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  1. Download The next release will be in one week with J2 staff completed. Sadly, this release or the next one will not yet include the competition structure as the file containing it was corrupted somehow after the 17.2.0 patch, meaning I will have to recreate it from scratch. The patch also broke a part of the database and the way I fixed it changed the player IDs, so the facepack will be delayed until I reassign the cut-outs. Contents Over 260,000 changes in total Every first team player and staff member in J1 League. All personnel have been set with attributes, positions, shirt numbers, personal details and playing histories. Every first team player in J2 League. All players have been set with attributes, positions, shirt numbers, personal details and playing histories. Real attendance and season ticket figures for teams in J1 through JFL. Real media outlets and some player agents have been added. (by Dax) More than 300 under-18 players and staff have been added, including high schools and select universities, with accurate personal details, positions and ratings. Some youth players also have select attributes set based on their strengths and weaknesses. Realistic kits and formations have been added for some high schools. (by Dax) Upcoming League structure Youth, high school and university competitions Complete squads for teams and schools playing in the U18 Premier League and select players from the division below Facepack with over 1000 cut-outs J3 League players & staff Accurate finances based on club reports from J1 through J3, with real debts and budgets Thanks to Dax for his work with the youth teams and Shimera for helping with Ehime FC and club kits.
  2. Once again I am creating the biggest English database available to play, I'm hoping to add more playable leagues to this database.
  3. Hello, With these updates and the original leagues, there is therefore now playable with a maximum of realism on the format of competitions and the rules: - All countries in Europe - All countries in South America - All countries in Asia - All countries in North America and the CFU Club Championship qualifiyng for the CONCACAF Champions League - All countries in Africa - All countries in Oceania - Addition of 35 Continental/International Competitions. All my updates are made with the advanced editor, to give you the updates + realistic as possible in all competitions! All leagues are with initial tv money and final rankings money depending their initial reputation and continent! The 210 updates are all compatible. Tested the 210 updates until 2025 without bug neither crash. MEGAPACK 210 UPDATES: AFRICA: 56 UPDATES Algeria: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Angola: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Benin: 1st division ("normal" format), Cup, Super Cup Botswana: 1st division, Top8 Cup, FA Cup Burkina Faso: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Burundi: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Cameroon: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Cape Verde: 1st division, Cup, Independence Cup, Super Cup Central African Republic: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Chad: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Comoros: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Congo: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Djibouti: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup DR Congo: 1st division, Cup, Super cup Egypt: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Equatorial Guinea: 1st division, President Cup, Super Cup Eritrea: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Ethiopia: 1st division, Cup, League Cup, Super Cup Gabon: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Gambia: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Ghana: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Guinea: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Guinea-Bissau: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Ivory Coast: 1st division, Cup, League cup, Super Cup Kenya: 1st division, Cup, Top 8 Cup, Super Cup Lesotho: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Liberia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Libya: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Madagascar: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Malawi: 1st division, Cup, League Cup, Super Cup Mali: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup (With new formats, from season 17/18) Mauritania: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Mauritius: 1st division, Cup, Republic Cup, Super Cup Mayotte: 1st division, Cup, French Cup, Super Cup Morocco: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Mozambique: 1st division, Cup, League Cup, Super Cup Namibia: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Niger: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Nigeria: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Reunion: 1st division, Cup, French Cup Rwanda: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Sao Tome & Principe: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Senegal: 1st division, Cup, League Cup, Super Cup Seychelles: 1st division, FA Cup, Airtel Magic Cup, Super Cup Sierra Leone: 1st division, FA Cup, Super Cup Somalia: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup South Sudan: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Sudan: 1st division, Cup Swaziland: 1st division, Cup, Castle Premier Chalenge, Super Cup Tanzania: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Togo: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Tunisia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup (With new formats, from season 