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  1. Welcome to my first FM19 save. This was meant to be held off until the proper release but I seemingly can't wait so... Kicking off with '19 I'm going to revive a series of journeyman saves which was "Barcelona'ing through the lower leagues", that was my very first career here back then in the FM11(!) days, then I used that title again for the sequel in FM15. This seems to come and go in 4 years intervals so probably it's about time to try it again in '19. What's the challenge? Well quite simply it's to start from the bottom and end at the top, whilst always committed to playing some sort of good football. The original career came at the peak of Pep's Barça which I was a huge fan of, and that's a big inspiration as you probably can tell from the banner (uh, and LVG's horny football... I guess), but this is not meant to be a strict recreation of that playing style. For example in '19 we now have templates such as "tikitaka" but it doesn't have to be tikitaka, my first tactic that I'm going to use here didn't even begin from that template, it just has to be something that's generally entertaining, positive, hopefully with some sort of occasional nice passing triangles. Seems fair to go down the path of entertainment, after finishing FM18 "ruining football". I'm starting unemployed akin to unemployed, with the full ladder of the following leagues: Portugal (my manager's nationality, as I will again be playing under my alter-ego Henrique dos Santos which is meant to represent myself) Spain Holland Belgium Belarus Colombia Brazil Turkey + the top tier in England Italy Germany France Argentina + (something new inspired by @Makoto Nakamura's recent dealings): all other top tiers as view only! + all international players (all continents) + player in continental competitions of Europe and South America This seems like a ton so I hope it's not too slow. Goals for this save: - always try to play good football. Preferentially with my own tactics though I don't promise I won't try other people's tactics, I often do this when I get desperate (read, at some point in almost every career) - progress realistically until I reach the top level - manage in both the Americas and Europe, hopefully maybe this is the time I even venture back outside of these continents, been a hell of a long time. But not now at the beginning. - manage in Brazil for the first time - manage one of my favourite top clubs Barcelona, Ajax and obviously FC Porto. Hopefully all 3! - win back-to-back Champions Leagues (been missing this achievement ever since the very first FM11 career which was the only time I did it!) - have a newgen that I manage win the Ballon d'Or - win an international competition, hopefully with some sort of club+nation combo to develop a nation (Hungary/MTK was tons of fun in FM18)
  2. Let me tell you something, my friend. Hope is a dangerous thing. Hope can drive a man insane. All football supporters have suffered the agony of hope. The "what could have been" moments. The heartbreak. The days when your **** of a striker couldn't hit water if he fell out of a ****ing boat. Barbosa at the Maracana, 1950. Messi in the final of the Copa America, 2016. Baggio in the World Cup final, 1994. Ghana at the 2010 World Cup. Bayern Munich in Barcelona, 1999. John Terry in Moscow, 2008. (Ok, if I'm being honest the last two were pretty frickin' beautiful and count among my favorite football memories. But, I digress...) For many, redemption comes in one form or another, some more glamorous than others. Titles won. Individual glories and accolades. The heartbreak simply another chapter in the broader narrative. For others, the heartbreak defines them. Haunts them. Overshadows all other accomplishments, triumphs and accolades. The moniker of the "nearly men" is applied, and supporters grow old thinking, "what if...?" This is the story of those teams. Uhh...well...another story about those teams... Since its inception in 1955, 22 different teams have won the Champions League (and its predecessor). 17 teams have reached the Final, only to fall short: Atlético Madrid (1974, 2014, 2016) Stade de Reims (1956, 1959) Valencia (2000, 2001) Fiorentina (1957) Eintracht Frankfurt (1960) Partizan (1966) Panathinaikos (1971) Leeds United (1975) Saint-Étienne (1976) Borussia Mönchengladbach (1977) Club Brugge (1978) Malmö FF (1979) Roma (1984) Sampdoria (1992) Bayer Leverkusen (2002) Monaco (2004) Arsenal (2006) Similarly, 8 different nations have brought home the World Cup. Yet, 5 have reached the Final and returned home with empty hands: Netherlands (1974, 1978, 2010) Croatia (2018) Czechoslovakia (1934, 1962) Hungary (1938, 1954) Sweden (1958) This save will chronicle my third documented attempt to bring glory to as many of these sides as possible. And, as we all know, third time pays for all. First of all, credit where credit is due -- the idea for this save originated with @smp20, who proposed it as a challenge during the FM15 cycle. I've since been...err...somewhat obsessed with it. My first FMCU-documented attempt fizzled out early: [FM16] If You're Not First, You're Last. While success was only claimed in Malmo that year, that save laid the foundation for all that has come since. The second attempt was 116 pages of utter madness, spanning 18 months real-time, culminating in 2091 after claiming an obscene number of trophies with Hakan Telleus and his son, Gunnar Vikander. This was easily my favorite save of all time: [FM17] If You're Not First, You're Last (Redux). As with before, there are generally no hard-and-fast rules beyond the concept of the save. On the club side of the shop... This is not a youth-academy-only save, even though I do enjoy developing youth and will usually focus on that. Rather, I will work within club-specific plans without any self-imposed transfer restrictions (e.g., a 2-4 year-plan makes sense with the like of Arsenal, versus a 6-8 year plan with Malmö ). I will leave on high -- thus, once I've won the Champions League, I must move on. Surely I won't be fired...again...will I? After my first club, I will only accept a position with one of the sides listed above, or a club that manages to join this elite (!?) group of "nearly men." Likewise, if a club manages to win the CL under another manager, they are removed from the challenge. The only pure "rule" that I will invoke is the @Dave. rule, instituted during the FM17 version of this save. Quite simply, this rule means that my manager has to prioritize Leeds, by joining them at the first realistic (in-game) opportunity. (The rationale being that I harbor a great dislike for the club...just don't tell anyone that I enjoyed managing them in the '17 version of the save, ok?) On the international scene, the same basic rules will apply -- I will only accept an international management position with an eligible nation. If I win the World Cup, I must move on. Nations can be added to and removed from the eligible list, based on results at the World Cup. With respect to Czechoslovakia, I consider both the Czech Republic and Slovakia eligible. While some of these sides are "easier" than others, I will begin with one of the "smaller" clubs and proceed from there, wherever the winds take me. Per usual, I am holidaying several years into the future, to allow for a unique playing environment. I've loaded the top leagues in Belgium, England, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, Serbia, Spain and Sweden, with a large database/pool of potential players. And, as per usual, my saves tend to exist in a "multiverse" of sorts, so familiar faces may pop up (although they may come up in different contexts). Up Next: We need to set the stage, and see what the football world looks like in August 2023. Only after we've done that can we meet our managerial hero...
  3. The Challenge The challenge is simple. Win everything that Sir Alex Ferguson managed in his career, starting with the second tier league title (now known as the Scottish Championship), and finishing with a 13th Premier League title in England Starting point Given that St Mirren are currently a Championship side, and that was the team he won his first title with, it seems like an appropriate starting point. Rules of the save I will try to win each competition that Alex Ferguson managed to win. Here is a list of all the competitions I will have to win I will not 'manufacture' any vacancies, and I do not have to move on as soon as the requisite trophies have been won at each of the first two clubs. I have started with St Mirren, but I do not have to join Aberdeen or Manchester United. I am free to join whichever club I like to achieve the required titles, but they must be won before I can move to a new job. My Manager I will be managing this career as myself. I have given myself a Continental A License, and will look to get the Pro License during my time in Scotland
  4. rodesire

    [FM18] #Yesman

    Having hit 17 season mark in my youth only career, I realised I haven't really done a journeyman career. I haven't used the new scouting system, I haven't been to pretty much any league other than Lithuania and Sweden (briefly). I am also feeling like my youth only save is about to hit the glass ceiling in terms of player abilities and stop making progress. Time to change all of that, so I'll be doing a journeyman with a twist. Once I have spent 3 full seasons with a club, I will be accepting all interview and job offers coming my way. I've loaded up the big5 leagues as view-only and will be playing in one of Gibraltar, Wales, Belarus and Poland. The first two are rock bottom of the league standings but I fancy getting them up a bit. Belarus could be interesting if the finances are not too bad and I see Poland as a genuine opportunity to build a top5 league in Europe and maybe even make it the best. Once the game is up, I will be simming the time to 1 June, 2018 and will take it from there.
  5. King Cactus

    [FM19] A Jewel From Edina

    A quick foreword: I've not written FM themed content, hell I've not written in any way creatively in about 4 years, so this could be a bit rough, especially while I get to grips with the basics of formatting on this site - with that in mind I'm always open to any contructive criticism with regards to layout, or anything on the writing style, so please do let me know. While this will be a slightly narrative driven save, that's more so for me, so it's not vital you read everything if that's not your thing as I'll be providing plenty screenshots too (however the first 3 or so updates may be fairly story driven, if that's not your scene feel free to dive forward). The save itself will be a journeyman, starting as myself, a 25 year old (at game start, 26 now) with no football experience at a decent level or any qualifications to speak of: It should be a laugh, although my journeyman last year resulted in an entire save in England, so hopefully it will provide a bit more liveliness than that! Anyway, enough waffle (ironic, the story will be absolute waffle) let's dive in. *** View from Calton Hill, Edinburgh, where our first entry is written Entry 1: I don't know how on Earth I've been convinced to write this, how they've convinced me that this will somehow help. How do I even start? My name's Jack Lawrence, I'm 25 years old, doing nothing with my life and struggling to come to grips with my depression. Wait, no, that's just a really bad tinder profile. Scratch that, let's try again. This is my diary noting my progression with my life, to show my depression it can be beat, to improve my confidence, and hopefully provide some kind of documented success into whatever or whoever I am going forward. The first thing suggested to me to help manage things is to set myself some short term goals, so let's try that I guess... Find a career path Don't jump Succinct enough for now, I guess. That is the two things I want most right now, I suppose - get out of the job I'm very appathetic to, and get into something I'd actually enjoy, but what do I like? Sport, music - not particularly talented in either, I play and have qualifications in basketball but that's such a niche market in terms of career pathway I'd struggle. Football? I've always loved football, I've had a season ticket at Easter Road for a while - do Hibs need a manager? Not a manager, manager. A youth coach? I've not even got the startings of any qualifications though... Suppose that's enough drivel for my first entry of whatever this is... My main takeaway is football, I think? *** If you've read this far, thank you! It's all a jumble for now, but that's kind of the point I think - as I mentioned before, any feedback would be appreciated, and good luck with your FM19 saves!
  6. Minuy600

    [FM17] The true career.

