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  1. My previous attempts (ever) at a journeyman career have failed miserably, but this year I have a feeling that my determination will guide me through a long save that hopefully will be fun to document. The aim is to build a long and successful career at any cost, which means taking whatever job is around the corner and hopefully do well enough to snatch a bigger one after some time. This is the starting setup, I only have some db files to correct names. This is my manager profile. I'm starting as low as possible to reflect what should be a somewhat realistic journeyman career. I plan to do season-end updates, as well as when I take charge in a new club.
  2. FM18 All-European (Less England) Small Club to Big Club Challenge Introduction Welcome to a new chapter in the history of the ‘Euro Nation’ Challenge, born out of the recent history of the highly successful Gundo’s Challenge and the Big Euro Nation Challenge that spawned out of it. Originally set up as an alternative to the hugely successful Dafuges Challenge for FM06, Gundos Challenge offered an alternative for people who wanted to play in another European country. The Big Euro Nation Challenge followed for FM08 and, like Gundo’s Challenge, has had some fantastic stories over the years. These threads have always been hugely popular and successful thanks to those who played, and who still take part, in the challenges. Some of the stories are legendary, and hopefully more of these will be born in this, and future, versions of the game. The premise of the challenge is the same, and simple, to start with a previously unplayable club and taking them all the way to a National Title and then on to winning the European Champions League. With a variety of leagues, styles of play, different rules, and many different locations for your clubs there can be a lot of variety throughout the thread, providing a great atmosphere and stories for our users to become immersed in. General Challenge Info Possible Countries Austria Belarus Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France - June 20th Germany Greece Holland * Hungary Iceland Ireland * Israel Italy - July 30th N. Ireland - 25th June Norway - January 13th Poland Portugal Romania Russia Scotland Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain - July 10th Sweden - December 15th Switzerland Turkey Ukraine Wales * Holiday for two seasons not one. League Reset Dates Austria - 13th June Belarus Belgium Bulgaria Croatia Czech Republic Denmark Finland France Germany Greece Holland * Hungary Iceland Ireland * Israel Italy N. Ireland Norway Poland Portugal Romania Russia Scotland Serbia Slovakia Slovenia Spain Sweden Switzerland Turkey Ukraine Wales The Rules A) Game Set-up 1) Load One Nation Only (All Available Divisions within your nation) 2) Your choice of Database Size (Large Recommended) 3) NO Edited Databases of any kind 4) Customising Database You can add players to the database up to a limit of 100,000 in total in order to add more depth to your save and also add more difficulty down the line. Suggested Adds Players from Top Clubs/Top Divisions (Europe or All Continents) - This increases the challenge at Continental Level Players Based in your Nation - This can add up to 50% more players to your game Players Based in your Region (Central Europe/East Europe/UK & Ireland) - This can add extra players likely to join your club There will be a file correcting the club/competition names, I will advise use of this. NO other additional customising is allowed. 5) Attribute Masking should be Enabled 6) Disable Ingame Editor (Please do this) 7) Optional Ticks Add Key Staff (This will give you a Scout, Physio & Ass Man by generating them if your club is without) Add Players in Playable Nations (This will ensure all clubs have a minimum number of players, generating them if needed) The extra levels of detail that you can change while in the game are up to you, as they shouldn't make a difference. B) Steps in the Game 1) Add an unemployed manager; you will not use this man to manage your club. I like "Unemployed Man or Holiday Man" 2) Go on holiday until the reset date of your chosen nation (Should take about an hour) TIP - Changing Detail Level to None will make it go faster. (Remember to change it back afterwards) TIP - Saving on the day before this date may give you a better choice of teams by reloading the game then going on holiday for one day, I would strongly recommend trying this. 3) Add a new manager - Use yourself, or a created character to help build a story line a) Personal Details - Your Choice b) Tracksuit vs. Trainer - Your Choice c) Past Experience lowest Possible (Generally Sunday League) d) Coaching Licenses lowest Possible (None) e) Other options are up to you TIP - If you add the language of your country of choice it will make it easier at the beginning TIP - Training now includes you at some level depending on your abilities. 