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  1. So as it says in the title. In my Wolves save and get this message saying my player on loan has had a twisted ankle due to being injured in a freak domestic accident. Never seen this type of injury before in previous titles; I have played since fm 2014. Anyone else ever had this type of injury before? P.S. This is on fm 2017.
  2. I might be a bit late but believe me I just recently got into FM. 2017. Unbelievable game, but one thing it keeps on crushing on the same day even played another save game but same thing happens. I saw from other people they attached the save game.. I'm playing the create own club option btw, maybe thats an issue too? Thanks in advance and sorry for going back into the old stuff.
  3. Hi guys! I would like to replicate the new play-offs format for the three National Leagues (English level 5 and 6) in FM 2017. Someone could post some screenshots of the play-offs settings directly taken from the FM 2018 Editor? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi My online game keeps crashing on a date with this error message : FOOTBALL MANAGER 2017 17.3.0f936783 (update) has stopped working after I used the latest database from third party website. I use original steam copy game. Can you help me? I can't progress on my saved game. Thank you.
  5. Im playing FM2017 One of my player complained that I didn't let him to play in his preferred position and role, which he demanded during contract signing. The problem is, I don't remember what role or position he demanded. Im playing him at his best position according to the tactics Overview. How do I check his preferred role? THANKS!
  6. Context: I won Champions League two seasons in a row but with irregular run in the league. Now in the curren season I am losing far too easily against top teams. This is the scheme (The only team instruction I use is low crosses because my strikers are not good in the air. I dont touch shape because I don't understand it and I don't want to mess with it. I use the mentality as a risk barometer and I change it according to the risk I am willing to take.) I want to play a simple game, with few instructions, focusing in the atributes of the players and having a balanced, simple tactic. My idea is to draw matches because you don't lose if you don't concede. I have strong and inteligent defenders, not fast but not slow. To compensate that I use a very inteligent DM in front of them. To bring the ball from defence to midfield I use a MC(S) with the PPMs: Comes deep to get the ball, dictates tempo, tries killer balls often and likes to switch the ball to the other flank. Beside him I use a CM(A) to use the space in front of him and a DLF(S) to create space for the CM(A) and help bring the ball from midfield to attack. On the flanks I use a FB(A) who uses the space the IF(S) creates for him and a FB(S) who helps the DM cover the space left for the CM(A) when he bombs forward. Also, I use an IF(A) who is my goal scoring target. Nothing else. simple. And I make sure each player has the atributes to fulfill his task. Now, the problem: I am conceding a lot, and I want to concede 1 or no goal per game. I dont care if I draw but I want to be competitive or a hard team to beat. Also, I can’t even score against even or better teams. And they completely bully me. Goals are coming in all colors and shapes so I can’t see a patern. In the analysis tab it says that I am conceding assist from my right side. So, maybe I need to drop my FB(A) to FB(S)? Here are the defensive atributes of my players: Here are the suporting atributes of my player: And here are the attacking atributes: I am not good at reading games so I don’t know what am I doing wrong. I don’t know how I win the two Champions League in a row. Maybe because of the simplicity and the good player selection. But now I am losing control and I don’t know why. Any help will be apreciated.
