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  1. I have played 640 hrs of FM2018 and all of a sudden I can't even load the game. I have reinstalled twice but if the updates are automatic then this only puts me back to where I started. I have eliminated all added graphics / tactics / skins and anything else that isn't statndard game except for my saved games. I have unistalled and reinstalled my dedicated graphics driver. I could actually play last night however it was very stop go. like it was lagging terribly or similar. It sis crash after changing screen then it went to when I selected a save game and now just crashes as soon as it starts. Same error message (attached). Also attached the DxDiag file. I am really hoping this isn't the end to FM2018 on my computer. DxDiag.txt
  2. Hello, me and a friend of mine are having the following issue : We were playing an online game with no issue whawsoever for three seasons. Since yesterday we see each-others severs , but when we try to join, there is a quick " joining online game " message and after that the server shows that two players are in it. However it is just one and when we try to join once again an error message " failed to join online game " pops up. We tried restarting steam, the game , lap tops , etc. multiple times. Can you please advise ? We are both able to join other servers ? Thanks in advance.
  3. I have had two in two days and its ruined my saves I did upgrade my graphics card too. FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.18 01.37.13).dmp FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.20 01.43.46).dmp
  4. I only bought the game recently and installed it on a brand new laptop. Graphics drivers etc all up to date and system specs are well above what's required for FM.. The game keeps crashing at random points. Points I can remember so far: when loading a new game, pressing continue, giving a pre-match tunnel interview, changing a player's role on the tactic screen. The crash doesn't leave a crash dump. It just says 'Football Manager has stopped working and will now close' etc. Any ideas?
  5. I was not able to play the game after the last update. 3D graphics quality 4 stars then dropped to 1 star and I could not play any games. the editor is not even open. graphics config.log
  6. Hey have an issue with FM 18 i checked the gpu driver and its already updated here is a copy of my DxDIAG it is slowing down after an competition(1 season) like many uses FM 16/17 runs perfect and fm18 is the issue i hope you can help me DxDiag.txt
  7. Early retirement

    Players are retiring too soon. In my team, 4 players between 30 and 33 retired. Having all played more than 25 matches. I went to see the other teams and most of them had already retired at age 31. I was hiring the best scorer of a team that was champion, the player did 33 league games, 23 goals and retired at the end of the championship at only 31 years. It's annoying the game that way, it's like you can not make long contracts because players retire early and suddenly.
  8. Yet again after the latest update FM wont load, a box pops up saying Application Error. Was literally working last night. Help me FM Gods.. FM 2018 v18.3.3.1074698 (2018.04.18 21.18.31).dmp
  9. When me and my friend try to play online together it says that my friend is not inn game. even tho he has oppened the game, and it has worked before. I can not join him becaus i cant find his game because on my steam it says that he is online but not in game. We have tried deleting the game and steam, but it does not work.
  10. Hi there, I am really enjoying the FM2018 on Nintendo Switch. In order to change my tactic much better, I used to analyse the result of the match already finished in the previous versions. There is obvilously the menu in this FM2018 on NS for analysing the match not only during the math but also after the match, but "analysis" menu after the match does not seem to be working properly. I can access some pages that shows only blank without any information of the Match. - Team managed: Tottenham - Leagues loaded: EPL, Champ, L1, L2 - In-gaim date: Beginning of Aug, 2017 - steps to reproduce the issue if known: just access to the "anlysis" menu after the match - Whether the game is installed on internal storage or an SD Card: installed on internal storage Many thanks.
  11. Here's m Dxdiag DxDiag.txt
  12. Hi I have just loaded the game up for the first time in a while so after the 18.3.3 update upon load up it now says my estimated game speed is only half a star when last time i played i had 4 stars, what can be going on here hope someone can help. Thanks
  13. Cant save game on my local.
  14. I have recently purchased the football manager 18 installed it as instructed even re-installed using beta I keep having the update 18.3.3f1074700 stopped working and my system has all the current requirements needed any help appreciated
  15. I started up an online game today on my computer. I had one other user playing and I I got a few error messages in the first few days. Then right before my first friendly I got a message saying it was running dangerously low on memory and before I could do anything the game crashed and it said the memory had run out. I received 5 crash dump files when this happened. Has anyone seen this before during online games? My computer isn't the best but it should be able to handle this. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  16. I was in a middle of a game against Bournemouth as Chelsea, then my game crashed. When I went to reload it, it goes through all the loading screens then jumps me straight into the same match against Bournemouth. All players are invisible, Bournemouth kicks off and then about 5 seconds later the ball goes out of play and the entire game freezes. The only thing I can do in-game is hit the pause button.