4) Choose to take over any club which has been promoted to the bottom playable league of your nation. TIP - Easiest way in FM17 to see this is on the "Season Review" screen, showing the "Promoted Clubs" TIP - You can confirm your club by checking the Domestic History's page for not being at this level since start of game 5) Retire your unemployed manager. 6) Manage your club to National Title & European Champions League Victory 7) Completing the Challenge. C) Signing of Players 1) You must be able to scout them TIP - You don't actually have to scout them, just be able to TIP - You can check your scouting range on the Scouting page 2) Alternatively (If you can't scout them), you must bring them on a trial first 3) You are able to sign anyone sent to you via Agent Offer TIP - Make sure you screenshot the Agent offer 4) In later versions you can get your DoF to find players, he will bring in players not in Scouting Range, these are also allowed. TIP - Grab a screenshot of your DoF signing them D) Posting 1) Player naming is allowed. (This is a warning for those of you who do not wish to see this) 2) Discussion of tactics is allowed. (This is another warning for those of you who do not wish to see this) Expected Updates We have minimum expectations when it comes to a first up post and also in the end of season updates. The Bold pages are necessary for everyone; the others are some suggestions that will get others interested in your posts and following your club. All other screenshots are welcome and encouraged, but we please ask that the majority are posted as links, because lots of pictures can make the page very slow to load. First Post: Domestic Leagues History (Club) Profile (Manager) Overview (Club) Squad (Club) End of Season Updates: Transfers (Club) - This is so we can see the ins & outs League Table (Competition) Squad (Club) Information (Manager) Profile (Manager) Information (Club) Profile (Players) Progress of your club should be documented using this thread; we want to hear the story of your club all the way through. Please keep us updated, even if you are doing badly. If you title your end of season report in bold this makes it easier to identify. Everyone will be supportive, and really get into your game if you give more detail. E) Other 1. If you are Sacked 1. You can Restart from the beginning or; 2. Continue your game and pick a new club (Under Same Rules) at the end of the next season or; 3. Add another Euro League/Remove Current League, holiday a whole season and continue 1. You can still only have one nation running at a time 2. Once the league becomes active you MUST holiday a full season 3. The club must be one of those unplayable from the beginning 2. No Restrictions on Parent or Feeder Clubs 3. International Management allowed from FM14 forwards (But you cannot start as an International Manager) The use of any external utilities and editors (Such as Genie Scout or FMM) are prohibited. As of FM14 there are also unlockables, these are also prohibited, please don't use them. It would be appreciated if you also ticked the box at the start which prevents the use of the ingame editor. How to Post a Screenshot 1) While in FM, press the 'Prt Sc' button (usually next to F12 on your keyboard). 2) Open an image editing program such as Paint and paste the image 3) Save the file as a JPEG or PNG 4) Upload the image to an image hosting website such as Photobucket or Imageshack 5) Post the direct URL to the image here. Alternatively using ALT + F9 in game saves a screenshot to your user data folder. (You can also edit this in the shortcuts options) The Euro Nation Motivational I would like to thank all of you who choose to participate in this thread this year, and to wish everyone taking on this challenge the best of luck on a long and hard journey to managerial success! I have personally had a number of hugely enjoyable saves over the years, first in Gundos challenge and then latterly in the Big Euro Nation Challenge. The atmosphere and support these threads have historically offered is key in making the thread, and your saves more enjoyable as I can testify to. I and some of the other regulars of these threads are here to help for the new challengers and hope everybody that participates contributes considerably to the thread. There is nothing better than getting immersed not only in your own game but providing the encouragement to other people's attempts too. Remember we are all fighting the same battle - to defeat the AI (and uncover fabulous newgens!) - Therefore it goes without saying that any form of cheating will be severely chastised. Don't do it! I know that it is painful to lose a European Final or to lose the title on the final day (I have been there myself on more than one occasion) but eventual success down the line is all the sweeter for those defeats. Good luck to all the participants – Here’s to a successful (and enjoyable) version!!
