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  1. longest unbeaten run???

    48 league games with Man United on FM07. FM10 is way too difficult for such unbeaten runs so about 10 I guess.
  2. 10.3, thanks for ruining my game :@

    The AI is fine as it is, the game is way too difficult tactically as it is, we do not need more improvement for the AI's tactical skills.
  3. MoM is a complete joke

    Actually, Gelson Fernandes was FIFA Man of the Match yesterday for that bundle-over-the-line. So it's a joke in real life as well I'm afraid because Benaglio should have got it, he was immense.
  4. 10.3, thanks for ruining my game :@

    The game DOES cheat, of course, just not with injuries. Every computer game "cheats" in a way, simply because there's no AI that could compete with human intelligence. Therefore there are subtle things to level the playing field. These exist in FM as well, obviously: the match engine favours the AI, quite obviously. Like in FM10: in every season you must have a streak of 5-6 games without a win. Just now we've visited the team dead last in the league. We missed three chances in the first 10 minutes then had to take off our only fit striker. Then my other important attacking player was sent off and they went 2-0 up quickly enough. We regrouped in the second half, pulled one back and threatened an equaliser. So, what happens? They launch a ball upfield; my centre-back stands still and isn't coming for it, allowing the stiker to head it away (AI centre-backs NEVER commit this mistake, never, it simply doesn't happen), winger goes away on the right, crosses - straight to my DC. He looks around, sees about four teammates around, all within range of a simple pass - so what does he do? Yep, turns back and knocks a backpass past my keeper from about three yards out, with no chance of the GK saving it. Thus it's 3-1 and we lose. A classic case of "you're not allowed to get anything here, get over it". It happens, no big deal of course. After all, it's just a game.
  5. Steve Bruce scored 19 goals in 50 games for Manchester United in 1990/91 so while it's rare, it can happen.
  6. [FM10] Roar like a lion and soar like an eagle

    I think it's slightly overdone in the game, it's not like Dunga won every single game in the last few years yet I daresay his job is safe. What happens if they flop at the World Cup is a different matter of course.
  7. [FM10] Roar like a lion and soar like an eagle

    Probably not much of a consolation but I'm a committed follower of your progress, just too lazy to post comments. Great read though, had to say it now.
  8. Your Biggest Transfer Budget

    I remember it was ridiculously easy to get surreal transfer budgets on FM07 - basically, two Japanese/American/Chinese feeder clubs brought in insane money. After Old Trafford had been expanded to 150,000 or something, I had a transfer budget of 1.5 billion. It was funny but not exactly challenging in the end.
  9. I've bumped this thread to add that in my opinion something is seriously wrong regarding injuries. My left-back is nearing a return after spending 6 months on the sidelines with a broken leg and one of my strikers is about to make his comeback after missing 3 months with a hip injury. So what happens? A right-back goes and gets injured for 2-3 months while my best, unstoppable striker suffers a broken leg and now he's out for 5-6 months... No minor injuries, I never have more than 3-4 players out at the same time but they always have some ridiculously serious problem. Even if I accept the argument (I don't) that my training schedules or playing style are at fault, surely that would mean an increase in the amount of all injuries, not just those of a horroristic nature? It's a bit annoying and frustrating that whenever a green or horribile dictu, red cross appears next to one of my players' name, I immediately know that he'll miss at least 3 months.
  10. Yeah, it was especially annoying on FM08: I was mightily annoyed when AI teams with 15-men squads and with a few injuries as well kept up the pace with my side right until the end of the season... not possible, simply.
  11. Whres the CA?

    I can see though why someone visiting these forums would think CA is actually in the game, with the number of people talking about it all the time here
  12. 10.3, thanks for ruining my game :@

    Re injuries: in my experience there are fewer injuries than in real life but there are more long-term injuries. I had one guy missing 8 months, another one missing 6 months and several of my players were out for 2-4 months, all within one and a half season. So, there should be more niggly injuries but the amount of serious ones should be toned down.
  13. As far as I know, most managers IRL are not exactly fond of part-exchange deals, they usually prefer cash. I hate them, myself, because my chances of signing a player depend not only on his whims but also on another pampered little prince who happens to be on our books... If I do it, the AI teams usually accept it if I offer one of the players they had previously shown an interest in.
  14. How to play this striker

    I play in the BSS as well, usually play a target man on a support duty and a poacher. This guy is, well, crap, but could do a half-decent job in both roles: his finishing is good and his composure is OK while he's got decent strength and heading ability. Problem is that he's really slow.
  15. Is Football Manager Too Easy?

    Indeed. If I wanted complete realism, I'd sign up for a course to get my coaching badge and start looking for a real-life job in management.