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Found 26 results

  1. I m currently in my first season and elections for the club has passed. I have signed a new contract with the club and after that even though I am league leader and league is still on its way, the board thinks I have failed to win the league. Also some of my players think we are underachieving. The incident would have happened after I changed season expectations. It was top half when I get the job now it s winners. Screenshots are below
  2. So the board promises are unrealistically firing managers when promise is broken. First time I ran into this I had promoted a low level team 3x. Each year they expected a regulation battle. When I was trying to get my youth level up I accidentally clicked that I would play more low youth players in my starting eleven. It barely gave me any time to even do this. Not like my ****** youths are all of a sudden going to be playable because I got my youth level upgraded *laughs*. So I was given three months while battle for a first place finish. I got the 1st place finish and was fired immediately after for not playing youths. Come on Keep in mind I was seen as untouchable by the board. Second time the board wanted me to promise better confidence. What the ..... okay sure ...the team confidence is excellent due to getting promoted but we are suppose to be battling for regulation. Maybe thats what they mean. So expecting to get regulated I outperform again and take 8th place. Everyone loves me, im untouchable by management ......and fired ....again. Least I got legend status after the firing. So board promises need to be looked at. Sure if you are doing average or poor work but enough to not get fired and break a promise I can see a reason for being fired. But when given vague promises by the board that make no sense. And being seen as untouchable for doing the impossible on their team. You would think being fired for a broken promise like these two would never happen.
  3. I did a test save in Argentina, both divisions, for 5 seasons, and I have some observations about it: 1. Extremly low number of manager changes: In the beginning of 2022/23 season, there are 20 teams in Primera and 22 in Primera B. The total number of manager changes in five years (not including caretaker and interim managers) is 42 (one per team on average). IRL, in Primera this season 8 managers resigned already, last year 22 teams (out of 30) changed managers during the season. In my save I had the following dynamic of managerial changes in Primera only: Season 2017/18 (28 teams - 27 games): 2 sacks mid season, 3 sacks after the season (2 for relegation) Season 2018/19 (26 teams - 25 games): 1 sack, 2 guys left for Argentina role (one in 2018, the second one in 2019) Season 2019/20 (24 teams - 46 games): 4 sacks mid season (two for poor league position, two for players lost confidence), 4sacksafter the season for relegation, 1 resigned. Season 2020/21 (22 teams - 42 games): 1 mid season sack, 1 replacement mid season, 3 after season changes (poor results, players lost confidence and wanted to leave - each reason once) Season 2021/22 (20 teams - 38 games): 0 mid season sacks, 2 resigned after season, 1 retired, one left for new job (I think Argentina, not sure) Out of 20teams in 2022/23 Primera, 6 had only 1 manager, 5 had 2managers and 9 had 3 managers (caretakers not counted) In 5 seasons, the managers of those teams have been sacked 13 times (8times mid season, 5 times after season), 4 left to better clubs, 3 for Argentina job and 1 retired. 15 teams played every season, other 5 played between 1and 4 seasons in Primera B. 2. Season expectations and board confidence: One of theseason expectations is to win Primera Average points table (for River and Boca) or finish near the top of the Averge points table (San Lorenzo) I didn't try other teams. This is silly, Average points table is for one and only one purpose - to determine which teams get relegated. I wrote about this for last years version, still nothing has changed. I tried a save in Mexico, where Average points table is also in use, and Board expectations don't include winning it.
  4. When I visit the Board menu and select Match Confidence and Transfer Activity from the drop down menu, I don't get the feedback from the fans or the board on those things. So, as you can see from screenshots, I have played half of the season, yet there is no reaction on the match performance from the board or the fans. Also, I've been active on the transfer market, yet again, no reaction from the board or the fans.
  5. Hello, I am opening this thread just to know and share your best practice to improve quickly the tactical familiarity of your team! What do you do? Do you just set the trigger full left while selecting pre-match tactics? Any further advice will be highly welcome!