  7. Football Manager 2016-2018 - How to Locate or Move your User Data Location I've made a slight change to the guide this year to make it easier to update in the future, the content in it now applies to each version since Football Manger 2016 you just need to change the year for the version you are using in the instructions and follow any specific instructions for that version. Since Football Manager 2016 your User Data Location is no longer listed or editable from within the game. And since Football Manager 2017 the Touch Mode is a separate entry in your Steam Game Library so the instructions are slightly different depending on which mode of Football Manager you are using since FM2017. Thankfully Football Manager 2018 hasn't made any changes to this, so these instructions are the same as last years with just the game year changing. This guide is split into two parts; 1. How to Locate Your User Data Location - If you only want to add custom content to your game or want access to your save game this is the guide you want. Football Manager 2016-18 - How to Locate your Default User Data Location Football Manager Touch 2017-18 - How to Locate Your Default User Data Location 2. How to Change Your User Data Location - If you want to move your user data location to a different part of your computer then you need to read this part of the guide as well. Football Manager 2016-18 - How to Change your User Data Location Football Manager Touch 2017-18 - How to Change your User Data Location
  8. For two days I have a problem with the game. pops up error after few minutes of game. I do not know why this is happening
  9. Hi guys, unfortunately, i have a reason to post here. My Football Manager 2017, some days ago, started to show me "Cannot run game: Failed to set up graphics system" I've tried to reinstall Microsoft Visual CC++ and .net frameworks too, but didn't worked. I hope you can solve this for me please. ps: sorry about my english DxDiag.txt
  10. I wanted to have fun with a new game. I chose Messina, poor but quite big city on north east coast of Sicily. I've been there. And all I changed in the editor was the youth recruitment to 20. Had the odd future star coming through but none of them wanted to stay in Seria C (can't blame them. Did my best to keep them). But with all the sales and always trying to add 40% or 50% of next sale, I slowly made more money and improved the training youth and senior training grounds to attract better players. I finally made it into Seria A but will probably get relagated within a season. Loving the challenge though. And if I get sacked, I'll add a new manager and continue with Messina. I've added more coaches for under 18s and under 20s and I've made sure that all my new coaches have high "working with youngsters". I think I read somewhere that helps the Head of Youth Development who himself has high stats for "working with youngsters". Let's see what happens in March. I'm hopeful that my next batch of kids will improve. (feel free to move this Admin if this isn't posted in the right place.)
  11. Bear with me, as I haven't much of a clue where to put this as it's not technically a bug but it's also not technically a game issue either - if a mod can move it to the appropriate forum if it's in the wrong forum, that'd be grand. But I've encountered a very strange and frustrating problem with the game via Steam in that no matter what I do, the desktop and start menu shortcuts I created have stopped working and don't load the game. I have tried numerous times to rectify this issue by uninstalling and then reinstalling both the game and the editor, but to no avail. The Steam support wasn't exactly helpful either. Can someone please help with this issue as it now means I am having to run Steam directly to get into my games rather than be ab;e to have the shortcuts there on the desktop.
  12. My nation's are gone and I want to do English League but it has a red triangle and it won't let me do anything it's says about the maximum teams how do I reset hole of the files
  13. [FM17] The Rise of Brondby

    If you're part of the FM Slack community you've probably seen that I've been a bit annoying recently (or at least I feel that I have) as I've been in a bit of "management limbo". No matter how many different saves I loaded, no matter what leagues I picked, I could not get stuck in to a save. Many of you guys reading this probably know that feeling all too well right? It's almost as if you're under an "FM Curse". Arsene Wenger knows of the struggle to find an FM save that sticks Then it hit me - the reason I can't get stuck in to a new save is because of the way I left the Brondby save - unfinished, unfulfilled, a huge amount of unfulfilled potential in what could have been an epic journey to European glory. In fact, the whole thing barely got off the ground after the first couple of posts. After talking to some fellow FMers, I felt that it was only right that I go back to Denmark. I reread my post "Identity, Ethos and Philosophy" and it really hit me why I wanted to play as Brondby in the first place. It ties in with everything that I try to do on FM - run a sustainable, reputable football club, echoing the great sides of yesteryear. Bringing through the cream of the crop in Denmark and mixing them with the best talent worldwide. And finally, to tell a story of the rise of a football club to global dominance. That's why we post and stream our FM saves, isn't it? Let's go back to the beginning... The FM fire is burning again... I hit New Career Game, loaded up the leagues, and got cracking... Just the one month's worth of in game play time right now to ease myself back in to blogging and playing the game again, and I'm absolutely loving it. It's been a decent start, with the main achievement being progressing in to the Europa League third round qualifiers. We love scoring only two goals against teams, which makes me a little uneasy. However the squad are still learning my tactic, which I'll detail in future blogs. I'm now using the 17.3.0 update so the squad is a little different from before. However, the core of the side is still the same. If we're to do well this year, we'll be looking to on loan midfielder Hany Mukhtar for inspiration. He's on loan from Benfica for one season, and I'd love to keep him at the club permanently. Benedikt Rocker will have to be the rock at the back, whilst striker Teemu Pukki will once again lead the line. The future of Brondby - 16 year old Karl Appelt is one to watch A major focus of this year is going to be blooding the youngsters currently in the first team squad. I mentioned Karl Appelt as the main youth prospect in my first attempt, and he's still the pick of the bunch at just 16 years old. He's not the only one now though, as centre back Joel Kabongo, attacking midfielder Rezan Corlu and striker Gustaf Nilsson will all feature this season. By opting to do this, I've also really cut back on my transfers so as to ensure they actually do get some playing time. We've only made two signings this summer - defensive midfielder Mavin Schulz joins us on loan from Monchengladbach for this season, whilst Argentine Emmanuel Ledesma gives us more options on the flanks. The aims for this season is to give the Superliga a good go. I'm not expecting us to win it as Copenhagen are very strong, but you never know what could happen. However opting to play the youngsters may cost us slightly, but I'm prepared to take the "hit" now for long term success. We're all set up again now, and I'm stupidly excited to start playing this save again. Let's just hope the FM Curse has been lifted. To keep up to date when the next post goes live, follow me on Twitter (@registafm) and also my blog for other posts related to FM!