  3. Hi all. I'm here to announce my brand new experiment where everyone could participate if they want. What does the experiment hold in? Holiday. A lot. To be precise on what must be done, holiday through the first possible season of your European country of choice except San Marino. Then do it again and again. You'll create a history of a single season, with twists and turns every time you reload. I will keep track in a neat sheet in Excel so you could always take a look and see if any club is the standout champ or always get relegated. Setup Screen -First select the European country you want that someone else is not currently active in. We are excluding San Marino from this experiment for the sole reason that it's the only European league with a significantly different competition structure, having knockouts after a group stage instead of a normal round robin or split league. It's hard to keep track of league position that way, so please pick one of the 54 other leagues. -Only load the top division of said country. Nothing else. -Choose for an advanced player count, select a large database and under the tab, add the country you'll experiment in, and finally tick the 'Players from top division clubs' box for full immersion. -Advanced options are as follows: Adding players to playable teams is crucial for the small countries, where not every team could field a full 11 (or fill the bench for that matter) with no grays. Disabling the first transfer window allows for slightly more consistent results with other people as teams aren't as able to transfer players in or out at the beginning, especially in the big money leagues. -The game start date is the 'Start Of *blank* Season' to keep the transfers even more minimal and gives a swifter experience getting into the nitty gritty of it all. In-Game Setup 1. Add a manager. Totally irrelevant who or what. 2. Make sure the detail level of the top division of your country is set to it's maximum, and everything else to 'None'. 3. Holiday/spacebar to the day before the league starts. 4. Save and exit the game. 5. Backup your save file, give it a name so you could recognize the difference. 6. Re-enter the save. 7. Holiday to the day after the league ends. You can find it under the 'Rules' tab of your competition. 8. Share a picture of the full league table, among other findings you may find interesting to keep the experiment entertaining. 9. Rinse and repeat, remember to specify how many times you have simulated in every post. My Role To make this all worth it, the post below is where all stats will go. Whenever someone updates their season, so will I. What I will write down is the amount of times a club has finished in a surden position, among with a few records including highest/lowest points tally and best/worst goal difference. Rules -Every FM or FMT that can follow these rules with next to no problem is allowed in the case of default leagues. -Only @claassen's Megapack may be used as extra league database. This means that countries only available in the Megapack are only viable options from FM17 onwards. -Please specify whether you are using the Megapack in conjunction with the default leagues or not. Leagues included in it do not have this neccesity. -Only cosmetic changes are allowed otherwise, as long as they allow the league table to be viewed in full at all times. -If one person has already started an experiment in a specific country in a specific FM version, please make sure to pick another one to reduce repetitiveness. -Any suspicion of cheating may mean your part of the experiment has failed and traces will be removed. Feel free to return anytime though if you can keep to the afromentioned! With all that said and done, enjoy the ride and let chaos ensue!
  4. I qualified as first. even in qualifiers section of the world cup, I could see my team. but then suddenly, was not in the groups, but Iceland is instead of me. but the news is reporting like I am in the world cup, but I have no games at all. screenshots attached.
  5. Now that the beta is out the way, time to start with the good stuff. Playing FM over the years, I've always stopped and started new saves for various reasons, never had a save go over three seasons really. I'm sure its a familiar tale with many of you! Well, I've decided this year, I will only allow myself to do one save, lets go beyond the three seasons and see what happens, for better or for worse! I could be sacked 10 times, win a major trophy every year, or something in between. I'm not going to manage in England at all for a change. Time to explore other countries. I will load up; Germany, France, Spain, Holland, Italy, Portugal (I will load three leagues from each country if i'm able to). I will start unemployed with sunday league experience and English nationality. It will be interesting to see how long it will take to get employed and who offer me a job! I have no set rules for this save, other than it will keep going until fm19 comes out. Will I stay with one club or move around? Will I even play this game every week? Who knows, I think this is much of a personal story as well as an FM story. I will update as I go along. I can't promise how long or often these will be, but i'm hoping to have an interesting story nevertheless! So, lets get onto loading the leagues and starting the game......
  6. Tier 1: Virsliga Tier 2: Latvian First League Tier 3: Riga zona Vidzemes zona Kurzeme/Zemgale zona Latgales zona Daugavpils zona Cups: National Cup Winter Cup/Super Cup Latvia Pyramid.fmf This is not the biggest Pyramid but it had to be done For Bugs Comment down Below! For More Full Pyramids Please go to
  7. sizzlingpopcorn

    [FM 18] Gibraltar National Team

    I have taken on the challenge of starting a new career managing the Gibraltar National team. I have downloaded the SI Games Gibraltar league files from the Steam Workshop. I will post progress updates here, including YouTube videos. The Setup: The Announcement: Manager Profile: Citizenship: Canadian Reputation: National C Licence Past Playing Experience: Sunday League Player Languages Spoken: English, French, and Spanish Current World Ranking: 205th Goal: To improve the country's football ranking and to improve as a manager.
