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Found 331 results

  1. Hey guys, just started a new career on FM17 with SKA Khabarovsk in Russia's National League (2nd division) My short term goal is to get them promoted to the Premier League this season as in real life. Long term goal is to get them into Champions League, hoping to do this within 5/6 seasons. Has anyone managed to do this either on FM17 or 18? As they are 10 hours ahead of GMT are kick offs at 0945 in the morning? Love the thought of Sporting Lisbon flying 14+ hours for a 90 minute game! Any tips, thoughts and stories appreciated!
  2. Well, here we are again... look to these screens and see... we had a lot of info about the squad in FM17, and it really helps... now, loot at FM18...it should be better, not worst... i know we can expand and hide the board with the players...but its really annoying! please, at least, can we have the FM17 view again???
  3. I cannot watch a match on 2D Classic despite the match playing. My computer is not powerful enough for 3D. Help.
  4. What are the criteria for the National Hero achievements? The description says "You have won promotion from the bottom to the top division in a nation" but does that apply to countries where there is only two divisions (e.g. Netherlands)? Therefore, could I get "Dutch Hero" for winning one promotion? Also, is it possible to earn this multiple times, e.g. "English Hero", "French Hero", "Brazilian Hero"...?
  5. Anyone having this situation ? I am using Fulham in one of my save and in my 2nd season we promoted to EPL. The team are pretty solid with player with current ability star rating 3 and 3+half. Most of them with 4 and some with 4+half potential ability. We got position 7th in first season in EPL. Then I recruiting a wonderkid (my 2nd season in EPL) with 3 star current ability and 4+half potential ability. This player tuned very well within the team and starting to contribute a very good performance. And we finish 4th and get through to UCL group stage after beat BMG in UCL qualification. The problem are after 1 season this player current ability surpass all my key players and first team player(currently he is with 4 star rating and 4star+1black star potential ability) . But suddenly the star rating of other playeand their potential ability are drop. 2 or 3 players drop 1 star and some drop half star, for almost every player. Some of the player are dropping star rating in their peak age. It is not they are detoriated, but the squad feel unbalance with this situation. My feeling that this is because they are so much inferior than this wonderkid. So it show their "real" ability and potential star rating comparing to this kid. What i feel after this happen are my team only with 1 wonderkid and bunch of mediocre. And this feeling are frustating. It will take to much resources to build team around this wonderkid but I dont want to lose him.
  6. Help Me! why it does happen everytime? even i start new career. What I Already Did Delete Preference Folder Update Graphics Card Drivers Configure laptop to run Football Manager 2017 with optimal settings Prevent Anti-Virus interfering with Steam or FM17 Re-Verify FM17 Game Cache
  7. Help Me! why it does happen everytime? even i start new career. What I Already Did Delete Preference Folder Update Graphics Card Drivers Configure laptop to run Football Manager 2017 with optimal settings Prevent Anti-Virus interfering with Steam or FM17 Re-Verify FM17 Game Cache
  8. I'm in my second season (first in the prem) and I'm in a massive downward spiral. I don't mind losing but when I'm getting next to no highlights from my team and I see my players hopelessly giving the ball away in dangerous situations the game just becomes frustrating. I'm almost changing my instructions after every match. I was top of the table for the whole first half of my season in the championship until I hit a long losing streak just after January where my players just forgot how to play, similar to what is happening now. Last season though I became fed up and downloaded a tactic (gamebreaker by the reckonist) and it put me back on track for promotion. But now I want to create a unique system for my players because I find downloading tactics really unfulfilling.
