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  1. Hello, I am writing to enquire whether it is possible to modify the appearance of the player suitability box which is currently displayed in green? Please see the screenshot down below. I would like to change the appearance of the box, by filling the background colour of the box in a shade of black with silver or blue outline. Furthermore, I would then like to change the text to silver or a shade of grey to complete the look. I hope you know what I mean. Thank you.
  2. Football Manager 2017 Patch 17.3.1 - How To Add a Manager Picture Football Manager 2017 (and Football Manager Touch 2017) has made some changes to how the manager picture works, with one of the new features being the ability to turn a photo into a facegen image used by the regens in the game, unfortunately it seems the adding of this feature removed the ability for you to assign a image to your manager via a config file like you do with players, SI for some reason also removed the option to add a manager picture from the preferences menu. Whilst pre-patch 17.3.1 it was possible to use some coding from FM16 to get the picture back this workaround was disabled in that patch, however thanks to some work from @Cyrius50 at www.manager-online.fr it is now possible to add a Manager Picture when adding your Manager to the game, however at the moment it isn't possible to apply the picture to existing profiles nor to change the image, and it may be disabled again if the game gets any more patches. When you have installed the mod on the Add Manager panel select either Edit Profile or New Profile, then on the Profile screen you should see a new option below the Social Networks as in the below picture: Clicking on 'Choose Picture' should take you to the file select popup, from here browse to the location on your hard drive where your image is selected and select the image, in the below example I have selected an image of the FM17 logo. Once that is done fill in the rest of your profile as normal and continue through the profile settings and once you are into the game your image should now be showing: Again this method has it's limitations: - You cannot assign a picture to an existing manager, if you want an existing manager to have a picture you would need to retire that manager and create a new one to take over but you won't be able to keep any of your in-game progress. - It isn't possible to change the image after the profile has been created so make sure you are happy with the image before you get too far into your game. - Also be aware this feature is unsupported and might be removed again if the game gets another patch, also I have only tested to see if the image will appear I have no idea if it will cause any issues further into the game, so it is used at your own risk. To install the mod you just need to extract the zip file for the version of FM17 you are using and place the panels folder inside the folder for your skin, then turn off the skin cache if it is on and reload your skin and you should have to option to add a picture as shown in the first image. If it wants to overwrite any files then you are best checking the manual instructions in the below posts as it means the skin you are using has already customized the file used so you'll need to modify the file yourself. Manager Picture Mod Download Page --- Redistribution Terms You are free to post this content to your website provided: 1. It is not sold or behind a paywall. 2. You don't advertise it as being exclusive to your website. 3. My username and blog address are included: http://michaeltmurrayuk.blogspot.co.uk/
  3. Hi, how can I set the sidebar colour to the original secondary colour? If I delete "sidebar colours.xml" from settings folder, the sidebar doesn't have the original secondary colour! Another question: how can I set the sidebar colour to the original secondary colour when I switch between clubs? At the moment, it is always grey. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, I'm new on this forum. I have a question for you: how can I recolouring FM and Date buttons with original primary colour? At the moment the colour isn't the same of my action bar. Can you help me? Thanks!
  5. 2d pitch

    Can someone tell me if its possible to make the 2d pitch smaller? If so, how?