    I have'th'th returned! Not just to career updates but to FM17 as well. Reason why I did that is because there's an annoying bug holding me back from either playing in the Dutch leagues or the English leagues. I'm not sure what one to be honest. Anyway, the aim of this save is to NEVER EVER DELETE IT. That's the most important thing by far and for the ones following this: Be sure to punish me when I break this promise. Seriously. I just want this to continue on despite many sackings, even if progress may be slow at times. The show must go on at all times! The earliest where you should be a little less harsh would be 2020 as I never reached it at all in any of my 500000 careers. Setup: We're starting this in Northern Ireland. It's a journeyman after all and I always want to start rock bottom. I'll start unemployed untill any job comes up in the Championship 2. Holland and England are there to follow and not much else for the time being, though I will manage in my home country at some point, at least once. If you're not too fond of a mostly European career, it's best to turn back now. If you are however, come along and see me struggle 95% of the time. Final note: I will play more carefully than usual to make sure I don't get sacked all too often.
  7. The Giant 70 Challenge First of all this challenge requires you to download claasens Mega Pack of extra leagues playable. You can not choose other add-ons only these databases are allowed and they are all required. How many leagues you load at any time is still up to you. Download link to @claassen Megapack can be found here. This Challenge follows very much the same procedure as Ultimate Football Manager Challenge, but its bigger and you are bound to be taken to many places you have never managed before. Ultimate Football Manager Challenge was originally made by an idea from @LetsGetReadyTo and is now maintained by @vikeologist. Click here if you want to check out this challenge or read its rules. Starting up: Make sure the database add-on from claasen is activated with no other database add-ons. Then load a game with as few or many leagues as you want, and change around during game time as much as you want also. Attribute masking is optional, but in-game editor is a no no. Its also recommended that "Do Not Add Key Staff" is unticked. Start a manager that is the youngest possible 19-20 years, and with no coaching badges and Sunday League Footballer reputation. Holiday for as short or long time as you want and apply for jobs. Requirements: The following competitions must be won in order to claim the Giant 70 achievement: CLUB TROPHIES - 25 Domestic Top League. (There is a minimum of 3 leagues from each of the 6 continents, so 18 of the leagues are somewhat bound.) - 25 Domestic Cup Competitions (Where minimum 10 clubs enter) , from a minimum of 20 different nations. This could be anything from a Checkatrade Trophy to the top FA-Cup of the nation though. - 10 Continental/World club comptetitions. The mandatory competitions are: UEFA Champions League, UEFA Europa League, Copa Libertadores, Copa Sudamericana, CONCACAF Champions League, African Champions League, African Confederations Cup, Asian Champions League, O-League and Club World Cup. (In the event that a bug stops you from participating in Copa Libertadores and Copa Sudamericana, you can swap these for AFC Cup and Caribbean Club Cup, BUT only if the savegame has this bug.) - 10 International trophies. The mandatory competitions are: World Cup, Confederations Cup, Olympics, UEFA Euro (European Championships), Copa America, Gold Cup, Africa Cup of Nations, CHAN, Asia Cup (Nations), Oceania Cup Totally 70 trophies for the biggest challenge yet to be achieved in FM. Finally this challenge was new in FM17, no one ever came near to finish it so far. Still some are playing it, so please visit the FM17 thread to look at the leaderboards and check managers progress there.
  8. What is this thread all about? I know it's a completely cosmetic feature, but I really like the fact that SI have introduced some background music in the game while you are in the preferences screen or indeed loading the game itself. It's something that is actually really quite basic when you think about it, but for whatever reason, SI have always chosen to spend their time on the more "meaty" aspects of the game. I would suggest that a great many of us play FM with the sound turned off and with music, TV or something else going on in the background, (I know I do most of the time). With that in mind, and with inspiration from more than a couple of threads last year who used music to great effect, I thought that offer up something a little different. Yes an FM update thread, but a thread within which every significant update will be accompanied by a piece of music, (of very varying genres and not all entirely to my taste I might add). Many of you know what type of saves I like to play and that might be highlighted in some of the music choices, but I am also doing something a little differently this season and that might hopefully allow for some variation within a theme.
  9. REVENGE OF THE MIGHTY FALLEN In this career update-report I will focus on taking former giants to the top again. Clubs that was once a powerful force in Europe but has now declined and become what many would call ”sleeping giants”. My primarily goal is to take those sleeping giants from the bottom of the abyss to the pinnacle of Europe-football and to measure that I will use UEFA’s coefficient ranking. The ranking updates yearly and when it does my goal is that the team I’m managing is in the number one spot. Only then can I resign and search for a new team. To make the task even a bit more challenging I’ll have a few specific restrictions with each club. You’ll hopefully understand better when I present the team I’ll start with. I don’t have a specific rule to single out former big clubs but I think that I have a good knowledge of football history to know which clubs has once ruled Europe. I have one extra rule regarding which team I can manage and the rule is as follows; I can’t take charge over a team who is currently within the top 30 on the UEFA ranking. I have already played one season before I came up with the idea to do this type of save and therefore I’ll post a quick review of that season in the next update, where I’ll also will be revealing which team I have chosen to start this challenge with. I’ll hope you’ll enjoy this thread and this is the first career update I do in english so any pointers or suggestions to improve will be much appreciated. Enjoy! GAME INFORMATION Game: Football Manager 2017 Database: Medium Countries/Leagues: These (plus I have claassens league pack prepared in the background) Profile: Vincenzo Monstera (42 years old, italian)
  10. “It's like everything in football - and life. You need to look, you need to think, you need to move, you need to find space, you need to help others. It's very simple in the end.” -Johann Cruyff Hello, and welcome to my first ever story here on the forums. I have been playing FM since FM 17, and have decided to write a story using Kaizer Effenberg, my alter ego. I was inspired to write my own story by “An Impossible Man” and Rob Ridgeway’s story, and I humbly hope that you the reader find this story interesting. This story is a journeyman save with no real goals other than to try and see if Kaizer can manage my beloved Everton and the United States National Team and turn them into good teams. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ September 7th, 2016 It was a warm afternoon in Oswestry, and I took a walk around the stadium. The air was crisp and it was starting to hit me that I was a football manager. My name is Kaizer Effenberg, and I hail from the city of Hannover. I always played football as a kid and wanted to turn professional, but that dream disappeared after I tried out for Hannover’s academy at the age of 14. I was told that I was too slow and not skilled enough to play, and that sent my dreams into a funk. I got through university tending bar, though I always dreamed that I would have to get involved somehow in order to prove that I could still make an impact in the world of football other than a fan watching Hamburg or Everton either in person or on television. At the start of September, I sent my application to dozens of clubs around the world, hoping that I could get my foot in the door somewhere. I was turned down by clubs in Finland, Ireland, Northern Ireland, and other places. Much to my surprise however, TNS of Wales did not laugh me off and chose to interview me. The club president Mike Hall was firm, asking me about my lack of experience and why I was the right man to lead the dominant club in the Welsh Premier League. I responded that my goal was to make TNS succeed by focusing on staying dominant in the domestic game, and also focusing on trying to go further in Europe. My goals at this great club are to succeed with people who want to be there, want to improve, and want to be changers for the future. The Welsh Premier League needs to capitalize on the success of Bale, Ramsey, Coleman, and the success of the national team in order to build the national league. I was drawn to this job because the man or woman that can help lead a club into success in Europe and build a sustainable base is going to be the manager who succeeds. Jose Mourinho succeeded at Porto and leveraged his success into becoming a legend. Sir Alex Ferguson built Aberdeen into a team that defied the odds to win in Scotland and in Europe. Howard Kendall built Everton into a team that conquered Europe and should have done more if not for forces outside his control. These men may have walked into situations that were not great, but they built teams and took their success with them to grow their legends, and that is what I wanted to do here. Hall and owner Mike Harris agreed with that vision, and thus I was hired as the newest manager of TNS. The club is located in England, but plays in the Welsh league system and was made famous by Jeff Stelling saying “They’ll be dancing in the streets of Total Network Solutions tonight!” on Soccer Saturday. This year, the team was leading the Welsh Premier League when I took over, with 9 points from 3 games. The squad has plenty of players who can do a job on the domestic front, led by Jon Routledge, the leading light of TNS. Routledge is a 26 years old English player who joined us on a free from Dumbarton in Scotland. I am looking for him to be the main man in midfield and to control that area in the 4-5-1 formation. The reason I chose this formation is because the players are used to it as well as providing me with plenty of support in European games down the line. Once I arrived at the club earlier this week, I took a look at the side and found that it was pretty settled. I was pleased to see that there was plenty of depth in midfield and that was important to me. I prefer to have the spine of the team be the strongest, because the best title winning teams in my 25 years on this earth generally have their best players in the middle. Since I also am a baseball fan, the old cliché goes that your best defenders always play up the middle. Wes Fletcher is the main goal scoring threat, as the 25 years old Englishman has 2 goals in the league and is a new addition to the club this summer arriving from Motherwell after having Football League experience with Accrington Stanley. I know that players like Wes and Jon are going to be key, players who are hungry to fight for the squad and want to improve their chances of getting into the big time. My first meeting with the players was today, and I talked to them. I said in broken English “Hi, my name is Kaizer Effenberg. I came here in order to help us as a club continue on its path to improve itself in Europe and keep dominating domestically. We are the full-time squad here, and we have a target on our backs. My main goal is that we work hard in training to win our next match, and that we build towards goals that are within our reach and broaden those goals as we reach them. My goal for us this year is to continue our good start and prepare for Europe next year, where you guys can work to advance. Everyone that is here has done something right, and I know that a lot of you want to make moves to other clubs and where the lights are brighter. I was told as a player by Hamburg that I was not good enough, and I refused to let that define me. This may be my first manager job ever, and I might have no badges to go with my name. What matters is that every time we cross these white lines on this field or wherever we are assigned to or we earn the right to play, we compete, and compete hard.”
