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  1. Hi, bit of a wired one here. So I am 4 seasons into a save, and when I started I had 10 nations loaded, large database around 40k players. I go to add manager and have a look at the international jobs I could start with and there's quite a few. Every now and then I'll go to the job security screen and select national jobs only just to see what national jobs I could go for. Anyway in January 2020 I have noticed quite a few are missing from when I started the game. I go to add a new manager just to see and when I go to the national teams a lot are missing. I know they are missing as I have loaded up a save from earlier and they're still there. The African nations I can't seem to select now are Ivory Coast, Kenya, Congo, Zambia & Burkina Faso. As I say, loading up an earlier save of this game and these nations are still there as able to add a new manager to. They are all currently playing in the African Nations champion ship but I can't put a new manager on any of these teams, despite them being available in November of the previous year. I'm on FM17, has this been noticed at all? Does anyone think it's a bug or something?
  2. [FM 17] National Hero

    Polish club football. For anyone who is interested in polish club football, the downfall in the results of Polish clubs in europe is clear. In 1964 now 5-th tier Polonia Bytom won the UEFA Intertoto Cup, beating Lokomotiv Leipzig 5-4 in the final. This marked the first time a polish side won an european competiton, sadly it was also the last one. In 1970 Górnik reached the Cup Winners Cup final, beating Roma, Olympiacos and Rangers in the process, before narrowly losing out 2-1 to Manchester City. This was the last time a polish club reached a final of an european competiton. Legia also had a pretty good run in 1970, reaching the semi-finals of the European Cup before crashing out 2-0 to Feyenoord. In 1983 Widzew beat Liverpool and reached the semi-finals of the European Cup. Sadly they lost 4-2 to Juventus, another polish team came so close, only to lose out when it mattered the most. In 1991 Legia reached the semi-finals of the European Cup Winners Cup, beating Aberdeen and Sampdoria along the way. Yet again however, this proved to be as far as they got losing out to Sir Alex Ferguson's Manchester United. In 2003 Wisła reached the 1/8 of the Uefa Cup, smashing Schalke 4-1 at their ground along the way. Lazio proved to be too strong however and beat them 5-4. In 2011 Lech reached the knock-out stages of the Europa League beating Juventus and Manchester City in the group stages. But now? Polish clubs can't even win against clubs from Moldova, Macedonia, Kazakhstan and Iceland to name few. It's embarrasing how bad the league is, despite how good our national team is and how high the interest in football is. We are now behind Macedonia and Cyprus in the UEFA's league rankings, it's shocking how bad the league has become. The whole Poland misses the times when our clubs could stand up against the likes of Liverpool and Man Utd. Now even Astana and Sheriff are too strong, it's about time to change this. Which leads us here. Olimpia Zambrów is a Polish football club located in Zambrów, Poland. It currently plays in Polish Third League. The team's primary colors are blue, white, and black. The club has never been higher than Polish Third Tier (second league= 3rd tier) and is a very small club, hence why it got relegated from the 3rd tier last season, where even my **** local team stayed up. I wanted to get them (Olimpia Elbląg), but they wouldn't pop up, so I went with Zambrów instead after holidaying one year, as it's 100% the smallest club that can possibly pop up. We barely have any players, let alone good ones. Don't let the stars fool you, 4'5* is barely good enough for this level. This is going to be a long year, trust me. The bookies seem to agree But hey! At least we have a lot leagues to get players from! I'm going to meet you just before the first game of the season, after the pre-season ends. Stay tuned
  3. I've got a 19 year old striker who was scoring for fun earlier in the season but since January he has only scored 2 in 10 and seems to fluff all his chances. I've tried talking to him and he's said he'll try to pick things up in he next few games but hasn't scored in the last 3. He didn't even score when we won 5-0 and even the left back scored there! Is there any way to get around this? Also, will this bad form carry over into next season? I don't want to replace him due to his potential, but I'm going up to the SPL next season and I can't afford to have a misfiring striker up front!
