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  1. Ilkeston - Vanorama National League - 2017/18 Season Was frustrating when my computer died while saving forcing me to play the playoff semi finals again, which I had won in extra time the first time around. I drew the first leg in the end but we made the most of our chances to win 2-0 at home and play Cheltenham in the Playoff final. We played well against a tough opposition and a stoppage time goal from a free kick ensured a 2-0 win to win promotion to the Football League. Overall though, I was very pleased to achieve promotion, after really looking out of sorts for the first part of the season. I think at one point we had 18 points from 15 games, in 21st place but we pulled back with a great run through the middle part of the season as I got my tactics in order again, with an unbeaten 16 game streak and finishing the season with 6 consecutive wins to go from challenging a playoff spot to taking 2nd place, although the season was really closely fought with only a point or two separating 2nd-7th place for those last 8 or so matches. Our defence still remains a little leaky at times, despite a couple new additions, and an inability to take all 3 points from matches needs to be addressed as we drew 17 games all season, and in the end could have really made a title challenge if he hadn't thrown away a number of leads. Still we rarely played from behind in matches only stealing a few points after trailing so that's not too bad. Our finances were helped by a great cup run in which we got to the 3rd round after an emphatic victory over struggling League 1 team Yeovil before drawing away to Chelsea which gave us some massive gate receipts, but our finances are still pretty bad with the loan for a new stadium, but at least our financial status has risen to Okay rather than Insecure. James Jenkins unbelievable season took the league by storm as he won the Player of the Year award despite his 2 and a half star rating. Whether it's just the role he's playing or our coaches just don't see his true quality, 18 goals and 19 assists with 15 PoM awards and an average rating above 8 speaks for itself. League Table: Transfers: Statistics: Season Review: Career Summary: Season League League Finish Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2016/17 Vanarama North 1st Champions 2017/18 Vanorama National 2nd Promoted via Playoffs
  2. Ilkeston - Vanarama National League North – Season 2016/17 It was a season that seemed pretty comfortable until the last couple weeks. We seemed to have the title in the bag, with two comeback wins in succession to extend a late season unbeaten run to 7 games, with only one defeat in our last 17 games prior to this. With this, a 5 point lead over a resurgent Solihull Moors with 3 games in hand seemed like the trophy was all but ours. We held a 2-0 lead home to Lowestoft, which would leave just a point to seal the title, but we conceded twice in the last 6 minutes to throw away the win. Alfreton who had inflicted our biggest defeat of this season at our home ground when we went down 4-1 did the double over us with a 3-1 victory, where we looked completely out of shape while we lost our star player James Jenkins to injury early on, while Solihull Moors won both games to make their late season run even better than ours, with 1 defeat in their last 19 games, with 11 wins. With that, we were level on points going into the final matchday, with us holding a superior goal difference (+3), meaning we just had to equal Solihull Moors final day's performance. Without James Jenkins, we were severely affected. Still with our away form, and playing a poor Tamworth side, it should have been a pretty comfortable victory. We went down early but managed to pull back level right after half time. We were desperate to find another goal as Solihull Moors had taken an early lead but as they threw away that lead and conceded twice in the space of 10 minutes, the pressure to find another goal wasn't as much and we managed to hold on for a draw to take out the league title, and win promotion to the National League. Overall though, the season went pretty well. We struggled for consistency early on as I tweaked our tactics around but for the most part we were challenging a playoff spot for even the first half of the season. Our away form was very pleasing, only conceding 19 goals in 21 games (with 4 of those coming in our last 3 away games, and another 2 coming when I had a striker keeping after our goalie got injured in the 5th minute of the game - really need to pick up another keeper). Our attack struggled at times but our defence really took the pressure off them (6 league games we didn't score but only conceded 2 goals in those games). I'm pretty pleased with our tactical approach for the most part. Getting lots of low early crosses in seems to be working pretty well to capitalise on the poor positioning of the players at this level while our team's aerial presence is pretty ordinary. Players wise, it was a pretty consistent all round performance. Resigning Jenkins was so important to us and very relieving after he didn't think our club could match his ambitions before securing the title. His 15 goals, 8 MoM performances and an average rating of 7.55 led the way to a number of crucial victories throughout the season. Conor Shaughnessy was excellent in the central midfield, with only 2 assists but an average rating of 7.53 in 28 matches, but he doesn't want to resign for the club unfortunately leaving a gap in the midfield. Up front, we had Harry Crawford, who didn't score many late in the season, but his 20 league goals were vital in helping us to the title. Louie Theophanous was the only forward signing I made, who added 13 goals in the 32 matches he played and will continue to fight Crawford for a spot up top, although I think adding another poacher up front will be necessary for next season. Adam Mekki led the way in assists with 17 and will stick around for another season at least. I'm not sure what to expect next season, but I'm hoping that I can contend for a playoff spot come end of the season, or at very least a top half finish. Bringing in a better goalkeeper is my main objective in the transfer market. Sean McGinty will join us in the off-season to bolster our defence, but I think another defender and winger is necessary while another centre mid to replace Shaughnessy will be needed. League Table: Transfers: Statistics: Career Overview: Season League League Finish Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 2016/17 Vanarama North 1st Champions
  3. Okay, decided to take this on, basically cuz I haven't played any of the new games and kinda wanna just get a hang of the tactical changes since 2012 before jumping into my premier league saves. Would have taken Dorchester since I have family there but since they didn't get promoted and their reputation made it seem a little too easy anyway, I went with Ilkeston instead.
