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  1. Is there a Gasperini's (ATALANTA) tactic (3-4-3) for fm 2017?
  2. Can you say me the name of the font of Football Manager 2017 original skin?
  3. So, as the title suggests, what determines a manager's preferred formation? Frankly some of the changes in preferred formation are a bit annoying and make the game difficult for me to enjoy. For example, in the Lecce career I'm doing Zidane was sacked by Madrid, and after Allegri moved to Barca, Zidane joined Juve. Zidane's preferred formation switched to a 4-4-2 despite Juve having 5 world class inside forwards. Allegri on the other hand, has his preferred formation switched to a 4-1-4-1 where Messi plays on the right, far deeper than he should. Then Zidane moved on to become France manager, and Conte joined Juve (after being with Real, where he played a 3-4-2-1) and upon joining Juve his preferred formation switched to a 4-3-3. Then one month into the new season his preferred formation switched to a 4-4-2... Now half the league's managers' preferred formations are the 4-4-2 which is making all the wingers in Serie A useless and unhappy. A quick look around the leagues revealed an unemployed Guardiola, whose preferred formation is also the 4-4-2... Anyone know what determines a manager's preferred formation, and whether it can be edited? Cheers!
  4. I am in 2024 and in charge of Botafogo. So I'm hoping there's a fix for this, as I've been playing this save for hours and hours. I haven't had any issues so far and I haven't changed anything from the very beginning. All of a sudden, when I am about to confirm a team talk and I click the 'Start game' button to proceed to the match, it crashes, closes FM and shows the following message: The application Sports Interactive has quit unexpectedly. The system and other applications have not been affected. A report has been created that you can send to Vendor not specified to help identify the problem. It gives me the option to send a report, which I always do. This has only been happening today. It was fine this morning. I don't know if there's been an update, or if there are any known issues. This has always run incredibly smoothly. MacBook Pro specs: macOS Sierra version: 10.12.5 (16F73) MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) Processor 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB I have tried to attach a screen video of what happens and the save file but they're both much larger than 2mb.
  5. Hello Sega.. I am is your big fan only in series of FM (from 2005), but I am from Ukraine and my English and Russian is not very good. I can't understand translation in the game (especially Russian), why you don't want add Ukrainian language, I can help you with translate, I don't ask for this money, because I want spread this game in my country, most of my friends and kith play in FM 2017, and they can't understand other languages. Thank you for your attention! Your fan, Oleksandr.
  6. Good day all, I am a returning player who has been absent for a number of years, I think my last Football Manager purchase was in 2007. However I just pre-purchased the 2018 edition. Anyway, long story short, I recall playing older versions of the CM & FM games and the ability to have multiple locale players playing at once. Is this ability still available for both FM 2017 and with the next edition FM 2018? Regards.
  7. Hi All, After many years playing football manager games i have finally taken the leap and am going to blog & video about my FM save. I will drop quarterly updates into this post to keep you up-to date with progress & be uploading videos onto my youtube channel of the games. I have recently set up a youtube channel & created an intro video for the series which shows the compelling history of Burnley FC. Link - Burnley | Return To Glory Youtube Save Background Burnley once were one of the big teams in English football. Back in 1914 & famously in 1959-1960 they won the old division one. Harry Potts led the small Lancashire town all the way to top the league and in a memorable 2-1 against Man city at maine road captured the title. Legends such as Pay Pointer, Jimmy Adamson & Jimmy McIlroy have long cemented themselves into Burnley folk law. The 70's & 80's proved to be tougher times at Burnley and 10 years later they were relegated into the old division two. Times got tougher and on May 9th 1987 Burnley faced what was once unthinkable for the former champions of England - relegation out of the football league. Burnley had to win and results go their way in order to stave off relegation. A thrilling 2-1 win set the crowd into raptures & Lincoln were the unfortunate team to be relegated that year. THIS WAS ROCK BOTTOM!! Burnley began to slowly rise up the football league again and at wembley in 2009 Wade Elliot scored the goal that took Burnley back to the big time. 2 promotions and 2 