  6. Uploaded oddspam_win_the_league.fm First, there must be a bug some place, as I'm now qualified for the Euro League final with Norwegian team Stabæk :-) Since Norway is playing spring->autumn seasons, I got a lot of match postponed in the beginning of the new season, as the matches conflicted with european matches. After 7 matches, 6-1-0, I'm now 4 points behind the leader team, with 3 matches less played. Still, the board confidence for the league position, is that they want me to improve. (I'm sorry, I should have checked this before my 7th game, the draw.) This is something I've seen in FM for years. When you get many postponed matches, the board doesn't really realize that you are doing better than the absolute position. Like for my case now, I think I'm on track, and in reality leading the league.
  7. First of all: this is maybe in the wrong section of the forum. I did not really find a good place to put this. You can move it. My board has only expectations in the Cup, not in the league. I'm playing with VW Hamme in the third divison of Belgium. My team is playing great (2nd place, prognosis 13th) but the board isn't really happy. It's just on 45% because my cup run wasn't that good: My job status is just stable. I'm a bit afraid that they will fire me when I play bad in the cup while I'm playing for promotion... EDIT: I've simulated a whole season. Also for the next season it's only the cup that matters.. Same for Aalst, Eupen, Oostende, Chatelet, ... (Not for Brugge, Deinze, Everton, ..). It could explain why the coach of Oostende was sacked after 3 games in my save. He lost in Europe which was probably the only importance. He played 1 game in the league... How is this even possible? The most important part of the game isn't important for the board? Am I playing a whole season for nothing or is there an explanation why there is no expectation? I was thinking about money? Maybe because my team has debts and no transfer budget etc but other teams have and why would the cup be important and not the league.
  8. Firstly sorry if this is the wrong section, I wasn't sure if it should go here or transfers and contracts (or elsewhere) However I have been attempting the youth only challenge with Dulwich Hamlet, in my 3rd season I was sacked for "failing to turn around the poor form" we were 10th in the table (media prediction of 24th) with board promises and expectations to fight against relegation. I have a save game from September 1st and have holidayed a few times and no matter the result against Gateshead I get fired on Monday the 8th. There's a good chance I'm missing something obvious and this isn't a random bug so again, sorry if so. Below are some screenshots showing my board confidence a week before the sacking, along with our form. I have also uploaded the save game to the ftp under "darren1983StrangeSacking"
  9. I'm playing OHL who start out in the Belgian second division. The first season I got my season goal of achieving a mid table position. I managed to gain promotion to the first division instead but the next season, I only got a cup expectation from the board, nothing similar for the regular competition. I figured this might have been a fluke but I'm currently starting my third season and the same thing happened. I'm assuming you'd want a save game, do you need one from before or after this happened? I may still have one from right after my first season as well as my current one.
  10. Hi, I have recently promoted with Norwich to PL and the minimum season expectation I could choose is mid table (or above). It's so unrealistic especially when media prediction is 18th. Can you please fix it? Thanks!
  11. In my last couple of Confidence Updates I have been criticised for selling a player, when it was the board who accepted an offer that was too good to refuse, and I had no ability to challenge them on the decision.
  12. I can't decide if this is down to previous manager's performance, but I've just taken over Wales, haven't played a single game yet, and the board are disappointed with my performance as manager, and my job security is listed as very unstable. Obviously taking over after a disappointing predecessor means the WFA will be disappointed, but it seems off to me.
  13. Just started a job at a new club, and the tactics board rating is down to 28% because of the use of a formation I did not use in the 1 match I have played so far.
  14. Hello In my save, I'm at the close season before season 3. Spent the first two seasons at York, done well, and have now taken over in Ligue 2 in France with Sochaux. Surprised to get such a job and most of the players already oppose me which I've no problem with given my lack of experience. Where I do have an issue is with the board. I don't think it's fair that I should be criticised for their poor form at the end of the previous season when I wasn't the manager then. See here... And as you see here, the 'tactics' section of my appraisal screen is already low, despite me not having an ounce of influence over this. I'm not convinced this should be happening. Thanks.
  15. Am playing with an extended database in the Highland League. In my first season I was expected to finish top half (which I did) and now in second season the expectation is win or bust which seems a bit bloody harsh tbf and out of whack with my club's standing in Scotland and indeed within the league. Have uploaded the save as Wavelberry Board Expectations. Am using Morrissey's first Betabase down to Level 6 in Scotland.
