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  1. How Do You Run Your Club?

    Like a boss. It changes every save. Right now playing as Sligo Rovers in Irish league, with a self imposed limit of 5 foregin players and 10 players from other Irish youth acadmies, the rest of the players are from my own youth set up.
  2. One Day We'll Basque In Glory!

    Sure is a funny way of spelling october you have there. Can tell you were thinking of bed when you typed that one out . I think relegation is out of the question (can you actually get relegated from that league?) if you can keep the form up. Starting to look like promotion candidates instead of relegation.
  3. Cuba? You're Habana laugh... (sorry) Good luck though, Imagine the contracts are going to be a bit annoying.
  4. The FMCU 'Venting Your Spleen' Thread

    Having no computer that can run FM and coming up with an idea for a new save every 30minutes.
  5. Atleast you are back in a familiar climate . What level in the pyramid are they?
  6. Lost in Iceland? I don't think so

    That champions league money seems to have turned you into a real force.
  7. Feel for the laptop death, went through one myself recently. Good luck with the new save, quite like the name and badge too .
  8. The Hitch hiker's guide to FM12

    Looks like a great propsect, one of the best newgens I've ever seen to come out of Ireland.
  9. I just switched to this thread after minimizing fm, that nearly gave me a heart attack. Unlucky man.
  10. still happens i thought? anyway the linesman always stood still when it was offside i noticed.
  11. The Haarlem Globe Trotter.

    2012 Kelantan PreSeason Budget ¦ Expectations ¦ Finances Expectations are high and so is the wage budget, I'm not quite sure where the club is going financially but if they keep throwing it at me i don't think I'm going to try stop 'em . First team: Looking good upfront and at the back i think, DMC is about the only position I'm struggling with and i don't think the ass man is right with that rating, but still a solid team. Transfers: Made quite a big mess allowing my ass man to take care of contracts; saw one of the stars of last season (Sivanesan) leave on a free, Brought in a few utility players on free transfers and bought my 4th foreigner an Australian called Wallace not in the same league as the others but a good solid center mid. Other than that some dead wood left, surprised i got any money for them but i did. Picks: Wallace Hakim Summary: Not much more to say i think, looking promising this year as I've only gotten stronger i feel. Will be relying heavily on my foreign players again but i get the feeling they will be attracting some unwanted attention if they keep their performances up.
  12. Newly Risen, How Brightly You Shine

    They have one offensive colour scheme lol. Good luck with it, looks interesting.
  13. These Things Take Time – FM12 Journeyman Career

    Grab at it i think, a promotion wont be too hard to get and the club overall must be in better shape financially and with facilities etc?
  14. These Things Take Time – FM12 Journeyman Career

    lol I've had that a few times with GKs does he have a bad average rating or anything?
  15. The Haarlem Globe Trotter.

    Alongside definitely, i can't do international by itself tbh not enough games. As for where i go next it depends on how successful i am in Malaysia, but from reading a few threads on here the MLS looks like it could be fun.