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Found 67 results

  1. So last year seems to be the first time in gaming history that the developers thought it prudent to worsen the graphics in a brand new iteration of an annually released game. So I don’t have to ask Apple for a refund can I politely ask for an FMT demo this year so we know what state the game is in. Sadly some bugs seemed to have never been resolved either. To save money SI why don’t you just rebadge FMT17 with a player update?
  2. Hi. I currently play FM on two pcs. The one which graphics card have been decreased due to problems and can only reach 1 star while the new one I bought some weeks ago has 3 stars. I'd like to know what graphics cards requirements to get 5 stars on the capability because playing on low graphics isn't nice to watch, while on higher is smooth and nice. The pc I get 3 stars on is running an AMD Radeon 520 while the one which can only get 1 star is running an Intel HD Graphics 4600. Thanks.
  3. Hi , Can anyone help I have such poor graphics for the 2D graphics more over the ball is black the whole look is horrendous. Any help in how to fix this or is there any downloadable graphics for this? Thanks
  4. adam1966

    New White Hart Lane graphics

    In FM2017 "New White Hart Lane" Spurs new world class stadium looked like a non-league ground with huge gaps in the stands. SI said it was being looked into, that didn't happen, as it's still the same now. Now I'm playing FM 2018 Touch, and guess what? the new Spurs stadium is the same mess (if not worse) as in FM2017. not to mention the giant gangways that look like players tunnels all over the stands.I'm beginning to think the designer is an Arsenal supporter.
  5. I made a logo for my custom club, I added a normal and small version to graphics, the normal version looks good but the small version does not appear (on the league table, schedule ...) The logo is png and is 20x20. (small version) Can someone please help me?? Sorry for my bad english
  6. So i recently booted up a new windows installation, loaded up fm 17 and I noticed my manager isn't rendering properly. I've attached how he looks to this post. The players all have black bodies and no faces on the 3d screen.
  7. Since my Beta became official, I no longer see the pre-match scenes (of squads entering the field and coaches shaking hands) Where can I turn it back on? Thanks.
  8. Ok so I'm hoping somebody may be able to help. Basically since the last update my 3d matches no longer work. When I load the game up the manager appears holding his hands out to the side but doesn't move. The same thing happens to the players in 3d matches now. They all move around but their limbs don't move they glide around the field with legs together and arms out. I'm not sure what has happened or how I rectify it but Its really frustrating and I'm not playing the game because of it.
  9. I have just recently installed FM18 and I noticed that I have a one star rating for 3D capability, does anybody know if this is likely to have any effect on my ability to play/view the game? I have never had a problem with any of the previous versions in terms of being able to play the game in 3D, apart from there being no fans in the stadiums. I'm only asking because I have yet to play any matches and want to double check that I'm not going to have any problems before I attempt to do so I don't have problems when it comes to game speed as I have all the leagues loaded in about 5 or 6 countries and still have a 4.5 star rating
  10. Inexplicable crashing with above message . High end pc running windows 10 set graphics detail to max (the machine easily handles it) but it crashes with this error message: football manager 2018 has stopped working 18.2.2f1055984 Any ideas please? DxDiag.txt
  11. Hey guys, so my issue is that after the recent winter update my football manager has been acting up. The start menu is completely white and my manager hasn't rendered in. In the actual game menus there are no player faces and in the tactics there are no strips showing above player names in the starting XI. To make it worse, when playing an actual match nothing loads in and it is all fully white. PLEASE HELP! I have attached my DxDiag incase (DxDiag.txt) it is graphics related along with Screen shots of the issue. The steps I have already taken is : Installed the game again, well I think so atleast : On Steam I went to the properties of FM and clicked Verify Integrity of game files and it suddenly started installing 1.3GB of Football manager, so I assumed i accidentally uninstalled it and when I woke up it was back in my computer with the same issue. I'm not that good with computers but I am 99.9% sure I have the latest drivers on my laptop.
  12. I have a Dell XPS 15 (2017) with a Nvidia 1050 graphical card with 4GB memory. While playing a match in 3D, there is lag during the match. This is weird because I have 5 stars and play with all settings on Good. This system shouldn't have any lag while playing a match. I analysed this and I see that when I play with everything in the setting 'Good', my video performance via taskmanager GPU graph shows an average of 65% of processor use. In this setting there is a lot of lag. When playing on all settings 'Very good', then GPU graph shows mostly 100% and the game is lagging less (not entirely without lag). I think there is a bug in Football Manager, when selecting 'Good', my GPU processor should also go to 100%, then the lag would by gone. Is it possible to check this out? It's very annoying playing on this high end laptop and having lag..... Kind Regards Luk