  14. Hello, I would like to buy your app Fm2017 but i have 2 questions : 1- when will the 2018 version be available ? Will you make a discount on the 2017 version ? 2- i think i have bought a version of fm once, can i find it with my Google address ? Thank you for your answers :-) Regards,
  15. Hi all, Can anyone help? I've gone to play FM today and the latest save of my current game wont load, not sure why as I closed down properly on the last play? I can go back to a previous save of the game but that would mean running almost a full pre and half a season again. Does anyone know if I can get the save back? Or what the issue might be? Cheers,
  16. Hi i keep getting an error saying cannot connect to servers when trying to load the game. i have had advice to check antivirus software which I have done and uninstalled/reinstalled the game. the error says Unreachable to the server and to retry or click next to go to the support website. When I click next, the support website won't open and it says there are connection issues, I have full internet access so confused as to why it's coming up with that error. any help appreciated thanks
  17. Hi, Every time I try to load the game I get an error saying the server is not reachable, I click next to go to the help page and then says there are connection problems. I have no such connection problems to the internet. i have checked my virus checker to add steam/fm as exceptions, uninstalled the game and reinstalled and still get the same error. please advise. thanks yours in virtual football
  18. [FM17] Bornéo (Ex-Mondialito) 8 Levels / 1240 teams Have you dreamed of an international competition with the best teams from all over the world? I do !!! Take in hand Real Madrid, PSG or even ... FK Cukaricki Beograd. Make yourself happy and try the adventure in Borneo, it's nice, it's hot and the best teams in the world are waiting for you. - National Team Playable - Team have regen of her origin (BARCELONA have regen from SPAIN, BENFICA from Portugal, ...) - ALL TEAM have her real players. - Trophies by level (Goal, player, assist, manager of the year) - All interclub compétion are removed (Champions League, Copa Libertadores, Asia Champions League, ...) - Classement Recompense (€€€) - TV awards for classement (€€€) - Have fun Championship structure : - Lega 1 (Level 1) 20 teams - Lega 2 (Level 2) 20 teams - Lega 3 (Level 3) 40 teams / 2 groups - Lega 4 (Level 4) 40 teams / 2 groups - Lega 5 (Level 5) 80 teams / 4 groups - Lega 6 (Level 6) 80 teams / 4 groups - Lega 7 (Level 7) 160 teams / 8 groups - Lega 8 (Level 8) 160 teams / 8 groups - Lega 9 (Level 9) 640 teams / non playable / Promotion & relegation Cup : - Multi Copa (National Cup / All teams) - Pro Copa (League Cup for Lega 1 & 2) - Semi Copa (League Cup for Lega 3 & 4) - Media Copa (League Cup for Lega 5 & 6) - Semi Media Copa (League Cup for Lega 7 & 8) - Reserves & U19 DOWNLOAD Bornéo (sans Ligue des Champions).fmf
  19. [FM17] Monaco Fantasy (5 Divisions) New country playable : MONACO. I made this update with disapear team from all over the world (ex: Real Vicenza, FC Sucre, Hereford United, Algarve United, Tampa Bay Mutiny ...), teams are classed by reputation (The best in Lega 1, etc ...). Team from Monaco championship participate to CHAMPIONS LEAGUE and EUROPA LEAGUE. The Monaco national team are playable to. All teams retain their normal nationality (ex: Tampa bay ---> USA, Algarve United ---> Portugal, Cassis ---> France, ...) - Teams Played CHAMPIONS LEAGUE / EUROPA LEAGUE - National Team PLayable - Team have regen of her origin (Miami have regen from USA, ...) - ALL TEAM are empty (no player, no staff, ...) you create your team with transfert budget (Lega 1= 60M€, Lega 2=30M€, ...) - Trophies by level (Goal, player, assist, manager of the year) - €€€€€€ TV finance / Classement fiance €€€€€ - Have fun !!! Championship structure : - Lega 1 (Level 1) 20 teams - Lega 2 (Level 2) 20 teams - Lega 3 (Level 3) 40 teams / 2 groups - Lega 4 (Level 4) 40 teams / 2 groups - Lega 5 (Level 5) 80 teams / 4 groups Cup : - Multi Copa (National Cup / All teams) - Copa de Lega (League Cup for Lega 1 & 2) - Super Copa (Winner Lega 1 vs Winner Multi Copa) - Reserves & U19 DOWNLOAD Monaco (5 Levels Fantasy) By @Timo@.fmf
