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  1. Yeah, so here's the most common fm question your going to get 'whats the best young talent' But, I pretty much have covered the hole of europe with my scouts, so would like some players from the other continents. I vaguely know some Argentinian players and Brazilians, eg rodrygo, pavon, richard etc, but any help in other regions would be appreciated Cheers
  2. Hello, Yesterday I made an update of FM 18, since the update the game keep crashing on launch and I can't play. I already tried all the "solution" and none of them worked. Now it seems that I am not the only one to have this issue, I really hope that you will fixed it really quick... Thank you. FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.08.15 05.51.33).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.08.15 16.22.13).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.4.1093856 (2018.08.15 20.58.36).dmp
  3. Well, here we go again. After a while where I tried to stay away from the extremely low regions of football and instead have an 'authentic' experience, I couldn't resist getting sucked back in. So what am I aiming for exactly? At first, to win all domestic competitions in the 6 worst leagues. Those are: Micronesia Wallis & Futuna Kiribati Northern Mariana Guam Bhutan These 6 you may or may not know, depending if you have experience in a 'win everything' save or not. Anyway, there are 15 leagues and cups in total in these 6 countries. At first, my humble goal is to win 'em all. I refuse to think further than that because i've been much, MUCH too ambitious before. Of course there are people who fly through the seasons and get rrrrrreally far into the future, but i'd prefer to go with my own pace. If I end up winning everything here before I get FM19 though, then i'll be glad to load the next 6. For now though, i'm currently holidaying untill today, just to see if there are any cool jobs available for me. No preferred destenation since all of them have their merits of being picked first. See you in a bit! PS: This also counts under the Ultimate World Club Challenge by @lionel messi. I'll put every price I win in the challenge thread too, so I can reap together a nice points amount.
  4. After playing a few seasons, finding young re gens becomes essential to a fm career, recently, I have started to use a technique, I can only describe as 'stock-pilling'. Where I find any promising player and buy them, this can mean I am buying 10 a season, and really makes the game very unrealistic, so my Q is, how do you find the best re gens? 1)I know the technique where you look at youth intake globally, and scout the majority, but surely there is a more effective way? 2)Also, how do you find re gens who will grow into high attributes, rather than the ones that will stagnate, or is this pure luck?
  5. szymko998

    My club

    Hello! I would like to know what the club's edition looks like step by step. Namely ... I want to create my club, in the game I click my own club. I create it in a given league (eg, first league). I will replace it with another club. Once I create it and save the game, I want to edit it in the "in editor edit". He searches for places (eg Gniezno - as I set up when creating a club). The team pops up. I change everything in my own way ... budget, staff, etc. ... Saves and exports. When I enter the game and click on a career, I have a saved file in the upper right corner. I mark it and click on it ... When the club selection window is open, the club is not on the list. After loading the game at the beginning, nothing changes. And here is my problem. What do you think? What did I do wrong ? I would ask you to list in the table of contents how it should look or solve the problem in a different way. One more thing ... it's better to make a new club through the game or in the editor? I am also asking you to write in points how to properly create a club, edit it and save it to appear on the list of clubs in your career (or your own club option) l Thank you for your help
  6. hi, so I bought fm18 for my birthday and it's ran smoothly 100% since I've got it, except from penalty shootouts, I go though the 120 mins and then when it goes to penalty shootout I pick my takers and press play but then it freezes and nothing happens. However, I can still use the pitch, analysis and updates sections (not tactics) fine. How do I fix this because I've had to quit and restart three games, thank you for your help
  7. I have an HP Pavillion with an i5 and Nvidia Geforce GCard. Windows 10. Latest drivers as I write this. Also Kaspersky. I've tried the demo and FM 17 and now got 18 assuming it would work. It plays for a bit and then it freezes and dies on me. There is no dump report. Sometimes it crashes the machine and takes me to a blue screen. But that's about it. Checked the logs: Faulting application name: fm.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5ab17f1f Faulting module name: fm.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5ab17f1f Exception code: 0xc0000409 Fault offset: 0x0000000004333ad0 Faulting process ID: 0x5160 Faulting application start time: 0x01d4075a196d5aed Faulting application path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2018\fm.exe Faulting module path: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2018\fm.exe Report ID: 16ef0b58-7519-4a97-906a-429b27c5e165 Faulting package full name: Faulting package-relative application ID:
  8. Hey there guys, I picked up FM18 about a month ago and have begun my long descent into madness. Before FM18, I had a few hundred hours in FM13, and have spent the time in between playing the mobile variant exclusively. I was pretty successful in the (admittedly) simpler variant of FM, and decided to give FM18 a go. I started a save with Espanyol, did terribly, read up some online tips, and decided to try a fresh start with Dresden in the 2. Bundesliga. Suffice to say I have not been as englightened as I thought. Countless frustrating hours spent tinkering with my tactics have lead me, in desperation, to seek some help directly here. I normally find that I am able to fix the issues in my clubs after a while but I am completely lost here after issue upon issue. This might get a little long but I want some help and I feel being more in depth might yield better advice. Here is my current tactical set-up: I'd been trying to get a 4-2-3-1 to work at the start of the season, and the more attacking tactics had allowed me to smash the friendly teams 5-1 or 4-0. Come the start of the season, I realised I wouldn't be able to be as carefree and modified my tactics to a more conservative 4-3-2-1. So far, it's been a massive disaster. Outside of the tactics, players have complained about the lack of playing time and our terrible league position. There have been in-fights with some of the squad and myself. 2 lazy asses have been complaining about training being too harsh. I've tried my best to put out these fires as they come up but it's been getting to a point where I can't deal with the multitude of issues. And these all stem from my results in games, and therefore my tactics. I have a clear idea in my head if what I want to achieve. It's changed a few times after disappointing results but I still have an idea of my vision. Kone is the lone pacey poacher waiting to pick up on lobbed through balls or mistakes by opponents. Duljevic is a Bosnian national team starter, and has provided decent results in certain games I needed a stand out player. He is right footed, and comes in to provide targets in the box, or moves into the box with the ball and his 14 dribbling. Kone is there if he can't get a a shot off. Berko is there almost by necessity. Previously, I had Mlapa, another winger/striker there. He had decent dribbling and impressed in the friendlies but he was one of the angsty lads so I put Berko in. He has however, outdone himself and has an average rating of 7.16, despite his average stats. He provides a passing option to the attack and pace on the RW position. My midfield has also been hit-and-miss. My original plan was to have a holding DM, a ball winning CM, and an advanced playmaker to push up and lead the midfield's attack. I scrapped that after a few lacklustre performances and have been planning this new trio. I wanted some advice with the current roles, and if the previous more defensive partnership was better. The defence has been another weak point of the squad. The WBs had originally looked amazing. Kreuzer and Heise have good crossing skills 15/13 for second division full backs. After reading some online advice for other people I found that they were often too attacking and would leave my CBs stranded. I have since put them on a leash with defending roles, it they still provide some support, if not as much. My CBS have been a massive headache, I originally started with a partnership with Franke, a loanee and a natural CDM (Konrad) who had exemplary stats for CB (except for low determination). This has been the most volatile position of the lot. Franke got a red in the first game of the season. Konrad followed suit as a DM in the second game. I played Ballas and Gonther, two other decent options, as CBs until Franke returned. It has since been Franke/Ballas but I've had a few bad performances I save-scummed where Ballas and Franke would pair up to deliver a devastating 6.1 average rating in a match (5.8, 6.4). As far as keepers stand, Shay Given has been decent. I had a loanee who was one of the highest earners in the squad, and a 19 yr old U19 German national team keeper as other options, but I terminated the loanee's loan after signing Given. I'm not sure I can blame Given for some of the horrific games I've had, seeing how bad my defence is. I can provide more info but this is the round-up of my team for now. I have had pretty shocking performances, and sick of it all, save-scummed the Aue match because the board were on my back, and it was 3am in the morning. Union Berlin also had some very good games against me and needed some magical time travelling powers to get me a draw. Instead of alt-f4ing every alternate game, I tried to make some changes and I though id get some advice here. So, how bad is it? Can my season be saved?