  16. After a five-match unbeaten run (W3 D2), the last game of which lifted my Deportivo side out of the relegation zone they'd been stuck in all season, I had a bunch of players demand a meeting to say they were unhappy that the club was underachieving and disappointed in my performance. I'd taken over after 13 games, with the club winless and rock bottom, and have since played 14. We were only predicted 13th anyway and that last win has picked us up to 16th. If they'd had this meeting before this run of good results started I'd have understood it (though even then our results were markedly better than the last guy - W2 D2 L5 vs. W0 D5 L8). But given we're now second in the league's form table, haven't conceded in three games and beat an admittedly dismally underperforming Barcelona away in the middle of those five matches, this doesn't seem a realistic time or place for them to start grumbling, particularly when the bulk of the club's points woes are down to its last manager. Dressing room atmosphere is very good and improving, managerial support poor but improving (and very nearly average), player morale for everyone but the club captain who called it (who's been out injured for months, meaning he's not picked up the improvement from team results) is good-superb. It's odd. If it's needed, last save is from a week before, so either one or two matches prior to the meeting, or I've got one from right after dealing with it (in which, thankfully, I managed to calm down everyone but my GK).
  17. I'm not sure where to put this as I've not seen it mentioned elsewhere. Is it even a bug? For information the save is carried over from the beta. My board confidence is being slightly affected by a gripe about a formation that didn't go well for my predecessor. At first I thought it wasn't a bug (i.e. reminder: don't play this formation) but I've been in charge three months, not played the formation, and the gripe hasn't gone away. Is there a reset period? Thanks
  18. Since the start of the season the board has had no opinion on any of the matches played or transfers that I've completed. Thought it could be a problem that might fix itself but unfortunately I'm a few matches from the end of the season and still nothing.
  19. Carlo Ancelotti takes over at Man City on 22/02/19 and is sacked on 28/02/19 with the board citing the reason as the 'club's poor league position'. He's only played 1 game with them and that was in the champions league and not the league. So it appears as if Carlo is being blamed for the previous manager's failings.
  20. See images, dressing room atmosphere at 33%, board unhappy, but if I look in squad dynamics its very good, and all the topics here are good. We are top of the table, outperforming expectations.
  21. Playing as Hearts, the target set by the board was to qualify for the EURO Cup, which I did by finishing third, however the board are unhappy because I "only achieved a top-half finish".
  22. Hi there, I don't know if it was discussed before but Squad Harmony in Confidence menu keeps at an unrealistically low level despite my team is on an unbeaten run so far this season (9-3-0) and that rather everyone in the team is quite happy. Squad Harmony is still on 44%. There must be something with that...
  23. I took Salford into the football league 1, with 3 league wins in a row. Everyone was happy and finances were great. No takeover, etc. I saved it on May 30th. The next day I was sacked.... no explanation. I keep loading the game and I'm always sacked on June 1st. Just not sure why
  24. Everton, first part of the first season. Lots of injuries, constantly, but that's sort of beside the point. I wasn't doing well and the chairman finally lost his patience with me and called me up for an explanation. I was happy to see there was an option to blame it on injuries, which I did and which was true. He replied they don't think the number of injuries is high. Look, whether the *number* is high - is relative and up for debate. The fact, though, is that I had three KEY PLAYERS out for MONTHS at the time of speaking with him. Not to mention what happened before (lots of players constantly out - absolutely no stability, constant rotation, no player links and interplay). Why is it a bug? Maybe it's not, but maybe the chairman uses an oversimplified algorithm based on just the number of injuries, whereas I suggest considering and giving weight to the importance of the players and the severity of their injuries. You can have ten fringe players out and not even care. Or you can have three solid first-team, game-defining players out for months. I just found it disappointing - his response, so hopefully my topic would help make the game better. I was happy to have been given the option to mention injuries, but very unhappy that the game has a different view on what constitutes an injury crisis than myself. P.S. Forgot to add: leading up to this mess I got the news bit that we're in an injury crisis several times. So the game does recognize we're in trouble, it's just the chairman being ignorant.