  11. Theodlard

    [FM17] Keymer & Hassocks

    Been working on this save for some time now, thought I would give a quick update and see if anyone else has been doing this. It has been a difficult slog the past few seasons but hope springs eternal that the premier league is a goal. Pretty standard setup, no coaching badges, started at lvl 22 in english pyramid, did not restrict my recruitment of players from other teams. The first years were easy, lots of trophies, lots of league titles, kept a core group of players together who played well. Good goalkeeper and a good striker made things roll smoothly. Most of the time I used a fairly simple 4231, with control mentality. I had a couple of blips in lvl 12 and added a DM, changing things up to a 4141 DM which helped keep things stable. Lvl 11 was rough. Team went semi-pro but could only offer bonuses, no contracts to any players. The first couple years I was competitive and then the next two I was in a relegation battle. Finding a striker was a challenge and when I did, I cruised through the league and won promotion, only missed title by a point. Without my new striker I staved off relegation on goal differential, with my striker I finished 9 pts clear of 3rd place. One other comment about Lvl 11, it adds four league winners into the table each year and relegates four. The four winners are always favorites for promotions and are stacked with players who would never consider playing for me. This seems to be a product of reputation and makes it additionally challenging to win promotion. One note about my board. In previous years and saves a change in ownership often brings an influx of cash. Sometimes this happens frequently. Not so for this save. 1 change in ownership, zero investment. I'll in the red next season and have had no upgrades to any facilities. Poor luck for this save. Couple of screenshots I'm almost through my first season in the Southern Combination Football League Division One. Can now offer real P/T contracts which is a relief, no more poaching. Back in the FA Vase (yay prize money). It's been a roller coaster year and I should finish mid table with a strong finish. I'll do a full update once that is done. I'd love to hear of others who have been at this and if their experiences match my own. I'm probably skipping fm18 and playing this out to see if I can get to the premier league.
  12. Trials and Triumphs of a Turkmen Meet Bahtiyar Saparow, a young Muscovite born after a brief fling between a local woman and a Turkmen migrant labourer... or so he's been told - Dad never stuck around to introduce himself, but Mum insisted on retaining his Turkmen heritage. Bahtiyar was a footballing star in the making at school, but his mixed heritage and absent father made him a regular target for the local bullies, and it was only a matter of time before the tackles took their toll. Taken out nastily during a trial at his beloved Spartak Moscow, Bahtiyar instead took to studying the sport. Now aged 22, and inspired by the World Cup held on his doorstep, he is about to step out into the wide world of football management... -- Played on FM17, with leagues loaded from Russia (3 tiers), Ukraine (3), Belarus (3), Georgia (2), Armenia (2), Azerbaijan (2), Kazakhstan (2), Uzbekistan (2), Tajikistan (2), Kyrgyzstan (2), Turkmenistan (1), Moldova (2), Estonia (2), Latvia (2) and Lithuania (2). All edited leagues are the wonderful claassen's. I've holidayed two seasons to the end of the 2018 World Cup, which saw a weird and wonderful group stage lead to football very nearly, but also definitely not, coming home. Bahtiyar starts with no badges, no experience, and a willingness to travel to all parts of the former Soviet Union. His only goals are to make up for the playing career he was unable to enjoy, and to lead his favoured Spartak to success. Anything else on the way is a bonus. A note for the reader - the editor is enabled. This will only ever be used for one of two reasons: cosmetic, narrative reasons, and the annoying habit of staff in smaller leagues to refuse to re-sign after a year because they get too big for their boots. If they were foreigners brought in, I'd cope, but this seems unrealistic and I have no qualms about extending deals by a year with the editor. That'll be all - now on with the show...
  13. Welcome to my second thread. As you may already guess, the “Lucescu’s Legacy” career thread will take a break. It was my one and only career in this year edition and somehow, I felt that I deviated from my own way of playing the game and lost my motivation. Like many of you, I also waited for claassen’s leagues pack update and now that is finally out I wanna play the game as I really like. The new save will be a journeyman type, the kind of save that I've always enjoyed and I will implement Chris Darwen's “Searching the Stats” and also “Balance the Books” methods. The Setup Meet the Manager No badges, Sunday League experience, I will start from the bottom and make my way through football's elite as I've always liked. Searching the Stats & Balance the Books Searching the Stats concept is not new in FM community and was introduced by Chris Darwen from The Higher Tempo Press back in 2015(if I’m not wrong). Personally, I found about StS in 2015 from Put Niels In Goal blog where Chris was invited to write and detail about his method and since then this started to be also my only way of playing the game. But what is StS? Basically, in a few words, as Chris said back then: “I don’t care about attributes stats!”. StS is a way of recruitment players by their stats and not paying attention at all at their attributes. Basically, statistics show me exactly what I want to know about a player, what to expect about him and what he can do and scouts will help me to identify any problems that I need to pay attention at. By not having a squad and a tactic in mind right now, I will not take every position and every role and write about what stats I’m looking for, I will enter into details when I will find myself a team, but in summary, the criteria of recruitment are: At least 15 appearances. The average rating; Stats base on position and role. Balance the Books method is about calculating the real budget of the team by calculating the gate income, or as Chris said: “The income from gate receipts must be able to pay the player’s wages in full.”. Sponsorships, player sales etc. are not taking in consideration because they cannot always be guaranteed. Of course, managing a big team or let’s say a Premier League team, this kind of calculations are not so important because of the huge TV and prize money but for a small team every penny counts and I will try to calculate the real budget for every of my teams and try not to spend the money that I don't have. The biggest limitation of both methods is the first six months, where there is no data to work with, that’s why I will go on holiday till December and see what teams are available then and so maybe I can take advantage of the winter transfer window to strength the squad, if not I will wait till April-May and prepare the next season transfer campaign. Also, I will always need to be with a step ahead in recruitment because data is resetting at the beginning of every season. In Summary: Start unemployed with no badges and Sunday League experience; I’ll go on holiday till December or April-May; Making a name by implementing Chris Darwen’s Searching the Stats and Balance the Books methods; Searching the Stats: 15 apps; average rating; player statistics; Balance the Books: real budget calculation; Every player is for sale if the offer exceeds his value; “Always replace a player with a better player if he becomes available and fits the criteria.” Source: https://putnielsingoal.wordpress.com/2015/05/17/searching-the-stats/ https://www.thehighertempopress.com/2016/04/fm16-how-to-balance-the-books/ https://www.thehighertempopress.com/2015/11/fm16-searching-the-stats-v2-0/ https://www.thehighertempopress.com/2016/07/fm16-foggia-dei-miracoli-iv-sts-v3-0-c/
  14. I have decided to have another go at a Journeyman save for FM18. This will follow the same pattern as my other Journeyman stories in that I start in the bottom leagues and hopefully work my way upto the top in the quickest possible time. My aim is to be as successful as I can winning as many trophies as I can along the way. I am allowed to take any job in the world that will have me and can job hop as necessary to get to the top. My aim at each club I manage is to have as much success as possible and also to attempt to take them as far as I possibly can with having a good reason for leaving them. I will be playing the game realistically and taking my salary into account when I do this as any person would do in real life. The Game Set Up I have chosen to set up 26 Nations containing 64 leagues. I have loaded the top 21 FIFA football Nations in the world along with a few others that I would like to manage in The Manager I am a retired Sunday League Footballer with no coaching badges hoping to make it to the very top. Job Interviews I need to start my career in anyway possible. I am looking for the right club to get me onto the road to success. I went on holiday and applied for all jobs - understandably I was unsuccessful for interview stage at most clubs, especially the top ones. But gained interviews at the following clubs. People asked Why decline the above two interviews - when you hardly have any management experience? The answer to me was simple - I want to start work at the right club which I feel will bring me short time success. The League Season had commenced at the above clubs and were well under way. I wished to start at a club that would at least have a pre-season so that I could get to grips with the team I inherited.
  15. The idea of this journeyman save is to go from a 20 year old in charge of a university team to a professional manager managing a club people would have heard of. Given the level we are playing at, at the moment, foreign players or jobs isn't going to be a concern for a while. Meet Jayden Edwards-Stewart. 20 years old and from Godalming, Surrey (naturally he's a Manchester United supporter) and at Aberystwyth University where he has ended up as manager. Unambitious targets, which is probably the best place for a 20 year old to start in management. We are the lowest in the league for strength, aggression and tackling (not what you'd want in non-league really) but highest in flair, determination and quite good in work rate and anticipation. Its the context of a uni team, that FM's in-game social media seems a bit more realistic. Jayden probably got into a flame war with Luke last term over Love Island or Safe Space or something and he's trolling at every opportunity. We are predicted to be 9th out of 13 in the Mid-Wales Football league division 2, and once friendlies are out of the way, we'll play each team twice so its a short season.