  8. December 27, 2016 Chapter 1: The dream Looking through the thread of football manager forums, I always think about these wonderful stories that are created until I see a thread by the user of ManUtd1. Looking through his thread it may me, wonder what should I be doing with my life and even though the idea of this thread was only just for Champions League, I wanted to take this one step further and include all European runner up teams, not just the Champions League. Going to my roommate who was sitting at the kitchen table, I said to him “I want to be a real football manager”. He looks at me, confused and wondering what got that into my mind before quietly saying “Have you had too much to drink again because that is the third time this week you have had a stupid idea.” After explaining what my idea came from and how I was going to do it, he only thought of one thing to think of. “There is no way you would do such a thing, for god sake you don’t even have any coaching qualifications so what makes you think that this is a great idea. Especially when there are forty-three clubs that have been close but not winning.” He had a point, but that wouldn’t deter me from doing it and knowing the risks that I had set myself, I replied: “Think of all the money that I could get if I was to become successful in managing clubs plus how hard can it be to manage a football team.” My roommate just shook his head as he is probably thinking that this couldn’t go ahead. Welcome to my new story where with the inspiration of @ManUtd1, I have decided to do the challenge of getting a European title with all of the teams that are on the list which is forty-three of them and it will be one of those saves were it a long journeyman series. Here are the two lists with the clubs and where they do start in this save. So the leagues that I have loaded in are Austria – Top 2 leagues Belgium – Top 2 leagues England – Top 3 leagues France – Top 3 leagues Germany – Top 5 leagues [With the added German pack] Greece – Top League Hungary – Top 2 leagues Italy – Top League Netherlands – Top 2 leagues Poland – Top 2 leagues Portugal – Top 2 leagues Russia – Top 3 leagues Scotland – Top 2 leagues Spain – Top 2 leagues Sweden – Top 2 leagues Ukraine – Top 2 leagues
  9. Hello and welcome to the next installment in my Football Manager career series. I have just taken the plane out of England after abandoning Stourbrigde whom I took from the Conference North to the League One over the course of 13 seasons, in an interrupted Dafuge Challenge. On this next career, I will be embarking on a free journey throughout the world, pursuing one thing: recognition as the most successful Portuguese manager of all time. Evidently, there is just one slight issue that makes this a little daunting. The career of this man, crowned so many times across Portugal, England, Italy and Spain: Inspired by @AK22's legendary career overcoming Alex Ferguson's records, I will be attempting to break past José Mourinho total points in FM's Hall of Fame as the ultimate goal of this career. However, I am not obsessed by trophies and will not just blindly follow whatever gives me more change of success. I just wanna have some fun playing some good football! These are the leagues I have loaded up at the beginning: This is a lot of leagues, hopefully it's not too slow. I do not have any edited leagues loaded up at the beginning, but have a lot of @claassen's Leagues World Pack files active so I can load them up in the future if I wish so! And these are my beginning stats: Right... shall we begin? I've taken a plane to a very specific place for a slightly random, but carefully planned place to kick off a managerial career...
  10. Fellas - heading over to Norway with our lass in a couple of weeks, for a wee holiday. It's a country where I've never been to, although my Mrs lived there for 30+ years. Gonna be staying in a cabin on Oslo fyjord and I'm looking forward to it. However, the g/f is a non-driver and whilst I've been driving in the UK for 15 years now, I've never driven abroad! Would like to investigate the possibility of hiring a car for the week. Just wondering if there is any advice out there for driving on the other side of the road? Obviously will be taking my time and not driving into mega-busy areas, such as Oslo itself. Cheers!
  11. Makoto Nakamura

    [Enter title in the space provided]

    In my FM career I've had many saves, most of them very short-lived might I add and that's my own undoing. I play too fast and get too burnt out but I just can't put the game down, if FM is my addiction (which it is) then at least it's not that bad. I couldn't think of a witty title but much like my final FM16 save located here, this will be a slog through Europe. Another downfall of mine is I set myself a lot of hard/improbable challenges and push to get to where I 'need' to be as quick as I can but this is different, there are no challenges, there are no aims maybe I'll win some silverware and maybe I won't but either way we'll be going on one hell of a journey! 54 countries. A large database. 127 leagues (one more than in FM16 (mainly because I added the Welsh 2nd tier for more variety there)). There's a long time until FM18 so hopefully I can really get into this! I'll be starting unemployed with no badges at the earliest starting point which I think is Finland's at 25/12/2015. I'll be going on holiday mode to try to get rid of as many of the original managerless clubs as I can and after 5 or 6 months I'll start applying for jobs and see where I end up.
