on in the background, (I know I do most of the time). With that in mind, and with inspiration from more than a couple of threads last year who used music to great effect, I thought that offer up something a little different. Yes an FM update thread, but a thread within which every significant update will be accompanied by a piece of music, (of very varying genres and not all entirely to my taste I might add). Many of you know what type of saves I like to play and that might be highlighted in some of the music choices, but I am also doing something a little differently this season and that might hopefully allow for some variation within a theme.
  10. So my FM 17 journey to win at least one major trophy in every single country in the World failed (who would have guessed that). Every year on this day a little devil and a little angel appear on my shoulder. The little angel says "You have bought new Madden and new FIFA. You don't need another new game, besides this would be a really good Christmas present for somebody to get you. Plus you have chores to do a 1 year old running around and your wife is expecting again, you don't need the distraction." While the devil says "Buy FM!" Guess what?! The devil won. I'm not going to kid myself this year with a stupidly ambitious project that we all know won't ever be completed. I can't fly through seasons like @Makoto Nakamura! I have one objective. It doesn't matter who I manage, what happens or where I go. I need to retire a billionaire. This will be done through basic wage and bonuses. I will be starting unemployed, with no badges as a Sunday League Footballer (even that's ambitious for my real life persona). I will be loading England (down to National Premier N/S), Portugal (down to National Championship), Scotland (down to League 2), Spain (down to Second Division B), Italy (down to Serie C2), Germany (down to Third Division), Belgium (down to Third Division) and Holland (down to Juplier League). Well that's the plan anyway, if my laptop explodes I will have to remove a few leagues. Officially I still don't own the game, its been reserved for pick up after work which is only 3 hours 0 minute and 30 seconds away...29...28...27 Once I'm up and running I'll provide the usual starting screenshots!
  11. Zdenek may not be known outside of Italy but at the age of 70 he's managing Pescara in Serie B and has honed and is well respected for his very attacking style of football where he has said he would rather lose 5-4 than draw 0-0. He doesn't want to bore the fans, he wants to entertain and this career will hopefully be like that. I will be using the attacking 4-3-3 that he is renowned for (even though in FM his preferred formation is 4-1-2-3 DM Wide) and I won't be budging from it, we may not win a lot but I'll try my best to promise goals, goals and more goals. Meet youthful Zdenek, all his coaching skills are going into attacking and this is the preferred formation, I may move the WB's into DL/R but that will be the only changes I'll make. "Zdenek had very strict rules with his players. Anyone staying up past curfew would be fined. He once caught several of his players up past curfew playing a card game. He wasn’t one to pass up on a game and sat down and played with his players. They played cards until the sun came up the next morning, at which point Zeman fined all of his players and himself for staying up past curfew." That style is what I'm going for, eccentric, exuberant...and currently unemployed. I've loaded every league in Europe to the bottom division and will be applying for every job, but I'll make the board a promise of attacking football, if they don't choose me then so be it, someone will respect these talents!
  12. I will be trying to do a journeyman save where I start as a 26 year old manager with little skill and I load a lot of leagues for me to start on for the release date of FM18. Anybody else enjoy doing an journeyman style of experience in FM18? Please let me know if you have any tips or recommendations.
  13. After a few seasons in FM18, I am parking that for the future until a number of issues are resolved. I need to play FM though, so am going back to FM17, where I have clocked up over 3,600 played already. Game Type - Journeyman. I will be starting unemployed. Reputation - Sunday League. Starting Qualifications - None. Editor's Used - Real Competition Names. Leagues Loaded Australia. China. South Korea. South Africa. Austria. Belgium. Denmark. England. Finland. France. Germany. Greece. Iceland. Italy. Netherlands. Norway. Poland. Portugal. Russia. Scotland. Spain. Sweden. Switzerland. Turkey. Ukraine. Mexico. United States. Argentina. Brazil. Uruguay. Number of Nations Loaded - Thirty. Number of Leagues Loaded - Seventy seven. Number of Players Loaded - 123,740. Database Size - Huge. Updates - I only intend to update at the end of each season, together with the youth candidates day. Youth - I love to develop players, so any player I feel has a chance to make the first team will be tagged. YP18a1 for example, would mean Youth Player from 2018. The "a" means he is the best prospect from that intake and the "1" means he is the first youth prospect I have produced in my career. Records - I am a bit of a statto, so will be keeping detailed records during this save which you can see in the next few posts.