  9. Team Transfer Snapshot Panel

    Can anyone share base team transfer snapshot panel fm17 ? my resource archiver get corrupted. thx before
  10. Do you want to coach the legendary Real Madrid of the 1950s which won five consecutive European Cups or to have an opportunity to make up for the regret of the legendary Mighty Magyars and lead the Budapest Honvéd FC of the 1950s to glory? Our “Era of the Club League” is just what you need. We have made a league with three divisions,which contains most of the legendary soccer club teams,such as the Real Madrid of the 1960s,Budapest Honvéd FC of 1950s, Ajax of the 1970s, and so on. Just start a new game with our data file, and select the nation “Coalition”, and enjoy it! We also provide you elaborate portrait packs and uniform packs for those teams which is applicable for official database version 17.30. We have a group which is professional on making legendary soccer player data for the PC game “Football Manager”. Please visit our website www.fmdata.top for more player data that is not contained in our data file. Any suggestions on our data will be especially appreciated. database:Era Of The Club League_0A7D59A6-ACFE-4F18-8EC2-7AB738FA73E9.fmfEra Of The Club League_0A7D59A6-ACFE-4F18-8EC2-7AB738FA73E9.fmf graphics: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1o8sUUGM?qq-pf-to=pcqq.c2c
  11. Hi Does anyone find the ball very hard to see in afternoon kickoffs? Is there anyway to fix it?
  12. Morning chaps looking for a little advice on this one. I have been managing the Scotland National team on FM17 and have just completed ( the expected unsuccessful) qualifying campaign for WC 2022. Having finished 5th place in the best second placed teams table i had been expecting a playoff scenario similar to russia 2018 however i found only the top 3 best second placed teams qualified automatically without playoffs. My question is where to find out ingame the format for qualification? Having searched the competition sub menu under rules it does not actually give you the format. I was wondering if any of you have any advice as to where to find the format , or if any of you all have played past these years to let me know what future qualification formats are. I think i pretty much have the Euros sorted with the League of Nations worked out. Just the World cups thanks in Advance peeps
  13. Hi lads and ladies, apologies If this isn't correct in any way, I did have a look around but a search didn't return any results. FM17 is completely up to date as off 3 days ago when I started playing the game again, at the moment I can't check build numbers etc. When I launch the game I get the following error. I am using a database update from FMScout - RB Transfer & Data Update. This happened once before and I had to uninstall the game to reinstall, but I'm looking for a reason as to why and possibly answers to prevent. Again apologies, it's all the info I have at the moment.
  14. FM17 no longer launches macOS Sierra 10.12.6 after numerous months of no issues whatsoever. I have verified the integrity of game files numerous times, cleared caches, clean reinstalls both Steam and FM17, etc Can anyone help? MacBook Pro Mid 2010 Processor 2.4 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory 4 GB 1067 MHz DDR3 Graphics 288 MB
  15. I have this 19y old Central Defender whom I loaned out. He hasn't even played more than 5 matches for me (League, Cup) the past 2 seasons. But he is slightly better in everything (attributes, personality) from a 24y old Central Defender I have, who has played about 40 matches for me (League, Cup, Europa League, Champions League). And of course, the 19y old has the potential to become even better. IRL, the 24y old DC would be far more experienced than the 19y old DC and that would count as to who should you choose. But, is such thing coded in FM? And to take this one step further, let's say you have an 18y old MC who is better in everything (attributes, personality) than a 30y old MC, but he has no experience, whereas the 30y old has plenty (League, Cup, EL, CL, International). Would the 30y old's experience matter? I've searched for similar topics, but they all are from 2009-2010 (this and this)
  16. Flares

    What decides whether your supporters will light pyro or not? Is it possible to change some settings in the editor to make your supporters use them?
  17. Hi All, Strange one but i want to start a lower league English game as my last FM17 game but, as many other clubs are doing now, scrap the youth players and just run 1st team and reserves ... i'll sign free's for the both teams but don't want youth intakes ..... anyway they can be switched off so i can get rid of any u18 players/staff and not have youth intakes going forward? Thanks
  18. My attempt at a World Record.

    In this save I will try and break the World Record for the longest FM save. The record currently stands at 170 in game seasons. I have completed my first seven seasons as Kosovo manager. I will post a big update after every World Cup.
  19. League doesn't finish in time

    Been messing around with a league, but now everytime I run a test on it I get the error that the league doesn't finish in time for the season end Gibraltar leagues by SIgames.fmf
  20. Hello, I am writing to ask whether it is possible to modify the size of Scouting Knowledge box on the non-player panels(screen1). So its gonna looks like human manager profile(screen2). Because there so much space available in Height+Weight. And for scout with 5+ nation knowledge i have always to drop down the bar so i see them all. Please see the screenshot i post to understand. I use the Elegance Skin(Author Kutan) who doesn't have extra panels. Just the default from the main directory panels.fmf I have try to download the Resource Archive from steam but for some reason steam tools speed download never get more than 45byte/sec.... I hope you understand what I mean. Thank you and sorry for my english.