  16. For this challenge you will need to download Claasens Mega Pack of extra playable leagues. You can not choose other add-ons, only these databases are allowed and they are all required. How many leagues you load at any time is still up to you but you will need to start your management career in one of these countries. Micronesia, Wallis & Futuna, Northern Mariana, Kiribati, Guam, Bhutan, Crimea, Tuvalu, Saint Pierre & Miquelon, Mayotte, American Samoa, South Sudan, East Timor, Djibouti, Afghanistan. Download link for claasens Mega Pack can be found here: https://www.fmscout.com/a-fm18-leagues-megapack-by-claassen.html Starting up: Make sure the database add-ons from claasen is activated with no other database add-ons. start a game with as few or many leagues as you want, and change around during game time as much as you want. Attribute masking is optional, but in-game editor is not allowed. You must start Unemployed. You must start your management career in one of the Countries listed above. Start a manager and with no coaching badges (at the start. You can and should obtain them along the way). Sunday League Footballer reputation. No additional languages beyond those generated by your nationality(ies). Any nationality (it doesn't have to be your genuine nationality). 2nd nationality only if you genuinely have a genuine second nationality and you have used your real primary nationality. No use of in-game editor. All other advanced options (e.g. adding players to playable teams) are allowed. You can start with any number of nations loaded but you will need at least 1 of the countries listed above to start your management career. Any database size, any start date. Requirements: Win as many trophies as you can from the 226 countries. You must start your management career in one of the 15 countries listed above. You get points for winning League's & Cups based on the reputation of the competition, (Example if you win the English FA Cup you will gain 149 points, win the Guam Premier League and you will get 7 Points) If you gain promotion from a lower League you still get the points for that competition. Download link for spreadsheet can be found here or the full list of countries & competitions are listed below. https://www.sendspace.com/file/hyoiqm Spain 180 Germany 175 England 174 Italy 170 France 160 Brazil 158 Russia 155 Portugal 150 Ukraine 148 Belgium 145 Mexico 145 Argentina 144 Turkey 140 Czech Republic 138 Switzerland 136 Holland 134 Greece 131 United States 131 Austria 130 Chile 129 Croatia 129 Denmark 128 Romania 128 Colombia 125 Paraguay 124 Belarus 123 Poland 122 Ecuador 121 Sweden 121 Israel 120 Uruguay 120 Scotland 119 Cyprus 118 Norway 117 Azerbaijan 115 South Korea 115 Bulgaria 114 Peru 113 Serbia 113 Kazakhstan 112 Costa Rica 110 Egypt 110 Japan 110 Saudi Arabia 110 Slovenia 110 South Africa 110 Tunisia 110 Slovakia 107 China 105 Qatar 104 Hungary 103 Moldova 103 United Arab Emirates 103 Iran 102 Algeria 100 Honduras 100 Iceland 100 Morocco 100 Australia 98 Finland 98 Albania 95 Venezuela 95 Ireland 94 Bosnia & Herzegovina 93 Georgia 92 Bolivia 90 Democratic Republic of Congo 90 Guatemala 90 Latvia 90 Uzbekistan 90 Jamaica 82 New Zealand 82 Kuwait 80 Trinidad & Tobago 80 Thailand 79 Nigeria 78 FYROM Macedonia 76 Iraq 76 Haiti 75 Angola 72 El Salvador 72 Ivory Coast 70 Jordan 70 Montenegro 70 Panama 70 Oman 69 Syria 69 Kosovo 68 Ghana 66 Lebanon 66 Martinque 66 Bahrain 65 Guyana 65 Puerto Rico 65 Libya 64 Estonia 63 Vietnam 63 Armenia 62 Hong Kong 62 Malaysia 61 Cameroon 60 Cuba 60 French Guiana 60 Luxembourg 60 Suriname 60 Uganda 60 Guadeloupe 58 Fiji 56 Myanmar 56 Antigua & Barbuda 55 Guinea 55 India 55 Northern Ireland 55 Vanuatu 55 Ethiopia 54 Singapore 54 Dominican Republic 53 Indonesia 53 Tahiti 53 Burkina Faso 52 Lithuania 52 Curacao 51 Grenada 51 Philipines 51 Saint Kitts & Nevis 51 Saint Lucia 51 Saint Vincent 51 Aruba 50 Barbados 50 Canada 50 Malta 50 Papua New Guinea 50 Senagal 50 Zambia 50 Liberia 50 Kenya 49 Botswana 48 Solomon Islands 47 Togo 47 Wales 47 Tajikistan 46 Bermuda 45 Faroe Islands 45 New Caledonoa 45 Palestine 45 Turkmenistan 45 Maldives 44 Tanzania 43 Burundi 42 Gabon 41 Nicaragua 41 Bahamas 40 Bonaire 40 Gibralter 40 Mali 40 Zimbabwe 40 Cape Verde 39 Kyrgyzstan 39 Malawi 39 Rwanda 38 DPR North Korea 37 British Virgin Islands 36 Cayman Islands 36 Dominica 36 Namibia 36 Lesotho 34 Swaziland 33 US Virgin Islands 33 Cambodia 32 Turks & Caicos Islands 32 Gambia 31 Andorra 30 Belize 30 Congo 30 Laos 30 Mozambique 30 Niger 30 Saint Martin (FR) 30 Sint-Maarten (NL) 30 Yemen 30 Bangladesh 29 Macau 29 Mauritania 29 Mauritius 28 Mongolia 28 Pakistan 28 Benin 27 Anguilla 26 Cook Islands 26 Madagascar 26 Sri Lanka 26 Taipei 26 Equataroial Guinea 25 Montserrat 25 Reunion 25 Sudan 25 Brunei 24 Seychelles 24 Chad 23 Guinea-Bissau 22 Samoa 22 Sierra Leone 22 Nepal 21 Sao Tome & Pricipe 21 Central African Republic 20 Eritrea 20 San Marino 20 Tonga 20 Zanzibar 20 Somalia 19 Comoros 18 Afghanistan 17 Djibouti 17 East Timor 16 South Sudan 16 American Samoa 16 Mayotte 15 Saint Pierre & Miquelon 15 Tuvalu 12 Crimea 10 Bhutan 7 Guam 7 Kiribati 2 Northern Marianas Islands 2 Wallis & Futuna 2 Micronesia 1 Afghanistan Afghan Premier League 17 Albania Albanian Superleague 95 Albanian Cup 75 Albanian First Category 70 Albanian Super Cup 47 Albanian Second Category 32 Algeria Algerian League 1 95 Algerian Cup 85 Algerian Super Cup 72 Algerian League 2 70 Algerian Division Nationale Amateur 45 American Samoa American Samoan Senior League Division 1 16 American Samoan President's Cup 9 American Samoan Senior League Division 2 6 Andorra Andorran 1st Division 30 Andorran Cup 22 Andorran 2nd Division 18 Andorran Super Cup 9 Angola Angolan Championship 70 Angolan Cup 60 Angolan Super Cup 48 Anguilla Anguillan FA Senior Male League 26 Anguillan Knock-Out Cup 22 AFA President's Cup 20 Antigua & Barbuda Antigua & Barbuda Premier Division 55 Antigua & Barbuda FA Cup 48 Antigua & Barbuda 1st Division 33 Argentina Copa Argentina 144 Argentine Premier Division 144 Supercopa Argentina 123 Argentine 2nd Division 111 Armenia Armenian High League 62 Armenian Cup 38 Armenian Super Cup 34 Armenian 1st League 21 Aruba Aruban Division Di Honor 50 Aruban Copa Libertador Betico Croes 46 Australia Hyundai A-League 98 FFA Cup 70 National Premier Leagues 40 Austria Austrian Premier Division 130 Austrian FA Cup 129 Austrian 1st Division 104 Azerbaijan Azeri Premier League 115 Azeri Cup 69 Azeri Super Cup 62 Azeri 1st League 45 Bahamas Bahamian Senior Division 40 Bahamian FA Cup 35 Bahamian Charity Shield 25 Bahrain Bahraini Premier League 65 Bahraini King's Cup 48 Bahraini FA Cup 40 Bahraini Super Cup 27 Bahraini 1st Division 25 Bangladesh Bangladeshi Premier League 29 Bangladeshi Federation Cup 23 Bangladeshi Independence Cup 20 Bangladeshi Super Cup 17 Bangladeshi Championship 16 Barbados BFA Digicel Premier League 50 BFA Knockout Tournement 47 BFA Division 1 25 Belarusia Belarusian Highest League 123 Belarusian Cup 96 Belarusian Super Cup 96 Belarusian 1st League 82 Belarusian 2nd League 35 Belgium Belgian Pro League A 145 Belgian Cup 140 Belgian Pro League B 97 Belgian 1st Amateur Division 87 Belgian Super Cup 76 Belgian 2nd Amateur Division 61 Belgian 3rd Amateur Division 29 Belize Belizean Premier Football League 30 Benin Benin Premier League 27 Benin Cup 17 Benin Super Cup 9 Bermuda Bermuda Premier League 45 Bermudan Cup 40 Friendship Trophy 30 Charity Shield 26 Bermudan 1st Division 22 Bhutan Bhutani National League 7 Thimphu A 7 Thimphu B 3 Bolivia Bolivian Premier Division 90 Bolivian 2nd Division 46 Bonaire Bonaire Kampionato 40 Bonaire Kopa MCB 35 Bosnia & Herzegovina Bosnian Premier League 93 Bosnian Cup 75 Bosnian 1st League 60 Botswana Botswana Premier League 48 Botswana Mascom Top-8 Cup 38 Botswana FA Challenge Cup 26 Brazil Brazilian National 1st Division 158 Brazilian Cup 154 Brazilian National 2nd Division 128 Brazilian National 3rd Division 101 Brazilian copa Verde 96 British Virgin Islands BVI Premier League 36 Wendoi Williams Cup 31 Terry Evans Cup 22 Brunei Bruneian Super League 24 Bruneian FA Cup 17 Bruneian Premier League 12 Bruneian Super Cup 12 Bulgaria Bulgarian 1st League 114 Bulgarian Cup 105 Bulgarian Super Cup 85 Bulgarian 2nd League 77 Bulgarian 3rd League 48 Burkina Faso Burkina Faso Premier League 52 Burkina Faso Cup 42 Burkina Faso Super Cup 30 Burundi Burundi Premier League 42 Burundi President Cup 32 Burundi Super Cup 20 Cambodia Cambodian Premier League 32 Cambodian Prime Minister Cup 18 Cambodian Charity Shield 12 Cambodian 2nd League 10 Cameroon MTN Elite 1 75 Cameroonian Cup 65 MTN Elite 2 35 Canada Canadian Soccer League 50 Inter Provincial 38 Ontario Cup 28 PLSQ Cup 21 Pacific Coast Soccer League 17 Cape Verde Cap Vert Premier League 39 Cap Vert Cup 29 Cap Vert Independence Cup 22 Cap Vert Super Cup 18 Cayman Islands Cayman Islands Premier League 36 Cayman Islands FA Cup 33 President's Cup 26 Community Shield 22 Central African Republic Centrafrique Premier League 20 Centrafrique Cup 10 Centrafrique Super Cup 5 Chad Tchad Premier