  6. When a team scores a goal on the 3d match , the team's name is yellow and i want to change to white... i've changed the yellow color name to ( <colour name="yellow" red="250" green="250" blue="250"/> ) in the skin settings and not work. help me please
  7. Hi guys I'm hoping someone is able to help me with an "issue" I'm having. Basically I play football manager on a big screen tv and therefore use 150% zoom in order for things to be displayed comfortably for me to see. I've made adjustments to a skin to resize font size to my liking etc, however there is one minor thing that I'm unable to resolve. When opening the team instructions panel, and player instructions panel the top and bottom edges are cut off, and I have to scroll up and down in order to adjust certain tactics. Now I'm aware this is down to the fact that I'm zoomed in at 150%. If I reduce zoom to 125% the tactics screen is displayed correctly, however then all the other in-game text is too small for me. Anyway I've had a look at certain tactics panel files to see if I could edit the size of the panel but I'm clueless as to which file and what line I'd need to adjust. I've found a panel called "tactics player instruction panel" which I assume would be the appropriate one but I'm not sure what to adjust, or even whether it would be as simple as making adjustments to panel size. As I'm wondering if the panel is resized does the text scale too or stay the same? Ultimately I want to keep the 150% zoom but just make the tactics panels smaller so the information isn't cut off. Thanks edit: I've attached a picture to show what I mean, if you look towards the bottom of the player instructions panel you'll see certain "buttons" are cut off from the screen"
  8. [FM17] Player Highilight

    Anyone know where i can change the highlight transparency or color of the highlight of my players name on screens like this? Skin settings file and "edit" -"find" "human controlled" and change the color settings to what you fancy (white is "255","255","255") only controls the team name not "My Players" name.
  9. Football Manager 2017 Skinning Guide Part 1 - How to Extract Default Files & Understanding File Structure This is a simple guide to explain how to extract the fmf files that contain the default files for Football Manager 2017 and explains the file structure of the files to make it easier for people to modify the game themselves. (This guide also applies to any recent version of Football Manager just replace the 2017 with the version number you are playing). This is a simple update for FM2017, if you read the previous version of the guide then you don't really need to read this as its generally the same, there are just two changes for FM2017; - Football Manager Touch 2017 is now a seperate entry in your Steam Library so if you are making content for this mode you will need to extract those files seperately, however you use the same tool and the instructions are the same, the files are just located inside the Football Manager 2017 Touch folder, and when extracting them make sure you extract them into a different location than the fullmode files so you don't overwrite either of them. - The <skin name>.xml file has been renamed to skin_config.xml since the last version of the guide. Before you start you will need to ensure you have a couple of things ready: - A fully up-to-date version of Football Manager 2017. - The Resource Archiver Tool, this is obtained via Steam from the Library -> Tools menu (note you need to own the retail version of Football Manager to have access to that versions Resource Archiver Tool). For Football Manager 2017 and Football Manager Touch 2017 you need to use the 2017 version of the Resource Archiver Tool. If you haven't used the Resource Tool before then there is a user guide installed with it that explains how to use it, located inside the \Steam\steamapps\common\Football Manager 2017 Resource Archiver folder. - A Text Editor - Notepad is fine, however I'd recommend a program like Notepad++ or a web editor such as Kompozer - these have colour-coded code and line numbers that make it easier to edit the larger xml files. Extracting the fmf files 1. The first thing to do is to create a new folder somewhere on your computer that has plently of hard drive space and is in an easy to find location. We will call this your Working folder. 2. Next we need to locate the data folder of where you installed Football Manager 2017, by default this is located at \SteamApps\common\Football Manager 2017\data within your Steam Folder. If you cannot find the location on your computer then from the Steam Library screen right click on Football Manager 2017 goto properties -> Local Files -> Browse Local Files and a new window will open at your Football Manager install folder. 3. Now load up the Resource Archiver Tool and in the bottom right hand corner select 'Extract Archive...' And use the Location dropdown menu to browse to the data folder of where Football Manager is installed. 4. Once you have located the data folder you now need to extract the fmf file(s) you want, to do this select the fmf file in question and press select. This will now open a new dialog window this is where you choose to save the extracted files, you now want to browse to where you put your Working Folder and select that as the destination, when done a processing bar will appear as the files are extracted. Note that the Resource Tool will automatically extract the files into the correct subfolders. 5. To extract more files click 'Extract Archive...' again and the Resource Tool should have remembered your install and save locations so you just need to select and extract what fmf files you want. 6. Once you have extracted the files from the data folder if the game has been patched you will also need to extract the files from one of the updates folders as this is where the patched files are located. At the moment you want to extract the files from the \data\updates\update-1720 folder as that is the latest update that patched the fmf files, however if the game gets further patches you will want to extract the files from the latest patch that contains fmf files (you don't need to extract older updates as the latest update contains the older fixes). 