17/18) Uganda: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Zambia: 1st division, Cup, Super cup Zanzibar: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Zimbabwe: 1st division, Cup, Independence Trophy, Super Cup ASIA: 39 UPDATES Afghanistan: 1st division Bahrain: 1st and 2nd division, King's Cup, FA Cup, Super Cup Bangladesh: 1st and 2nd division, Federation Cup, Independence Cup, Super Cup Bhutan: 1st division then National League Birmania: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Brunei: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Cambodia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, King Cup DPR North Korea: 1st division, Cup East Timor: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Guam: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Iran: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Iraq: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Japan: 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th division, Emperor's Cup, League Cup, Super Cup, Suruga Bank Cup (With new formats, from season 17/18) Jordan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, FA Shield, Super Cup Kuwait: 1st division, Emir Cup, Crown Prince Cup, Federation Cup, Super Cup Kyrgyzstan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Laos: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Lebanon: 1st and 2nd division, FA Cup, Elite cup, Super Cup Macau: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, FA Cup, President Cup Maldives: 1st and 2nd division, FA Cup, President Cup, Super Cup Mongolia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Nepal: 1st and 2nd division, Aaha Gold Cup, Budha Subba Gold Cup, Pokhara Cup, Simara Gold Cup, Birat Gold Cup, Jhapa Gold Cup Northern Marianas Islands: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Oman: 1st and 2nd division, Sultan Cup, Federation Cup, Super Cup Pakistan: 1st division, Cup Palestine: 1st and 2nd division (West Bank and Gaza), Palestine Cup, West Bank Cup, Gaza Cup, West Bank Super Cup, Gaza Super Cup Philippines: 1st division, Cup (With new formats, from season 2017) Qatar: 1st and 2nd division, Emir Cup, Crown Prince Cup, Sheikh Qassim Cup Saudi Arabia: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, King Cup, Crown Prince Cup, Super Cup Sri Lanka: 1st division, FA Cup, Silver Cup Syria: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Taiwan: 1st division Tajikistan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Cup FFT, Super Cup (With new formats, from season 2017) Thailand: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, League cup, Super Cup Turkmenistan: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup United Arab Emirates: 1st and 2nd division, President cup, Emirates cup, Super Cup, FA Cup Uzbekistan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, PFL Cup, Super Cup Vietnam: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super cup Yemen: 1st and 2nd division, Cup and Super cup EUROPE: 21 UPDATES Albania: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Andorra: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Armenia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (With new formats, from season 17/18) Azerbaijan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Bosnia-Herzegovina: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Cyprus: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Estonia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Faroe Islands: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup France: only French Cup rebuilding: for winners of specific competitions on updates of Martinique, Guadeloupe, French Guiana, Tahiti, New-Caledonia... are qualified for the 7th round of the French Cup, like IRL! FYROM: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Georgia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (With new formats, from season 17/18) Gibraltar (by SIgames): 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Kazakhstan: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Kosovo - 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Latvia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, League Cup Lithuania: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Luxembourg: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Malta: 1st, 2nd and 3rd division, Cup, Super Cup (With new formats, from season 17/18) Moldova: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup (With new formats, from season 17/18) Montenegro: 1st and 2nd division, Cup (With new formats, from season 17/18) San Marino: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup NORTH AMERICA: 41 UPDATES - CFU Club Championship : The Carribean Champions League qualifying for the Concacaf Champions League for the Top3 Anguilla: 1st division, Cup, President Cup Antigua and Barbuda: 1st and 2nd division, ABFA Champions League Aruba: 1st division, Cup Bahamas: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Barbados: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Belize: 1st division Bermuda: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Friendship Trophy, Super Cup Bonaire: 1st division, Cup British Virgin Islands: 1st division, Williams Cup, Terry Evans Cup Canada: Canadian Soccer League, League1 Ontario, PLSQ, PCSL Cayman Islands: 1st division, Cup, President's Cup, Super Cup Costa Rica: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Cuba: 1st division Curacao: 1st division Dominica: 1st division, Cup Dominican Republic: 1st division, Cup El Salvador: 1st and 2nd division, Cup French Guiana: 1st division, Cup, French Cup, UNAF Cup Grenada: 1st division, Cup Guadeloupe: 1st division, Cup, French Cup, Trophee Guy Roch Guatemala: 1st and 2nd division Guyana: 1st division, Mayors Cup, Kashif & Shanghai Knockout Tournament (With new formats, from season 17/18) Haiti: 1st division, Cup, Super cup Honduras: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Jamaica: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Martinique: 1st division, Cup, French Cup, Super Cup Montserrat: 1st division Nicaragua: 1st division Panama: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Puerto Rico: 1st division Saint Kitts and Nevis: 1st division, Cup, Super Cup Saint Lucia: 1st division, Cup Saint-Martin: 1st division, Cup Saint Pierre & Miquelon: 1st division, Cup Saint Vincent and the Grenadines: 1st division - Sint-Marteen: 1st division Suriname: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super Cup Trinidad & Tobago: 1st and 2nd division, FA Trophy, Pro Bowl, League cup, Toyota classic cup, Goal shield, Charity Shield Turks and Caicos Islands: 1st division, Cup US Virgin Islands: 1st division (Saint Croix League & Saint Thomas League) OCEANIA: 16 UPDATES - Oceania Champions League + Melanesian Super Cup : For correct continental qualification with my Oceania's updates. American Samoa: 1st division, Cup Cook Islands: 1st division, Cup Fiji: 1st division, Battle of the Giants, FA Sup, Inter district championship, Champions vs Champions Kiribati: 1st division Micronesia: 1st division, Cup New-Caledonia: 1st division, Cup New-Zealand: 1st division, Regionals Leagues (D2+D3), Charity Cup, Chatham Cup Papua New-Guinea: 1st division Samoa: 1st division, Cup Solomon Islands: 1st division Tahiti: 1st and 2nd division, Cup, Super cup Tonga: 1st division Tuvalu: 1st and 2nd (B teams) division, Independance Cup, NBT Cup, Tuvalu Games, Christmas Cup Vanuatu: 1st division, National soccer League, FA shield, PVFA Cup Wallis&Futuna: 1st division, Cup SOUTH AMERICA: 5 UPDATES Bolivia: 1st and 2nd division, Cup Ecuador: 1st and 2nd division Paraguay: 1st and 2nd division Peru: 2nd division activated Venezuela: 1st and 2nd division, Cup (With new formats, from season 17/18) CONTINENTAL & INTERNATIONAL: 32 UPDATES - AFC Solidarity Cup: Every 4 years between 10 small Asian countries - AFF-U19 Championship: Every year between 12 South East Asian Nations, for U19 - African Games: Every 4 years, for U23 players - Arab club championship: Every year between 22 participants (22 champions of 22 Asian and African leagues) - Baltic Cup: Every 2 years between Estonia, Lituania and Latvia - CECAFA Cup: Every year between 12 East and Central African countries - CECAFA Cup U20: Every year between 12 East and Central African countries, for U20 - Central American & Caribbean Games: Every 4 years, for U21 - Central American Games: Every 4 years between 7 Central American Nations, for U20 - COSAFA Cup: Every year between 14 Southern African countries - COSAFA Cup U20: Every year between 14 Southern African countries, for U20 - Francophony Games - Gulf Club Cup Champions League: Every year with 12 participants (2nd and 3rd of 6 Asian leagues) - Gulf Cup Winners Cup: Every year with 8 participants (8 winners national Cup of 8 Middle East countries) - Gulf Cup Of Nations: Every 2 years between 8 Middle East countries - Gulf Cup Of Nations U23: Every 2 years between 6 Middle East countries, for U23 players - Indian Ocean Champions Cup: Every year with 7 participants (7 champions of 7 African leagues) - Indian Ocean Islands Games Every 4 years between 7 African Nations - Islamic Solidarity Games - Kagame Interclub Cup: Every year between 12 participants (12 champions of 12 East and Central African leagues) - Ligue des Antilles: Every year between the 4 best Martinique teams and the 4 best Guadeloupe teams - Lusophony Games - Mediterranean Games: Every 4 years, for U20 players - Mekong Club Championship: Every year between 5 participants (5 champions of 5 Asian leagues) - Oceania Cup U20: Every 2 years, for U20 players - PanAmerican Games: Every 4 years, for U22 players - Pan-Arab Games - SAFF U-19 Championship: Every 2 years between 8 South Asia countries, for U19 - South Asian Games: Every 2 years, for U23 players - South East Asian Games: Every 2 years, for U23 players - Supercopa EuroAmericana Every year between the winner of Europa League and the winner of SudAmericana Copa - WAFF-U23 Championship: Every 2 years, between 12 Middle East countries, for U23
  4. FMUpdates EEE - England, Enhanced, Expanded EEE - ENGLAND, ENHANCED, EXPANDED RETURNS FOR FM2017 FMUpdates has returned! Following last season's launch of Level 9, we will be bringing you the latest in our long line of impressive 'Football Manager' releases with the enhancement of the English league pyramid bringing you an improved gameplay experience of the leagues already available and the expansion of the English non-league structure to incorporate Steps 3, 4 and 5 of the National League System along with all the additional cups and rules that accompany them. As ever, EEE will provide you with only the best and most advanced, realistic, detailed and reliable expansion around for the 'Football Manager' series. Accept NO substitutes! The Advanced England League Expansion includes: ORIGINAL FIXTURE LISTS ENGLISH AND INTERNATIONAL TEAM CUP HISTORIES FA VASE QUALIFICATION SYSTEM REBUILT FA CUP & FA TROPHY FEATURING EARLIER ROUNDS COMPLETE ITINERARY OF LEAGUE CUPS & COUNTY CUPS CREATION OF INACTIVE LEVEL 10 FOR PROMOTION/RELEGATION PURPOSES REBUILT FA CUP & FA TROPHY RULES TO INCORPORATE EARLIER ROUNDS FINE-TUNING OF EXISTING ENGLISH LEAGUE STRUCTURE TO FURTHER REPLICATE REAL LIFE EXPANDED & IN-DEPTH HISTORIES FULL & AUTHENTIC COMPETITION AWARDS OVERHAUL EXPANDED FA GROUND GRADING REQUIREMENTS SYSTEM EXPANDED MEDIA SOURCES AND JOURNALISTS UPDATED KITS & OTHER CLUB INFORMATION AND MUCH MORE WAITING TO BE ANNOUNCED, FEATURED AND DISCOVERED! #supportlocalfootball #FMUpdates #EEE #FM2017