League 23 Tchad Cup 13 Tchad Super Cup 6 Chile Chilean 1st Division 129 Chilean Cup 80 Chilean 1st Division B 67 Chilean Super Cup 56 Chilean 2nd Division 45 Chilean 3rd Division A 34 China Chinese Super League 105 Chinese FA Cup 84 Chinese National 1st Division 73 Chinese Super League All Star Game 55 Chinese FA Super Cup 50 Chinese National 2nd Division 44 Colombia Colombian 1st Division 125 Colombian Cup 95 Colombian 2nd Division 90 Colombian Super Cup 85 Comoros Comoros Premier League 18 Comoros Cup 9 Comores Super Cup 4 Congo Congolese 1st Division 68 Congolese Cup 58 Congo Super Cup 43 Continental Club Competions European Champions Cup 200 Copa Libertadores 170 Club World Championship 170 Copa Sudamericana 160 European Super Cup 155 Euro Cup 150 South American Recopa 138 Asian Champions League 125 African Champions League 120 North American Champions League 109 African Confederation Cup 100 Canadian Championship 93 Czech-Slovakian Super Cup 86 Gulf Club Champions League 75 Asian Confederation Cup 75 Oceania Champions League 75 African Super Cup 60 Gulf Club Cup Winners Cup 60 Caribbean Football Union Club Championship 60 North American League 60 Ligue Des Antilles 55 Melanesian Super Cup 40 Mekong Club Championship 35 Kagame Interclub Cup 32 Indian Ocean Champions Cup 20 Cook Islands Cook Islands Round Cup 26 Cook Islands Cup 16 Costa Rica Primera Division De Costa Rica 110 Liga De Ascenso De Costa Rica 79 Crimea Crimean Premier League 10 Crimean Premier League Cup 7 Croatia Croatian 1st League 129 Croatian Cup 117 Croatian 2nd League 97 Croatian 3rd League 75 Croatian Super Cup 72 Cuba Cuban National League 60 Curacao Sekshon Paga 51 Cyprus Cypriot 1st Division 118 Cypriot Cup 79 Cypriot 2nd Division 41 Cypriot Super Cup 35 Cypriot 3rd Division 28 Czech Republic Czech 1st Division 138 Czech FA Cup 104 Czech 2nd Division 99 Czech Super Cup 86 Czech 3rd Division 62 Czech 4th Division 36 Democratic Republic Of Congo DR Congo Premier League 90 DR Congo Cup 80 DR Congo Super Cup 67 Denmark Danish Superliga 128 Danish Cup 106 Danish 1st Givision 80 Danish 2nd Division 56 Denmark's Series 30 Djibouti Djibouti Premier League 17 Djibouti Cup 9 Djibouti Super Cup 4 Dominica Dominican Premier League 36 Dominican Knock-Out Cup 30 Dominican Republic Dominican Rebuplic Liga Mayor 53 Dominican Rebuplic Copa Independencia 47 DPR North Korea North Korean Highest Class Football League 37 North Korean Republican Championship 25 East Timor East Timorese Football League Premier Division 16 East Timorese Taca 12 De Novembro 10 East Timorese Super Cup 8 East Timorese Football League 2nd Division 5 Ecuador Ecuadorian Serie A 121 Ecuadorian Serie B 75 Egypt Egyptian Premier League 110 Egyptian Cup 95 Egyptian Super Cup 81 El Salvador El Salvador Primera Division 72 El Salvador Segunda Division 55 Copa El Salvador 36 England English Premier Division 174 English FA Cup 149 Sky Bet Championship 128 Carabao Cup 109 Sky Bet League 1 102 English Community Shield 95 Sky Bet League 2 82 Checkatrade Trophy 72 Vanarama National League 69 English FA Ttophy 50 Vanarama National League North/South 45 Equatorial Guinea Guinee Equatoriale Premier League 25 Guinee Equatoriale President Cup 10 Guinee Equatoriale Super Cup 5 Eritrea Enythree Premier League 20 Enythree Cup 10 Enythree Super Cup 5 Estonia Estonian Premier League 63 Estonian Cup 51 Estonian 1st League 41 Estonian Super Cup 34 Estonian 1st B League 26 Ethiopia Ethiopie Premier League 54 Ethiopie FA Cup 44 Ethiopie Ababa City Cup 37 Ethiopie Super Cup 32 Faroe Islands Farose Premier League 45 Farose Cup 21 Farose 1st Division 15 Farose Super Cup 14 Fiji Fijian National Football League 56 Fijian Battle Of The Giants 40 Fijian FA Cup Tournement 38 Fijian Interdistrict Championship 28 Fijian Champions Versus Champions 26 Finland Finnish Premier League 98 Finnish 1st Division 79 Finnish Cup 70 Finnish 2nd Division 64 Finnish League Cup 50 Finnish Region's Cup 40 France Ligue 1 Conforama 160 French Cup 134 Domino's Ligue 2 118 Coupe De La Ligue 113 Trophee Des Champions 88 National 86 French National 2 67 National 3 55 French Guiana Championnat De Division D'Honneur 60 Coupe De France (Regionale Guyane) 58 Coupe De Guyane 55 Coupe UNAF 32 FYR Macedonia Macedonian 1st League 76 Macedonian Cup 76 Macedonian 2nd League 49 Macedonian Super Cup 46 Gabon Gabon Premier League 41 Gabon Cup 31 Gabon Super Cup 20 Gambia Gambie League 1st Division 31 Gambie Cup 21 Gambie Super Cup 12 Georgia Georgian National League 92 Davit Kipiani's Cup 66 Georgian National League 2 58 Georgian Super Cup 53 Liga 3 38 Georgian Regional League 18 Georgian Open League 6 Germany German 1st Division 175 German Cup 146 German 2nd Division 121 German 3rd Division 97 German Super Cup 89 Ghana Ghanaian Premier Division 72 Ghanaian National Cup 62 Ghanaian Super Cup 50 Gibraltar Gibraltarian 1st Division 40 Gibraltarian 2nd Division 30 Gibtelecom Rock Cup 22 Pepe Reyes Cup 5 Gibraltarian Division 2 League Cup 4 Greece Greek Superleague 131 Greek Cup 121 Greek National B Division 93 Greek National C Division 74 Grenada Grenadian Premier Division 51 Waggy-T Super Knockout Football Tournament 45 Guadeloupe Guadeloupe Division D'Honneur 58 Coupe De France (Guadeloupe) 56 Coupe De Guadeloupe 55 Trophee Des Clubs Champions 30 Guam Guamese 1st Division 7 Guamese FA Cup 4 Guatemala Liga Nacional De Guatemala 90 Primera Division De Ascenso 70 Guinea Guinee Premier League 55 Guinee Cup 45 Guinee Super Cup 33 Guinea-Bissau Guinee Bissau Premier League 22 Guinee Bissau Cup 12 Guinee Bissau Super Cup 6 Guyana Guyanese Elite League 65 Guyana Mayors Cup 58 Kashif & Shanghai Knockout Tournement 50 Haiti Haitian Championnat National D1 75 Haitian Trophee Des Champions 70 Holland Eredivisie 134 Dutch Cup 114 Jupiler League 95 Dutch Tweede Divisie 63 Dutch Super Cup 62 Derde Divisie 45 Honduras Liga National De Honduras 100 Liga De Ascensio De Honduras 68 Copa Presidente 40 Honduran Supercup 25 Hong Kong Hong Kong Premier League 62 Hong Kong-Canton Interport Cup 44 Hong Kong Senior Challenge Shield 40 Hong Kong FA Cup 37 Hong Kong League Cup 33 Hong Kong-Shanghai Interport Club Championship 28 Hong Kong Community Cup 26 Hong Kong 1st Division 25 Hong Kong Sapling Cup 15 Hong Kong 2nd Division 14 Hong Kong 3rd Division 5 Hungary Hungarian Division 1 103 Hungarian Cup 100 Hungarian Super Cup 78 Hungarian Division 2 74 Hungarian Division 3 52 Iceland Icelandic Premier Division 100 Icelandic Cup 90 Icelandic Champions Cup 75 Icelandic 1st Division 72 Icelandic League Cup A 54 Icelandic 2nd Division 49 Icelandic 3rd Division 41 Icelandic League Cup B 32 India Indian National Football League 55 Indian Federation Cup 48 Indian 2nd Division 35 Indian Durand Cup 30 Indian Super Cup 17 Indonesia Indonesian League 1 53 Indonesian League 2 38 Indonesian Cup 33 Indonesian Nuswantara League 25 Indonesian Super Cup 20 Iran Iranian Professional League 102 Iranian FA Cup 85 Iranian 1st Division 74 Iranian Super Cup 68 Iranian 2nd Division 50 Iraq Iraqi Premier League 76 Iraqi FA Cup 47 Iraqi Super Cup 39 Ireland Irish Premier Division 94 Irish 1st Division 41 Irish Senior Challenge Cup 38 Irish President's Cup 23 Irish League Cup 19 Irish Ulster Senior League Premier Division 9 Irish Lenister Senior League Premier Division 9 Irish Munster Senior League Premier Division 9 Irish Leinster Senior Cup 9 Irish Munster Senior Cup 9 Irish Munster Senior League 1st Division 7 Irish Lenister Senior League 1st Division 7 Irish Munster League 2nd Division 5 Irish Leinster Senior League 1A 5 Israel Iiraeli Premier League 120 Israeli State Cup 111 Israeli National League 92 Israli Premier League Toto Cup 77 Israli National League Toto Cup 67 Israeli A League 48 Israeli B League 15 Israeli Super Cup-Champ Of Champions 12 Israeli B League South B Cup 5 Israeli B League South A Cup 5 Israeli B League North B Cup 5 Israeli B League North A Cup 5 Israeli C League Samaria Cup 1 Israeli C League 1 Israeli C League Central Cup 1 Israeli C League Emek Yizre'el Cup 1 Israeli C League South Cup 1 Israeli C League Upper Gallee Cup 1 Israeli C League Lower Gallee Cup 1 Israeli C League Tel-Aviv Cup 1 Israeli C League Sharon Cup 1 Italy Serie A 170 Italian Serie B 115 Italian Cup 115 Italian Super Cup 90 Italian Serie C 80 Italian Serie C Cup 40 Italian Serie C Super Cup 35 Ivory Coast Ivorian Premier Division 72 Ivorian Super Cup 50 Ivorian National Cup 62 Coupe De La Ligue De Cote D'Ivoire 55 Jamaica Jamaican National Premier League 82 JFF Champions Cup 60 Jamaican Confederation Super Leagues 60 Japan Nihon-League 1 110 Japanese Emperor's Cup 100 Nihon-League 2 86 Japanese League Cup 85 Japanese Super Cup 64 Japanese N-League Division 3 62 Japanese Football League 51 Jordan Jordanian Professional League 70 Jordan Cup 60 Jordanian Shield Cup 45 Jordanian 1st Division 42 Jordanian Super Cup 41 Kazakhstan Kazakhstan Premier League 112 Kazakhstan Cup 78 Kazakhstan Super Cup 63 Kazakhstan 1st League 45 Kenya Kenya Premier League 49 Kenya President Cup 39 Kenya Top8 Cup 32 Kenya Super Cup 27 Kiribati Kiribatian National Championship 2 