7. When extracting the update files I recommend you do it in one of two ways: If you haven't edited any files yet then when extracting the updates fmf files extract them to the same location in your Working folder as the default files and let the patched files overwrite them, this ensures you are working with the updated files rather than old files. If you have already made skins/mods/edits then what I'd suggest is to extract the update fmf files into their own location and then compare these files against the default files so you can see what and how files have been changed with the latest patch and whether you need to update old edits for the new patch. Once you have checked the files you can then merge them with the default files. 8. Depending on what you are doing you may need to extract different files, if you are planning on creating a new skin or mod then it is best to extract all of the fmf files, if you are just wanting to edit a couple of things then more than likely the files you are looking for are in the panels.fmf or skins.fmf files. (In both cases also make sure to extract the updated files aswell). Understanding the Football Manager File Structure Now that you have extracted the default files you are left with thousands of files and folders seemingly in no order as to where they are located, however understanding the file structure of Football Manager should help you to find the file you are looking for. If you haven't already browse to your Working folder and open the skins folder. The first place that FM looks for a file is inside the skins folder for the skin you are using. For example if you are using the Default Football Manager Dark Skin then the folder that the game first looks in is the fm dark folder. However looking in this folder you won't see much this is because skins can inherit files from parent skins. To see if a skin has a parent skin you need to open the skin_config xml file located inside the <skin name> folder located within the skins folder, so for the Dark Skin you'd look inside skins\fm dark\skin_config.xml from within the files you have extracted, upon opening the file locate this line: <flags id="parent" value="fm dark-widgets" /> This tells us the parent skin to the Dark skin is the 'fm dark-widgets' skin, and inside the skins folder you'll see there is a folder called fm dark-widgets, upon opening this folder you'll see it has more files than the fm dark folder but still not that many, this is because the fm dark-widgets skin also has a parent skin which in this case is the fm skin. If you now look in the fm folder you will see this skin has more files and we are finally finding files we might want to edit, however we aren't finished yet as if you look in the fm.xml file you'll see this skin also has a parent skin called fm-widgets. However if you look in the fm-widgets\skin_config.xml file you'll see that this skin doesn't have a parent skin. This means when using the Default Dark Skin the game will first look in the fm dark folder for the file it wants, if it doesn't find it it will move onto the fm dark-widgets folder, then the fm folder and finally the fm-widgets folder for the file it is looking for, however it won't look in the fm light folder, so by knowing which parent skins a skin uses you have narrowed down which folders you need to look in. For example you'll see various other folders such as fm light and fm light-widgets within the skins folder however if you are basing a skin off the Default Dark Skin then you don't need to look in those locations as the skin doesn't read the files from those locations. (The reason for parent skins is to cut down on file duplication - the layout of the dark and fm skins are nearly identical only the colour scheme is different so with the dark skin using the fm skin as a parent we don't need duplicate files in the dark folders as they can just use the fm files, the only files that will be in child skins are files that are different from their parent skins, the upside of this means when you are creating your own skin you only need to include files you have edited rather than all of the files, reducing file size and work you have to do when the game is patched). If the game cannot find the file it is looking for in the skins folder it will now move onto the other locations. For example if the skin is looking for the 'match incidents small.xml' file it knows it should be in the panels\match folder, however after looking through the files for the Dark Skin and it's parent skins it still cannot find the file it will use the file located inside the panels\match folder you extracted from the panels.fmf file. The same also applies for graphics if the game cannot find the graphic from the skins folder it will look for it in the graphics folder. The same system also applies to custom skins, however first it will look for files in the skins folder within your User Data Location that are linked to the skin you are using, it will then move onto the skins.fmf file(s) that came with the game, before moving onto the panels (or graphics) folder located in your User Data Location before finally looking in the default panels.fmf/graphics.fmf file. This explains why when adding certain custom files they need to be located within a custom skin for the game to read them, as it checks the default skins.fmf file before checking the panels or graphics folder within your User Data Location. --- Redistribution Terms You are free to post this content to your website provided: 1. It is not sold or behind a paywall. 2. You don't advertise it as being exclusive to your website. 3. My username and blog address are included: http://michaeltmurrayuk.blogspot.co.uk/