relegation's followed before Sean dyche won championship and burnley return to glory is now one step closer. Today Sean Dyche has left the club looking for greener pastures & Burnley have employed Rob Taylor as the new manager. Taylor comes in cold to the role with only sunday league football experience to count on. He has stated to the press that he once took Bromley to the champions league final on football manager. The Team 3 new signings Dider Drogba coming in as cover - Drogba at Burnley if only it was 10 years ago!!! Guido Carrillo as the new star striker Macnelly Torress as the main AMC Sam Vokes has left the club for £6m that could possibly rise to £7m Torres is injured but only slightly improvement across the board. It seams a sunday league manager for a small premier league club isn't the most appealing to quality footballers. Finances Who said that being rich was a guarantee when joining the premier league. In debt before we start. Season Goal EPL - Avoid Relegation (this could be quite the task) FA Cup - Fifth Round The old milk cup - Fifth Round. Thanks for reading. Be sure to check out the youtube videos & I will post quarterly season updates. Cheers Bobby G
  8. The Regista

    [FM17] The Rise of Brondby

    If you're part of the FM Slack community you've probably seen that I've been a bit annoying recently (or at least I feel that I have) as I've been in a bit of "management limbo". No matter how many different saves I loaded, no matter what leagues I picked, I could not get stuck in to a save. Many of you guys reading this probably know that feeling all too well right? It's almost as if you're under an "FM Curse". Arsene Wenger knows of the struggle to find an FM save that sticks Then it hit me - the reason I can't get stuck in to a new save is because of the way I left the Brondby save - unfinished, unfulfilled, a huge amount of unfulfilled potential in what could have been an epic journey to European glory. In fact, the whole thing barely got off the ground after the first couple of posts. After talking to some fellow FMers, I felt that it was only right that I go back to Denmark. I reread my post "Identity, Ethos and Philosophy" and it really hit me why I wanted to play as Brondby in the first place. It ties in with everything that I try to do on FM - run a sustainable, reputable football club, echoing the great sides of yesteryear. Bringing through the cream of the crop in Denmark and mixing them with the best talent worldwide. And finally, to tell a story of the rise of a football club to global dominance. That's why we post and stream our FM saves, isn't it? Let's go back to the beginning... The FM fire is burning again... I hit New Career Game, loaded up the leagues, and got cracking... Just the one month's worth of in game play time right now to ease myself back in to blogging and playing the game again, and I'm absolutely loving it. It's been a decent start, with the main achievement being progressing in to the Europa League third round qualifiers. We love scoring only two goals against teams, which makes me a little uneasy. However the squad are still learning my tactic, which I'll detail in future blogs. I'm now using the 17.3.0 update so the squad is a little different from before. However, the core of the side is still the same. If we're to do well this year, we'll be looking to on loan midfielder Hany Mukhtar for inspiration. He's on loan from Benfica for one season, and I'd love to keep him at the club permanently. Benedikt Rocker will have to be the rock at the back, whilst striker Teemu Pukki will once again lead the line. The future of Brondby - 16 year old Karl Appelt is one to watch A major focus of this year is going to be blooding the youngsters currently in the first team squad. I mentioned Karl Appelt as the main youth prospect in my first attempt, and he's still the pick of the bunch at just 16 years old. He's not the only one now though, as centre back Joel Kabongo, attacking midfielder Rezan Corlu and striker Gustaf Nilsson will all feature this season. By opting to do this, I've also really cut back on my transfers so as to ensure they actually do get some playing time. We've only made two signings this summer - defensive midfielder Mavin Schulz joins us on loan from Monchengladbach for this season, whilst Argentine Emmanuel Ledesma gives us more options on the flanks. The aims for this season is to give the Superliga a good go. I'm not expecting us to win it as Copenhagen are very strong, but you never know what could happen. However opting to play the youngsters may cost us slightly, but I'm prepared to take the "hit" now for long term success. We're all set up again now, and I'm stupidly excited to start playing this save again. Let's just hope the FM Curse has been lifted. To keep up to date when the next post goes live, follow me on Twitter (@registafm) and also my blog for other posts related to FM!