  5. Hi everyone, just before the weekend, I'm presenting you my newest child - update pack for FM2017 What does it include ? - Transfer Updates (loans, loan recalls, retirements and transfers) - International History Updates (changed/added/removed nationalities, updated caps) - (SOON) Changes to the players (CA/PA, positions, height, weight, DoB) What main leagues updates are included ? English (down to 6-7 level, and most changes in lower leagues) French (down to 4 level) German ( down to 5 level) Polish (as many as I found) Italian (down to 4 level) Algeria, Tunisia and more bigger african countries (few team already done but It will be FULLY UPDATED because researchers are not doing a good job) but of course other leagues are/will be done too, I've mentioned leagues I mostly focused on. Of course, I'm aware that not all changes are inclued but It will be done for sure. Any feedback (good and bad) will be helpful,
  6. There is an ongoing debate on which team is better. Barcelona or Real Madrid. Performances are all too easy to judge, so what if you went one level deeper and looked at who would do better in the youth academy? Signing up is easy and the system will be done below... your character will enter into the first team at the age of 18, and after 5 annual intervals the player can be judged at their youth. Then, there will be a secret 10 year progress and as your player retires, we will judge the progress of their academies. This will test Barcelona and Real Madrid's Training Facilities, their manager's talent, but most of all their attitude to young players at their club. The players will have a set CA and PA, random by me, ranging from CA 120 - 150 to PA 160 - 200. Sign up example: ---- Name: Javier Excudo DOB (character will be 18, so do day and month): Club (choose Barca or Real Madrid): Strong Attributes (Technical) - choose 4 - in order of strength: 18,17,16,15 : Strong Attributes (Physical) - choose 2 : 19, 17: Strong Attributes (Mental - choose 2 : 20, 18: Height (cm): Weight [mass if you're that guy] (kg): Position: ----
  7. Here is my Gibraltar League 2016-17 season This is a follow on from previous seasons files i have made on Gibraltar Football this year was abit different as i was helping Stephen Davidson SI Games and Julian Fortuna at Gib Football Talk with the actual database for Football manager 2017. So all the details i had from my database have gone into SI's this year. My file is a update/follow to SI Games Official Steam version things we didn't manage to get in before the data lock. Gibraltar Premier Division & Gibraltar Division Two (With real fixtures) Rock Cup Pepe Reyes Cup 2nd Division Cup Britannia XI and Red Imps, Europa Pegasus no longer in game All Cup Histories from 2012 added for Rock Cup Premier League Cup European Cups 2nd Division Cup (only from semi-final) Correct Reserve League (With real fixtures) Reserve League 9 Teams (Lincoln, Man 62,, Glacis, Magpies, St. Joseph, Lions, Lynx, Mons Calpe, Europa Reserve League Cup Correct U18 League correct dates U18 League 5 Teams (Lincoln, Man 62, Glacis, Lions, Europa) U18 Cup (Not real dates) Duplicate people deleted Transfers up-to-date - Players/Staff added to teams (added from SI's version) New Angels manager - Lewis Fraser All teams have correct player positions apart from 4 players at Europa and (added from SI's version) Relationships added for players/staff where known (added from SI's version) Places of Birth added to players where known (added from SI's version) Heights and weights added where known (added from SI's version mainly Gibraltar Phoenix & Gibraltar United) Gibraltar U17 & U19 national team players added not already in database Correct squad numbers on most teams (This is ongoing as some teams don't have squad numbers yet) Added attributes to some players Added extra Gibraltar media sources Added clubs record win/loss All changes that are here are done Added Pick Up Academy with players as they have affiliation with Bruno Magpies and players in Academy have played in Gibraltar Haven't changed international caps so they are correct as of 1/7/16 Not been tested as been busy. Can't think of anything else This is an ongoing file. Please feel free to contact me with any issues or ways of making the file better. Since making these files i have made lots of contacts within Gibraltar football and even more now i'm Gibraltar assistant researcher and would like to thank them without their information the files wouldn't be authentic. I'm also in the process of updating and adding to my facepack. Grff with his amazing work again with the Gibraltar Prem and 2nd Kits and national kits Club Logos are here including Gibraltar Regiment Facepack now 1063 pictures Gib Comps including New Rock Cup and New 2nd Div Cup logos Gibraltar league 2016-17 mark 2_899968E1-283A-4145-A421-87764C2A8DFB.fmf Gibraltar league 2016-17 mark 2_899968E1-283A-4145-A421-87764C2A8DFB.fmf
  8. The Wonderkids Team’s update proposes to take the lead of a new team. It’s made up of 60 of the best Wonderkids present on Football Manager 2017 (17.3). Creation of the club “Institut National du Football (INF) WonderKid” located in Paris. Integration of the club in Ligue 2 (D2 France) in place of Amiens SC. Integration of a reserve team in CFA2 (D5 France). Recruitment of 60 young players with high potential (-10, -95, -9 and -85 to complete the defense) Recruitment of high level staff only French. Adding a French second nationality to non-French players. End of contract for all (Players and Staff) in 2022 without initial salary changes. Suger Daddy, Sponsor with large incomes.. New stadium (Wonderkid Stadium) of 50000 Places. Infrastructure at the highest level. Total affiliation with major European training clubs. More than 1000 changes… More information (Download Link and Screenshot) here : Thank You. Kinmar