  10. Tell me how to find what type of font? How do I make it white?
  11. I am trying to edit the continue button in the game so that the button uses the primary colour and the Continue text uses the secondary colour. I have edited the button xml in graphics/buttons/custom/interface/continue and changed the red_replacement to primary which has done what I wanted. The issue I am having is that I can't find how to edit the text from white to the secondary colour. Below is a screenshot of how it looks with a team that plays in white. Is there a way I can edit the text to show the secondary colour, which for this team would be red
  12. Last few years all I'd have to do to recolour them is edit these lines in the settings.xml. This year though, it's not working at all, anyone know what's changed and/or what I should be doing?
  13. [FM17] Match Commentary Size

    Could any of you clever people advise me how I adjust the size of the commentary bar and writing? which panel needs altering etc? I've seen it on other skins in the past where it's bigger and thought i'd give it a try and see how it looks? Cheers in advance.
  14. I would change the look of these boxes but I do not know what files "panel" look at. thank you for helping me
  15. Kit icon overlay mismatch?!

    Hello guys. I'm experiencing quite an odd issue with in my game, and can't really seem to figure out where to adjust it. Here we go: The kit icon on the player overview panel, for several teams, mismatches the one from the tactics kit. Here is and aexample: Atletico Madrid, is using 'graphics\pictures\kits\2d\outfield\back\tactics\square\48.png' on the tactics pitch. It's a striped kit, just like in real life. When i match it with the kit icon file, with the same number (48) in the 'graphics\pictures\kits\2d\outfield\back\zoomed\large' folder, the overlay likewise is striped, thus matching. BUT in game, when i look at the player profile, the kit icon seems one solid colour, thus missing the stripes! So it's like there is a mismatch between the fetching - the tactics kit is correct but the kit icon is not. Where can this be corrected - and why is it happening? It seems only some few striped teams are affected by it, but not sure though, as i haven't scrolled through hundreds of squads yet. It doesn't seem to be skin related, as other skins, showing the kit icon, also has the same mismatch. Please see below (i marked the tactics kit with an blue X just to be sure it's the right one showing for Atletico): @michaeltmurrayuk Maybe you know it?
  16. Hi, I'm putting my skin together from different sources like Wannachupbrew, Flut, Andromeda, Vitrex and Gunzo, but unfortunately I must have copied over some graphics or xml which "deleted" the Background from my match feed top right: Does anyone have an idea where I should look? Tried to delete several "papers" in different folders but I seem not to have any luck... Thank you in advance! Daniel
  17. FM17 - Team Of The Week

    Hello, is there any way that the pitch and player icons can be made bigger on this screen? Just seems to be pretty small for what it is and I'd rather it were a bit bigger.