  12. My Livorno save was getting to be a little grating trying to compete in Serie A while playing Serie B/C quality players. I also realised my updates should be a little more engaging. After looking at many of the best threads on this board, I decided to go for a European journeyman, as I didn't want to be stuck at a club that I may not enjoy. Here are the leagues I have loaded up. https://gyazo.com/b37ad228acd6fb7e1bf980bffc0fe7b7
  13. Well where to begin, I have always wanted to try a Journeyman save but have neither the skill (I am just not very good at this game) or the patience. So after being inspired by @Makoto Nakamurajourney from Estonia to Luxemburg and onto Portugal and France I am here hoping that writing about my journey will force me to overcome my lack of patience and see this through while also making light of my lack of ability, and hey I may even learn a thing or two along the way. I don't really know why but I have also decided that throughout this journey I am going to stick to 4-4-2 'shape'. So without further ado lets make a start . . . I am sticking to Europe and setting the big four leagues to only the top 2 tiers in each to save them for when (if) I get my rep up I have gone large on the database which should be fine looking at the feedback After applying for and getting interviews for a couple of jobs with no success it was third time lucky (or maybe unlucky) and I was offered the job as manager of . . . Hamarkameratene (literally the Hamar Comrades), often abbreviated to HamKam or Ham-Kam, is a Norwegian football club based in the town of Hamar. The club was founded in 1918, originally under the name Freidig. HamKam were most recently promoted to the Norwegian Premier League in 2007. A third-place finish in 1970 is the highest position that the team has held in the Premier League; the club has never progressed beyond the semifinals of the Norwegian Cup, last reaching the semifinals in 1989. Briskeby gressbane has been the home ground of Hamarkameratene since 1936. The construction of a completely modernized stadium began in 2007. Upon completion, expected in 2009, Briskeby will have a capacity of 10.200 spectators, whereas the capacity prior to the modernization was approximately 8000. (The above is from Wiki) Well it is certainly going to be a baptism of fire looking at the table and their results so far this season (and yes that is the bottom 7 places being the relegation zone!) Well that's all for now, time to study the squad and figure out what I have let myself in for
  14. SparkieFM

    World Wide Journeyman

    Ok yes i admit the journeyman save is rather over done, however given the facts that A i'm board and B i've never done one before i though, "why not give it a go". So what sets mine apart from the norm? Well admittedly not a whole lot but the fact that i have all levels of competition from 35 different nations in 5 different continents, so it's gone global and i am not restricted to just Europe. yeah you are right that is alot of leagues.... and who is this man that will bring himself inter continental glory? here he is, a not too long out of school 20 year old *cough* should of been 18 *cough* with no badges or prior experience of the pro life ready to set sail on this lifelong journey. As you see i haven't invested in any coaching attributes and flung it all over to mental and pouring the few points i had in adaptability, you don't expect me to learn Hebrew or Arabic on 1 do you? Apart from that not a whole lot unusual about me/him. yes i am a Millwall supporter and yes i've herd all them jokes before. There where less jobs than expected available to me few in Asia, few in Europe and that was really about it, oh almost forgot 1 Brazilian and Columbian job but they told me in the interview my job was easy and involved putting packages in dark places so i thought best not. however there where a number of jobs that stood out to me including South Korean teams Daegu and Incheon both of whom turned my down after interviews than there was a lot of Irish side offering me interviews but i didn't go because i feel i wanted to start away from Europe. then i realized most Asian nations if not all where already a quarter to half way through there seasons at our start which was the English one. several Chinese sides rejected me before this happened... second tier Indonesian side Persatu Tuban, sounds more like head wear than a team but hey ho off to there i go. so off to Indonesia on £110 a week a comfy salary for this part of the world. here's the league table string of recent results we inherited that lead us to be top of our group and knocked out of the national cup. also on the note of us coming here think i should talk about how this league works plus any weird rules, ok here goes. So the 2nd tier is separated into 4 groups the top 2 of each go to a second pair of groups which the top 2 of each get promoted and finally 1st in each fight for overall first and 2nd in each fight for 3rd place. as for rules nothing other than Indonesian only players. doesnt look like a whole lot of building we got to do if this is the results we got, however the squad could potentially be a financial problem. what i meant by the above was the amount of players we have that will probably not get game time because i'm not a huge squad rotator and i like smaller squads. and here's the maiden tactic a counter 4-4-2. ok bad news unfortunately there are gonna be no games this update and its time to round this one off but i will come back after every in game month to evaluate it so next update will be up until the last game of august. and last but not least here's the games i will be doing for next update. but anyways guys thank you so much for reading this and stay tuned for more......