  9. Hi Guys, I've just started a new save - one which I have never done before. I am going to play exclusively as the Italian Football Team Manager! I'm new to International Management so it's going to be an interesting journey! Here's Episode 1 Please like, comment and suggest! Enjoy watching! Here's the link to the playlist with all the episodes so far:
  10. Hi guys. The last few days I have been busy expanding the Dutch leagues in FM 17. My objective was to have a playable and realistic pyramid, trying to stay as close to reality as feasibly possible. As most will know, as of 16/17, for the first time in history the Dutch have a complete football pyramid allowing. Features: Dutch leagues til level 5 (Eredivisie, Jupiler League, Tweede Divisie, Derde Divisie, Hoofdklasse), might expand to include Eerste klasse (lvl 6) later. Changed KNVB beker to have all divisions join in, pro-clubs get a bye til a later round, amateurs play qualification rounds (seeded). This is the only thing that is not totally realistic, because in real life there are far less teams joining and it is a far more complicated system to figure out who gets to participate each season. All saturday & sunday leagues have their region boundaries set. All clubs have their prefered competitions set (saturday or sunday), the game should recognise which club to put in which league each season. There is a possibility of a club being in the 'wrong' league one season, but the game will fix this itself eventually, it doesn't matter too much -- considering in real life it is a plausible situation the KNVB has to deal with too at the end of a season. Champion from the Tweede Divisie promotes to the Jupiler League, nr. 20 from Jupiler league relegates. No's 17 & 18 from the Tweede Divisie relegate automatically to the Derde Divisie, no's 15 & 16 qualify for the relegation play-off at the end of the season. Derde Divisie champions (2) promote to the Tweede Divisie. Derde Divisie split into two sub-divisions (saturday and sunday). Each division is split into three periods, at the end of a period there is a "period champion" who qualifies for the play-offs at the end of the season. In total there are 6 period winners who compete with the no's 15 & 16 for the last 2 spots in the Tweede Divisie. No's 17 & 18 from the Derde Divisie relegate to the Hoofdklasse. No's 15 & 16 qualify for the relegation play-off and compete with the Hoofdklasse period winners for the two spots. Hoofdklasse champions (4) promote to the Derde Divisie. Hoofdklasse divided into 4 sub-divisions (Saturday A & B, Sunday A & B), each division has 3 periods. In total there are 12 period winners who qualify for the promotion play-off. No's 15 & 16 relegate automatically to the eerste klasse (inactive division at the moment), this is partly real, because in real life there is also a relegation play-off for the no's 13 & 14 with the period winners of the Eerste Klasse. I might add this later together with a playable Eerste Klasse. Basic competition history added to the Tweede Divisie, Derde Divisie & Hoofdklasse Added primary and secondary kits to teams up til the Hoofdklasse that didn't have any kits attached, the primary being based on real life, and the secondary mostly fictional with some exceptions. Tweaked most club names of the playable divisions to be more consistent (e.g. Dordrecht -> FC Dordrecht, Katwijk -> VV Katwijk, Lienden -> FC Lienden) Tweaked some clubs not having the correct city, some were given the district (gemeente in Dutch) not the city or village. Added some missing "year founded" to some clubs. All clubs that did not have a stadium attached have one now. No players added, only the ones in the default database are in the teams. Real tax rules of Netherlands added in a seperate file, the default ones were not realistic. Thanks to @Slabbekoorn. Real fixture & discipline rules as they are in each division, as good as possible. Eredivisie & Jupiler league TV broadcast changed to pay-to-view, due to Fox Sports exclusive deal in real life. If there are any problems, please report and I'll try to see if I can help. Special thanks to; @Slabbekoorn For helping me with problems in the editor and giving solutions. @Reddiablo For giving the kick-off in his topic to creating this file. Without you both this wouldn't have been as plausible to do. Download link: Version 2.5 Mirror 1: Mirror 2: Mirror 3:
  11. UPDATE: New massive version of this database released. Check the bottom of this post. I made a quick, pretty simple Super League consisting of 812 teams from every single country in the world. The Super League is based in Wallis and Futuna and consists of 4 tiers Tier 1 - World Premium Super League, 20 teams, 6 teams relegated Tier 2 - World League 2, 264 teams in 12 groups of 22, 48 teams enter a promotion playoff cup from which 6 teams are promoted Tier 3 - World League 4, 264 teams in 12 groups of 22, 48 teams promoted and relegated Tier 4 - World League 4, 264 teams in 12 groups of 22, 48 teams promoted Premium Club Cup - All 812 teams compete in a cup.1 leg with extra time and penalties. There is also a Higher League Cup for the Premium and Second league, and a Lower League Cup for the clubs from League 3 and 4. 1 leg with extra time and penalties as well. Every single country in the world is represented with at least 3 clubs to maximize diversity. This world league is best used with other database files which increase the Youth Rating of smaller countries. Note, the TV money is huge because I didn't want financial struggling and FFP sanctions. I made this database for me, i'm willing to listen to suggestions and new ideas on how to improve the world league, but I can't guarantee that they would be implemented. Competitions like the Champions League and the Europa League have been removed for obvious reasons. Download here: I will publish this to Steam Workshop once I figure out how to do that. Some screenshots: UPDATE: Massive World Super Leagues edition Over 2000 clubs from every country in the world fight in 8 different tiers, each with 12 leagues. There also are 4 different cups. Link:
  12. This file reinstates the old-fashioned, simple model of European cups:1) European Champions Cup: 54 teams, champions only, no seedings, cup rules2) European UEFA Cup: 108 teams, 2nd and 3rd placed from all European countries (except Liechtenstein), no seedings, cup rules3) European Cup Winners Cup: 55 teams, cup winners or finalists, no seedings, cup rulesPlayed from August to October and from April (UEFA Cup from March) to June.Prizes set (I hope) acceptably, Champions Cup has the highest, UEFA Cup the lowest.No additional special squad rules set.Tested on holiday till 2022, no crashes.Recommended to start the game in June 2016.Known issues:- as it's done with basic rules, sometimes the finals are played on very small stadiums of Andorra or Faroe Islands.- when tried to set it with advanced rules, the editor insists there's some mistake with squad selection rules, I can't spot it now.Feel free to use, test, and report potential mistakes (and even correct them Yourselves, if .You can) Old-time fashioned European Cups reinstated v. 1.0_0DC69A7A-34F3-49B8-AD93-61617CE244BF.fmf
  13. MRT90 BRASIL REAL FOR FM 2017 National First Division National Second Division National Third Division National Fourth Division State Championships Brazilian Cup Northeast Cup Copa Verde South-Minas-Rio Cup State Cups How to download: Subscribe on this link:
  14. Welcome to version 1.0 of The United Stated Project. With this first release, I aim to get everything accurate for the 2016 and 2017 seasons of all 3 professional "soccer" leagues in the USA. Check out the notes below for more details. MLS Minnesota United FC leaves the NASL to join the MLS in 2017. NASL Puerto Rico join the NASL for the 2016 fall season. San Francisco Deltas join the NASL for the 2017 spring season. USL Ottawa Fury and Tampa Bay Rowdies leave the NASL to join the USL in 2017. Download coming soon
  15. when i try and load Football manager, it goes to a black screen and it just freezes and nothing happens I have tried reinstalling and clearing the cache. but with no joy Any ideas guys please?
  16. (I do not speak English I use google translation.) I did not hide the player properties when the game first opened. I could see the properties of each player without previewing. When I came to 2024, the player features were like the picture below. Do you know how to solve this?
  17. fm2017

    Effodeildin, 1. deild, 2. deild & 3. deild This is the first year I'll be posting my Faroe Islands league database. I've been making this database for the last three seasons and has accumulated some info about the structure of the Faeroese leagues. I tried to keep as true to the league structure as possible, but I've also added some features that are not present in real life. I've also added and changed some data in the database. General: Two transfer windows, as described on here Foreigners need work permit (250 £ in weekly wage) Discipline Rules as stated on Competitions: Effodeildin - consists of 10 teams, playing three rounds. Two teams are relegated. I've added prize money for the top four teams, as well as a small amount of TV money. No B teams allowed 1. Deild - consists of 10 teams, playing three rounds. Two teams are promoted and two teams are relegated. B teams allowed. 2. Deild - consists of 10 teams, playing two rounds. Two teams are promoted and two teams are relegated. B teams allowed. Løgmanssteypið - Cup competition for all the first teams. Stórsteypadystur - Super cup played between the winner of Effodeildin and the winner of Løgmanssteypið U18 - U18 league. 18 teams split into two groups in the group stage. In the middle of the season the four best from each group goes on into the championship playoff league U18 Steypakapping - U18 Cup. 18 teams played throughout the season. Database Updates: I've used a lot of time on the database. Here are the main changes: 31 new Awards (fictive, based on the awards of the Danish league system) 106 new cities/towns 380 updates to the clubs 103 updated to the competitions 6 new media sources 133 new peoples (chairmen, managers, coaches and referees) 2 new stadiums and name changes for the rest 5 new stage names (used in the cup) Most of these changes are based on the info found on and The awards are fictive, as are some of the B/U18 teams. All other updates should be on track with real life I would have loved to add players to the clubs (since keeps a list of all players involved in any game in 2016), but I've been having problem with the CA/PA of the added players being so low that the players are actually useless. I might create a thread for this in the Editors Hideaway, but it would require that I did some more digging. Kits, Logos and Stadium Photos As an extra feature I also decided to create both kits, logos and stadium pictures for the Faroe Islands. They can be found here here. The three folders in the zip file goes into "..\My Documents\Sports Interactive\ Football Manager 2017\graphics" (crate the folder if it doesn't exit). Then go into preferences in the game, clear the cache and reload the skin. Anyways, here's the file. It's close to the real life structure, but I did add some fictive elements to make it a bit better. To install it simply place it in "..\My Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\editor data" (create the folder if it doesn't exist) and start a new game. Faroe Islands.fmf
