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Found 96 results

  1. Hi all and dear SI! I have a very big problem as well as many other players in the world, very "popular" crash dump in FM 18 My crash (game ver. 18.3.3) it most often appears when I want search players in the search window. I checked consistency of files on Steam, reinstalled DirectX and nothing helps I'm enclosing my DxDiag and this Dump. I have the latest graphics card drivers. DxDiag.txt FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.17 11.32.00).dmp
  2. Hello all,Since I reinstalled my computer, I can't load my old FM16 save games... When I click on my save game, I can see the info on the right panel (such as, date, team managing etc..) when I then select load it loads until 3/4 of the bar and then I encounter a 'crash dump' message. I tried almost every thing I could find via google search, such as; - delete cache (in-game and out-game) as well as the preferences - delete any added face/logo packs & delete any additional skins- all drivers are up-to-date.- reinstalled, multiple times. My latest two crash dumps are located in the attached files. I also tried to delete the whole 'sports interactive' file within 'my documents' but that also didn't solve anything. And the weird thing I encountered is that there are two 'sports interactive' files located in 'my documents', which both contain football manager 2016 but one only contain 'editor data', 'games', 'skins', and 'sounds'. And the other one contains all the folders as it used to. I hope that my problem can be solved. (And I am not sure if it is allowed, but here is a link to download my savegame as it is way over the max of 9 mb; http://www.mediafire.com/file/5c9vhld7i1v61a1/Ola.ENGlaaaanndd.3.JaiHind.fm) FM 2016 v16.3.0.776772 (2018.05.09 15.06.47).dmp FM 2016 v16.3.0.776772 (2018.05.09 15.54.37).dmp
  3. Hi, I bought a new laptop and now my game keeps crashing all the time while I want to save my game. (Even the autosave is crashing.) When the game shuts down it give an error message and creates this crash dump file. I wait your response. FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.27 12.05.50).dmp
  4. FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.20 15.16.07).dmp It continues to crash at the title menu when the music starts. Two error messages and can't even get into the game anymore. All save files are gone from the computer as well. I have tried to uninstall and re install, but it has done nothing.
  5. Hey, I'm always getting crash dump on Football Manager 2018... It only happens when I'm trying to start the match. The size of database is normal, I'm using about 40,000-45,000 players database. I have tried smaller databases but the problem remained the same... I had downloaded one league for workshop I think, and from then the problem started, I have deleted that league but problem remaind. I tried to uninstall and install the game but nothing changed. I'm attaching my crash dump file. Hope you could help me. Thank you for your time! FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074700 (2018.04.01 00.39.33).dmp
  6. In date 11/12/2018 the game stops at the same moment and i just can't proceed. Any options to solve this?
  7. Hi, I had this come up when starting up the game. I got it a few days ago and was working fine. I added some custom logo's into the game and played it for a few days, the game ran perfectly fine. This morning I went to go play it and during the startup, it gave me this error pop up (attached picture). I tried re-running it 3 times but had no luck, so I went to the crash dump location only to find it empty. Is it supposed to be empty after an error like this? I went to this website and followed the set of instructions for a game startup crash, but had no luck. I delete the cache folder and preferences, and I also removed the custom logo graphics out of the graphic's folder to my desktop. I tried restarting it again and I got another error. I cant tell if this is a common error or not, but is there something else I can do to fix this? I was really enjoying the game and I really want to play it again, Help much appreciated!
  8. Hi, Since the 18.2.2 update, I can't load saved games and I can't begin Career games. I keep getting this error message: Application error: a serous error was encountered... etc. I have tried to uninstall and reinstall the game, I've tried to validate the integrity of the game files, nothing works. Could you please help me out? I can't play FM anymore like this.. Cheers, Job FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.24 13.01.14).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.24 18.11.46).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.24 18.16.23).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.24 18.23.15).dmp
  9. Hi Everyone, So, as I saw ALOT of people with "kinda" of the same problem as mine I decided to create a thread exposing my issues with the game, which I didn't played yet. Me and a friend of mine decided to share the same account, so he could play Football Manager at the same time as I do, but in Offline Mode tho. When I install the game everything seems to work just fine. But then, there's when the problem start. Everytime I try to play the game, the game runs smoothly prior to the start menu. As soon as the Football Manager "logo" appears BOOM! (crash dump). As much as I search on the internet is as much as I become "desperate" because it seems that nobody knows how to solve this issue. What I've tried: Delete crash dump folder in My Documents Delete Cache Delete Preferences Reverify Cache Update AMD graphic drivers Check any program known to cause issues to FM Disabled Antivirus (Bitdefender) Firewall Disabled temporarily Antivirus Add .exe to exceptions Uninstall and Re-install DirectX files Right-click on Football Manager 2018 -> Properties -> General -> Set Launch Options- Type this in the box: -renderer_direct3D9 As you can see I tried EVERYTHING I could and nothing seems to solve my problem. Any suggestions will be Very Welcome! FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.17 21.12.04).dmp DxDiag.txt
  10. Hello, Since the start of the day, i can't play more than 15 minutes without having any problem since a long time. Could you please help me? I attached the file of the crash dump... Thank you very much! FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.12 15.50.11).dmp
  11. Hi community, Since yesterday I can't progress with my career mode in Football Manager 2018. I don't know why, but occurs me always in the same date. However, on trying to prevent this problem, I removed the graphics and leagues I just have 5. I've a little database. I reinstalled many times the drive of the graphic, I reinstalled the Windows and the game. Nothing resolved it. I hope a solution for my problem. Thanks DxDiag.txt FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.12 22.05.20).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.12 22.19.25).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.12 22.23.11).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.12 22.32.34).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.12 22.55.39).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.12 23.00.08).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.12 23.02.39).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.12 23.21.19).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.12 23.26.21).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.12 23.35.55).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.02.12 23.42.27).dmp