  21. I've just started a new game in Scotland and want to terminate the loan contract of a player in my squad, but when I try to terminate it it says something along the lines of: "foreign loans cannot be terminated outside of the transfer window" even though I am in July! Is this a bug?
  22. Ultimate Johnny Foreigner Journeyman I haven't had a thread in a while on here, so hello again . I'm taking on a new challenge, something a little bit different. Basically the aims are: Manage a club that plays it's domestic football outside of it's own nation. Never use/sign a player from the base nation (e.g. if using a Welsh club in England I cannot use/sign any English players). Have a completely 'foreign' backroom staff. Win the league with the 'foreign' side. Now, I'm only including those that are in the readily loadable leagues, so there are a few that will be unavailable for this; some of which are only one league below so they could end up playable. Where one nation is conquerable with a range of clubs from a different country, winning the top league with one of those clubs will suffice. Eligible Clubs Base Nation: Scotland Home Nation: England Base Nation: Wales Home Nation: England Base Nation: England Home Nation: Wales Base Nation: England Home Nation: Wales Base Nation: England Home Nation: Wales Base Nation: England Home Nation: Wales Base Nation: Republic of Ireland Home Nation: Northern Ireland Base Nation: Switzerland Home Nation: Liechtenstein Base Nation: France Home Nation: Monaco Base Nation: USA Home Nation: Canada Base Nation: USA Home Nation: Canada Base Nation: USA Home Nation: Canada Base Nation: Singapore Home Nation: Brunei Base Nation: Australia Home Nation: New Zealand Future Eligible Clubs Base Nation: England Home Nation: Wales Currently Playing: Southern Premier Division (7th tier) Base Nation: Italy Home Nation: San Marino Currently Playing: Serie D (4th Tier) FK Mokra Gora Base Nation: Serbia Home Nation: Kosovo Currently playing: Srpska Liga (3rd tier) Base Nation: Spain Home Nation: Andorra Currently playing: Primera Catalana (5th tier) Meet the Manager: Dan Ito Who is Dan Ito? Read about him here. He is the ultimate foreigner abroad, having played in 20 countries. In real life, he's still playing in East Timor aged 41. However, in this alternative reality he's trying his hand at management, showing that foreigners do it best. Game Setup
  23. WIN ONE TAKE ONE INTERNATIONAL GAME The Return.. OK, the last Win One Take One game went quite well until I ran into some IRL issues so why not give this another try?? The original thread can be found here - This details the rules and what the game is about but to summarise: Using the In Game Editor and National Teams Winning a match = You get to take a player from the opposition into your nation Drawing a match = The worst rated player from each nation is switched Losing a match = Your lowest rated player is moved to the opposing nation Germany and Japan are both off limits (Don't have their national teams - if you beat them you still take one of their players) Failing to submit your selection within 24 hours results in a strike (Three strikes and your out) You can select any other nation from Brazil to Bhutan! For the members that played last time - I will give you first choice as to what nation you would like to be (So you can choose to carry on as your nation you had before) This time the game will start after World Cup 2018 (So everything is even and mixed up a bit) I will post the first update once we get 8 members into the game. I will be selecting Armenia as my nation (because who doesn't love an underdog story?)