  9. So, I recently bought a Google pixel XL to upgrade my Motorola Moto g. And I had football manager on that phone. I download it on my new Google pixel and the data isn't there? How do I transfer it. (I used the same email).
  10. Aye guys, I asked an earlier question about what new team to start with, and have decided to managed in a south american team, 'most likley from argentina or brazil'. I am not a huge expert in these league, so I would appreciate help on some topics. 1) What team should I start with-I would prefer one with alot of youth prospects 2) Some very cheap young players- as to my knowledge, teams in south america dont have a great starting budget 3)Just any tips-as I normally manage a big club in Europe, so any tip would be great Cheers!
  11. As all fm18 players know, work permits are the bane of everyone's existence, I, understand how they work, but continue to find flaws in the game relating to them, for one: 1) Every time someone fails to get a work permit, a try to send them out on loan, but when explain my decision to the player himself, there is no way to communicate this with them, so instead they build a dislike to me as I loaned them as soon as I got them. 2) Similar to the first, these players refuse to move on loan, after joining, as they dont see a reason to go on loan, as they are 'as skilled' as the rest of my team, so they reject any loan bid. If anyone has any way around this it would be much appreciated, or if fm could fix it so the in game players understand the rule, and instead of not understanding the reason for there loan, it would help alot!
  12. Just bought fm18 but when I try to open the game fot the first time nothing come up but a message saying 'the server is not reachable, check your internet connection and click "Retry". Incase problem persists click next' When I click next I follow the intructions by copy pasting the response code however when i do this I am unable to press the finish button. I have a working internet connection and have tried uninstalling. Please Help
  13. Hello, I have been managing a small team (cabinteely fc) for many years and my bosses do not ask me anymore if i want to upgrade the training facilities (they are only good) or if i want to build again a new stadium (mine is only 11 500 and it is full every games). I was wondering if they were limits in the game for small teams ? Thank you in advance.
  14. Hello everyone, I played FM2016 again at work. The issue is that at work I already played it, I reinstalled it from Steam and when I started the game "Runtime Error" and hangs on the screen where it appears "Loading" in 73 thousand languages. This is the screen on which it hangs, and I can do nothing more. I updated all the drivers, completely uninstalled the game and reinstalled it, verified the integrity of the files, restored the system and nothing. I can not think of more to do to make it work. The "DXDIAG" shows this from my system: Do you have any idea what it might be? Reinstalling Windows is impossible on the job machine. Thank you in advance and sorry for the inconvenience
  15. Me and my friend started a FM18 savegame on Multiplayer and the next day we went to play it and we have no idea how to play it again as when i load the game up via the load game screen the game doesn't show up in the multiplayer list. How do I get him to join as when I invite him through steam it just takes him to the join game screen and he cannot find my game.
  16. While making a database where all club, international, and intercontinental competitions follow the same format, I came across an issue while removing everything. After testing my first leagues, my game always crashed at the moment where the World Cup was about to begin. After some confusion and testing around, I came across the tab 'competitions' which in itself is under the 'test competitions' tab. There I found out these were left over: Is there a way to remove these files? And if so, will that fix the problem of the game always crashing at the 18th of June, 2018?
  17. so the game works fine when im not trying to load the game but then as soon as i try to start my game and warm up my team i get this pop up that says " the application sports interactive has quit unexpectedly" if anyone could help me out it would be amazing im on mac !
