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  1. Henrich Bencik (ID 7560118) - is the new Director of Football (link) and not Assistant manager or coach as assumed
  2. Erik Jedrišek (ID 7563339) - free player - 1,5 year contract (30.6.2022) with FC Nitra (link)
  3. Yanni Regäsel (ID 91138642 ) - free player - 2 year contract (31.12.2022) with FC Nitra (link)
  4. OK, Nitra again for the winter update @petokucho. (if it's better to communicate personaly through common channels let me know): New chairmans: (article) Peter Hammer (former agent) - german, 55 years old Nik Schwarz (founder HS Sports) - german, 44 years old New staff: Michal Ščasný (ID 5640474) manager senior squad - appointed 04.01.2021 Henrich Bencik (ID 7560118) coach (probably also assistent senior squad) - appointed 04.01.2021 Players leaving: (contract expires or contract cancellation after 3 months without salary) (article)
  5. Tony, it's the official fanshop of SFC Opava and yes, it was already worn https://www.facebook.com/SlezskyFCOpava/photos/3459337367468204, https://www.facebook.com/SlezskyFCOpava/photos/3413914408677167 and it's an official away kit since last season https://www.facebook.com/SlezskyFCOpava/photos/3127769103958367 . Why I mentioned one, that it's correct? To only make it clear. I'm specialized in kits, so I wouldn't report something whats not true . Why would I?
  6. Another mistake at SFC Opava 1st yellow with blue stripes 2nd red with black stripes the white one could be used as 3rd alternative kit https://fanshop.sfc.cz/c2-dresy also at Pardubice 1st red/white - https://www.facebook.com/fkpardubice.cz/photos/3792648254092889 2nd white/red - http://fkpardubice.cz/www//files/thumbnails/2020109-13-08-01-img-6293-crop-624-414-1602241681.jpg
  7. Hi @Tony Grasser, Baník Ostrava should have 3 kits (1st white, 2nd blue, 3rd black) - https://www.fanshopfcb.cz/category/dresy-20-21
  8. and as said here are the newest changes from yesterday https://mynitra.sme.sk/c/22535036/galad-uz-nemanazuje-ondruska-po-6-rokoch-spat-v-fc-nitra.html
  9. Hi @petokucho., as we spoke to each other, there need to be a staff update done at FC Nitra FC Nitra has a new Chairman https://mynitra.sme.sk/c/22522099/uz-oficialne-fc-nitra-ma-noveho-majoritneho-akcionara.html and it leads to many changes which you can see it all here: organizational structure https://fcnitra.com/organizacna-struktura/ Management & main staff - here Youth staff - here e.g. Henrich Benčík or Igor Demo aren't anymore part of the staff members (only to pick some of them). But as you probably know, there are still some lega
  10. FM Slovakia - the official twitter account of our community pa3k10 - my private twitter accout
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