  18. 1. FM17 Transfers & Data Update Pack 2.0 (by pr0) / 12.3.2017 / FM17 Transfers & Data Update Pack 2.0 (by pr0) This update contains 5.547 changes until the 12th of March 2017 that happened after the 17.1 database lockdown. Inside the pack you will find also the instructions text on how to install correctly the files in your game. Instructions text , can be found at the end of the post also. Lets see what each file includes: Updated Transfers : 1. Player/Manager/Staff transfers from all around the world from the very best leagues to the small ones. Also passed away players/staff are removed from database. 2. Contracts/Numbers/Height/Weight/Nationality changes. 3. Added favorite clubs, staffs etc. General Changes : 1. Added new people who doesn't exist in the database - chairmen/players/managers/staff. 2. Affiliations between teams. 3. Corrected captains. 4. New stadiums. Wonderkids : 1. New young players created ,who will become world class players in the future ( wonderkids ). 2. In some cases adjusted CA/PA abilities of players under 21,that already exist in the game. Current Ability / Potential Ability Changes : 1. Adjusted stats and current ability attributes. 2. Adjusted potential ability attributes. Agents : 1. Agents created, with specific attributes and clients, to add more realism to the game. Instructions : Extract the files to : C:\Users\user\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\editor data. If editor data folder is not there, create one with this name only. Other names will not recognize the files inside the game. Then New Career Game. It opens a window where you have to choose the database. Choose the Football Manager 2017 database option and select my files. You are ready to create an updated new game. Q: Can we play this update without the CA/PA changes ? A: Yes , the CA/PA file will be a new file beside the others. If you dont want this file, simply don't choose it when you start a new game. Follow me on facebook to get info/release dates about upcoming packs/personal work for FM17 here: FM Transfers & Data Update Packs by pr0 Visit my site to be a part of my work and give me suggestions/support here:
  19. FM17 Real Fixtures - v3 (13/11/16) Real fixture packs are back after their success last season. I have streamlined the process for producing these even further so I can create them relatively quickly. Once again, if you want to see any more leagues in particular, send me a direct message or reply here and I can accommodate. I will be adding to this file over time. Leagues Included England (Premier to National League North/South) Scotland (Premier to League two) Italy (Serie A and B) Spain (La Liga and La Liga 2) France (Ligue 1 and 2) Netherlands (Eredivisie, Jupiler League and Tweede Divisie Germany (Bundesliga and 2. Bundesliga) Argentina (Primera and Primera B) (Fixed error with dates) USA (MLS) Russia (Premier and First Division) Ukraine (Premier and First Division) Brazil (Serie A and B) Portugal (Primera and Segunda) South Africa (Premier League) Gibraltar (Premier League) (NEW as Text File Only) Sweden (Allsvenskan and Superettan) (NEW) Once again, the pack also includes a text version of the fixtures in case you have modified the leagues already yourself and want to import these fixtures into your other files. Download Real Fixtures 16/17 v3
  20. Hey there, I am also experiencing the same issue after the update. When I check the game speed from add/remove leagues, it says that it is 3.5 stars and my computer performance is 4.5 stars. This was the same before the update and now it is so slow that it is unplayable. It used to run very smooth before this update. I am playing on a macbook pro retina with 2.2 ghz intel core i7, intel iris pro 1536 mb graphics. I am also playing on the lowest possible graphics. Is there a fix for the slowness issue? This has ruined my experience. I cant attach my save because it says that it is too big to attach.
  21. After updating to 17.3, the game crashes on pressing the Continue button for the first time. I deleted my cache, verified the game files, still nothing. I uploaded the game file ( and the .dmp file (FM 2017 v17.3.0.936785 (2017.03.03 21.16.26).dmp) to the game_crash folder. Thank you for your time and your help.
  22. Eight regional super leagues Contains separate regional leagues that you can play them together or separately with the existing leagues in the game. Asiania - Australia, China, Japan, S. Korea, Uzbekistan, New Zealand, Thailand, India, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Myanmar, Malaysia, N. Korea, Singapore, Vietnam. Arabia - Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, S. Arabia, Syria, U.A.E. Africana - Algeria, Angola, Cameroon, Congo, DR Congo, Egypt, Ghana, Guinea, Ivory Coast, Libya, Mali, Morocco, Nigeria, S. Africa, Sudan, Tunisia, Zambia. Vikingia - Denmark, Faroe Island, , Finland, Iceland, Norway, Sweden. Sovietia - Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Estonia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Russia, Ukraine. Eastavia - Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia. Americana - Canada. Costa Rica, Cuba, Dominican Rep., El Salvador, Guatemala, Haiti, Honduras, Jamaica, Martinique, Mexico, Panama, Trinidad, U.S.A. Latinia - Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Paraguay, Peru, Uruguay, Venezuela. Leagues structure - Seria A, Seria B (2 sub leagues). All nations are Fifa members. All teams set to professional. All stadiums have been modified to a minimum 25,000 seats. Add prize money per match for win, draw, loss. Tested on holiday till 2023, no crashes. Recommended to start the game in July 2016. Download Link - Files location - C:\Users\Name\Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\editor data Do not load any other Costum leagues with those file.