  14. FM18 - Tour de Challenges Before there used to be a set of monthly challenges in this forum. There has been some interest for this, but lack of commitment to uphold this. So I thought I will run a series of challenges for FM18. I have decided to create this as an inspiration from the great bike race. Therefor managers can contest for the grand overall victory of the yellow jersey, go for intermediate sprints or climbs or go all out solo for a stage win. Basic information: There will be 10 challenges, split in 3 parts. 1 prologue (very short challenge), 7 standard challenges (called stages for the naming here) and 2 final challenges (still stages, but a bit longer than the rest.) In each stage players will score points based on certain criteria, and rules might vary a bit from stage to stage. All stages will last from 3-5 weeks, and should not be a problem to complete. You might try each stage as many times as you want, but post your update before the latest date to make it count. Clubs/nations all over the world will be visited so you have a chance to get familiar with the football world. For those who take part in the whole series or more than one stage you get to bring your manager character onwards from stage to stage. Overall rules: - You must never use any kind of editor for any of the stages, unless you are specifically told to do so. This goes for in game or pre-game editor or any tool downloaded. - You can not use any extra database file downloaded or created unless you are specifically told to do so. Name Fix, color fix are the only ones excluded from this rule.
  15. Before i get into this career update thread i just want to give a little background on myself, played football manager on and off for about 8 years but never really had a long career .... which i'm hoping to change with this save. I have been reading a lot of career updates on this thread and have thoroughly enjoyed them which has inspired me to start my own, any feedback on my writing style/ improvements please do leave them below as i am way off the quality most people have on these forums. Anyway let's jump right into it. After failing miserable at being an Elvis tribute act Elvis Piely has decided to have a stab at a career in football management, 'If Roy Hodgson can do it i bloody can' is his motto. Elvis Piely He had a very brief and uninspiring player career in his earlier years but having played for the same amateur team as Joe Hart (Saha Football Club) he always uses that to make himself sound a whole lot better than he was, and maybe he can use the same BS to talk his way into some bigger clubs. As such Piely's past playing experience has been set accordingly to Sunday League Footballer (which is definitely still a stretch with him failing to make contact with the ball more often than not), and using some of his tribute act money has bagged himself the National C license on the 12th time of asking. A whole array of leagues have been selected to increase his chances of some clueless chairman taking him in and as such many jobs are already available! I will re-join you once Piely has got off his ass and decided which positions he is optimistically going to apply for, if by some miracle he gets an interview in his words not mine 'I will wow them with my Charisma and will be offered the job on the spot' .... of course you will Piely of course you will.
  16. After a short lived attempt at a career, the save cannot go on for a variety of reasons, so I am starting again. Game Type - Journeyman. I will be starting unemployed. Reputation - Sunday League. Starting Qualifications - None. Editor's Used - Real Competition Names. Leagues Loaded Australia. China. South Korea. South Africa. Austria. Belgium. Denmark. England. Finland. France. Germany. Greece. Iceland. Italy. Netherlands. Norway. Poland. Portugal. Russia. Scotland. Spain. Sweden. Switzerland. Turkey. Ukraine. Mexico. United States. Argentina. Brazil. Uruguay. Number of Nations Loaded - Thirty. Number of Leagues Loaded - Seventy seven. Number of Players Loaded - 117,150. Database Size - Large. Updates - I only intend to update at the end of each season, together with the youth candidates day. Youth - I love to develop players, so any player I feel has a chance to make the first team will be tagged. YP18a1 for example, would mean Youth Player from 2018. The "a" means he is the best prospect from that intake and the "1" means he is the first youth prospect I have produced in my career. Records - I am a bit of a statto, so will be keeping detailed records during this save which you can see in the next few posts.
  17. I would like to thank both OCD & Claassen as both have contributed equally to this challenge. Manager No qualifications, Sunday league experience. Unemployed. Competition Level 2/200 Kiribati, Micronesia, Northern Mariana Islands, Wallis & Futuna. The first rung of the ladder...