  15. Chapter 1: The confusion I didn’t understand where I was as I woke up on that rainy morning. For starters, I knew I wasn’t on my bed because the sheets weren’t the purple that I had been used to but instead it was white without any dirt on it. Thinking that I might be dreaming, I looked for something to test my theory. But everywhere I looked, there was nothing to test this out. “Ah, I can see that our patient is awake now” the doctor that must have been treating me saying to his fellow doctors. “How are you today?” Trying to be all calm and not showing any confused, I responded: “I am fine now, also when can I leave this place?” “Don’t worry you should be able to leave in about two days” I felt a sense of relief as my confusion started to go up instead of down as I sense the feeling of not being welcome here. I felt like I needed to ask one last question just so I can sense what that feeling was. “Umm, Doctor, can I ask what year is this?” The doctor looks at me, confused for a second before saying his reply, “2014 sir, June 19 to be exact.” That sudden feeling coming to me now, I had somehow while I sleep went back in time three years to the exact date it was today or I think it was before somehow going back in time. OOC: Don't worry all will be explain later.
  16. Inspired by @Makoto Nakamuraand his European Adventure, I am going to do one of my own, though I will only be using the leagues "out of the box" so to speak, with the exception of Gibraltar, which I have added as this is an official SI league update. Game Type - Journeyman. I will be starting unemployed. Rules - I have imposed a few rules and they are as follows: I am not allowed to apply for any job, unless I am unemployed. I must be approached if I am currently managing a club. I do not have to accept a job offer if I do not wish to. I am allowed to resign from my post if I wish. Reputation - Sunday League. Starting Qualifications - None. Editor's Used - Real Competition Names. Huge database added. Leagues Loaded Austria. Belarus. Belgium. Bulgaria. Croatia. Czech Republic. Denmark. England. Finland. France. Germany. Gibraltar. Greece. Hungary. Iceland. Ireland. Israel. Italy. Netherlands. Northern Ireland. Norway. Poland. Portugal. Romania. Russia. Scotland. Serbia. Slovakia. Slovenia. Spain. Sweden. Switzerland. Turkey. Ukraine. Wales. Database Size - Huge. Updates - I only intend to update at the end of each season, together with the youth candidates day. Youth - I love to develop players, so any player I feel has a chance to make the first team will be tagged. YP17a1 for example, would mean Youth Player from 2017. The "a" means he is the best prospect from that intake and the "1" means he is the first youth prospect I have produced in my career. Records - I am a bit of a statto, so will be keeping detailed records during this save which you can see in the next few posts.
  17. Achilles '29 is a football club from Groesbeek in the Netherlands, founded in 1929 they play their football at the 4,506 capacity Sportpark De Heikant. The area around the town of Grosebeek is probably most famous for being close to the landing location for Operation Market Garden in WW2. The club itself has had no success and has mainly being playing in the amateur football leagues and having never finished higher than 15th in the Eerste Divisie. The club in the ‘real’ world has just finished the season dead last and due to lose at least 17 players who have not signed again for next season after relegation. To take the club to the next level, chairman Harrie Derks has decided to sack 53 year old long term club manager Eric Meijers who has been in charge for 11 years over two different spells, and replace him with a 33 year old unknown Australian Manager who won the Champions League 10 times in a row on CM 01/02 with 1860 Munich. For those of you playing at home, Achilles is the cousin of Ajax and when Paris kills Achilles in the Trojan War, it is Ajax who recovers the body. So while we are thankful to our cousin we will ultimately look to take him down and become the new king of Holland (also PSG is the common enemy due to killing Achilles) The Squad The team is full of players on amateur contracts, I am known to be quite a ruthless manager and I have no idea who any of these players are, so I will be doing a full squad review and plan to take the axe to anybody that will not work out or fit my future plans so I expect this squad you see today to be very different from the squad that will start the season in 8 weeks’ time. I will not have any specific rules about ages or nationalities, not least in the first few years as I want to turn the club over from top to bottom and install a new way of thinking. I will of course always take preference to Dutch players and players under 21 as I want to be known as a place young kids have a chance to shine, be warned I do like to sign the odd experienced war horse that can do a job on a short term basis and I have an eye on the Australian National job so I would be interested to provide a funnel for talented Australians to venture into Europe. While in the Jupiler League the rules only allow me to sign players from within the EU and due to the limited funds and the reputation of the Myrmidons we won’t be able to make that many moves early on so I will be stalking the loan and free markets for mercenaries that can ensure our safety in the league. The Tactic Achilles probably have the worst squad in the league, there is a limited players of players with any talent that I could even consider looking to build a tactic around. Keeping this in mind I decided to change my usual style of building a tactic around the squad but instead build a tactic and find the players that would make it work. The basic idea was to play narrow on the counter attack and the force the other team to go around me, plug the middle with the 4 most talented midfielders that I could locate, the 2 attacking AMs will be asked to get forward, the DLP will drop back into the defensive line and collect the ball from the GK, the DM is the shield and CWBs are asked to bomb forward and provide some width. I have a feeling there is too many players attacking and due to the level of the players we could be exposed at the back but lets start and see how bad it fails. Season 1 goals I want to keep it quite simple for the first season - Don’t get relegated - Clear out the playing squad and improve overall quality - Establish a tactic that works
  18. So I got tired of my save in Ireland and I needed something else to fuel my obsession. That something is a continuation of a Southampton save that I started as my second ever save. I'll throw up the previous season's standings as I'm in season 4 right now. 2015/16 2016/17 2017/18 I will post more details if you guys want them over the coming days but this is all I have time for right now. Buckle up and get ready for the ride where ever it takes us because there's no set goal for this!
