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Found 22 results

  1. Please could you change the pre-match screen (where you see the player line ups with their portraits) so that the animation effect only happens when you first see the screen. It gets REALLY tedious having to see that every time you click on a player and go back to this screen when you're assessing the opposition players. Pretty please . Thanks.
  2. Hi everyone. Since the 18.3 update, I've been experiencing many many issues with FM regarding the skins and graphics. What's Happening: What's happening is that I'm having issues with loading skins. It all started when I downloaded facepacks and kitpacks. I downloaded the DF11 facepacks and the FC'12 kitpacks since I've been so reluctant to downloading any graphics to my FM game apart from logos and trophy packs. When I downloaded the files, I immediately installed them into my FM files. At the time I was using the Wannachupbrew Instant Result skin and was only experiencing some issues with the logos not being positioned right on the skin whenever I do use Instant Result. But when I did all the normal things to install the files into the game, clearing the cache, ticking the right boxes, I ran into a big issue with my game. My game all of a sudden went black and I didn't know what to do with it. I was able to access the shortcuts in the game, but everything was black. So after that happened, I was really really curious about what happened. So I decided to close the game, but it wouldn't let me close it. A little irritated I had to go to Task Manager and force close it. Afterward, I opened the game up again and tried to get back into the save and then the game, just crashed. I was very very irritated when this happened. Angry, I uninstalled and reinstalled the game and deleted the kitpacks and facepacks to see if that would do anything. After reinstalling the game, the game just all of a sudden just blanked out on all the logos, trophy's that I had installed for the game. (These are all I had when I reinstalled the game + my skins): Being very pissed, I decided to test out a new save. Start an Arsenal save, to see if it works. Beforehand I deleted everything in my graphics and skins files, and it was working till I tried swapping to the normal FM skin from the basic dark one. My game went all black again and crashed. Opening it again, it did this: I was confused, very confused, and opened the save. When the save loaded, it was stuck on this screen: I didn't know what to do at all, and I was confused. I reloaded the save with the shortcut, and the game crashed. I also am providing all my .dmp files from the crashes. Update: Since I've been experiencing these issues my game has been acting very weird as of late. FM17 and FM18 are loading up, but the game doesn't allow me to click anywhere on the game so I can do anything, it's been doing this for the past 2-3 days now and I have no idea what's up. I really hope this is fixed. Appreciate the help if you guys can. thenamesmiles v18.3.0.1069563 (2018.03.04 09.48.48).dmp thenamesmiles v18.3.0.1069563 (2018.03.04 11.30.15).dmp thenamesmiles v18.3.0.1069563 (2018.03.04 13.23.38).dmp thenamesmiles v18.3.0.1069563 (2018.03.04 13.30.44).dmp thenamesmiles v18.3.0.1069563 (2018.03.04 14.27.53).dmp thenamesmiles v18.3.0.1069563 (2018.03.04 15.52.09).dmp
  3. So there are two massively irritating bugs that are still there after the patch. One is that the mouse over doesn't work on the little "i" symbols for the home team list in the match information screen that pops up when waiting for the next highlight (actually the away team text link doesn't work either on this screen). The second is when the opposition players line up in a little animation when showing the next match preview - the problem being that as you study the players and go back to the player line up screen the animation fires every single time (and it gets really tiresome). It should only do this when you first see the screen. Please tell me this can be fixed in a small patch!!! Also, does nobody else actually study opposition players as I'm surprised this has been in the game for several months and survived 2 major patches without ever being noticed by anyone else?
  4. During the game, there is that time where nothing is happening and its 'waiting for the next highlight..'. During this time period, I cannot hover over the home team and look into player information in more detail, i.e. click on them and see when their contract expires, see what their stats look like. I have to click on the actual team icon, then go to the drop down for squad and do this. I know this doesn't take long, but I'm curious as to why this is happening in the first place and if there is any solution or fix? I downloaded the game from steam, and did a repair on the game, uninstalled it and reinstalled and same thing occurs.
  5. Hello everyone I am new here. I am glad that I joined such a great and wonderful group of forum members and Football Manager players! I have a problem on the tactics screen. Well, from yesterday the field with the position and the role of the players stopped being displayed. As in the screenshot below. There is always a list of positions and role in the squad, even if there are no players selected for the squad. Now I do not see anything like that. When I choose the match line everything goes back to normal, but when I remove the player from the squad, the position from the list is also removed. In the screenshot below my composition is shown. On the right you can see the missing defender and midfielder. Trying to fix this problem, I changed the skin and refreshed the graphics settings but it did not help. To see if this is a global problem I created a new manager. I checked the tactics screen in a new team and noticed that everything was fine. For clarity, an assistant is employed in both teams, the same view patterns are set on both lists of players. Do you have an idea how to solve my problem? I do not know how it happened. The day before yesterday everything was in place. Yesterday I started to play and saw what I described.