  9. This is a transcript from BBC Sportsound on the 15th October 2048. Narrated by BBC Journalist Will Murray Will Murray: Hello and welcome to another Episode of this BBC Scotland series where we take a look at great European nights in Scottish Football. In this episode, we will only need to go back one year, when Hibernian faced Bayern Munich at Beckenbauer Park in the UEFA Champions League Quarter Final. All those Interviewed either Played for or coached Hibernian at the time. Unfortunately, Manager James Hawkins was unavailable to comment due to his commitments managing the Scotland Squad alongside his club duties. Interviewed were: George Parnell, Goalkeeper, Welsh Internationalist Mahmoud Ramadan, Defensive Midfielder, Egyptian Internationalist Danny Ellis, Right and Centre Mid, Scottish U19 internationalist Leonardo Fantini, Centre Midfielder, Captain and Italian Internationalist Craig Brown, Striker, Scottish Internationalist Alex Abel, Left Back, English Internationalist Jose Luis Palomeque, Left Winger, Mexican Internationalist Vijay Ward, Centre Back, Jamaican Internationalist All interviews were conducted separately. BBC Sportsound commentary from Scott Murdoch and Barry Soane. Leonardo Fantini: Going into the match, we were not highly rated. At all. Craig Brown: We had scraped through against Borussia Monchengladbach, we beat them 5-2 two at home then got beat 2-0 in Germany, so we went through on Aggregate. And then to draw Bayern Munich. In both rounds we would play the only teams to win the Bundesliga since 2033. It felt like we had just survived against the toughest guy in the pub and then his bodybuilding mate walks in and charges at you. George Parnell: I remember just thinking, that I was going to be very, very busy in the first game. And I was. Mahmoud Ramadan: I was given a great honour by Mr. Hawkins. Leo (Leonardo Fantini) and Franny (Francisco) May have been the Captain and Vice-Captain, but Hawkins had made me, Mahmoud Ramadan, in charge of the hole between defence and midfield. Now he told me “Rama, if you fail in this job, the team itself will crumble.” Danny Ellis: The Gaffer pulled me in on the Sunday before the game. He told me to take a seat. And to be honest I thought he was going to tell me that he would be letting me go. I mean I had played in the League Cup Final, against Alloa were we won 3-0, but in my mind, I was still thinking that he was sending me off to waste away in League 1 or something. But then he told that, because Benji (Benjamin Jeannin) was Injured, I was starting, and that was probably even worse! I mean, to go from playing against Alloa, to Bayern, one of the greatest clubs in the world, was certainly interesting. Fantini: The plan was for the FC Bayern to over apply men and pressure, then we would hit them on the counter-attack. Instead… Fantini: ...We just sat back. We couldn’t counter because we couldn’t get the ball. I don’t think Broony got a touch on it. Brown: I just had to watch from the halfway line. I might as well have been with the away fans! … Alex Abel: I think all of us conceded about three fouls each, except from me who maybe conceded 7? Maybe more, so I was the only one who got booked, and to be honest I probably should have been sent off. The referee was certainly kind to us that day. … Vijay Ward: The number of corners we conceded was… ridiculous. … … Fantini: Jose was furious, I don’t think I’ve ever seen him like that. Jose Luis Palomeque: I am an attacking player who was asked to do the job of a defender. I am not Abel, I am not a… a Francisco. But I was asked to do their job anyway. Brown: I couldn’t blame him the guy for being angry. We had maybe spent two or so minutes in the oppositions half, which, if you’re an attacking player, is not what you want, at all. Ward: The Gaffer came in, simply told us “more of the same”. Then walked out again. Jose got up and stormed after him Palomeque: I asked, what I was expected to do if we kept playing defensively? Mr. Hawkins simply looked at me, and said two things. The first thing he said was “Run”, and he turned to leave, but then he pointed to the Bayern Right Back, Robin Chapuis, who