  19. Hello and welcome to my newest career thread. My one and only task in this series is to have a season unbeaten in any top flight, therefore learning The Art of Losing because I wouldn't have lost in that season. ---- (Yeah, I know it's quite a stupid idea- let's get started) In this career I will be starting on the 4th of April in 2017, and unemployed, loading leagues in England, France, Germany, Holland, Italy and Spain. ---- Updates will follow...
  20. Hi, I've decided to go for my first actual documentation of a save, and I've chosen to take on the challenge at Sampdoria! Sampdoria were a fantastic team in the 90's, and are very much part of the Football Italia 90's nostalgia wave. They haven't quite hit the heights since winning the title in 1990-91 with a team featuring Vialli and Mancini. They've had some great players over the years, the likes of Gullit, Klinsmann and Platt have all put on the iconic jersey. While we may not be able to recapture the glory years in the 90's, we'll be trying to push Samp as far as they can go. Their history combined with the ridiculous crop of young talent Sampdoria currently have meant this save was always on my to-do list. I'll update this thread quarterly, so expect the next update will be around October-ish game time. It shouldn't take long, and hopefully by then I've got bit of material to work with. Thanks.
  21. Hey, I just wanted to know if anyone knew of teams which had new stadiums being built within the game? I know Tottenham have their new stadium being built by 2018-19 and play at Wembley. Just wanted to see if any other teams had a new stadium being built. Thanks!
  22. That's the profile of my manager in October 2019. I never planned doing a story out of this save, so I did some bollox like a 23-year-old as an International Footballer, but there happened some things I have to share with others. ~The story until December 2018~ I started the game as Konny Biggins, an Irishman with a Turkish background and in my mind living in Germany. After having two seasons of a British Steel Challenge in the depths of Northern Irish and Welsh football I had enough of that whole Semi-Professional "crap" and started with an International Footballer reputation and the highest National license. In late April 2017 I took over at Nürnberg, they were mid-table in 2. Bundesliga with low risk to get relegated. When I took over there were 3 games left, the derby against Fürth, a game against Würzburg and league winners Braunschweig. With an interesting 5-2-2-1 approach we drew 0-0 in Frankenderby, won 1-0 through a goal by talented striker Cedric Teuchert against Würzburg and finished with a fantastic 4-0 against the boys from Lower Saxony. I was sure to get them promoted in at most 3 years but as I applied for a job in the Bundesliga to check my value they had enough of me and sacked me after just 33 days. The real career started then in Austria at Red Bull Salzburg who finished 2nd in 16/17. In that one full season, I managed them some fantastic things happened. Let's start with the Europa League On the way to the group stage we managed to beat the Rangers, Trnava and AEK Athens. We topped our group where we met Basel, Bursaspor and Maccabi Tel Aviv. The first really weird thing happened in the first leg of the 1st Knockout Round meeting against Sparta Prague. We were 3-0 up after 20 minutes, the game ended 5-3 for us, but we were in danger to concede more than three. With the 2nd leg ending 1-1 we were through. Our opponent? Manchester City... With us struggling in the league and my general unhappiness with tactics, I decided to go with the approach from @Cleons "Art of Counter Attacking". In the home tie, we sat down with a 4-1-4-1 on Counter and no TIs and managed to kill the game. We had no shot on target for the whole 90mins but City couldn't break us so we went home with a 0-0. One week later in Etihad I was sure that alone couldn't help us so added "more direct passing" and a little bit more pressing. After 36 minutes Djuricin gave us the lead so City needed two to kick us out. As Wisdom scored an own goal in the 70th minute it was sooo nervy but we survived it and knocked them out of the EL. On the same day Pep Guardiola lost his job in Manchester. We lost the Quarter Final very unlucky to Genk, but this night in Manchester was just special. The national cup is a short story. Went out in the 3rd round against Admira Wacker, because they have a crappy sized pitch in which our style of play was killed seriously. The league... In review I can't tell how lucky we were winning the league. While playing the games it didn't felt like this. In March we could have gone 10 points clear Rapid Vienna, when losing to them sandwiched by the Man City games. Finally we won the title with more luck than