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  1. Updated net framework, direct X, and graphics card/drivers. FM 17 still fails to start, just gives me an error message. Attatched the error message, dxdiag, and crash dump file. DxDiag.txt FM 2017 v17.1.1.899422 (2016.11.20 19.56.13).dmp
  2. hi guys i have problem with my FM17. while I'm playing i have one bugs. the follow bug: FMT 2017 v17.1.1.899536. and i can't play.. my dxgiag file is attach. please someone could help me? thanks very much DxDiag.txt
  3. Ok so I tried to print directly to my printer my tactics screen but the game crashes.. No skins no nothing Playing the demo Error 17.1.1f898902(update)
  4. I'm in my second season with IFK Goteborg, and the game crashes every single time on the 4th of June 2018 ("Football Manager Touch 2017 has stopped working") . No matter if I go on holiday, just resume, reboot, etc. the game won't progress. Anyone has the same problem? Are the devs aware? Any workaround?
  5. Hello, i have recently got football manager 2017 and it is running incredibly slow. It is a brand new laptop and doesn't have anything else running on it. It is an intel pentium processor N3710 1.6GHz and has 8GB of RAM. FM2016 ran very fast on my old laptop, but I only get half a star on this one. This is even when only playing on the 4 main English leagues. I have followed the previous post regarding deleting cache etc and it worked slightly faster, but today it has taken half an hour to advance 3 days on the game. Please help
  6. Hi, i've got always the same problem right before a game the game crashes! I've tried to go on holiday but that helps until the next game where i receive the same problem! I read the posts about sending your game thru but i can't change the name game-save to davke1904-crashdump so i dont know how to send my file to you. 1. Is it always on the same date or is it randow? It's always on the same date behave not going on holiday! 2. If the crash is random, when does it occur? Is it during processing when clicking a specific screen (say a players profile) or is it during or when going to a match? It's on the day of the game wel processing to the selection area right before you start 3. Tell us if you're running any kind of anti-virus and what type and please post your dxdiag details for us too look at. I send my dxdiag thru and i run mcafee Security Scan Plus and Avg Protection (Interesting to know is that for my laptop i had not much crash dumps before that i didnt had the chance to continue and i run football manager since 2013 all on this laptop 4. Upload your save game I read it 3 times and still dont know how to do it I hope that you have enough information to help me if not contact me DxDiag.txt
  7. when i try to continue the day on august 17 2022 the game crashes and i get the FM2017 17.1.1f899420 (update) has stopped working message. ive tried this one and every other one i´ve found. FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.07 18.15.30).dmp DxDiag.txt
  8. Hey, i am experiencing a very very loud fan problem with the new game. When i hit space in game, or during the match, cooler fans are starting to boooo i actually don't know what to do with that. Makes the game almost unplayable. Graphics and game speed is just super, gives 5 stars with the graphics. and playing with 20k players with 5 stars too. In my opinion, something is not fit with 64 bit game. do i have chance to try the game with 32 bit? or do you have any other solutions? i tried almost everything. Here is my dxdiag. great game btw DxDiag.txt
  9. I have started 5 different games. In each of them got "the game could not be loaded" message after second day.
  10. I'm currently managing Darlington in the Conference North in my first season, and I reached the playoff finals. However, the game crashes whenever I try to advance the time, always at the same point. I don't have any editor data active on this save file, and I've cleared my preferences, reset my cache, everything I've been told to do, but the game still crashes. Does anyone have any advice, or better yet, some kind of fix/workaround?
  11. Since installing fm 2017 ive had a few issues first was getting crash dumps about graphics which i think ive sorted as im no longer getting them any more. But the game still wont launch all its doing from steam is say running .... syncing ..... and then nothing else any ideas please???
  12. Hi everytime I play this game it crashes after a few minutes. Why did I pay £30 quid for it? same message everytime FOOTBALL MANAGER 2017 17.1.1f899420 (update) has stopped working
  13. Went to play my save and it's vanished, it was there initially and when it got 3/4 of the way loading it says unable to load requested game. I always keep a save from the start and that was available and it loaded fine but the main save had disappeared from stat screen, very weird.
  14. Hi, I get an error message every time I try to load any tactics in FM 2017. This means I have to start up the game everytime. Where is the tactics folder located when playing this game through Steam?
