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  1. Thanks, @knap. Not sure who I'll select yet. Possibly Rangers just to get going.
  2. Just about to start FM20 after a two-year absence and absolutely blown away by the amount of tactics. Looks like @knap is a no brainer. Can anyone recommend one for a tough away game?
  3. As a lover of backgrounds, I'm delighted this is out. Thanks for these, they're great.
  4. Anything big missing? I'm on the editor now just removing injuries and new transfers etc. BTW, Pena has left Rangers on loan.
  5. For some strange reason I'm playing at White Hart Lane. Anyone know why this is?
  6. Blimey. FM really don't rate Josh Windass, do you. Going on loan to Morton. Think he's needs an attribute update.
  7. Hi. I only want real fixtures, results. Is this achievable by starting the game in July like normal?
  8. Hi mate, The European (CL/Europa) changes haven't seemed to work for me? Cheers
  9. In my first season with Lincoln. A few games to go. Promotion secured to League Two and in the FA Trophy final. I jumped on the Lincoln bandwagon after their real life exploits. I've made a fair few mistakes in this save despite success. Firstly, signing anyone and everyone. Selling players is difficult. Don't expect a fee for any of your dead wood. I've bought 15 and sold/loaned 15. Below are my successful signings. Won't bother listing the bad signings, although Dale Jennings has been a huge disappointment. Good buys: Josh Thompson - Southport 50k - my captain Mateusz Halambiec - 23k - Morpeth Ian McLoughlin - free - Excellent 'keeper Ricardo Fuller - free - only negative as he can get a few bad injuries Richard Eckersley - brilliant RB German - free - Spanish left back. Sensational Paul Heffernan - free - Absolute legend at this level Finally - I was lucky enough to have Lee Angol on loan from Peterborough. Sign him on loan if you can. 43 league goals for me.
  10. Great thread, this. Has anyone found any decent coaches that will come down to the National League? Looks like I have to load more nations than I expected. Think I only found 40% of the players listed on here despite a 70,000-strong database.
  11. Just starting a Lincoln game. Any absolute must haves for my squad first season?
  12. Just loaded this up and I cannot begin to imagine the hard work that has gone into this. Thank you. One question - are there any county cups created? My team Enfield Town are in the Middlesex Cup.
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