for some reason wasn’t in their changing room. He pointed to him, and said “and make him mad.” … … ... Brown: I got the ball on the halfway line, and could hear “Craig!”, “Craig!”, and could see Jose, Tomato faced, screaming at me and sprinting down the wing, I leaned back and kicked it up over their right winger’s head… Palomeque: I got the ball, and I did what I was told. Brown: We saw our chance and took it. Palomeque: I got up and went to pick up the ball to give it to Leo. Ward: Francisco and I knew that if this went in, the barrage was only going to get worse. Brown: When I saw that… the keeper had saved it; my head fell into my hands… then all the cheering from the home fans just died and turned into booing, and I thought “What’s gone on here?” Fantini: I just saw it had gone in, saw that our support was just in on corner to the left of me, and sprinted towards them. Ramadan: We had gotten the goal. Now I, with the help of Franny and Vijay, had to stop Bayern from getting theirs. Brown: After the celebrations, I ran back for kick-off, and saw the 4th official had flashed my number and that Shoe (Bobby Schumacher) was coming on for me, I tell you what, I’ve never been so pleased to come off in my life. I knew I was doing nothing for the rest of the match but tire myself. I was glad for the rest! Parnell: People have said that, it was my greatest performance. I mean, it was only because I had so many shots coming at me. Most of them were poor as well, straight at my chest, and ones like that. Ellis: As I took my position, Esparza, their left back went alongside me. And he had been trying to push me around most of the match, but even though he was older than me, I was taller, and stronger so uh… I guess he had just gotten sick of it. Ellis: We both went up at the same time, and I felt something hit me in the nose. Ellis: I was just covering my face, I was in so much pain. I felt someone drag me off, turn out it was the linesman, and I just lay there until I heard the voice of our physio. Fantini: I saw it happen with my own eyes, and my instincts was to go to the ref and say, “you going to say send this guy off?” then I saw Ricky (Ricardo Rocha) explode and charge at the Bayern player, I knew it was going to be difficult for me. Luckily Hugo, their captain, to his credit, wasn’t happy with his teammates, just as I wasn’t happy with mine. Ellis: So, yeah that was the end of the match for me. laughs Fantini: We didn’t have anyone on the bench who could play on the right wing… the change made sense. And there was only ten minutes of the game left to go… Brown: When the final whistle went, my first thought was, “we’ve stolen this!” Ramadan: Our goal was to defend and counter. We defended, and we saw our chance to counter, we did. We achieved our goals, and won the match. Fantini: I was just focused getting my teammates ready for the next match in the league and obviously the return fixture. Murray: So, they had won the away match, now it was back to Easter Road for the 2nd leg. Could they do it? Fantini: To be honest, I don’t think they expected us to change tactics. Away we had played very defensively, so they lined-up to counter that. But we had gone back to the 4-2-3-1 we always played, which they clearly were not ready for. … … Murray: They were through, and the next round would prove even more difficult, as it was Spanish juggernauts, Real Madrid who came out of the pot. Could they do the Unthinkable all over again? … … … … … … … Murray: Unfortunately, they couldn’t turn it around at Conte Park, losing 1-0. Despite these results, this Hibernian should still hold their heads up in pride, becoming only the second Scottish team since Dundee United in 1984, to reach the Semi-Finals of the Champions League. Now with a new season, could they go further, Well I for one can’t wait to find out. From me, and everyone at BBC Sportsound. Please, have a nice evening.
  10. Please help me, I always crash or force close after match against watford at 26 Nov 2016 while loading after match. I already try clear cache, clear pereference folder, clear custom graphic, check integrity with steam but still same.