  18. Herein shall be documented, in far too much detail, the trial and travails of yours truly as I have recreated myself as realistically as possible within FM 18. To truly do this justice, I could have waited for some of the lower-league databases to be completed by the ever-impressive FM community. However FM is not really designed to deal with that many levels of competition. Therefore putting myself in the closest possible city to where I actually live(Grand Rapids, MI, USA) and entering my actual age and particulars, I begin in February 27 2017 in the United States. I've then gone on holiday, which is currently progressing, until I reach the current date(well, tomorrow, October 27th). Attributes ** 3 Mental, 2 Fitness -- Whatever else my teams I are, I will endeavor to the best of my ability to make them intelligent and well-conditioned squads. Note that the best of my ability is a very flexible term; I haven't played since FM 14 and accomplished nothing noteworthy even then. ** 4 Adaptability -- I want to have a shot at being hired anywhere in the world. On '14 I ended up in Indonesia, and it could very well be some similar backwater. This will be a world journeyman-style career. The Job Search I then purposed to apply to anything and everything available until I found someone dumb enough to hire me, a now-40 year old who has overstated his knowledge and playing experience even at the FM minimum -- I was a decent defender and keeper in youth-league. And that's it, I never played competitively again. Truth be told I've spend most of my adult life far more interested in the more 'American' sports, esp. basketball and tennis. So frankly, you'd have to be on some particularly excellent drugs to even consider an interview -- or really desperate. Therefore, I am not allowing myself an interview with any club not meeting the following requirements: ** Status of Semi-Professional at best. The idea of any fully Pro club giving me the time of day is a bad joke. ** Reputation of Local or worse. This excludes most of the clubs in the game, as it should. ** The ideal situation will involve other issues as well; a particularly bad economic or facilities situation, impending relegation probability from the lowest league in a nation, that kind of thing. Again, only the truly desperate would consider me. Job Movement ** I must strongly consider any job which offers an increased wage. Refusing such a move must require a good reason(as determined by me, but generally would have to be a combination of a worse situation in some other way and a relatively minor increase). ** Any job offering double or more my current salary will automatically be accepted, regardless of circumstances. ** I will not take the initiative and apply for any position that is not realistic given my own reputation. Goals After committing the hilarious travesty of actually being hired as a head coach somewhere, I'll endeavor to do what I can until something better comes along. Naturally I have the usual obscenely lofty aims of winning the Champions League, winning the World Cup(preferably with the USA), winning a top domestic league -- but I'll celebrate the little successes that come along the way. If they come, that is. The Larger Stage I will also be documenting, starting when I take my first job, various high-level competitions throughout the world. This will serve as a good reminder of what the eventual goal/standard is, and a way of keeping tabs on the ebb and flow of events.
  19. REVENGE OF THE MIGHTY FALLEN In this career update-report I will focus on taking former giants to the top again. Clubs that was once a powerful force in Europe but has now declined and become what many would call ”sleeping giants”. My primarily goal is to take those sleeping giants from the bottom of the abyss to the pinnacle of Europe-football and to measure that I will use UEFA’s coefficient ranking. The ranking updates yearly and when it does my goal is that the team I’m managing is in the number one spot. Only then can I resign and search for a new team. To make the task even a bit more challenging I’ll have a few specific restrictions with each club. You’ll hopefully understand better when I present the team I’ll start with. I don’t have a specific rule to single out former big clubs but I think that I have a good knowledge of football history to know which clubs has once ruled Europe. I have one extra rule regarding which team I can manage and the rule is as follows; I can’t take charge over a team who is currently within the top 30 on the UEFA ranking. I have already played one season before I came up with the idea to do this type of save and therefore I’ll post a quick review of that season in the next update, where I’ll also will be revealing which team I have chosen to start this challenge with. I’ll hope you’ll enjoy this thread and this is the first career update I do in english so any pointers or suggestions to improve will be much appreciated. Enjoy! GAME INFORMATION Game: Football Manager 2017 Database: Medium Countries/Leagues: These (plus I have claassens league pack prepared in the background) Profile: Vincenzo Monstera (42 years old, italian)
  20. Game Type - Journeyman. I will be starting unemployed. Reputation - Sunday League. Starting Qualifications - None. Editor's Used - Real Competition Names. Leagues Loaded Australia. China. South Korea. South Africa. Austria. Belgium. Denmark. England. Finland. France. Germany. Greece. Iceland. Italy. Netherlands. Norway. Poland. Portugal. Russia. Scotland. Spain. Sweden. Switzerland. Turkey. Ukraine. Mexico. United States. Argentina. Brazil. Uruguay. Number of Nations Loaded - Thirty. Number of Leagues Loaded - Seventy seven. Number of Players Loaded - 117,150. Database Size - Large. Updates - I only intend to update at the end of each season, together with the youth candidates day. Youth - I love to develop players, so any player I feel has a chance to make the first team will be tagged. YP18a1 for example, would mean Youth Player from 2018. The "a" means he is the best prospect from that intake and the "1" means he is the first youth prospect I have produced in my career. Records - I am a bit of a statto, so will be keeping detailed records during this save which you can see in the next few posts.
