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Found 178 results

  1. I keep having the same issue where every time I start my second season all data history disappears. I have included a few examples below, firstly whenever you look at player history there is no record of 2016/2017 season. When you look at my manager achievements you can also see below it is completely empty despite the fact I won the Championship in first season. The Biography simply says where i was born. Perhaps fortunately I have the game saved a week before this gets deleted so I can re-load to the very end of previous season and all data is still there as can be seen in further screenshots below where average rating for 2016/17 is still there. Every single time I go past 26th June the history all gets deleted again which is incredibly frustrating. Please tell me there is a way I can save the data otherwise the first season was a complete waste of time with no record at all of it.
  2. Hey, My game is freezing when i want to continue to play or go on vacation, it is in 26/07/2017 when it freezes so i can't continue. Plz help sorry for bad English.
  3. Hello I am having crash dumps while playing FM 17. I have tried the solutions suggested for similar cases such as deleting the preference and cache folders and reverifying my cache though Steam. I also have tried creating a new windows user account and trying to play there, but the crashes still happen. Finally I have not modified the game through patches, custom graphics or something. I have attached the crash dump file. I believe information about my platform exists in the dump file, if something more is needed i will post it. FM 2017 v17.2.0.914095 (2017.01.11 19.41.26).dmp
  4. My FM17 does not launch on my laptop, when i click on the icon nothing happens. Any ideas to resolve this?
  5. No matter what career I try and save I keep getting the same error message save game failed I have tried save game and save game as will someone please help
  6. game craches on my 20th 2018 in the game , i try to reinstall on a other pc with no pictures and other add on ´s . Same problem. t try to delete preferences and casch and try to repair game files. same problem what can i do
  7. HELLO My fm 17 crashes everyday, when im playing more then an half hour or so. First the keyboard dosent work, and then everything freezes and i need to hold the on/off to get it to turn it self off. i have tried to delete all cache file and preference files. tried to reinnstall nothing works. under here is my dxdiag. please fix this shitt fast. i havent have a day on fm17 without a freeze and i bought the game on release date. DxDiag.txt
  8. Hi guys, I've been having an issue since the release of FM2017 where when I select windowed or borderless windowed I would get a crash. The game works initially after changing the setting but upon the closing and reopening the game I get a crash dump as soon as I click on the window. The only way for me to start the game after this is to delete the FM folder in the hidden 'Appdata' folder and then run it in full screen. This doesn't seem to have any bearing on what save game that I use as it doesn't even get as far as loading the game. I have attached a screenshot of the error and the latest crash dump. Thanks MazeltofIII_FM 2017 v17.2.1.919512 (2017.02.19 09.08.07).dmp
  9. Tried alot of stuff to fix it ;( at a save it keeps crashes 7th of march all the time cant get past it ... have 324k+ players on one save tho it happens on other saves as well this kind of errors that has below 100k players, also been able to play with 324k+ players until recently without problems at all. before it suddenly started crashing all the time. Edit: ive tried to reinstall, Vertify game, deleting game Cache, deleting skins etc. DxDiag.txt
  10. My game keeps crashing on the day May 27th 2017. It's frustrating and as i can see more people have this problem. Anyway it can be fixed? Notes: I am using a custom db for old uefa competitions format, maybe this is it? I have nothing else modified, only custom logos but that never gave me problems.
  11. I saved my game and everything was normal. When loaded the game up again after a laptop update all the player and staff names have changed to fake names!? Please help, how can I get all the real names back!?