Kosovo Kosovan Superleague 68 Kosovan Cup 61 Kosovan Super Cup 45 Kosovan 1st League 37 Kuwait Kuwaiti Premier League 80 Kuwaiti Amir Cup 66 Kuwaiti Crown Prince Cup 63 Kuwaiti Federation Cup 57 Kuwaiti Super Cup 51 Kuwaiti 1st Division 47 Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstani High League 39 Kyrgyzstani Cup 28 Kyrgyzstani Super Cup 25 Kyrgyzstani 1st League 16 Laos Laotian Premier League 30 Laotian Football Federation Cup 22 Laotian Prime Minister's Cup 20 Laotian Super Cup 13 Latvia Latvian Higher League 90 Latvian Cup 64 Latvian Winter Cup 55 Latvian 1st League 46 Lebanon Lebanese Premier League 66 Lebanese FA Cup 48 Lebanese Elite Cup 40 Lebanese Challenge Cup 32 Lebanese 2nd Division 30 Lebanese Super Cup 29 Lesotho Lesotho Premier League 34 Lesotho Independence Cup 24 Liberia Liberian Premier League 50 Liberian Cup 40 Liberian Super Cup 29 Liberian 2nd Division 17 Liberian League Cup 5 Libya Libye Premier League 64 Libye Cup 54 Libye Super Cup 42 Lithuania Lithuanian Cup 54 Lithuanian A League 52 Lithuanian 1 League 39 Lithuanian Super Cup 38 Luxembourg Luxembourg National Division 60 Luxemborg Cup 28 Luxembourg Promotion Division 13 Macau Macanese 1st Division 29 Macanese FA Cup 19 Macanese 2nd Division 13 Macanese President Cup 7 Macanese 3rd Division 2 Madagascar Madagascar Premier League 26 Madagascar Cup 16 Madagascar Super Cup 8 Malawi Malawi Premier League 39 Malawi FAM Cup 29 Malawi Carlsberg Cup 23 Malawi Super Cup 18 Malaysia Malaysian Super League 61 Malaysia Cup 51 Malaysian FA Cup 48 Malaysian Premier League 40 Malaysian Charity Shield 30 Malaysian FAM League 12 Maldives Maldivan Dhivehi League 44 Maldivan FA Cup 30 Maldivan Presidents Cup 25 Maldivan Charity Shield 16 Mali Malian Premier Division 78 Malian Cup 68 Malian Super Cup 56 Malta Maltese Premier League 50 Maltese Cup 33 Maltese 1st Division 23 Maltese Super Cup 20 Maltese 2nd Division 13 Maltese Lower Divisions 10 Martinique Martinican Division D'Honneur 66 Coupe De France (Martinique) 63 Coupe De Martinique 60 Trophee Du Conseil General 35 Martinican Lower Divisions 34 Mauritania Mauritanie Premier League 29 Mauritanie President Cup 19 Mauritanie League Cup 15 Mauritanie Super Cup 11 Mauritius Lles Maurice Premier League 28 Lles Maurice MFA Cup 18 Lles Maurice Republic Cup 13 Lles Maurice Super Cup 9 Mayotte Mayotte Premier League 15 Mayotte French Cup 11 Mayotte Cup 9 Mayotte League Cup 7 Mexico Mexican 1st Division 145 Mexican Cup 123 Mexican Champions Trophy 116 Mexican Super Cup 108 Mexican Promotion League 95 Mexican Premier Division Serie A 61 Mexican Premier Division Serie B 39 Micronesia Pohnpei-Liberation Day Tournement 1 YFA Island Wide League 1 Pohnpei Premier League 1 Yap Games 1 Moldova Moldovan Divzia Nationala 103 Moldovan Super Cup 60 Moldovan Cup 57 Moldovan Divizia A 39 Moldovan Divizia B 23 Mongolia Mongolian Premier League 28 Mongolian Cup 22 Mongolian Super Cup 20 Mongolian 1st Division 7 Montenegro Montenegrin 1st Division 70 Montenegrin Cup 55 Montenegrin 2nd League 52 Montserrat Montserratian Championship 25 Morocco Groupment National De Football 1 100 Coupe De Trone 90 Groupment National De Football 2 75 Mozambique Mozambican Premier Division 45 Mozambican Cup 35 Mozambique League Cup 27 Mozambican Super Cup 23 Myanmar Myanmarnese National League 56 Myanmarnese Football Federation Cup 32 Myanmarese Community Cup 19 Myanmarnese National League 2 14 Namibia Namibie Premier League 36 Nambie NFA Cup 26 Nambie Super Cup 17 Nepal Nepali A-Division League 21 Nepali Aaha Gold Cup 18 Nepali Budha Subba Gold Cup 14 Birat Gold Cup 10 New Caledonia New Caledonian Super League 45 New Caledonian Cup 34 New Zealand New Zealand Premiership 82 New Zealand Chatham Cup 54 New Zealand Regional Premier Divisions 49 New Zealand Charity Cup 41 New Zealand Regional 1st Divisions 30 Nicaragua Primera Division Nicaraguense 41 Segunda Division De Nicaragua 20 Niger Niger Premier League 40 Niger Cup 30 Niger Super Cup 19 Nigeria Nigerian Premier League 85 Nigerian Challenge Cup 75 Nigeria Super Cup 62 Northern Ireland Danske Bank Premiership 55 Northern Irish Cup 33 Bet McLean League Cup 31 Northern Irish County Antrim Shield 21 NFL Charity Shield 21 Northern Irish Mid Ulster Cup 21 Northern Irish North West Cup 16 Bluefin Sport Championship 15 Northern Irish Steel & Sons Cup 10 Northern Irish Bob Radcliffe Cup 10 Northern Irish Intermediate Cup 10 Bluefin Sport Premier Intermediate League 10 Northern Irish Level 4 8 Northern Irish Level 5 6 Northern Irish Level 6 5 Northern Irish Level 7 4 Northern Marianas Islands Northern Marianas League 1st Division 2 Northern Marinas League Cup 1 Northern Marinas League 2nd Division 1 Norway Norwegian Premier Division 117 Norwegian Cup 116 Norwegian Super Cup 98 Norwegian 1st Division 94 Norwegian 2nd Division 75 Norwegian 3rd Division 39 Oman Omani Professional League 69 Omani Sultan Qaboos Cup 43 Omani Federation Cup 35 Omani Super Cup 30 Omani 1st Division 27 Pakistan Pakistani Premier League 28 Pakistani National Football Challenge Cup 18 Palestine Palestinian West Bank Premier League 45 Palestinian Gaza Strip Premier League 42 Palestine Cup 34 Yassir Arafat Cup 29 Palestinian Gaza Strip Cup 27 Palestinian Super Cup 24 Super Cup Gaza Strip 22 Palestinian West Bank Lower Division 19 Palestinian Gaza Strip Lower Strip 15 Panama Liga Panamena De Futbol 70 Copa Panama 35 Liga Nacional De Ascenso Panama 25 Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinean National Soccer League 50 Paraguay Paraguayan 1st Division 124 Paraguayan 2nd Division 62 Peru Peruvian 1st Division 113 Peruvian 2nd Division 69 Philippines Philippines Football League 51 Poland LOTTO Ekstrakiasa 122 Polish FA Cup 118 Polish 1st Division 90 Polish Super Cup 82 Polish 2nd Division 68 Polish 3rd Division 47 Portugal Portuguese Premier League 150 Taca De Portugal 137 Portuguese League Cup 104 Supertaca 104 Portuguese 2nd League 97 Portugal Championship 85 Puerto Rico Puerto Rico Soccer League 65 Puerto Rican Soccer League 2nd Division 30 Qatar Qatari Stars League 104 Qatari Prince Cup 79 Qatari Crown Prince Cup 65 Qatari Stars Cup 60 Qatari Sheikh Jassem Cup 56 Qatari League 43 Reunion Di Regionale 25 Reunion French Cup 15 Reunion Cup 12 Romania Romanian 1st League 128 Romanian Cup 110 Romanian Super Cup 103 Romanian 2nd League 98 Romanian 3rd League 72 Russia Russian Premier Division 155 Russian Cup 124 Russian Super Cup 109 Russian 1st Division 103 Russian 2nd Division 65 Rwanda Rwanda Premier League 38 Rwanda Amahoro Cup 28 Saint Kitts & Nevis SKNFA Premier Division 51 Saint Kitts & Nevis FA Cup 46 President's Cup 35 Saint Lucia SLFA Premiere Division 51 Saint Lucian FA Cup 48 Saint Martin Saint-Martin Championship 30 Coupe De Saint-Martin 27 Saint Pierre & Miquelon Saint Pierre & Miquelon Premier League 15 Coupe De I'Archipel Saint Pierre Et Miquelon 8 Saint Vincent SVG Premier League 51 Samoa Samoan Premier League 22 Samoa Cup 13 San Marino San Marino Cup 23 San Marino League 20 San Marino Super Cup 17 Sao Tome & Principe Sao Tome & Principe Premier League 21 Sao Tome Cup 11 Sao Tome Super Cup 5 Saudi Arabia Saudi Professional League 110 Saudi Champions Cup 89 Saudi Super Cup 78 Saudi 1st Division 72 Saudi 2nd Division 47 Scotland Ladbrokes Premiership 119 Scottish Cup 119 Betfred Cup 95 Ladbrokes Championship 81 Ladbrokes League 1 61 IRN-BRU Cup 60 Ladbrokes League 2 47 Highland Football League 36 Scottish Lowland League 35 East Of Scotland League 17 South Of Scotland League 17 Senegal Senegalese 1st Division 65 Senegalese Cup 55 Senegalese Super Cup 43 Senalgalese League Cup 39 Serbia Serbian SuperLeague 113 Serbian Cup 102 Serbian 1st League 96 Serbian Super Cup 69 Serbian 2nd League 54 Seychelles Seychelles Premier League 24 Seychelles FA Cup 14 Seychelles League Cup 11 Seychelles Super Cup 7 Sierra Leone Sierra Leone Premier League 22 Sierra Leone FA Cup 12 Sierra Leone Super Cup 6 Singapore Singaporean League 54 Singapore Cup 40 Singapore League Cup 35 Singaporean National Football League Division 1 22 Singaporean Community Shield 18 Singaporean FA Cup 11 Singaporean National Football League Division 2 11 Sint Maarten Sint Maarten Championship 30 Slovakia Slovak 1st Division 107 Slovak FA Cup 83 Slovak 2nd Division 71 Slovenia Slovenian 1st League 110 Slovenian Cup 100 Slovenian 2nd League 84 Slovenian 3rd League 42 Solomon Islands Telekom S-League 47 Somalia Somalie Premier League 19 Somalie Cup 9 Somalie Super Cup 4 South Africa South African Premier Soccer League 110 South African FA Cup 100 South African Knockout Cup 90 South African Super 8 Cup 90 South African National 1st Division 80 SAFA Regional Division 2 Leagues 55 South Korea KEB Hanabank K League Classic 115 Korean FA Cup 90 KEB Hanabank K League Challenge 80 Korean All Star-Cup 70 Korean National League 60 Korean Challengers League Advanced 45 Korean Challengers League Basic 30 South Sudan South Soudan Premier League 16 Sud Soudan Cup 9 Spain Spanish 1st Division 180 Spanish Cup 120 Spanish 2nd Division 115 Spanish Super Cup 100 Spanish 2nd Division B 75 Sri Lanka Sri Lankan