  21. Loosely inspired by @PocketMouse career where he starts at the bottom of the UEFA Coefficients managing in Wales and working his way up to the top I'm going to do something similar, using claassen's databases I'll be starting at the very lowest rep league in the world and working my way up. I only know which leagues start off where because I had to load up every single nation in the game to sort them all. I'm starting with the lowest 10 leagues in the world and once I win that countries top tier and cup then I can move on to the next. I'll be starting off in Northern Mariana Islands before moving to Kiribati and then Wallis and Futuna Islands, once a country gets completed then I'll remove it and add the next highest one, Here's the database to give me a decent amount of players. I may not get very far but FM17 has the best edited files I've seen and I doubt anyone will make anywhere near as many leagues in FM18 so depending on how this save goes it will help decide what to do for FM18, as this was my idea to do once the FM18 & Editor comes out.
  22. A Journey Through Yugoslavia Former Yugoslavia. What a country it could have been if its states didn't fight. In this career I will travel around former Yugoslavia starting in one of the nations second tiers as a 20 year-old with no coaching badges of experience. My main aims for this career are too -Win all Yugoslavian League Titles -Win the Champions League with a Yugoslavian team -Have all 4 semi-finalists in the Champions League be Yugoslavian -Have a Yugoslav player win the Ballon D'or -Win the World Cup with a Yugoslav nation -Have all 7 Yugoslav nations qualify for the World Cup in the same year Anyway lets get started
  23. Where To...?

    Where To...? After a few stories on here trying to do various things, I've decided just to have some fun on FM before the new edition comes out. There's going to be no rules or no particular challenges I'm going to set myself on what will hopefully be my final save of the year. I'm going to start with who I like, see what happens and go from there. I've decided to start with a national job firstly to get the game off to a fast pace. I've loaded most of the major European leagues, top divisions in all but England. Again I just want to have some fun with this, I'm not exactlythe best FM-er on this forum, some of the stories I've read have baffled me they're that good, so I doubt I'll take this one anywhere near some of those, but let's see what happens. I'm going to start with Argentina. They start the game ranked 1st in the world and have course have some world class talent in their ranks but haven't really hit the heights that a lot of their players have at club level. Players that spring to mind are of course Lionel Messi, twice a major continental and once a World Cup finalist, he's not been able to get his hands on that elusive major international trophy in his 29 years yet. I'm going to try and change that for the great man. Others include Angel Di Maria, Javier Mascherano, Sergio Aguero, Gonzalo Higuain, the list of talent goes on and on. And there are younger players coming through at this level like Mauro Icardi, Paolo Dybala and Matias Kranevitter. Initially, I'm going to try to continue Argentina's road to the World Cup in Russia 2018, but if a tempting club offer becomes available then who knows, we could see some dual management on the cards. I took over in July 2016 with a few World Cup qualifiers coming up. Despite the huge array of talent at my disposal, I couldn't have gotten off to a worse start. We played 6 matches in 2016 under my stewardship and failed to win any of them, it was an awful record and terrible start to my managerial career in charge of this fantastically gifted football nation. The one positive result was against Brazil, who were then ranked number 1 in the world after overtaking us due to our bad run. We desperately needed 2017 to be much more prosperous for us. Talking of 2017, an interesting email popped up in my inbox. Southampton were in dire straights in the Premier League, in 18th place, they sacked manager Claude Puel and wanted me to take over, despite never winning a match as a manager. I jumped at the chance of an interview and before I knew it, I was the manager of Southampton. Southampton FC have of course established themselves well in the Premier League since gaining promotion in 2012 and have grown steadily into a European club after qualifying for the Europa League last season through their league position. They have been well known for selling high and buying low over the years, but it certainly hasn't done them any harm in terms of their status in the game. Since the promotion, Southampton had grown year on year and bettered the previous finish each season, until the disastrous 2016/17 season. As mentioned before, Southampton were of course in the Europa League this season. Before we get to league matters, let's see how we did in that competition first. We actually made it all the way to the quarter finals. My first match in charge was the second leg of the first knockout stage versus Zenit and despite losing we managed to win the tie in a penalty shooutout. We then dispatched Anderlecht after a convincing second leg performance in Belgium to set up a quarter final clash with Lyon. We won the first leg at home despite going down to an early away goal but ultimately, that was the goal that cost us as we fell to a 1-0 defeat in France. Making the last 8 of a major European competition is no mean feat, lets see if we could replicate this decent European form in the league. Unfortunately, we couldn't. Relegation confirmed on the final day. Not only had I not won a game with Argentina in 6 attempts, I'd now taken what I thought was an established Premier League club into the Championship. I thought I'd be out the door the next day but the board stuck by me, somehow, and I kept my job going into the new season. Going back to Argentina, here were our 2017 results so far. We finally managed to get a win under our belts against Ecuador, albeit narrowly, then 2 more wins again Peru and in a friendly against Algeria got my tenure back to some kind or normality. We couldn't manage to beat Spain in another friendly and then followed that up with a defeat in the Superclasico against Brazil. We went into the new season with our qualification hopes looking like this. We were in 3rd place behind Brazil and Columbia with 4 games left, all of which were not currently in the top half of the qualification table. Hopefully this would mean we'd have a relatively easier end to our campaign after the rocky stage we endured in 2016. My next post will take us back to the south coast and see what happened during a turbulent summer at St. Mary's and how we prepared for our first season back in the second tier for 5 years.