  12. Hi there! My game got a crash dump on the 31nd of August 2053 I uploaded the game to your FTP server with the name: Eric.fm You can make me very happy if you managed to get my game fixed. Kind regards, Eric
  13. Hello All, The title says it all, I am unable to use FM17 as my PC is unable to launch the game. I did my homework. I have looked through several forums and tried several solutions but nothing works. As I have managed to get it to work only once, the same day I installed it. Then nothing. I am imagining this comes from my PC configuration. It should be noted that this is work PC, and although I have admin rights, it may be also fluctuating with the configuration? I don't know. So far, I have: - Checked all drivers (graphics, PhysX, direct x, etc) are up to date and try launching - Set up NVIDIA graphics card as the main for this game and steam (and for the whole system), and try launching - Reinstall older version of drivers and try launching, - Uninstall and reinstall whole steam and FM, and try launching, - Even though about installing a patch from internet, but I figured this was risky. none of the above worked. Has someone got another suggestion? Thank you for your help Xavier DxDiag.txt
  14. Hi guys, i have a crashing game. At the end of may 2017 the game keeps crashing on the same date. I fear that it has something to do with the loaded (extra) leagues, I have downloaded a lot of extra leagues... I have uploaded my save on Mediafire, I hope you guys can have a look at it. The save I have uploaded starts on May 20th right after the amazing Kaunas have managed a 0-0 draw away from home. You can reproduce my issue by going on holiday to June 1st. The game will crash during the final days of may... Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/wcu8bg6t94arcf3/Ultimate+Journeyman.fm Thanks in advance!
  15. I upload files by filezilla to your server. nothing customs, only logos. Game crashes every time in same date. Please help.
  16. Every time I either save the game, then quit. Or use the save then quit option. My save game is never able to reload next time. I am having to resort to a weekly 3 file rolling save. Which is what I do on every fm. But I also have to manually save the game 3 times just before I quit the game, to make sure I get one working the next time I load up.
  17. keep getting the follow crash 17.2.1.f919512 I have just finished the final league stage in the Peruvian league and I am asked do I want to play the first leg of the play off home or away, whatever I pick it crashes and if I holiday it crashes
  18. My load game crash always on the same date . I deleted all additionnal files ( skin , logos , face ......... ) and the problem is still here . I uninstall and reinstall the game ........ always the same problem . My game load only work if i resign or retreat . Is there a solution to this problem ?
  19. Hello, I have a reoccuring issue on my save. My FM keeps crashing on random dates, and I am starting to worry that my save is corrupt. This is the .dmp file. Thanks in advance <3 FM 2017 v17.2.1.919512 (2017.02.18 03.59.02).dmp EDIT: My save keeps crashing right before an Europa League match. EDIT: I am running a custom database which I selected on FM. It's an Equal Youth Rating database, plus I'm running something similar to this
  20. I get the 17.21f919512 crash on the same date. I've done my research before even creating this thread, followed all the troubleshooting steps you suggest. I've tried this Are you running any custom graphics/logos/skins etc? Also please try the following and let us know if it stops the crashes from occurring: Delete CacheDelete Preference Reverify Cache I've tried this Try uninstalling and reinstalling your drivers as shown here - I've tried this Would also be worth making sure your anti-virus is set up correctly for the game, details below: I've even tried removing my ethernet cable and cleaning the insides of my system, as i read on a previous post it helped someone, naturally that didn't change anything regarding the crash. The only thing i haven't tried, would be reinstalling my OS which i'm not comfortable doing unless its a last resort. I've uploaded the save file via Filezila, name: cskacrash123 Date of crash: 22/5/18
  21. A few times after saving and quitting the game. The next time I come to load up fm17 it is uninstalled and I have to reinstall it through steam. Anyone know the cause of this and a solution? thanks.
  22. Good morning from Greece. I am having the same problem with a lot of people, as i can see in other posts. It is about 2 months i am having this problem and still nothing. I cannot even load Football Manager 2017 at all! Can you help?
  23. Hi, Ever since i have installed FM17 the game crashes every so often saying that football manager cant allocate enough memory? now i have checked my PC's memory and its huge with plenty of space?! any ideas? the crashing seems to be getting more consistent now. Also in the little error message box it displays the number of Bytes that are supposedly are being allocated and some times it just says 0 bytes and other times it can be over 200k bytes!? Thanks
  24. Game crashes every time on 7th July 2035. Please help, game is unplayable.
  25. I've been having a problem with my football manager. This is my fourth time my game has crashed on the same date 28 May 2017. I've done everything from the comment you guys post on other people problems but still the same people. This is the message is show on my computer "Football Manager 2017 17.2.1f919512 (update) has stopped working. I attached my DxDiag. Please help me. DxDiag.txt