Football Premier League 26 Sri Lankan FA Cup 19 Sudan Sudanese Premier League 67 Sudanese Cup 52 Sudanese Super Cup 45 Suriname SVB Topklasse 60 Surinamese Cup 55 Surinamese President's Cup 40 Swaziland Swaziland Premier League 33 Swaziland Bank Cup 23 Swaziland Castle Premier Challenge 20 Swaziland Ingwenyama Cup 17 Swaziland Charity Cup 14 Sweden Swedish Premier Division 121 Swedish 1st Division Elite 96 Swedish Cup 74 Swedish 1st Division 67 Swedish 2nd Division 48 Swedish 3rd Division 30 Switzerland Swiss Super League 136 Swiss Cup 134 Swiss Challenge League 96 Swiss Promotion League 68 Swiss 1st League 44 Swiss 2nd League Interregional 20 Syria Syrian Premier League 69 Syrian Cup 58 Syrian Super Cup 47 Tahiti Tahitian 1st Division 53 Taihiti Cup 44 Tahitian Champions Cup 32 Tahitian 2nd Division 13 Taipei Taipei Football Premier League 26 Tajikistan Tajikistani High League 46 Tajikistani Cup 38 Tajikistani Super Cup 33 Cup FFT 30 Tajik 1st Division 25 Tanzania Tanzanie Premier League 43 Tanzanie FA Cup 33 Tanzanie Super Cup 21 Thailand Thai League 79 Thai FA Cup 58 Thai League Division 2 57 Thai League Cup 49 Thai League Division 3 39 Thai Champions Cup 38 Togo Togo Premier League 47 Togo Independence Cup 37 Togo Super Cup 25 Tonga Tongan National League 20 Trinidad & Tobago TT Pro League 80 Trinidad & Tobago Pro Bowl 72 Trinidad & Tobago FA Trophy 70 Trinidad & Tobago League Cup 68 Trinidad & Tobago Classic Cup 65 TT National Super League Premiership 64 Ttinidad & Tobago Charity Shield 62 Goal Shield Trinidad & Tobago 45 TT National Super League Championship 40 Tobago FA Cup 34 Tunisia Tunisian League 1 115 Tunisian Cup 100 Tunisian League 2 80 Turkey Turkish Super League 140 Turkish Cup 125 Turkish 1 League 102 Turkish Super Cup 90 Turkish 2 League 68 Turkish 3 League 40 Turkish Regional Amateur League 20 Turkmenistan Turkmenistani Higher League 45 Turkmenistan Cup 42 Turkmenistani Super Cup 37 Turks & Caicos Islands Turks & Caicos Islands Premier League 32 Turks & Caicos Islands President's Cup 29 Tuvalu Tuvaluan A-Division 12 Tuvaluan Independence Cup 10 Tuvalu Cup 7 Tuvalu Games 6 Tuvaluan Christmas Cup 5 Tuvaluan B-Division 2 Uganda Ugandan Super League 53 Ugandan Cup 43 Ugandan Super Cup 32 Ukraine Ukrainian Premier League 148 Ukrainian Cup 116 Ukrainian Super Cup 108 Ukrainian 1st League 97 Ukrainian 2nd League 60 United Arab Emirates U.A.E. Professional League 103 U.A.E. President's Cup 90 U.A.E. League Cup 80 U.A.E. Super Cup 70 U.A.E. 1st Division 59 United States Major League Soccer 131 MLS Cup 131 MLS Supporters Shield 110 US Cup 93 MLS All-Stars Game 87 American 2nd Division 85 American 3rd Division 52 Uruguay Uruguayan 1st Division 120 Uruguayan Super Cup 100 Uruguayan Liguilla Pre-Libertadores 99 Uruguayan 2nd Professional Division 73 Uruguayan 2nd B National 56 US Virgin Islands USVIR Saint Thomas League 33 USVIR Saint Croix League 33 Uzbekistan Uzbek Olly Liga 90 Uzbek Cup 85 Uzbekistan Super Cup 58 Uzbek Birinchi Liga 53 Vanuatu Vanuatuan Port Vila Premier Division 55 Vanuatuan Port Vila FA Shield 40 PVFA Cup 35 Vanuatuan Port Vila 1st Division 18 Venezuela Venezuelan Premier Division 95 Venezualan Cup 73 Venezuelan 2nd Division 56 Vietnam Vietnamese V-League Division 1 63 Vietnamese National Cup 38 Vietnamese V-League Division 2 31 Vietnamese Super Cup 16 Wales JD Welsh Premier League 47 JD Welsh Cup 40 Nathaniel MG Cup 22 Welsh 1st Division 11 FAW Trophy 11 Cymru Alliance League Cup 10 Welsh Football League Challenge Cup 10 Welsh Football League Division 2 7 Welsh 3rd Division 6 Wallis & Futuna Wallis & Futuna Islands Premier Division 2 Coupe De Wallis-Et-Futuna 1 Yemen Yemeni 1st Division 30 Yemeni President Cup 26 Yemeni 2nd Division 20 Yemeni Super Cup 20 Zambia Zambian Premier League 63 Zambian Cup 50 Zambian Charity Shield 41 Zanzibar Zanzibar Premier League 20 Zanzibar Cup 10 Zimbabwe Zimbabwean Premier Division 60 Zimbabwean Cup 50 Zimbabwe Independence Trophy 42 Zimbabwe Super Cup 38 Total Trophies Total Points Lionel Messi 64 1219 Markypark14 45 618 Makoto Nakamura 56 614 The Earl 11 499 Streety 11 289 SuperLeeds 5 202 Bigtukker 2 24 Apollopovey 3 4 Motlhen 3 3
  17. My previous attempts (ever) at a journeyman career have failed miserably, but this year I have a feeling that my determination will guide me through a long save that hopefully will be fun to document. The aim is to build a long and successful career at any cost, which means taking whatever job is around the corner and hopefully do well enough to snatch a bigger one after some time. This is the starting setup, I only have some db files to correct names. This is my manager profile. I'm starting as low as possible to reflect what should be a somewhat realistic journeyman career. I plan to do season-end updates, as well as when I take charge in a new club.
  18. In this save, I will attempt to establish a great managerial career for my FM17 Champions League-winning captain - Croatian centre-back Sven Adzic. The only aim I really have is to win all of the honours possible in Croatia, preferably with HNK Gorica or Dinamo then move through Europe and hopefully getting to manage Chelsea at some point. Meet the Manager Adzic when I took over at Chelsea Adzic FM17 Career Adzic as a manager After a long and successful playing career with the Dinamo Zagreb, Chelsea and the Croatian National Team, Adzic retired and returned to Croatia and his hometown club, HNK Gorica. The owner has now put faith in the former national team captain to take control of HNK, with the view of reaching the top flight for the first time in the club's history during Adzic's reign, while overlooking Adzic's limited experience as a coach. The Club Club Overview The badge is beautiful, the facilities not so much but the squad is good enough to compete for promotion in the first season. Gorica won the league in real life, so I am expecting to be around there by the end of the season. I have already played through a large section of the season, so I am going to do a large update with the first season broken down, then I hope to update as events happen in the save. Also, apologies for the shambolic title, my mind is completely blank for what to go with. Save so Far Chapter 1 - Conquering Croatia (2017-2024) HNK Gorica (2017-2020) HNK Rijeka (2020-2024) Chapter 2 - The Spanish Inquisition (2024-2027) Valencia CF (2024-27)
  19. Third time lucky on this one. Anyway, here I go again.... At the start of a new game, as managers actually in the game and in the hall of fame for Portuguese managers, Jose Mourinho, Jorge Jesus & Andre Villas-Boas have 14 domestic league titles, 15 domestic cups & 5 other club trophies between them. They sit 1st, 4th and 6th in the hall of fame respectively. In Portugals nation hall of fame, Jorge Jesus sits 2nd, Mourinho sits 9th but Villas-Boas isn't on this list.  The aim for this save is for a young Portuguese manager named Manuel Souza to become the greatest Portuguese manager there ever was. This is your standard unemployed, no coaching badges save as he travels around Europe hoping to not only emulate these great managers but become better then them and recognised as the best! Initially this save will be European based as the 3 men I am trying to emulate have managed only in Europe bar Villas-Boas who is currently in China in the game, so I may end up there at some point. The overall aim for this save is to top the hall of fame for Portuguese managers & win the Champions League with Sporting Lisbon, but I do have some other aims I want to achieve during all of this. I will be adding leagues as I go so some nations will be view only until later in the game. The other aims for this save in no particular order:- Become favoured personnel at 3 clubs Become a club icon at 2 clubs Become a club legend at 1 club Become a club legend at Sporting Lisbon Win at least 3 of the 'top' European leagues (Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1) Win at least 1 cup in any nation I manage in Win either the Europa or Champions League with a team that came runners up in the save Manage in no particular order these other clubs: Malmo Red Star or Partizan Belgrade AC Milan Fiorentina Real Madrid Manage Portugal Win at least 1 trophy with Portugal Here is my game set up at the start. Large database and no additional leagues, I will be removing leagues once I've managed in them and adding some as I go. Managers profile at the start. I don't like that he is fluent in English & Spanish but it is what it is. For Manuel Souza all roads lead back to Lisbon, specifically Sporting Lisbon. While his ultimate aim is to become the greatest Portuguese manager of all time, his personal aim has always been to become the Sporting Lisbon manager, the team he supported as a boy. To become the greatest of all time he must start at the bottom, literally! As part of his quest to become the G.O.A.T his personal aim of taking Sporting Lisbon to Champions League glory is a must. This is the story of a Lisboeta who leaves Lisbon but a pup, and hopefully one day, returns a lion! Join me on my journey, man.