    I an trying to modify the way squad number looks in skins which includes it.. i have managed to replace the default kit icon with ss kit style(the back part of the kit) and it looks much more realistic and aestheticaly right. But the name of the player on the shirt and number remains the same big and in the same place like before, which gives an elegant kit next to player face, but name and number is enourmous..any idea how i could recise them? in what panels could this option be hidden? thanks in advance
  19. Football Manager 2017 Match In-Between Highlights Mods If you downloaded last years mod then you know what to do by now, the instructions are pretty much the same as not much has changed to the coding of the actual files, I've made a couple of tweaks to improve the content of the panels but the main change is just updating the file locations. Like the last couple of versions the match screen we have in Football Manager 2017 is a hybrid TV-Classic view mode where again if there are no hightlights you are left on the pitch view instead of switching back to the last panel you were on, where we are left with a small pop-up giving us some information like the old TV-View widgets. The default FM17 panel has been improved slightly but is still rather limited especially if you are using a larger resolution. As with Football Manager 2016 I have modified the panel to use the adaptive panels used elsewhere in the game this means the panel will resize itself depending on what resolution you are using (meaning no editing of the xml file just to get it working) and will also display extra panels if you have the space. Again this year there are two versions for each mode of FM2017 (Full Mode and Touch Mode) rather than being two for each skin this is because there are eight default skins this year, which would take a lot of extra work to create individual mods for each skin. Normal - Maximizes the size of the in-between match highlights panel positioned in the centre of the screen and leaving space for the match feed notifications down the right. (For the Touch version some of the match feed overlays the panel even in this mode as the feed takes up more room in Touch mode). Wide - Maximizes the size of the in-between match highlights panel, but this time uses up the full width of the screen, this allows for more information to be shown at smaller screen resolutions, but the match feed items when displayed will cover parts of the top right side of the panel, unless you turn off the match feed. Outside of the match screen these mods make no changes. A Couple of Notes: - The Shots panel isn't working 100%, it just seems to display the overall shots instead of the last five mins, first half or just second half stats. However the default files have the same problem and the content of this panel isn't really user editable so it will have to wait for a patch to fix it. - Team Names on the League Table can be cut off depending on your resolution, again not much I can do to fix this as it uses the same tables as the rest of the skin so messing with it would cause issues elsewhere, though their should still be enough of the team name shown to work out who is who. Any other issues let me know, I tested it through a couple of games and didn't noticed anything else Installation Instructions For Full Mode Version: If you are using the default skins: - Place the panels and graphics folders into your User Data Location which by default is: Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\ If you are using a custom skin: - Place the panels and graphics folders inside the folder for the skin you are using, by default this will be: Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2017\skins\<skin_name>\ Then load game from the Preferences -> Interface Menu turn off the skin cache and reload your skin for the changes to be loaded. For Touch Mode Version: After unzipping place the panels folder inside the folder for the skin you are using, by default this will be: Documents\Sports Interactive\Football Manager Touch 2017\skins\<skin_name>\ If you are using one of the default FMTouch Skins then you will need to download and switch to one of the Base FMTouch Skins. Then load game from the Preferences -> Interface Menu turn off the skin cache and reload your skin for the changes to be loaded. To change the item shown in each panel just select the drop down arrow in the top right hand corner of each panel and select the view you want. So if you want to change the Left Panel from the Overview to the Match Stats view, just select Match Stats in the dropdown menu. If you want to change the appearance of the content that appears in the individual menus then you will need to follow the instructions in the Advanced Instructions section below. Advanced Instructions These are largely the same as last year so if you used last years version you should know what to do. How to Enable Different Views How to Adjust the Size of the Panels How to Change Kit/Logo & Text Sizes on Overview View Instructions for Skinners For futher information you can also refer to the thread for last years version as most of the queries raised their should still apply this year, you just need to remember that the file locations may have moved in FM17. Screenshots show a sample of available views and the panel at different resolutions, each version has the same views and panels enabled. Football Manager 2017 Match Highlights Mod Screenshots Football Manager 2017 Match Highlights Wide Mod Screenshots Football Manager Touch 2017 Match Highlights Mod Screenshots Football Manager Touch 2017 Match Highlights Wide Mod Screenshots For full details and download links for each version follow the below link: FM17 Match in Between Highlights Mods Download Page --- Redistribution Terms You are free to post this content to your website provided: 1. It is not sold or behind a paywall. 2. You don't advertise it as being exclusive to your website. 3. My username and blog address are included: http://michaeltmurrayuk.blogspot.co.uk/
  20. I would like to edit that text in the pic and I didntbe able to find which file controls it... Does anyone has a clue to help?
  21. [FM17] Squad Depth Overview

    Hi all, Just a quick question regarding the squad depth overview screen (image attached). How can you change it so that it is horizontal & not vertical?. Have seen horizontal version on youtube videos, and it looks a lot better than the default vertical. Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.