  13. Okay, this is griping me now. I've put countless hours into FM over the years, but the past two editions meant I've found myself less immersed due to the simple fact that regens must be way down on the list of importance for SI, because their faces definitely keep changing for the worse. I understand that the gameplay/match engine etc. is a big deal for SI at the moment, but for someone like me who enjoys long saves where the whole of my team will be regens that I've taken the time to scout, train and bring through the ranks, having about 6 or 7 hairstyles for 20+ players and faces that look like clay really takes a lot of the enjoyment out of longer saves due to the lack of personality I feel the regens have. What makes it worse is that with the new 3D face models (most pointless feature ever because the majority of players don't zoom right in on faces in game) you can't even use talented modder's resources to make them look more varied, such as Debski's hairstyles. It feels like a pointless backward with the alien looking regens of last year and now the clay-putty-like ones we've got this year. I get you're trying to make them look better for the long run but it clearly isn't ready to be implemented yet, the old regens from FM'16 and before looked way better, and with added hairstyles from content creators, helped players feel distinguishable from one another, really helped the immersion-factor. Why change it for the worse? I've seen a few threads on this already, with replies such as 'get used to it', 'it's not a gameplay issue, its in your mind' or 'it'll be better in the long run'. Don't come at me with those cop-out excuses, firstly, why should we have to 'get used' to poor graphical choices with no logical reasoning to make them worse? And if it'll look better in the long run, why not wait until it's ready to be implemented instead of rushing it out and claiming it to be a 'new feature'. As for it not being a gameplay issue, if multiple people are complaining about it and it's actually forcing people to skip this addition of FM then why not address our concerns properly? Seriously, if a modder can make the image attached in 2 minutes, why can't there be more effort from SI's part when they have a year to perfect it?
  14. Well, after the last patch, the game is so much better...well done guys! but, the in-game text isn't so smooth and Installed FM16, FM17 and i could read so well... although it seems that the game still isn't running in FULLSCREEN... can i sort it??
  15. Moderator FranzT suggested that I post this here. Can somebody help me please: Most of my matches suffer from a persistent freeze-framing effect, with a bit of a lag in the movement. This happens regardless of the quality setting: I've tried everything from "Low" (and even "Off") to "Very High". Curiously, the freeze-framing effect isn't any better or any worse with any of the various quality settings. Sometimes my matches run beautifully. So, I don't think it's my laptop: ASUS RoG 750JW: Intel i7 2.4Gh, 16 RAM, GeForce GTX 765m See dxdiag file attached. Any help, suggestions please? Thanks. DxDiagAsus1116.txt
  16. Hey guys,i could do with some help if possible please... I've been playing the game since release day,i've had all my logos,kits and facepacks all loaded and working since then...i've also been using a few skins since release...mainly aurum and andromeda.. I've loaded up my game this morning and suddenly all my kits,logos,facepacks and skins are not working,i don't even have any skins showing up in my list in preferences...i've reinstalled them but no difference.. Any help would be appreciated,thanks
  17. Hi guys, I don't know what happened to my face in this new game, I used the exact same picture. But see below a difference between FM17 and FM18, it's mad. Is this something we can correct?
  18. Hej, i created an own club, added a logo file (same style as the logo-pack i'm using) and started the game. so far, so good. at the home-screen, the inbox, the club profile the logo looks good, but whenever the small version is shown (league table, player history) it just scales wrong and looks ******. i checked the id of my new club, and added a small version to the /logo/small folder, but it won't show (yes, i cleared the cache and reloaded the skin. several times.). i'm using the Football Manager Light Skin. at this point, i'm out of ideas. can anyone help?
  19. I think players have to graphics for what were their values. Or it must be something about players' past values year by year or most and least. Like the real one for example transfermarkt website.
  20. Hi there is anyone else’s fm touch 2018 blurry??? As just downloaded and Bad graphics ??
  21. I bought the game today, and as many have already said, I have a crash while trying to start the game. I tried to follow all the instructions listed in the site, including reinstalling the game, uninstalling AVAST and installing Windows Security Essentials. Nothing changed. I also tried to update the graphics and I couldn't so I believe there's the problem. I work on Windows 7 professional. My processor is: Intel Core Duo CPU E8400 RAM: 3.00 GB 32 bit
  22. Football Manager 2018 18.0.3b10336176 (live) has stopped working, I get this message every time I attempt to start the game, as best i can tell my PC meets the requirements so I don't really understand. The game loads with the title screen for about 10-15 seconds then that message pops up and it says do u want to close the program. Please help!!!
  23. Most of my matches suffer from a persistent freeze-framing effect, with a bit of a lag in the movement. This happens regardless of the setting: I've tried everything from "Low" (and even "Off") to "Very High". Curiously, the freeze-framing effect isn't any better or any worse, with different settings. Sometimes my matches run beautifully. So, I don't think it's my laptop specs: ASUS RoG 750JW: Intel i7 2.4Gh, 16 RAM, GeForce GTX 765m Any help, suggestions please? Regards from Chicago.
  24. Hey everyone, i'm looking to buy FM 18 since it's been released on November 10 last week, but as a devoted "long-term save" player then you should know that i'm more interested in regens player than the real one. And also that the regens graphic were not appeared in the beta release so i think this is the right time for my curiousity regarding the reveal of the regens appearance. So i'm wondering if some of you guys (who've bought and play FM 18) can do me a favor by taking some screenshots of the regens' face from the game, because i'd like to compare this year's version to the FM 17's regens which we all know are truly a disappointment. I'd like to see the: caucasian, asian, african, and south american's face. And also the regens' staff to compare the "old" and "young" faces. Oh, and the fastest way to find out (no need to wait for the youth intake day) is that you need to start a new save with all FAKE players so everybody in the game are regens only. I hope that some of you can help me with this so i can decide whether i need to try the FM18 or to skip this year's release albeit any so-called improvements in other aspects of the game. It's simply because in 2034/35 season, i don't want any of my player looks like a Zombified Asian-African. Thanks.