  20. Good day experts, I have bought a new laptop with the following specs: Lenovo P50, 32GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 530, Nvidia Quadro M100M. For the past few days I was thoroughly enjoying myself playing Football Manager 2017 and Fifa 2017 in high graphics with absolutely no problems at all. FM2017 told me I had a five star rating for graphic performances as well. A day or two both games have suddenly started lagging and I cannot find out why. I have tried the following things: Uninstalled Windows updates, removed virus programs, formatted my laptop, assigned the Nvidia card in the graphics control panel, but none of these seem to work. And now FM2017 tells me I have a 1 star rating in my graphic performance! Yes my Nvidia Quadro card is being detected by the system but for the life of me I cannot figure out why both games have suddenly started lagging. Please advice? Thanks
  21. I am in 2024 and in charge of Botafogo. So I'm hoping there's a fix for this, as I've been playing this save for hours and hours. I haven't had any issues so far and I haven't changed anything from the very beginning. All of a sudden, when I am about to confirm a team talk and I click the 'Start game' button to proceed to the match, it crashes, closes FM and shows the following message: The application Sports Interactive has quit unexpectedly. The system and other applications have not been affected. A report has been created that you can send to Vendor not specified to help identify the problem. It gives me the option to send a report, which I always do. This has only been happening today. It was fine this morning. I don't know if there's been an update, or if there are any known issues. This has always run incredibly smoothly. MacBook Pro specs: macOS Sierra version: 10.12.5 (16F73) MacBook Pro (13-inch, Mid 2012) Processor 2.9 GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 8 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 1536 MB I have tried to attach a screen video of what happens and the save file but they're both much larger than 2mb.
  22. My laptop restarted and following this the game would crash dump whenever I tried to run the game. I finally got the game to run however the skin has turned a strange reddish colour and my manager profile at the side of the screen on the homepage is now stood still with his arms out either side of him in a trance like state (initially he was a ghostly outline however after deleting cache he at least now shows up). My save loads however it's exactly the same, with players faces appearing just as outlines. When I try and reload the skin, the programme closes. Any ideas what could be causing this?
  23. you can see how this works. screenshots Hello, I am not sure this forum is right to upload this mod. If not, please let me know. I made intros looking like the real broadcasting and be able to choose which you want to see. Now, only 2 intros, EPL and La Liga , are available. Download and please read 'Read Me.txt' Screen resolution - This is only tested at 1920 x 1080. It might cause error if you use this at a higher or lower resolution. 19 . June . 2017 updated add serie A, Ligue 1 23 . June . 2017 updated add bundesliga, k-league(Korean League) Download : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7ZVu6-IP04CNUdqc3piQVc5bE0 25. June. 2017 updated change the logo of epl I think this is the final version. Download : https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B7ZVu6-IP04CYjk3X0ozSWZjUVE
  24. Problems with changing rules

    Hello everyone, I would like to change the rules of club world championship. I would like to change it into another format that start with 4 groups which contains 16 teams from the champion of 6 champions leagues and also several league champions such as England premier league. However, it comes out differently. It turned into the teams that join the cup is mostly from Brazil and and Argentina. What I want is just one team from each champions leagues winners and also several leagues winners that from different countries. Can anyone help me with that?
  25. Can SIGA add the option of loaning a stadium in the club board . Just like What Man City did in 2003 and West Ham did in 2016. It will be boring if there are only options of buying a stadium, expanding a stadium or building a new stadium in the club board choices. Please add it for all clubs.