  4. http://www.mediafire.com/?di5ak6s85d5bf9c There's the link to the editor files.
  5. Well that really doesn't help much. And it's a problem with the two running together, not one by itself.
  6. Not sure whether anybody will respond to this or know what the problem might be but I decided to create a new league competition for Liechtenstein and also recreated the Champions League and Europa League (in FM12 as per title). There pretty much is no overlapping of the databases since I saved it before I added the nation/continental rules, then had one save with the added Liechtenstein rules and one for the updated Europe. Now when I go to select the editor data files in game, when either are selected on their own, they work fine but if I select them together, it comes up with problems with a lot of the European nations. Like it says for England "Require max of 20 teams for Premier divisions, found 21, require max of 22 teams for BSS, found 23" and for Liechtenstein, it says "require minimum of 10 teams, found 0". Has that problem with a lot of other nations as well. I'm not sure what the problem could be though
  7. Well I'm not sure how retiring a manager and starting over puts the passion back into the game since what is it about the manager that makes a game fun to play. I usually find that it's the club I'm managing or how I'm managing. Now that I'm into my world journey sort of save, as soon as I lose passion playing, I just quit my club and start over and try something else. I can't see how creating a manager would make the game fun again if I'd really lost all passion for it. On that note though, it doesn't really make the story any different. If you had just said you resigned from your post and then got a new job, I wouldn't have even thought that you had retired your manager and made a new one. It really doesn't make any difference so yeah.
  8. Too easy, one of the best teams in Sweden in my save though Although I'm only in the 2015 season. Although 4 different winners from 2011, IF Elfsborg winning in 2012 and coming runners up last year. Hopefully you can succeed with them in the top league.
  9. That sounds really weird. Hmm, I know it's a little late now but could you have added a new manager and then terminate your contract as assistant manager?
  10. haha, nice draws always help. But you never know, a couple of upsets and you could find yourself in the knockout stages.
  11. I think HB were expecting to go to Hungary and win 9-0 Anyway, read a lot of this (well skimmed really, lol). Things are going well. Hopefully you can get far in the Champions League sometime soon
  12. Yeah, it's always nice to have people comment on your work. When I write (on other forums usually, not that active on this forum), I don't usually bother with comments. I just write for my own enjoyment but it is nice to know people are actually reading it And ahk, had a feeling that was the case until you decided to move to a Championship side anyway. Wasn't sure why you just didn't decide to move to the bottom of England instead And yeah, I'm with you on the reputation thing. Had an awesome save with Blackpool going in FM11, won the PL title for the 3rd time in a row, then decided to go manage in League 2 I like managing lower league clubs though. I just get bored when I get to the top division though Currently doing a save in FM12 which is sort of similar to this but I have no real set goals. Just was using a heap of leagues and was hoping that the save would go somewhere setting myself the rule that I need to start every country in the lowest division. Not far into my save though. Managing in Northern Ireland and got Dundela to the Premier Division from the Second Division (tbf, didn't take much considering the lack of quality in those leagues) and now just trying to steer clear of relegation in the Premier Division. Planning on moving to Sweden after this season though and going to try and work up a youth side, since my current side doesn't have any youth facilities (don't even get recruits) and there's no money to be gained in Northern Ireland so best that I leave
  13. Bit surprised you decided to take a step back with your career after Blackburn to go to the bottom tier in Sweden. Surely you could have got a job in the First Division if not a Premier Division side in Sweden though rather than starting in the Second Division? Anyway, enjoying reading this. It's fine if you update quickly, just don't be too demanding for comments. It's hard to read the whole thing at once when you're updating very quickly and there are people that don't want to comment until they're up to the current point in the career.
  14. Well strong performance from me so far this tournament. 3 assists and 2 goals in 3 games isn't too bad
  15. That might have helped Although if you open up a league, then any other page will have that background unless its another competition which has a background but then every other page will have that background. So now I need to have a background of another league until the level 14 leagues are released. (Note - clubs bgs haven't finished downloading yet)
  16. 8SZAD, the background's aren't working for me. The logos work fine but I've put the background's in the FM12/Graphics/Backgrounds folder but they don't show up in game.
  17. Well mine only took half an hour so I'm happy. Wasn't sure who to start with but I ended up going with Dorchester Sports as Dorchester is where most of the English side of my family lives and we stay there whenever we go to England.
  18. If everyone followed installation instructions, it would probably work. It crashed for me first time but I then unchecked "Use Skin Cache" as he has said in step 4 of his instructions and now it is loading up the database. Now for my 45 minute wait
  19. Had totally forgotten about this story until then so had a read through the last few updates and been very interesting to read. Hopefully you can go on to challenge for the title now
  20. Solid season from myself with a fair few assists for country and a few goals for Nurnberg despite being relegated.
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