  17. Managing: Ajax Leagues: Netherlands, England, Spain (default divisions selected) In PC version, to set up the bench before the match, I do the next: - Clear all substitutes. - Scroll to next desired player to be in the bench. - Right-click on 'empty position box' to set it up on the next bench position (see attached). I think that it's easy than drag the icons/players and faster than using dropboxes. In Switch, I view that I can do it with X button. It works! but, sometimes (in my case 2 times, I can't add extra information about concrete situations...) it crashes de game. Excuse me for my English, I hope that it helps to improve the game!
  18. I can only assume this is what is causing it. I've started two saves and have had it crash either while navigating players to scout or navigating around looking at scouted players on the news page. For example, I go to the player search screen, set the search to show DL only, then used the left joycon buttons to navigate to the first player, hit X to open the menu and then use the joycon buttons again to navigate through the menu to confirm the scout. I did this for 20+ players and it would crash, at some point, when a left joycon button was pressed. With the news item screen I'd use the joycon buttons to navigate through the news items, clicking on player names to view their profile from the news items, and occasionally accidentally using the joycon buttons to go to the search bar at the top. This crash would also occur when pressing a joycon button to navigate.
  19. Was asked to open this from the feedback topic. Team managed - Liverpool Leagues loaded - Just top English league In-game date - July 12th? Not sure on the exact date I had started the save. Before doing anything else I enacted Oblak's release clause from Atletico and placed Simon Migs on the transfer list. Then set my formation 4-1-2-3 DM wide. Filled the spots with the starters. And continued. Few days later confirmed the transfer of Oblak and replaced in tactic screen as starter. Continued another day or two, noticed the dates were set DD/MM/YYYY, opened the options and changed to MM/DD/YYYY. Continued another day or two. Had an offer for a player, can't remember who, went to check them in the squad screen to see if I would miss/need them and it crashed when click on the player to load up their profile page. Before doing all that however I had tested two other saves just messing around. One in Germany and one in France. I got about two-three weeks into each of those before deciding to start the save above to actually play. That is all the info I have/remember from when it happened. I did tell Nintendo to send the crash report on the console. Is there a way I can give you an identification number from the console that will match a report you get so you can track them that way maybe?
  20. After visiting the tactics screen in-game, the team options bar will remain stuck on the "Cancel Current Changes" dialog, making it impossible for me to either change tactics or make substitutions while play proceeds. Playing FC Halifax Town in the Savior Cometh Challenge. Error happened for the first time on Boxing Day and again on December 30. In other words, right out of the box.
  21. was Prompted to download new graphics card drivers when I loaded FM18 which I did, now the match engine is unplayable, took me 45 mins to complete a match with all the highlights turned off, also affecting the load screen where you can usually see the manager standing there, constantly buffers now, basically anything that requires the graphics card is so slow it’s unplayable. not got huge knowledge of troubleshooting on the PC so please try to ‘dumb down’ any advice please
  22. Hi guys, Massive fan of FM since the start and CM before. (This save began in the beta btw.) I've been experiencing a problem where the game tells me I have 11 items in my inbox (I don't think the number is particularly relavent) but, when I click on it they're not there and when I press the space bar the game won't continue to the next day. I've tried a few things. For example: I've gone back to a previous save and the issue still appears at exactly the same time on exactly the same day; I've holidayed past the day into the future, which it'll do but when the holiday ends it says the same number of items are still in the inbox items and again I can't continue to the next day; Also, as an experiment I've resigned from the club I'm managing and continued the save that way and it will do that. But, having got so far in my save I really want to continue with the team I'm managing. I'm guessing the problem stems from what's in the inbox!? Do I have too many items in there? Is that even possible? I'm at a loss. I do have a vague recollection of this happening to me many FM versions ago and I managed to resolve it but, for the life of me I can't remember how. Can you please help me resolve this issue?? Any help would be very much appreciated. Many thanks
  23. This game has crashed on me 8 times now. In multiple situations. its unplayable, feel like i wasted £30.
  24. Hi guys, Massive fan of FM since the beginning and CM before. I've been experiencing a problem where the game tells me I have 11 items in my inbox but, when I click on it they're not there and when I press the space bar the game won't continue to the next day. I have a vague recollection of this happening to me many FM versions ago and I managed to resolve it but, for the life of me I can't remember how. Can you please help me resolve this issue?? Any help would be very much appreciated! Thanks
  25. Hi I am having a bit of a strange problem, when I first bought FM18 on the day of release the game initially ran faster than football manager 17 which I though was pretty cool. When setting up the game recommends I have several leagues and still performs at 5 star I always just select the league I play and maybe one other. My first game ran okay, I had maybe 3 or 4 crashes in the space of 2 seasons. I restarted my game and went Shef wed it took 3 seasons for a single crash to happen, the game was super fast and very playable at the end of the 3rd season I started getting error after error each game until I just gave up. Started a fresh game similar 2/3 seasons later totally unplayable. Now I cant even get past the 1st game with out it crashing is their anybody who can help???