  15. i cannot launch game from steam and have not got any help from anyone? I have uninstalled and reinstalled without success,i have changed to public beta version in properties without success either. I have not been able to play the game since the full release, the beta version was fine. some help would be appreciated! james
  16. Game freezes after couple of days. Than my notebook freezes. The only way is doing ctrl+alt+delete and than turning of the computer. Tried with another team as well, same result. The most recent was 11/7/2016 ingame. Also deleted the game and re-installed, same result. I have a i7 6700HQ with Gtx960 and 8gb ram memory. Running rambased games like EU4, Csgo without any problems. Also gpu based games like dying light and Cities skylines are no problem. Those are the crashdumps. FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.05 13.51.38).dmp FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.12 20.39.52).dmp FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.12 20.53.05).dmp FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.13 12.30.46).dmp FM 2017 v17.1.1.899420 (2016.11.13 16.57.33).dmp
  17. Football Manager 2017 17.1.1f899420 (update) Error Hello,, I keep getting the above error message everytime I try to process past the 2nd of July 2017 on my saved game on FM17. The game then shuts down. What do I need to do to fix this? Already tried the reverify, delete cache and delete preferences. Thanks
  18. When I first bought the game and downloaded it, I was able to play it and run it fine. However my laptop has recently done a windows update and now I am unable to launch FM from Steam, it just says 'running' for a few seconds then says 'syncing' for a split second and then says 'ready to play' and no error comes up to say that it can't start. I have tried all the suggestions in other people's threads who have had similar issues, like reinstalling the game, updating DirectX, allowing exceptions from Windows Defender for FM and Steam, updated graphics card driver etc... and still the game will not launch. I have played every FM since 2007 and have never had this issue, please can you help. Sorry, it seems as though it is now working after the 4th time of restarting my laptop! DxDiag.txt
  19. Football Manager 2017 17.1.1f899420 (update) Error Hello,, I keep getting the above error message everytime I try to process past the 2nd of July 2017 on my saved game on FM17. The game then shuts down. What do I need to do to fix this? Already tried the reverify, delete cache and delete preferences. Thanks
  20. Hi, i`m trying since yesterday to at least get in to this game. I`m getting these 2 errors in the same time after 5 seconds i try to enter the game. I think i've done it all: -update my graphic card, directx, frame etc. -exclude from my anti-virus -delete files with d3x9 or whatever from those 3 folders i added the dxdiag to. thanks anticipated DxDiag.txt
  21. Hello everyone. I have buy FM 17 yesterday and when i launch the game he's start normally but after the loading my screen goes black. I can see the mouse cursor but not the screen. Thanks you in advance. Khalifa (Sorry if my english is bad i'm french)
  22. FM 17 crashes when i launch it from steam. Here are some things that i've done in order to resolve the problem: -Had .NET Framework 4.6.2, uninstalled it, installed 4.5.1 didn't work, installed 4.6.2 back again. -Uninstalled everything related to Nvidia, downloaded drivers manually from their web-site installed them. -Added exceptions for both steam folder and Football Manager 17 folder to Norton Anti-Virus. -I've had backup files of FM 17 from my laptop (installed it to a desktop PC which i've built and now using as primary PC). Figured something could've gone bad while backing up files, verified integrity of game cache twice, didn't work, uninstalled FM 17, downloaded fresh, still same problem. -Installed public-beta version of the game as suggested in another post, didn't work either. Before you ask, yes this is a newly built pc, yes all my drivers are up-to-date, no i'm not having any kind of issues with other games(Fallout 4, Battlefield 1, Civilization VI etc.) Also here is my DxDiag. Thanks in advance. DxDiag.txt
  23. Hello! I have been experiencing a big amount of lag while opening certain screens in the game. Opening the squads view or one of my players' profile, opening team training are the worst so far. When opening other squad views or other players' profiles it seems to load instantly, it's just on the club I manage. This is very annoying, since those pages get loaded very often and I have to wait a good amount of time each time they load. I mention that once I open a player's view, the loading time for that player is no longer there, until the next continue (when it starts again). I have already tried the following and didn't resolve the issue: -adding exceptions to fm, steam and any folder connected in windows defender -changing to software rendering -removing any graphics pack i have installed There is no change whatsoever when doing this, not even a slight improvement. I mention that, while experiencing the loading time, the cpu usage never goes above ~16% and the game never uses more than ~2 GB RAM, so it's not like it doesn't have more cpu or memory available.
  24. Hi! I am having the same problem as in FM16 but more often now. "..memory tries to allocate 0 bytes.." My PC is an AMD Phenom II X4 810, 4GB RAM, Windows 10 32bit, Graphics AMD Radeon R7 240. Please, give us a solution!! Thanks a lot! FM 2017 v17.1.1.899422 (2016.11.13 08.08.37).dmp FM 2017 v17.1.1.899422 (2016.11.10 22.33.50).dmp