  18. Hello, I am starting a new fm18, as I got too far in my last 1 (too many regens in my opinion) and am looking for a club to manage, ideally I would like: A low profile top tier club No non European restrictions(I like to buy from Brazil and argentina) A young team, with high potential Enough transfer budget to buy a few young players (10-15mil ideally) Any ideas would be highly appreciated! ☺😊
  19. The sugar daddy achievement wouldn' t unlock depiste me completing what's necessary
  20. Hey guys I have tried a lot of tactics with my Stoke team and nothing have worked for me so far. Can anyone tell/give my a good tactic for my Stoke team, I play with 3-5 others every Monday and have stayed clear of relegation, we are in 2020(i think) and started the game from day one. This i my Team GK: J. Butland, P. Rajkovic, A. Nübel DR: N. Clyne, B. San Emeterio DC: ST. Juste, C. Chambers, T. Matos, H. Delcroix DL: L. Pellegrini DMC, CM, Cam: J. M. Seri, M. Pasalic, N. Mendy, D. Amartey, K. Palmer, M. Braitewaite LW/RW: C. Under ST: Paulinho, W. Geubbels, L. Martinez, F. Arp Can you help?
  21. Hi just bought game. I believe my laptop meets requirements but no fix is working. dxdiag data is attached. help desperately needed. a frustrating evening so far. thx DxDiag.txt
  22. I want to recreate three tactics from the 07/08 season, but I struggle with tactical knowledge, so I need some help. The tactical analysis I need help with pretty much everything (player roles, team/player instruction, mentality etc) Cheers! p.s. if someone has created all three of the tactics, a link is appreciated
  23. Hello there. I have recently got back into Football manager being playing since FM14. Started a save with BCFC as I support them IRL (we just survived relegation today KRO), and well I am starting to get very frustrated with the results. I am 3rd currently, coming of a 1-0 defeat to Fulham. I have attached some screenshots giving some context to the situation. I guess you could say I have been overachieving looking at the squad depth, I have had a lot of injuries to key players (Grounds, Maghoma). Formation: When I am at home against a team that isn't in the playoffs/playing well, I tend to opt for a 4-4-2. When away, I always tend to play with the 4-4-1-1 (shown in the attachment). I have made subtle changes to player roles/instructions in recent games to see if I can change my luck. For example, originally I had the left centre midfielder playing as a BWM, I have now changed to a centre mid on the defend duty. Looking at the below tactic, you can see a couple of players out of position, this is down to the injuries I mentioned earlier which have been a massive hit on the formations I play. Team Instructions: Again I have made subtle changes to the team instructions once again. Brought in the clear the ball to flanks. The idea behind this is to use the pace of the wingers to get forward quickly to then allow more crosses into the target man. I am indeed playing narrower. Trying to ensure that it is harder for us to be broken down in the middle along with sticking to positions because we don't have the best creative players meaning we lack creativity in the final third. Team Report: Team report is useful here aswell, shows me that we have conceded a lot from crosses due to the high amount of assists from these areas. Furthermore we have one of the worst passing stats in the league. To be third in the league is good, but I feel us slipping off now with some poor results to Wolves and Middlesborough where we should've done better. If anyone could give me some advice it would be greatly appreciated. I haven't messed around with FM18 too much but it feels the same as the previous versions in terms of form being linked a lot to morale and the tactics you deploy. I don't see any glaringly obvious things that should be changed and ideally don't want to change tactics either. We have high determination overall in the squad along with teamwork, maybe I should try a higher pressing game where we look to go more direct with our play? Thanks in advance !!!
  24. I am on a Mac book and when I try to pull up the steam overlay it is really small and off to the left, but it tracks the mouse over where the links should be when its full screen. If I turn off Retina display it is fine, but Retina display looks so good not to try and fix this. Thanks.
  25. FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.05.02 19.12.13).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.05.02 22.09.50).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.05.03 16.49.52).dmp