judgment. In the last 4 games two 90+ winners rescued our chances and that Rapid drew against Wolfsberg on the last matchday was pure luck. I didn't want to leave RBS, with some outstandig talent waiting to get through I hoped to be able to bring them to the Champions League Knockout Stages in 3-4 year. But AGAIN the board had some problems with my long term goals. After qualifying for the CL group stage by turning around a 2-4 in Zagreb with a 4-0 at home they decided to sell two of my three established Centre Backs on Deadline Day behind my back. When my talent is sold without that I control when I can't develop the squad in 1000 years. So I stepped down and nearly slammed my keyboard in anger. In December I went back to Germany taking over at Mainz 05. The first games didn't went that bad, in Freiburg we only lost because of two freekick goals (2-3) and against 1860 Munich we won a solid game 2-0. So I was hopefull going into the winter break. Could I rescue the club from going down, or will I regret resigning in Salzburg? You'll see in the next part (hopefully tomorrow).
  23. tystevens133

    America to UEFA

    Hello, everyone. This is my first post and I am fairly new to FM and it's community. I have restructured the MLS and the leagues in the U.S.A in FM Editor so they act more like European leagues. The league works well although I would love it if I could play in CL and EL instead of the North American Champions League. I do not want to mess with country's coefficients and I am okay with my custom league entering UEFA with a coefficient of 0. Also, I simulated 20 years into the future and no lower league team established themselves in the top division. I know 20 years is not a long time, but if there is an obvious thing I am missing as an first time user of the FM Editor let me know. Please let me know how to fix these problems. Thanks!!
  24. Makoto Nakamura

    [FM16] The slow slog through Europe!

    Here we are again, San Marino has gone as I can't find a work around so now I move on to something I wanted to try when FM17 comes out but I guess I can try it now instead. The premise is that with the San Marino save I was always entering the Champions League and even 65 seasons in it was always the same teams in the Champions League which is a bit boring in all honesty, this will be a European Journeyman starting from the bottom, seasons will be slow with the amount of leagues loaded so updates will be monthly and I really just want to see how the game world evolves over 10-15 seasons or maybe even more if I'm lucky! Now what have I got loaded? Well: Every league from every European country (bar Crimea & Kosovo) and I'll be starting unemployed with no badges, with just a couple of months left until the next release I may not get too many seasons in, but hopefully I get far enough in to see some decent changes in the game world!
  25. Paul Wanless : U's Icon Takes Managerial Career More Seriously As a youngster in the late 1990s and early 2000s I frequented the Abbey Stadium most weekends, the glorious stadium of my beloved Cambridge United. The players from this era will be the ones I remember the most. My first heroes. Two of those are in the photo above and I have decided to take on the player in the forefront as my new manager alias (three points to anyone who can name the other U's player in the background). Paul Wanless spent seven years with the U's from 1996 to 2003 where he became club captain, made over 300 appearances and became a cult hero. He was an excellent spot kick taker, a tough-tackling no nonsense midfielder and despite his less than athletic appearing physique managed to get from box-to-box scoring many important goals, often late winners. He had two spells either side of his time with Cambridge at the 2nd best University City and finished his outright playing career with Forest Green. It was with Forest Green where he first stepped into a coaching role becoming caretaker manager in 2007 where he went undefeated, albeit two draws in two games. He moved into the Welsh League with Llanelli as a player-coach where he coached the team in European fixtures against the likes of Ventspils of Latvia. His most recent known role was player-coach of City in 2010, then in the Southern Premier League. However, fast forward to today 9th August 2016 (which I have holidayed to) and he now want to move into a long managerial career which will take him around Europe. With all English & Scottish Leagues loaded and the top two divisions from all the out-the-box European Nations, who will give Wanless the chance to kick start his managerial career? Armed with a UEFA B Licence and reputation as a former (regional) professional football player, I now take on the alias as Paul Wanless, soon to be manager extraordinaire. I hope.