  11. Hi, Purchased the game, downloaded and am attempting to do a 50 or 100 year sim of the game before i start. I like doing this to create an alternate reality to play in, it makes the game more enjoyable as you have 50 years of simulated history, new champion clubs etc I receive the " Football Manager 2017 17.1.2f903032 (update) has stopped working" everytime i attempt to sim. The furthest i have got is about a year and a half before the crash happens. Kinda ridiculous that i spent money on this game and it can't even successfully simulate continuously without constantly crashing. This isn't even with going into a game! I have tried the delete cache and verified the game integrity etc. Please fix this issue SI as i'm currently pretty peeved that I can't play and am more likely to go back to my FM14 save than give you money for next years game Thank you
  12. Hi All! I am PB Smoothie! I am from South Africa and have a new YouTube channel where I upload FM17 content. I am interested in meeting others who have channels around the world and finding SA FM players! You can check out my channel from the link below. Lastly, if I posted this in the wrong I apologize and if someone can point me in the right direction, I am happy to post there. Thanks all! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZzpYS_gfQVFWdwN4ABGbGw Cheers, PB Smoothie
  13. Comando FM España: Información http://steamcommunity.com/groups/ComandoFM Buenas, somos el Comando FM, ocho fans del videojuego de SI Games Football Manager que ya llevamos un tiempo jugando juntos y tenemos nuestro canal de Youtube donde emitimos en directo nuestras partidas. También organizamos torneos online de Football Manager, que anunciaremos por aquí además de por nuestras redes! Crearemos una discusión con los torneos, por lo que estad atentos y suscritos a este grupo para enteraros! También podéis seguirnos en Youtube y Twitter, tanto los torneos como nuestras partidas las emitimos en directo: Nuestro canal de Youtube (Comando FM España) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_ZP35_tIjVhh7X-C48HxxQ Nuestro Twitter: https://twitter.com/ComandoFMEspana Saludos! E invitad a vuestros amigos que jueguen al Football Manager, cuantos más, mejor!
  14. Hello Sega.. I am is your big fan only in series of FM (from 2005), but I am from Ukraine and my English and Russian is not very good. I can't understand translation in the game (especially Russian), why you don't want add Ukrainian language, I can help you with translate, I don't ask for this money, because I want spread this game in my country, most of my friends and kith play in FM 2017, and they can't understand other languages. Thank you for your attention! Your fan, Oleksandr.
  15. Hello! I'll try to make this as quick as possible to stop anyone from getting bored. I've recently started a save on FM17 with Burton Albion in the English Championship. Now, to be honest, I haven't had much success this year on FM (sacked by Man City thanks to being 13th in the table in February) so I'm not the greatest of players. One thing I'm really bad for is changing my tactic as soon as it loses a game or two but this time has been different. Let me show you my setup... I know there have a lot of topics on 4-4-2 in the forum recently (and for years) which I have read so apologies for the same formation but I thought I would benefit more from some personal advice. Couple of player instructions: FBs - run wide with ball Left WM - dribble more, cut inside with ball Right WM - stay wider So here's what I'm trying to do. Since I'm Burton I don't have the strongest of squads for the Championship and I certainly do not have the budget other teams do. Because of this I'm looking for a quick, direct, counter attacking tactic. Again, I know so many people have asked for help with this recently but I would really like some help specific to my tactic. My thinking is this: Attacking - quick transitions and quick attacks as far as I'm aware, will probably switch between this and control Flexible - did think about choosing fluid instead and I don't really have a reason not to but I'm not exactly sure what shape to go for Deeper D Line - looking to draw teams forward and, hopefully, leave space in behind for us to exploit Exploit Both Flanks - since I'm using 4-4-2 there's obviously a lack of players in the middle so I thought it would make more sense to use the wings as a means of attacking. Would it be better to take these off and allow the team to attack as they wish? Pass Into Space - well I've dropped the d line to create space so it would make sense to pass it into that space, right? Hit Early Crosses - links in with exploiting the flanks, since we're going to be using the wings I thought it would be smart to hit some crosses when the opportunities there! I've messed about with More Direct Passing but to be honest I don't see a huge difference other than we lump it towards the Target Man more. At the moment I'm rock bottom of the league after 10 games so things are not going too well. In my next post I'll upload screenshots of how it plays and what happens during a match. If you have any initial concerns about the setup then please, please let me know. Also if there's anything else you would like to see just let me know and I can upload screenshots. Thanks in advanced!
  16. Hi guys, I just bought & started playing FM 17 about 3 months ago. Currently playing in India in the mid-year of 2018 and I'm 2 seasons in. I've noticed that the league and cup reputations don't seem to change like in FM 15 (Did not play FM 16) EXCEPT for the European leagues & cups (I've leagues from EU, South America & Asia added). I remember in FM 15 this would update somewhere on the mid/last week of January every year (You get an update in your inbox on Champions league spot changes & league reputations) but it's not happening in time around. The AFC champions league and cup slots seem to be static as well. Did I miss something or has FM 17 slipped back? Any input would be great, Thanks!