  12. Title pretty much explains the issue. The game will freeze during processing or saving (even staying frozen half an hour later), when looking up the client in task manager it states that football manager is "not responding", happens at the same point in my save no matter how I try to progress (going on holiday vs the normal "next day"). The save is a lower league save with Boston United, database of around 34000 (not sure on the exact number but I can find out if necessary). I believe I have 6 loaded nations with a handful of others on "view only", on setup I had a 4 star run rating. I've tried deleting my game cache and preferences then re-verifying my game cache to no success. I've tried cutting the files from the "sports interactive"" folder to a backup folder on my desktop and loading the game through that way, to no success. I've tried reinstalling the game completely, to no success. I even deleted the dx9 files as suggested in the "crash/game not loading" suggestions section, again to no success. The issue still persists. I play a match then either try to advance the game or save immediately afterwards, regardless at some point before the next match the game freezes. My PC specs are easily above the minimum requirements (I run much more taxing games such as PUBG and Dark Souls 3 and I've checked the minimum requirements which I easily surpass). Any help would be greatly appreciated as this is incredibly frustrating. For reference this has happened to me on two other saves, at multiple points during my Liverpool save (currently in season 4) and at the start of my Southampton save (after the first couple of games). Cheers in advance, Kris
  13. These 3 crash dumps happened to me last night, no pattern or correlation, just happened at random points, iv'e had a few issues with the game this year, which have been fixed thanks to this forum, heres hoping this will be fixed FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.01.30 21.14.39).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.2.1055984 (2018.01.30 23.09.48).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2018.01.05 01.14.40).dmp
  14. Please help mee....i always had a crash dump on the same in-game date FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2017.12.30 09.36.26).dmp DxDiag.txt
  15. Just started crashing when I began playing tonight. Last few have been crashes when loading my save. I have no skins or picture packs active as I removed them and tried deleting preferences folder etc. as suggested in FAQs. I cant attach the save file itself as it is too large. If you could take a look at this, I'd hate to lose this save. EDIT: Uploading two saved game files to FTP HandsomeAndy_EC_GameCrash.fm and HandsomeAndy_EC_Game Crash (V02).fm second one was last save before crashing, first save is my main file now, I think only a half hour difference between the two. Looks like these uploads will take ages though... FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2018.01.12 18.23.48).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2018.01.12 18.31.31).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2018.01.12 18.34.04).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2018.01.12 18.41.24).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2018.01.12 18.54.52).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2018.01.12 19.12.55).dmp
  16. I absolutely regret having bought this game. Playing sice 00-01. You are losing a huge fan of this series. You may see the .dmp file attached. FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051985 (2018.01.08 18.56.21).dmp
  17. The game crashes if I do not respond move on to half-time team talk, or game-end team talk soon enough. One of the many good things about the Football Manager series is that, you do not have to attend to the game all of the time, you can click continue and then go do stuff. So, sometimes, this is what I do. I leave the game be and, dunno, go pour myself a cup of tea perhaps. Now I can't, because when the game "waits" for me to click continue in half-times and end-games, it crashes. I have seen that this issue is quite common, and most of the screenshots show that they occur mostly on half-times and end-games. Attached are the screenshot and the crash dump files. I have also uploaded the save game to the ftp (save game file name: enuff_halftime_or_fulltime_crash.fm). enuff_FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2017.12.24 15.20.18).dmp
  18. Hi, I am on the 3th season, and my game always crash on the same day. I receive a message that a Crash Dump file was created, but when i open the proper folder is empty. I tried all the "fixes" suggested here in the forum with no success. I believe my current save got corrupted somehow. Anyway to fix it? Thanks.
  19. Hi, As the same with a lot of other people on here, my game wont load when I start up the game. I have got some extra files like facepacks and logos etc but still receive the below message. I have also attached the crash dump file below. Any help welcome! FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2018.01.02 06.53.45).dmp FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2018.01.02 06.56.07).dmp
  20. Hi,I have crash dump in my game after every 2-3 matches played. I dont use any graphics,I'm using small database with a few leagues, I removed cache folder, unistalled and installed game again, I updated my graphic drivers. Why it is still happening ? why this error occurs in my game ? Please respond
  21. Hey there. my problem is that on one day i've got 3 games that are on at the same time. U18 game, U23 game and a first team friendly. I can play the first one no problem but about half way through the second the game crashes. I've tried to play through it 5 times and it keeps crashing. I've not had any problems up to this point so am confused???
  22. i got crash dump. why ? FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2017.12.24 15.04.03).dmp
  23. Help me please. I'm crash dump the loading page at beginning app. After buy this game on steam. I think that's because amd graphics driver. Hurry, help me please. I don't want a refund. Thanks FM 2018 v18.2.1.1051982 (2017.12.26 04.52.11).dmp
  24. Good morning. I'm writing because my football manager is going on crash dump at the same point. I tried everything for fix the problem, even to reinstall my graphic drivers. Can you please provide me some help? Here's my dxdiag and the crash dump file. Thank you in advance. DxDiag.txt FM 2018 v18.1.3.1045020 (2017.11.30 13.00.28).dmp