  4. [FM17] Spanish Suffering

    So, here we go. After reading through a lot of @Makoto Nakamura's career modes, i've been inspired to do one with a pretty ridiculus aim as well. Mine is to win every top tier league, cup, you name it, PLUS the Champions League with every country from best to worst, and last but not least, at least gain promotion from the lowest tier to the highest, if not win the division. I'm not going to be using @claassen's database here because A. My laptop ain't good enough to handle all of that, and B. It'd be much too long. The CWC and lower tier cups are fun but not neccesarily something I aim for, besides the first of those just the one time so I can add it to my trophy cabinet. I'll be taking my time here, not gonna be stressing, just relaxed weekly updates. Grab a drink and some popcorn, we'll be here a while... The country i'm starting in SHOULD be obvious, but here it is anyway: For now i'll only load the leagues there, but as soon as i'm close to completing the challenge here i'll open up whichever country's top division is 2nd on terms of reputation. I'll not start without a job, just gotta pick a suitable one from the Segunda B. I'll put out some detail next post.
  5. Hi I am looking for a keeper and spotted 2 regens with almost identical stats. However one has 19 reflex, 15 1v1 while the other has 15 reflex, 19 1v1. Who should I go for and also which attribute is more important.
  6. Server Unreachable

    This has been an issue for a while now, every time I try to launch FM17 it takes a few minuted and a message pops up saying the server is unreachable. I have even uninstalled and reinstalled steam. It is getting frustrating now that I have to reinstall all of my games. I have tried everything suggested and everything is up to date. This issue started randomly a while back and I had given up. I even pressed next and did what it said but the finish button cannot be clicked.
  7. I'm playing FM17 as Dartford, i made it to champions and I cannot figure out how to add a U23 head coach, the board doesn't even allow a U18 head coach yet either (yet they automagically accept U18 youth team season every year)!!! When i started this save i already had a U18 head coach on staff so i keep renewing his contract; 1/0 possible... I asked for more U23 staff and it gave me a regular U23 staff option but that is not what i want. help plz i cannot even find a option in the editor :/
  8. Help with Irish Database Error

    Hi, so I've been working on a custom database for football in Ireland, creating a 12-tier pyramid, and I've run into an issue at the 4th tier where the league splits into different regional subdivisions. The specific stated error is "Conflicting number of promoted teams between Irish Regional Level 4 and Connacht Senior League Premier Division." The league structure as I've set it up is as follows: Tier 1: Premier Division: 10 teams Tier 2: First Division: 10 teams (both like the league is set to be in 2018, except the First Division relegates to tier 3) Tier 3: Promotion League: 16 teams, 4 relegated to Regional Leagues Tier 4: -Connacht Premier Division: 8 teams, 1 promoted, 1 relegated -Leinster Premier Division: 16 teams, 1 promoted, 2 relegated -Munster Premier Division: 12 teams, 1 promoted, 2 relegated -Ulster Senior League: 14 teams, 1 promoted, 0 relegated Tier 5: -Connacht First Division: 9 teams, 1 promoted, 0 relegated -Leinster First Division: 10 teams, 2 promoted, 1 relegated -Munster First Division: 12 teams, 2 promoted, 1 relegated As it is, there's no promotion or relegation playoffs, and the settings for tier 4 is 4 automatically promoted and 5 automatically relegated. Past tier 5, if there's any issues I'm not worried about them right now. I've tried fiddling with the numbers a little bit, changing it to only one team relegated from each relevant division or making it 4 and 4 but for the life of me I cannot figure out why this isn't working specifically with the Connacht division. I've tried looking for my answer on the forum here but nothing I've found has been specific enough to get me where I need to get. Any help would be much appreciated, I've put a lot of time into this database and I'd really like to be able to play a save with it. I've uploaded the editor file to the post but if you need any other information then let me know. League of Ireland 12-Tier Pyramid 1.6_D4AEB1E2-A604-49A4-95B7-6EDB2BF12968.fmf
  9. I'm playing on FM17 in the Portuguese Second League and had a decent start to the season (albeit mainly down to luck). The problem is that my team seem to be good at keeping possession but we don't create many chances, leaving my strikers with ratings of 6.4-6.5 every game, is there anything I can do to encourage my players to aim to get the ball forward rather than sideways? Also, is there anything I can do to stop the WBs going on suicidal runs? They seem to try to charge through a crowd of 4-5 players rather than make a simple pass to a midfielder. My tactic at the moment is: GK CB (D) CB (D) WB (A) DM (D) WB (A) CM (A) BBM AP (A) P (A) TM (S) TIs: Shorter passing, slightly higher line, play out of defence, fairly narrow width, roam from positions, work ball into box, exploit the middle, look for overlap.