  17. Greetings ,recently i started to have a problem starting FM 2017 .i keep getting the "cannot Run Game ,failed to set up graphics system " error. I have done all the solutions i could find online byt when i reinstall my latest graphics drivers an restart my pc ,whilst it starts once then i keep getting the error. DxDiag.txt I upload my DxDiag in case it helps . I also changed my AV ,ans even kept only the MS AV. No luck .. Looking forward for your reply.
  18. Ok, there are a couple of guides how to create a custom nation in FM, so this topic is not about it. Let's say, we already created a custom nation by editing a famous "Pre-1922 Ireland". We will call our nation "X-Nation" from now on. Now we decide that our X-Nation will be fantasy one, which resides on a newly created piece of land. A big archipelago in the Asia, just maybe a little bit east of Japan and Sakhalin Island. So far so good, now we going to set "Continent" of "X-Nation" to East Asia, choose currency (whatever you like, no matter). Creating backstory: X-Nation was formed by people of Russia East and Japan North. Secretly they developed a way to rise a land from ocean depths (whatever) to create a new nation where they can escape hostility and politics of the other world and offer a true safe spot on the Earth for everyone. Lore-wise, this young nation should use a mixture of RU and JP languages throughout all archipelago with a dominant EN as a common language for everyone. Logically, we are setting "Languages" tab in editor to: English - 100 Japanese - 50 Russian - 50 This will represent a portion of people knowing their first language (RU or JP) and everyone speaking EN as official one. Geography: In the center of archipelago the Center City is located. It is the true definition of globalization idea. Mixture of styles, culteres, languages, people, fashion and ideas. This is the capital of the whole X-Nation, the biggest megapolis holding it's ideas. Creating a new city. Center City will be the name, choose appropriate lat and long, 10mln - 20mln population, choose weather (any). Attraction - 11. Language - English. But, we miss a region! Let's create a Center Region for our capital. Setting it to X-Nation, population 18mln. Languages: English - 100 Japanese - 50 Russian - 50 Now we set our Center City to Center Region and it's done. Not enough cities and regions! We decide that our X-Nation likes the idea of globalization the most, but is also understands that they need to preserve their original culture! So, we are creating a region for each native language we have. JP Region and RU Region, each has aboth 5mln people residing, and the only language spoken there is native language. So we are setting Russian - 100 for RU Region Japanese - 100 for JP Region Lore-wise, we can explain those regions also used as adaptation zones for immigrants, so each region has only it's native language. Now, for each of 2 regions we create some cities, let's say... 3 for each. RU City 1, 2, 3. JP City 1, 2, 3. All of them have identical stats in Editor: 1mln - 2.5mln population, 10 attraction, region language, but different coordinates. "Hey, and what about football?" - someone is asking. Ok, we are getting there! This beatiful game is used by X-Nation to sing all over the world about their safe spot! How? The X-Nation has NO LEAGUES, that's how! The capital city (Centre City) has its own club. We will call it FC X-City. This club has a stadium in the Centre City, but participates in no active leagues. We will leave it as a placeholder for now. Each region has it's own club too, and a stadium in one of the regional cities respectively. Aaaaaand! Those clubs participate on the low leagues of original nations! FC RU City plays somewhere in Russian Third League, FC JP City plays somewhere in Japanese Third League, but both clubs still reside and train on the X-Nation grounds. We are getting closer to the point where the game slaps me in a face and spits all over my crying body. As I see it - FC RU City plays through Russian divisions, maybe getting promotions. Same for FC JP City. ALL of the regens and youth intake for FC RU City should have X-Nation nationality. Working as intended, no questions. They play in their home nation, and local kids born here go through local academies. MOST (if not ALL) of the regens and youth intake for FC RU City should have one of the RU Cities (1,2,3) as their place of birth and have Russan names/surnames. Same for JP counterparts. HELL NO THEY ARE NOT!!! The game decides to use FIRST LANGUAGE used for the WHOLE NATION as the base for names. For example, setting Russian - 50 English - 100 Japanese - 50 Gets me all of Victor, Ivan, Oleg, etc names for BOTH Russian and Japanese region clubs! Setting English - 100 Russian - 50 Japanese - 50 Gets me Billy, John, Kevin, etc named for BOTH Russian and Japanese region clubs! In both cases, I have NO control over surnames. Most of them use EAST ASIA database, so I am getting Kim, Lee, Shimada, Kyota, etc - a mixture of Korean, Chinese, Japanese names, maybe with like 5-10% of them are Russian surnames and another 5-10% English (or Ireland from pre-1922 database) This system SHOULD work - USA nation has English and Spain as languages and about 80% to 20% names and surnames English and Spain. But not for my nation!! And futhermore - each of the regens, all thousand of them simulated in a game, have ONLY ONE birth place. Centre City, the capital. Setting capital to "none" in editor still gives the same birth place for EVERYONE. This is SO INFURIATING, I can't even... AAARGHHH
  19. Hello, I bought FM17 today and downloaded it on Steam. When i start FM17, a steam loading window appears. After about 10 seconds the window goes away and my cursor is loading. Then after a couple of seconds my computer freezes. I use windows 10. Can somebody help me? Greetings, Roy
  20. I tried installing a badge pack but ever since my game crashes as soon as I open it, saying windows needs to find a solution. Any ideas what's wrong?