  20. I don’t regret what I’ve done. Nor do I regret how I ended up here, with my once-promising career thrown onto the ash heap of history, thanks to a single moment of madness. Ok...ok…ok… It was a series of individual, yet arguably "connected" moments (only in the temporal sense, mind you) culminating into one big, colossal ****-up that makes everything else pale in comparison. More than a year later, and nothing can wash the bitter taste of regret from my mouth. I have not shaken the shame I felt – and still feel – at having been unceremoniously told to pack my things and leave the Zubieta training grounds forever, a once-promising career in tatters. No thanks for all those years, in the service of Real Sociedad, as a player and then part of the backroom staff. No, not for me. My humiliation and disgrace complete, I did the only reasonable thing. No, not that. No, not horse tranquilizers, either. What the ****ing **** is wrong with you?! No, I did the responsible thing. At least, I tried to. I started anew. A new life. In a new city. Away from the siren song of football. It didn't take. Still, she called to me, that sweet temptress… …and I could not resist her tender embrace, not when my phone began to ring again. And not when an opportunity arose that I did not expect – an opportunity I could not turn down, that could see me get things back on track in short order. And so I found myself on distant shores, far from the bright lights and my home in northern Spain, where my nascent career in management had been so cruelly snuffed out before it had truly began. More importantly, as I stepped off the plane, the darkness that had surrounded me this past year has not dissipated. It remains. Yet now I stand in the darkness without fear or trembling, laughing with my heel on its throat. Because I’ve learned something. The darkness has served a purpose. It has shown me that seeking to forget the past is nothing but a fool’s errand. No…in order to find redemption, one must remember. Never forgive. Never forget. Because revenge is a dish best served cold. And when I’m through, none will dare laugh at my expense.
  21. Hello everyone! Some of you may know who I am (although I am sure most of you do not). I most recently started a story with FC Orsha in Belarus. Although that story was fun to write, the play through aspect got a little boring. Personally I have always enjoyed playing FM by starting at the bottom and trying to work my way to the top. That was sort of what I was attempting in Belarus but after just three seasons I started to receive job offers in England (for Championship sides) and it just felt like too much progression too quickly. I wanted to start a save even further down than I did in Belarus... Fortunately, thanks to @claassen and his brilliant Megapack Update, there is a very fun and easy way of doing this. Some of you may have read @Makoto Nakamura recent stories based in Oceania and these types of saves have inspired me to start up a journeyman career of my own, starting unemployed, with a large number of smaller, previously unplayable nations, loaded. There is no real main aim for this story, although I will be keeping track of Hall of Fame points and of the number of trophies (if any) that I win along the way. The primary focus is going to be to experience a number of different leagues and set-ups that I previously never have on FM. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. The Worldwide Managerial Hall of Fame: Current Leader: Sir Alex Ferguson (Score: 4947) Currently 20th: Jock Stein (Score: 1900) Current Continent Leader: Vanderlei Luxemburgo (Score: 1742) Current Nation Leader: Mario Salas (Score: 482) Current James Yates Score: 191 2. Trophy Cabinet: Domestic Division Titles: 5x GFA Premier Division (Mount Rich - Grenada; 2017, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022) Domestic Cup Titles: 6x Waggy-T Super Knockout Football Tournament (Mount Rich - Grenada; 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022) Other Club Trophies: 1x North American League (Mount Rich - Grenada; 2022) 1x Caribbean Football Union Club Championship (Mount Rich - Grenada, 2023) International Team Trophies: 2x CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup (Kenya; 2020, 2021) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- THE STORY SO FAR: 2017 - Mount Rich GFA Premier Division Preseason 2017. August 2017. Current League Position: 1st September & October 2017. Current League Position: 2nd November & December 2017. Final League Position: 1st End of Season Review. 2018 - Mount Rich GFA Premier Division February & March 2018. CFU Club Championship Preseason 2018. July & August 2018. Current League Position: 2nd September & October 2018. Current League Position: 2nd November & December 2018. Final League Position: 2nd End of Season Review. 2019 - Mount Rich GFA Premier Division March 2019. CFU Club Championship (Initial Groups) March 2019. CFU Club Championship (Final Groups) April 2019. CFU Club Championship (Semi-Finals/Final) Preseason 2019. End of Season Review. 2020 - Mount Rich & Kenya End of Season Review. 2021 - Mount Rich & Kenya March 2021. CFU Club Championship (Initial Groups) April 2021. CFU Club Championship (Final Groups) June 2021. International (Africa Cup of Nations) July 2021. & August 2021. International (African Championship of Nations Qualifiers) Preseason 2021. August 2021. Current League Position: 1st September 2021. International (World Cup Qualifiers) September & October 2021. Current League Position: 1st October & November 2021. International (World Cup Qualifiers) November & December 2021. Final League Position: 1st December 2021. International (CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup) End of Season Review. 2022 - Mount Rich & Kenya January 2022. International (African Championship of Nations) February 2022. CFU Club Championship (Initial Groups) March 2022. CFU Club Championship (Final Groups) March 2022. International (Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers) April 2022. CFU Club Championship (Semi-Finals/Final) June 2022. International (FIFA World Cup) Preseason 2022. July & August 2022. Current League Position: 1st August & September 2022. North American League (First Round/Quarter-Finals) September 2022. International (Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers) September & October 2022. Current League Position: 1st September & October 2022. North American League (Semi-Finals/Final) October 2022. & November 2022. International (Africa Cup of Nations Qualifiers) November & December 2022. Final League Position: 1st December 2022. International (CECAFA Senior Challenge Cup) End of Season Review. KENYA CAREER REVIEW 2023 - Mount Rich March 2023. CONCACAF Champions League (First Round) March 2023. CFU Club Championship (Initial Groups) April 2023. CFU Club Championship (Final Groups) May 2023. CFU Club Championship (Semi-Finals/Final) MOUNT RICH CAREER REVIEW 2023 - O'Higgins Futbol Club Midseason 2023. August & September 2023. Current League Position: 6th October & November 2023. Final League Position: 5th End of Season Review. 2024 - O'Higgins Futbol Club Preseason 2024. February & March 2024. Current League Position: 1st April & May 2024. Current League Position: 1st July & August 2024. Current League Position: 1st
  22. Asian football has exploded in the last couple of decades or so, in my not so great opinion it started when Gary Lineker went to Japan, then when big bucks started arriving in Saudi Arabia and Qatar and the more recent megabucks in going to China. In this save I'll be starting as a Bhutanese manager, managing in Bhutan and following the scent of money as I hop from club to club going for more and more money until I reach the top and create a legacy...or get sacked and go to the next highest bidder! Why am I Bhutanese? Well, I wanted my manager nationality to have the lowest reputation and whilst Northern Mariana has the lowest reputation they also aren't FIFA affiliated and don't qualify for continental competition so Bhutan was the next worst on the list. 97 leagues loaded ranging from Japan to the Northern Mariana Islands. Just a kid from Bumthang. I already have my first job, and we're looking for some High Quality amateur football!
  23. A blue light blazes out of the upstairs window of a house in a small town in Leicestershire. Inside a devilishly handsome, brilliantly intelligent and somehow unemployed 20-something man stares at his computer screen in disbelief. "Sacked again on the international stage, I knew I should have waited to until I could take the Atlético job. Or even stayed at Schalke. But even so, getting to a major final shouldn't get me the sack..." As he continued to stare at the screen and realising he was talking to himself, a sudden thought hit him, why not solve his unemployment by becoming a real football manager? He'd taken some national coaching licenses at Uni, but that was as a dare (Ok, it was to impress a girl. Somehow.), was he really ready to do it for real? "It beats searching grad sites!" Shouting as he jumped from his seat to grab the nearest clothes to throw into a kitbag. He knew had to get to the nearest airport as soon as possible. He didn't know where in the world his first management job would be, but he needed to be ready to leave at any moment. One foot out of the door and a hastily thrown on jacket hanging from his shoulder, he was ready to start his adventure. Just as he was about to slam the door his brother called down the stairs. "Where are you going? And why are you shouting the house up at 1 a.m? Go to bed, you moron!" It was a good point, but the idea of starting this new exciting career had gripped his imagination, he had to start as soon as possible! But maybe it is a good idea to actually get a management role before deciding to live in an airport. And perhaps to actually pack first. He thought back to his hasty packing and was pretty sure he'd only packed dirty pants, a t-shirt and some old pyjama bottoms. He was also only wearing one shoe. Yeah, packing properly is a good idea. He went back up to his room and sat at his PC, He closed his FM17 and decided to quickly whip up a CV he'd send off tomorrow morning to any football club that would listen. Then he went back to Jamie Oliver's twitter pages. His last FM save had stirred something in him. "Why don't you tag your location on your Instagram Jamie? Ahh, you'll be my real assistant one day..." And with that creepiness done, he went to bed, ready to start a real, footballing Gap Year. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I had a load of fun with my career thread from the last game, and as I'm not quite willing to accept the real world just yet, I thought I'd go on another virtual gap year, this time with added narrative and more Jamie Oliver obsession! Game Setup Pretty much the same as my last thread but with a couple nations like Slovenia and Slovakia taken out to improve speed. I might add some more like China or Mexico if I fancy shaking it up. The Manager Starting off as an unemployed, devilishly handsome, 23-year-old with Sunday League experience and a National A Licence. Personal Rules To help my career be as realistic as possible and to ensure I stay interested, I have set myself some rules I will adhere to: - I will not take the Villa job, unlike the last thread. This is because I have another thread detailing my Villa career and I don't want to tread over old ground/bore myself with two saves at the same team. - On the same note, try to avoid clubs I managed in the last thread (Eastleigh, Oxford, Burnley, Schalke) to try to keep the thread interesting. Mainly Schalke though as I spent so much time there. - I will not take jobs I would not take in real life (i.e. Birmingham, I wouldn't cross the city divide unless it was my only choice) - If I take an International job I will resign from my club Hopefully I can go on for longer than the last thread and I can keep it interesting for you guys. Enjoy!
  24. thatguyonabus

    Badge Progression

    When doing a journeyman save (moving from club to club) I like to start unemployed with no badges or playing experience. In order for my manager attributes to increase and get the bigger jobs I need to get my badges however I don’t understand why the club is the only source of funding the course. There is nothing worse than moving to a new club thinking they will cover the course fee to find out the club can’t afford it. This could be implemented by using your wages you have accumulated throughout your career to cover the course fee or if you are against that idea, then when in a job interview, one of the things you can say you require is assurance the club will cover course fees. I just feel like it should be a thing considering normal AI coaches can do this. Cheers
  25. You Don't Know What You're Missing Until Yugoslavic! So after lots of deliberating over saves (it seems I just can't get into International management on FM18) I've decided to go somewhere I've never been to before - the region of the Former Yugoslavia. I've used claassen's updates to be able to add the unplayable leagues so that I have the following loaded: My aim is to have a journeyman style save within these nations, starting unemployed, with the aim to make the region competitive with Europe's top leagues. I will also be youth orientated, with my only signings being players that are home-grown at the current club or have come through a youth intake at one of my former clubs. Manager Profile Here's me, all true to myself IRL. Let's do this!