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  1. So, basically you call it a 4-5-1 even if you move a player from AM to F position? If so, then that's where I got lost In my head it's not a 4-5-1 any more. Also I would think the game interprets such a move as a change to another formation(?) - strictly speaking - but of course both player and team should be able to cope pretty well as the changes are minimal. Keep sharing thoughts and ideas for the good of the community, please
  2. Hi, I have read most (maybe even all ) of your tactical articles on the Dictate the game platform. They are great and can work as a history lesson just as much as an inspriation on FM tactics. But I don't understand your line up of the 4-3-1-2 here. How can this be called a version of a 4-5-1? I thought one must have 5 players within the DM-M-AM areas for this. And also in the positions AML + AMR you should not use the IF role, as that c(o)unts a forward, not a midfielder. (Sorry about the word play ) Any thoughts on this?
  3. Also consider taking your Line of engagement down one (only one) notch to achieve increased compactness and the opposition could leave you more space to counter into. Plan who in your team should be the focus of your counter attacks. As you have a TM and the Wat on the left you could experiment with focusing play to the left side for periods of a match. Or switch the TM to the other side to set him up against a lesser quality CD.
  4. I'd say it adds realism (and a challenge) to the game, and clubs say churning out U21 internationals get compensated handsomely when losing players to tournaments.
  5. @alian62 informed (thx!) that it is available in the editor. So this means the feature is in the game, but must be set prior to starting a new game. This works for me, so I do not feel it necessary to request this. But could you publish a knowledge base sharing information on such features? I often use guidetofm.com for anything tactical/player role related. Information SI Games could/should take more ownership of in my opinion.
  6. Wow, I could not have hoped for a more clear and explanatory answer than this I'd label this as a missing part in the game. Can a moderator comment on this please? Is that you or can you alert a relevant colleague @Neil Brock?
  7. Hi, does clubs get money when having to send players to tournaments with the internation squads during the season?
  8. Yes, that is my take on it as well. When he acually is an important player for me, why should I lower this level and risk upsetting him?
  9. In my save in Sweden the season top scorer odds have just been released for season 2. The player being odds favorite is this guy: He's a young exiting prospect, and he played 23 games last year, scoring 10 goals. A comet in Swedish football. At my club - IFK Gothenburg - I have a Swedish DOF and 4 Swedish scouts currently. With the recruitment staff being Swedish, this also means that their knowledge about Sweden is at a maximum. How can it be that the knowledge on this player is only at 50%? This makes little sense to, as my own team played him twice last season in
  10. This is not necessarily a bug, but I don't know where else to post this The scout responsible for transfers and contracts advice at my club, has just given this recommendation: I do not understand the logic behind this. Can anyone please explain? Should agreed playing time levels really be made based on such a proposal?
  11. Hi, my findings are that the valuations of these two players are now £375 and £575K respectively after the newest update. So quite close to being the same as when the beta was released.
  12. In the team I've chosen there are two left WBs which differ a lot in current valuation even though they are quite similar in CA and vital skills. Not really sure if this has to do with one of my players or if this could be a recurring phenomenon in the game? Game date is December 2019 so it's not a contract issue
  13. Yes, you are absolutely spot on. It says the support duty equals a position in central midfield, and the attack role advanced midfield. I looked only at the PIs for the roles, as I imagined it would include the get further forward PI. This tactic has come no longer than being on the drawing board, so I'll experiment with this when my team has reached a good level of understanding of it.
  14. Yes, this will be tinkered with for sure. It ended up like this for now because I wanted support roles in front of the HB for defensive purposes and a possibility of the DLF, IW, MEZ and WP to create a (most likely tilted) diamond in attack. Update: If the role descriptions are anything to go by, A WP on attack does not venture more forward than if set to support, so he should slot nicely in behind the MEZ with both duties. The only differing PI is dribble more when set to attack.
  15. Yes, at first I had a B2B in that CM spot, but with the security provided by DM I thought a MEZ could be given a chance. And I also first put down the WP as support and MEZ as attack, but switched them around to mix it up, as my initial ideas seem to go againt the logic of FM
  16. Based on this thought provoking write-up along with the somewhat surprising reveal from @Experienced Defenderthat stock roles and duties in stock tactics are pretty useless place to start out, I have decided to 'turn on the spot' and changed a lot of roles and duties in my team. This is now my masterplan: As those of you having read the OP can see, I still have the same TIs in place, but the mentality is changed to Balanced and there are now 2 ATT duties on the wide positions in the M strata and my FBs have become WBs. Also here another ATT duty is in place. Also, as bot
  17. Interesting points with both 'defensive width' and 'use touchline to press' Could you describe this a bit more? Is it my or the opposition defensive width? How would you set up the TIs to 'give space in deeper areas'? I think I have done this in lower LOE, but it can surely be done in smarter ways?
  18. As I haven't reached the point of actually playing league matches with my team yet for this, I'll just ask some questions from your knowledge. I chose a stock tactic with pre set roles, but I am of course looking to create my own style.The tactic creator claims the 4-1-4-1 DM is suitable for all pre set styles except the catenaccio. But roles are not touched upon at all. Forgive my limited knowledge, but which kind of playing style(s) would you say that the stock tactic roles are suited for? Yes, I want to invite some pressure, but I did not expect you to label this setup a
  19. Yeah, I'll take it on the chin Remember i never claimed to master this game. Also, you don't have to be that brutal, you know. Just portion out your frustrations
  20. THE BASE TACTIC I've looked through the different preset tactical styles in FM and there is actually a formation which is recommended for all of them but the catenaccio: 4-1-4-1 DM The 4-1-4-1 DM is set up like this: So I believe this will be my initial roles and duties as shown as well. Since this is a stock tactic within the game, and - from the look of it - this setup should be well balanced roles. It may look like the AF could easily be isolated up top, but i'll give it a go. It makes sense to not line up the team top-heavy, as I want the opposition to advance for me
  21. Wow, that's an impressive string of results! 1. Did you choose that shape to be able to create vertical space or was it a knock on effect? 2. Other than DMs, what other things do you change from match to match / in game?
  22. Thanks for your thoughts! I'll refer to your tips as and when I get to them in my 'recipe'
  23. Hi everybody! Deriving from a highly interesting discussion here on the forums, I was advised to start a separate thread on the following. I have some weeks ago made some attempts on creating a tactic which can work effectively against weaker opponents. In my mind the strategy of Atletico Madrid is somewhat similar, as they play according to certain pressing traps. In short this means that they will only press intensively for the ball when the opponent is in a weak posession situation. My aim is not to replicate AM directly, but to I wish to a style which makes my team trick the
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