  10. I usually do a different training category (Ball Control, Attacking etc) each week but I've heard it may be better to dedicate a whole month to each category. Which method do you use? Does anyone know if there is a proven best method?
  11. I'm trying to construct a pressing team in the Scottish Championship and I'm finding it really hard to buy good players with high work rate. Should I prioritise players with good general attributes but with ok workrate (say around 10-11) or try to purchase ok players who have good workrate (14+)? Also, a bonus question: Do those of you who play a pressing-focussed game set tackling to hard? Or do you just leave it at the basic level?
  12. I've noticed that on FM17, the league reputations in North America don't change from season to season. However, the league reputations do change in Europe, Asia, Africa, South America and Oceania. Is there a way to make league reputations dynamic in North America either via the pre-game editor or directly editing game files?
  13. Take me on a journey, man

    So for a few reasons I'm not playing FM18 (feel free to PM for those) so I've decided to go back to 17 and have a go at the hexagon challenge. I've already done a season before starting this thread, but starting with the usual Sunday league rep and unemployed, my manager is from Barbados (no real reason why) and fave club is Perlis in Malaysia, reason is I had a brilliant save with them. My aim is to stay at a club until I either win that continents champions league or get sacked. I won't stick to a specific continent so if something better comes up I'll consider it. The first couple of season will be about building rep, before I started this thread my aim was start in Oceania and see if I can win the champs league there first, if not well we'll see. I have added a few gulf nations cups, the OFC champions league and the Caribbean championship as well as the following leagues loaded as playable (thanks to Claasen) from the start: Manager profile, as I say this is 1 season in: Plan is to stay at a club either until I win that continents champions league or get sacked. I will see what is avaialbe to me job wise, I won't stick to a certain continent and win that champs league or anything, there won't be a career structure I will just go with the flow. After starting unemployed I applied for and got the Labasa job and the expectation was mid table in the league: As you can see I won the league after a final dramatic day as well as the Fiji FA cup. I am in the OFC Champions league so won't be leaving here until that's finishsed, I want to see how well we can do in that considering teams from New Zealand dominate this continent. I'll post updates as I go if there's enough interest, most likely quarterly and yearly updates. CLUB Season | Club | League pos. | Continental qual. | Cont. Achievements | Trophies won | Notes | --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2016 | Labasa FC | 1st | Yes | N/A | League Title & FA Cup | Entered Oceanic Hall of Fame| INTERNATIONAL Season | Team | Tourn. qual | World ranking | Trophies won | ---------------------------------------------------------------- 2017 | N/A | N/A (no team) | N/A (no team) | N/A (no team) |
  14. I attempt to load FM 17 up and the game doesnt launch whatsoever, it gets stuck on the spinning blue icon over the mouse and means that I cannot click anything at all until the game loads which it never does, FM 17 has worked in the past for me which is why its so confusing that it doesnt load now, also uninstalled and reinstalled the game to no avail
  15. Hej, i created an own club, added a logo file (same style as the logo-pack i'm using) and started the game. so far, so good. at the home-screen, the inbox, the club profile the logo looks good, but whenever the small version is shown (league table, player history) it just scales wrong and looks ******. i checked the id of my new club, and added a small version to the /logo/small folder, but it won't show (yes, i cleared the cache and reloaded the skin. several times.). i'm using the Football Manager Light Skin. at this point, i'm out of ideas. can anyone help?