  22. [FM17] News Backgrounds

    Hi once again good people! I am struggling to get my news backgrounds from '16 to appear on this years game? i've added them to website articles inside my graphics/photos folder but for some reason they aren't appearing? can anymore help? Do I need to add an xml into panels for it to take effect this year?
  23. I followed Michael Murray's excellent guide on making backgrounds visible by increasing the foregrounds transparency. My question is, how do I do the same for the Inbox/Social Feed/News Screens. Which files do I need to edit/modify to achieve this?
  24. Football Manager 2017 and Football Manager Touch 2017 - Skinning, Modding and Graphics Bible Welcome to the latest version of the Skinning Bible which one day will become the one stop shop for all of your skinning and modding needs... This thread should over time contain links to the most important and useful threads in this subforum, however what I have also been doing over the last few years is tagging any interesting or informative threads with a skinning tag, so whilst I try and build up the content in this thread if you cannot see the answer to your question here or you are just starting out skinning then have a browse through the forum and open up any of the thread with a skinning tag which should give you some useful if random bits of skinning knowledge. Like in the past this thread will be split into several parts, however unlike previous years what I am planning on do is posting some content directly into this thread, this will normally be either an answer to a question I've answered in another thread but the answer is buried in the thread, small bits that aren't worth a full guide, or bits of information that is useful but I haven't had a chance to throw up a full guide about yet. How To Create Football Manager Graphics Guides Football Manager 2017 Skinning Guides Links to Useful Threads Random bits of Skinning Information If you have any comments or suggestions on the layout or spot a useful thread that has been missed please use the suggestions thread here If you want the FM2015 thread then see this thread. If you want the FM2012 thread then see this thread. If you want the FM2011 thread then see this thread. If you want the FM2010 thread then see this thread.
  25. Football Manager 2017 Match Screen Kits Mod My latest Match Screen Mod for Football Manager 2017 is another update from last year with this one changing the logos on the match screens into kits, however unlike previous years there is only one version for each mode this year as adding the kits to the header doesn't work correctly this year, though you can still combine it with my Match Titlebar Team Names Mod for full mode skins: Mod One - This version is for Full Mode Skins and replaces the Logos with Kits on the Split Screen Overview Panel but leaves the Logos in the Header, as shown in the first screenshot below. Mod Two - This version is for Touch Mode Skins and just replaces the logos on the match screens with kits, however as Touch mode doesn't have a header it doesn't need the other file to add the logos back to the header. (Second Screenshot below) Mod Three - You can also create a third version of the mod for Full Mode Skins that adds the Team Names back onto the Titlebar (Third Screenshot below) - To do this you need to download the Second Mod (Yes the Touch Version) aswell as the version of my Match Titlebar Team Names Mod that you want. Mod One will ONLY work with Full Mode Skins. If you are using a custom skin that has changed the Match Titlebar then you are best downloading Mod Two and then following the advanced instructions further down to add the logos back to the header if need be. Mod Two will work with all skins including custom skins, Full Mode skins and Touch Mode skins though if you are using a skin with a custom match titlebar you'll need to modify the files yourself. Note that these mods don't add kits/logos to the various Overview screens that don't display logos by default it just changes the existing logos to kits, if you want kits on the overview screen then that is a whole different guide. To apply to your game you just need to download the file for which Mod you want from below, extract the zip file and put the extracted match folder into the panels folder for the skin you are using, if you are using the Default Skin then download the Base Skin, add the file(s) to that skin and switch to the Base Skin in game. (If you have the skin cache on you may need to turn it off and reload your skin for the changes to show up). FM17 MATCH SCREEN KITS MOD DOWNLOAD PAGE After downloading the mods if you want to increase the kit sizes on the overview panels then have a read of this page: How to Change Kit/Logo & Text Sizes on Overview View (Instructions haven't changed though the file you want will now be in the panels\match\ folder) ---Redistribution Terms You are free to post this content to your website provided: 1. It is not sold or behind a paywall. 2. You don't advertise it as being exclusive to your website. 3. My username and blog address are included: http://michaeltmurrayuk.blogspot.co.uk/