  23. Northern Ireland Extended League System v1.1 (Final Edition) A full roster of 495 1st teams available to play across 52 active divisions in 18 leagues (although there are an additional 100(ish) B/Res/II/2nd teams riddled throughout the lower divisions so in some instances you can play 2 divisions with the one team which can be a bit of fun!) Leagues included: Northern Irish Football League Northern Amateur Football League Mid Ulster Football League Ballymena and Provincial Football League Northern Irish Intermediate League Fermanagh and Western Football League Belfast and District Football League North West Junior Football League North West Saturday Morning League Newcastle and District Football League Carnbane (Newry) Football League Lonsdale Football League Belfast Sunday Morning Football Ballymena Saturday Morning Football League Coleraine and District Football League Down Area Winter Football League Hutchinson Tiles Winter League South Antrim Football League League Pyramid Most people will be aware there isn't much of an official pyramid past tier 4 although the tier four divisions do have extended structures underneath its a bit sketchy with qualifying rules etc. on how to get teams up and down the pyramid. So with this in mind I will be taking a little bit of artistic license on how to get it to operate in the most logical way based on regions. I've attached an image of the full pyramid structure I've managed to put together. I'll give a quick explanation of reasoning behind it. In reality NI only goes down to level 4 although it is difficult for level 4 teams to get into the top tier due to regulations of pitches and operating status. I have removed these restrictions to allow a decent flow of teams. In level 4 there are 4 main regional divisions 3 of which have their own league structures, NAFL, MUFL and Ballymena & Provincial. The 4th league is the Intermediate League (essentially North Western) which is a little bit of a remnant of a previous structure before the Championship was split into 2 a few tears back. With these 4 main regions defined I have kept that leg structure and extended further down using smaller divisions that are based closest to the main regions (This is partly because it was the simplest way of getting a promotion/relegation system using the basic rules but also because there is no defined 'level' for the other leagues) There is an exception to this where I have allowed 3 leagues to gain promotion through the Down Area Winter League into the NAFL system, this is because there are a lot more leagues based around this regional scope and if I were to just have each league eventually come through each other it would go down to level 25 which I felt was a bit much JUST for this region! Promotion and relegation is fairly simple with a 2 up 2 down method in most cases. The promotion/relegation play off between Danske Prem and Championship still exists, there is a play off between the 4 region divisions in Level 4 with 2 teams promoted into the Premier Intermediate league. The last play off is between the 3 divisions into the Down Area Winter league with 3 teams going from the playoff. Cups Were a little more difficult due to some being based on region and this option isn't available in the basic rules. Irish Cup is essentially as is with a slightly more rigid divisions included rather than 'paid intermediate entry or invite' for lower teams. I've dropped reserve teams from Intermediate Cup and Steel & Sons cup for simplicity, Regional FA cups exist in a manner but please note I had to select specific teams so promotion/relegation of teams wont make much of a change here for senior cups like CA Shield etc. All NAFL and MUFL cups are included with as best as I could, Ballymena and North West Cups exists but I had to drop some of the lesser cups due to fixture congestion and the season never finishing/overrunning All lower leagues have at least one cup competition again a lot were dropped due to fixture congestion and season ranges. I have also dropped the Danske Premier European playoff system again due to fixture congestion and over running season dates. Testing Obviously there could always be some tricky things in extending league, i have run this file for 5 individual single year test and 2 three year tests without any issues. Things to note Most teams are amateur and do run on very limited budgets so all are around equal in the Clubs > Finances section and after a couple of years you might find some of the bottom tier teams are suddenly worth similar to the 3rd/4th tier teams, this is because the boards have either bought , moved into or built stadiums so this isn't something I could control. The pyramid structure beyond 4th tier is best guess and logical to the regional 'boundaries' for example Carnbane and Lonsdale feeding into Mid Ulster as the majority of their teams are from the region, or Coleraine feeding into Ballymena and Provincial league etc. Cup have been trimmed back due to some complexities but all league do have a cup to enter into. Thanks and please enjoy. Any feedback is welcome and if i get the time I'll try and fix things where I can. Radz Northern Ireland Extended League System (FINAL)_13B7DA97-3467-4102-8E12-97B1E7B360FB.fmf
  24. Ny manager avtar is black and white and grey colour only d face....even if i change to random face or 3d model.....also wen playing matches ppayers skin is also white and black all players and simultaneously on one skin.. ..need help pls
  25. FM17 crashing on SI logo, doesn`t even start. I`ve been playing fm17 for about 160 hours but now it won`t start.