  6. Please could you change the pre-match screen (where you see the player line ups with their portraits) so that the animation effect only happens when you first see the screen. It gets REALLY tedious having to see that every time you click on a player and go back to this screen when you're assessing the opposition players. Pretty please . Thanks.
  7. Everything else running exactly as it should be. Players not visible and can't click them in squad / tactics screen. Makes game basically unplayable. Similarly on the league table screen none of the teams are appearing where they should. See Screenshots. Filters are selected so that I should be able to see players.
  8. So I wanted to upload a highlight from a match to YouTube today but as the encoding seemed to take too long, I decided to cancel it. The problem is, that the 'Cancel video encoding' button doesn't seem to work. The game hasn't crashed as I see stadium pictures moving in the background and the button seems to react to pressing but it doesn't cancel the encoding so I'm just stuck there. Normally I'd just quit the game but I've just won a match 5-0 and I haven't saved the game yet. Is there any way to solve this issue?
  9. Right now you have the option to set 3 thresholds in the game (by default at 16, 11 and 6) so in the player profile screen there are 4 different colours dividing the attribute grading. I would like to have at least one more threshold to divide the attributes. That way I can divide the attributes in 1-9 (bad), 10-12 (average), 13-14 (good), 15-16 (very good) and 17-20 (exceptional) for example. As I said by default you have the some colour for 11-15, but for me 15 is way better than 11 so there should at least be one extra colour to number of attributes per group. Like to hear what others think
  10. We can see in the attachment that text appear with similar color with background in one part of the scouting report. Thanks
  11. I choosed greek language for my gameplay and there are some minor, I believe, issues. Most are in greek language but some elements are still written in english. Here are some screenshots. Regards, Kostas Mina
  12. Hi guys, I can't see the other position types unless I press them in the white skin, it's quite inconvenient. Thank you.
  13. Hello, I would like to ask if there is any way to show just the average rating for the last 5 games with number of goals (and number of assists next to it in brackets)? Currently, it looks like this, and it is not very clear and helpful. Is it just my bad and is the option available somwhere? BEcause this option was always present in the past FMs. Thank you for your answer.
  14. Hello, I recently joined the beta, and noticed annoying 1.5-2 second delay between certain selection processes i.e clicking on a player in a squad to bring up their profile. If you're aware of this issue and are working to towards a fix that would bring it inline with FM17's speed; that's great! My system: DxDiag.txt
  15. When changing the skin in preferences, the game reloaded the skin but does not display text. Please refer to attached image.
  16. If you choose the club Anji, then the game interface and the text on the top panel merge - it's impossible to read
  17. My user interface is bugged, for example, it's stuck on September 3rd when I hit continue, when I'm actually on September 18th, it fast forwards to the 18th very fast just as if i'm continuing normally with no news/games etc. The game is functioning, I can continue to play the save, but the actual interface itself skips from the 3rd to the 18th (or wherever I am within the save) every single time I hit continue. Just wanted to raise it. Thanks
  18. Hi, I've tried to open my FM17 save this morning to see that none of the team badges or player faces are appearing. This doesn't include new generated faces or players, they seem to be working fine. I've been through this forum this morning and I have deleted caches and preferences but nothing seems to be working. I've attached screen shots so you can see what I mean. Also, my mouse goes missing when I first load FM but then after I come out of it and go back in it works fine. Apart from this issue the game seems to be running fine but as you can imagine it takes some of the enjoyment out of it. Any ideas or help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  19. Hi. I'd like to see a graph for player value, so I can monitor his valuation over the years. This can be toggled against other players or overall value of players, other clubs and leagues, with absolute and percentage annual growth options. This can be done for club value as well. Now that I'm writing, I think that many more GRAPHS can be added to the game, so I can monitor improvements over TIME. Thank you!
  20. Sorry for the noob question but I fail to find the way to display the statistics widgets on the pitch screen during the match, as illustrated in the below screenshots:
  21. Dear friends, When I launch the game, Steam in game interface doesn't start. If I try with other Steam games, all works well. When I'm trying to go to "Downloads" in the game, a message appears telling me that I have to activate "Steam in game interface", but it is activated! I'm tried uninstalling the game, Steam and the game again but nothing changed. Any help will be apreciated. My PC: Windows 10 x64 Intel Core i7-6700 @ 3.40GHz. 8 GB de memoria RAM NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070