  16. In the FM17 pre-game editor, I've found a way from blocking specific teams from promotion, but not making specific teams exempt from relegation. Is this possible, if yes, how do I do it?
  17. I am sure in the job center page it shows you the vacancies at the under 23's jobs. I'm on that page and have all jobs ticked and it's showing manager jobs at the main national jobs but not the under 23's, I know at the minute in my current game the Malaysia, Australian and USA under 23's don't have managers, and on the nation page I can declare interest / apply for the under 23's job but it's not on the job center page. Nothing major but I am sure it used to show you the available jobs at under 23 level. Anyone else notice this? Am on FM17 by the way
  18. FM17 - Editor I am pretty good with the advanced rules and I've searched for hours on here to try and find the answer, despite someone saying it was in the sticky thread and have become frustrated with being unable to solve this issue. In FM15 this was included in a drop down menu and it was easy to select it but in FM17 it seems to have disappeared into thin air. How can I make it so that U19s (or 21s or 23s etc) do not have to be registered for a partcular competition?
  19. Hey guys, just started a new career on FM17 with SKA Khabarovsk in Russia's National League (2nd division) My short term goal is to get them promoted to the Premier League this season as in real life. Long term goal is to get them into Champions League, hoping to do this within 5/6 seasons. Has anyone managed to do this either on FM17 or 18? As they are 10 hours ahead of GMT are kick offs at 0945 in the morning? Love the thought of Sporting Lisbon flying 14+ hours for a 90 minute game! Any tips, thoughts and stories appreciated!
  20. Well, here we are again... look to these screens and see... we had a lot of info about the squad in FM17, and it really helps... now, loot at FM18...it should be better, not worst... i know we can expand and hide the board with the players...but its really annoying! please, at least, can we have the FM17 view again???
  21. I cannot watch a match on 2D Classic despite the match playing. My computer is not powerful enough for 3D. Help.
  22. What are the criteria for the National Hero achievements? The description says "You have won promotion from the bottom to the top division in a nation" but does that apply to countries where there is only two divisions (e.g. Netherlands)? Therefore, could I get "Dutch Hero" for winning one promotion? Also, is it possible to earn this multiple times, e.g. "English Hero", "French Hero", "Brazilian Hero"...?
  23. Anyone having this situation ? I am using Fulham in one of my save and in my 2nd season we promoted to EPL. The team are pretty solid with player with current ability star rating 3 and 3+half. Most of them with 4 and some with 4+half potential ability. We got position 7th in first season in EPL. Then I recruiting a wonderkid (my 2nd season in EPL) with 3 star current ability and 4+half potential ability. This player tuned very well within the team and starting to contribute a very good performance. And we finish 4th and get through to UCL group stage after beat BMG in UCL qualification. The problem are after 1 season this player current ability surpass all my key players and first team player(currently he is with 4 star rating and 4star+1black star potential ability) . But suddenly the star rating of other playeand their potential ability are drop. 2 or 3 players drop 1 star and some drop half star, for almost every player. Some of the player are dropping star rating in their peak age. It is not they are detoriated, but the squad feel unbalance with this situation. My feeling that this is because they are so much inferior than this wonderkid. So it show their "real" ability and potential star rating comparing to this kid. What i feel after this happen are my team only with 1 wonderkid and bunch of mediocre. And this feeling are frustating. It will take to much resources to build team around this wonderkid but I dont want to lose him.
  24. Help Me! why it does happen everytime? even i start new career. What I Already Did Delete Preference Folder Update Graphics Card Drivers Configure laptop to run Football Manager 2017 with optimal settings Prevent Anti-Virus interfering with Steam or FM17 Re-Verify FM17 Game Cache
  25. Help Me! why it does happen everytime? even i start new career. What I Already Did Delete Preference Folder Update Graphics Card Drivers Configure laptop to run Football Manager 2017 with optimal settings Prevent Anti-Virus interfering with Steam or FM17 Re-Verify FM17 Game Cache