  24. Hello and welcome to another FM17 career mode thread from yours truly. You may remember me from a thread based on my journey with Weston-super-Mare in which I took the club from the Conference South to the Premier League. Unfortunately, I lost interest in the save (like I do with most one-club careers) and gave up on it after a terrible start in the top flight. I haven't played FM since January but got the itch to have another crack so here we go! Grab Life By The Baltics The Baltics? Huh? - I've been very lucky to do quite a bit of travelling over the past 12 months. I have just returned from a trip across the Baltic Sea in which I visited six countries. I thought it would be interesting to start a game with only those six countries loaded. To make things a bit more personable to me, I will only be allowed to manage in the towns/cities I actually visited. So what countries/leagues/places will be available? - Norway (Bergen, Stavanager and Oslo), Sweden (Stockholm), Denmark (Skagen and Copenhagen), Finland (Helsinki), Estonia (Tallinn) and Russia (St Petersburg). I will start unemployed with a National C Licence and Sunday League rep, taking the first job offer I receive from a team based in any of those places. I have loaded all six countries (using Claasen's league pack for Estonia) down to at least the second tier. Norway and Denmark go down to tier three while Sweden goes down to four. What are your aims/goals? - Like most of my FM saves, I will just go with the flow. I like journeyman saves so this will probably include a lot of moving around. I will most likely begin the journey in Estonia's second tier, Sweden's fourth tier or Norway's third tier. Personally, I see FC Copenhagen and Zenit St Petersburg as the two biggest clubs available to me so managing both of those would be great in the long run. The save game is all set up so I will post my first update once a suitable club has been found. Cheers! Our Journey So Far... Fana Fotball (Bergen, Norway) - (Norwegian Third Tier, 30/6/2016 - 1/10/2016) - P12; W 2; D 3; L 7; WP 16% - Sacked Huddinge IF (Stockholm, Sweden) - (Swedish Fourth Tier, 1/8/2017 - Present)
  25. After the save game corruption of my Oceania save I was severely tempted to try the 'The Giant 70 Challenge' a link to which will be posted below- I say 'Unofficial' mainly because there is no gaurantee I won't be distracted by some other challenge in-game (I tend to get fixated with a country and spend decades there, but I will keep that to a minimum!). There are also a whole host of international tournaments added by Claasen's Mega Pack that I want to try and win as well. Oh and on top of that, Ideally I'd like to do it in alphabetical order by Nation, but we shall see how successful that is! But the general gist of the save will be to win the following (as per the Giant 70 Challenge)- CLUB TROPHIES - 25 Domestic Top League. (There is a minimum of 3 leagues from each of the 6 continents, so 18 of the leagues are somewhat bound.) - 25 Domestic Cup Competitions (Where minimum 10 clubs enter) , from a minimum of 20 different nations. This could be anything from a Checkatrade Trophy to the top FA-Cup of the nation though. UEFA Champions League UEFA Europa League Copa Libertadores Copa Sudamericana CONCACAF Champions League African Champions League African Confederations Cup Asian Champions League Oceania Champions League Club World Cup INTERNATIONAL TROPHIES: World Cup Confederations Cup Olympics UEFA Euro Nations Copa America Gold Cup African Cup of Nations CHAN Asia Cup Oceania Cup The EXTRAS that I would quite like to win too- Arab Club Championship Central American and Caribbean Games Francophone Games Islamic Solidarity Games Lusophony Games Mediterranean Games Pan-American Games Pan-Arab Games Supercopa Euroamericana u20 World Cup Along with the various Asian, African, European, North American Oceania and South American club and international tournaments added to the game by claasen's Mega Pack Only then will I really be able to say "Football Manager 2017? Yeah, completed it mate!"