  24. Hello everyone, Im currently building a new league structure (FM17). The top league contains both championship and relegation playoffs. While editing the player awards, had this question raised: For example, when editing the goalkeepers 'Golden Gloves' award, noticed that in the 'period' tab there are 2 similar definitions : 'For the Season' and 'For the competition' . My question is, what's the difference? is the 'Season' definition refers only to the regular season? meaning it's excluding the playoffs (i don't want that!). Will be great to have any helpful info about this, thanks in advance
  25. "Über die Brücke Ruhm warte - Across the Bridge Glory waits" My first football games were English. Newmarket, Cambridge, and the television back in the early and mid 80's, which then meant a lot of Everton and Liverpool. When my dad was stationed in Germany, we lived in Volgelweh, which was part of the Kaiserslautern Military Community. At the time it was (and I think still is) the largest American enclave outside of the United States, with the various bases and personnel within a radius there were at least 100K of us, mostly wondering why we only had one channel on TV in English. I did go to a few Kaiserslautern games, they weren't a bad team then. I did see a couple of Saarbrücken games as well, and when I went looking for a new save to tide me over until FM18 comes out, I took a look at their history online. They started playing in 1903, and until the start of World War Two had won several regional lower league titles. After the Second World War, the Saarland region was administered by the French. Various efforts were made to see the Saarland become either independent, or a part of France. FC Saarbrucken was forced out of German football in 1948, and rather than participate in the Ehrenliga, a short lived league the other saarland teams participated in; the joined the French Football association as FC Sarrebruck, and won the Ligie 2 title in 1949. However, because of resistance from other clubs (primarily RC Strasbourg, who had been forced to play in Germany in the War), they were refused promotion to Ligue 1, and found themselves being shut out of Ligue 2. The team withdrew from the Ligue, and existed by playing friendlies for two years, and also organized the Internationaler Saarland Pokal (International Saarland Cup) that had them play fifteen home matches against teams from Austria, Chile, Denmark, France, Sweden, Switzerland, and Yugoslavia. The top three sides then joined hosts Saarbrücken in a playoff round, which the home team eventually won in a 4–0 victory over Stade Rennais. The next year fellow Saarlanders VfB Neunkirchen co-hosted the tournament which this time included more German sides. The tournament was abandoned in 1952 as an agreement was reached to allow teams from the Saarland re-admission to the German Football Association. This was an interesting time in Saarland sports, because of the regions political status, the team did not have an official association with either French or German football, and as a result the Saarland has a 1952 Olympic Team, and because of its membership in FIFA, a 1954 World Cup team. Yes, 10 of the starters were from FC Sarbrucken, but they finished well, second in the group behind West Germany. In 1953 the team wasagain part of the Oberliga Sudwest, and won the division and advanced to the national final. When the Bundesliga was officially created in 1963, 1 FC Sabrucken was one of the original 16 teams. It was a controversial choice, as the Bundesliga team selection relied on a criteria based upon performance, financial health, and geographic location. There were better teams in the area, Pirmasens and Worms among them, but the clubs longtime affiliation with Hermann Neuberger, who at the time was a very influential person ion German Football and a member of the selection committee, is most likely why they were chosen. There stay in the Bundesliga did not last long, they were the first team relegated out. They made their way back to the Bundesliga in 1976, after finishing in 1st place in the 2nd Bundesliga Sud, but were relagted again in 1978. Thus began several years of yo-yoing success, slipping all the way to the Amateru Oberliga Sudwest in 1981, returning to the Bundelsiga in 1986, being relegated again, returning to the Bundesliga in 1993, and being relegated again. The teams fionances were in ruins in 1995, and they were denied a license and sent back down to the Regionliga West/Sudwest. Since then they have moved back and forth between the second and fifth tiers of German Football. Their last bit of success came in 2009-2010, where after back to back promotions, they found themselves in the 3. Liga. They remained a midtable team there until a disastrous 2013-2014 season had them finish bottom of the table. 36 players and four head coaches could not keep them from being relegated. They qualified fro promotion back to the 3. Liga the next season, but lost in the promotion round. 1. FC Saarbrücken now play in the Regionalliga Südwest. They are a professional team with and owner that loves the club. Adequate youth facilities, Average training facilties, they are predicted to finish 4th. However, their finances are insecure, which is going to cause problems in the short term, and in the long term as well if they are not sorted out. My goal, as with my previous save, is to take this lower league team back up thru the ranks, to the top of the Bundesliga, and win a few other cups and trophy's along the way. New coach, new town, new team, same goals. Saarbrücken translates to 'Saar bridges', and there a dozen of them that cross the river in the this town. "Über die Brücke Ruhm warte - Across the Bridge Glory waits" Now, if I could only find which of the twelve bridges that is... Thanks for reading and following! Jellico73