  21. Brought to you by the people behind The Versus 2013 Leagues (http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/356680-PGC-Versus-the-King-of-The-Hill ) & 2014 competition The Premiership Clan is happy to present the Versus Online games KING OF THE HILL for FM 2017 Having not been able to run the competition for FM 2016 due to technical issues we have completed testing for FM17 and can confirm that the issues previously are no longer relevent. We will no longer use Imported Teams but will now embrace the Fantasay Draft Feature using the Transfer Budget of 250 Million ( Rich ) with no Mid Season Draft, Small Player Pool ( 1500 players ) and 5 min Draft round time limit. We will use the League option ( 2-6 players playing eachother twice ) in order to run the competition. The results are recorded and documented in League Tables on these forums as we did previously. Games will be hosted on an ad-hoc basis from Thursday to Sunday evening. There will be a new Steam group to notify players of the scheduled games and also to utilise the Group Chat Feature on steam so players can communicate during the games. These game are open to everyone and we want as many people to play as possible. This year we also have the ability to add AI Managers as there are multiple AI Setups now available and these will also be incorperated into the leagues. Another new Feature is the ability to do Teamtalks and Opposition instructions which has previously been looked upon as a negative by some players so hopefully this will bring those players to the table. Also with Fantasy Draft you also get to Create your own Club so you can create a Club that is Unique to you. If this is something you would like to do you can PM me your details (steamid , Skype) so when I host a game I can send you a PM and add you to the new Steam Group. Also if you are browsing the steam server list and see PC All Welcome then feel free to join. Normally I have found that a 6 human team league playing home and away takes about 1 hour to 2 hours but with the addition of the actual Draft this may take a little longer. I will always save the game after every round of matches so if the game crashes I can reload the game and progress will not be lost. This thread can also be used by the competing players to comment and post and how they have done. Any questions just PM me. Good luck and have fun. I look forward to seeing you all on the Touchline. Belly, Premiership Clan
  22. I have recently started a YouTube journeyman styled save and would love some feedback on the episodes I currently have out. Episode 1 is attached and I will be adding the rest later if anyone is interested in watching and giving me some feedback. I will be adding more features as the episodes go on. Episode 1
  23. Hi Guys, I've just started a new save - one which I have never done before. I am going to play exclusively as the Italian Football Team Manager! I'm new to International Management so it's going to be an interesting journey! Here's Episode 1 Please like, comment and suggest! Enjoy watching! Here's the link to the playlist with all the episodes so far:
  24. What do you think, which clubs would be a fun challenge now that the January transfer window update has been released and why?
  25. Hello, I have a problem that occurs at the time of selection of the team before the match. I'll explain: Normally players when they are all deselected appear anyway in order of role; but now they appear in disorder In the "screenshot_1" you can see how the team selection is correctly displayed in the order; in the "screenshot_2" on the other hand even when they are deselected and in fact the last "screenshot_3" you can see that when you deselect all players are ordered without a precise sense logic is known that non-selected players are messy and not ordered as usual (positions) ! If you can help me thank you!