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  1. The penultimate match for your challenge; Beat the master at his game. Millwall was far off the pace tonight
  2. Interesting take not overlapping the right side when the IW will naturallly drift into the centre and leave space for the FBR. I admit not watching Burnley much, so I won't say it's not the right thing to do. But I wouldn't be able to resist adding a 'get further forward' to layer attacks
  3. With the DOF in charge - does he also favour a direct style of play to enforce the club ethos? Sensible attributes to focus on for sure, and I'll recommend you anticipation in the mix as well for defenders, wingers and forwards The passing through issue I normally try to (usually works very well) nullify with TI regroup and placing either LOE a notch down from balanced or LOD a notch up. But this would mean changes to your TIs. Just a suggestion. Another thought: Is this the style out of the presets in the game you see as the style closest to the one you have created? Reading the description, I'd guess this is the most similar one. So it's really interesting that setting up a style quite differently actually can give a somewhat equal style of play. With your tactic 'getting way' with many fewer TIs, I'd believe it is easier for teams to learn. Any thoughts?
  4. I like this. Not doing extreme things, but still creating a distinguishable identity. But what in Millwall's squad makes them especially suited for this style? After a readthrough, I'd be inklined to think this is 'generic' enough to suit many many clubs Are you using a certain DNA approach in recruiting?
  5. How's this going then? Any improvements? I'm currently in Spain, and even when I arrange friendlies for my B-team myself, they are never confirmed or played.
  6. Lots of sensible input for you here, I’ll also add this as it’s kinda right up your alley It is a follow-up video as well, showing his next match after the changes.
  7. Could you show/describe team instructions to go with these roles, please? Seems very solid and something I could change to for a tactic I'm working on
  8. Here's a very good inspiration article I would like to recommend to you https://medium.com/armchair-gaffer/the-442-academy-95177db0c5f7
  9. Hi, see my other answer above, mate. Thx for your reply anyways
  10. Thanks @OspreyJ and @sporadicsmiles, I just hadn't thought bout the possibility of leagues changing structure. Some of the leagues I wanted to load works fine after a little trial and error
  11. I actually just downloaded leagues from a megapack on FM Scout, and these messages started popping up. It said it was for version 19.3 but I'm not so sure.
  12. Hi, anyone able to point out if I have done something wrong when adding league files for the 19.3.0 DB? I keep getting this message for every new league...
  13. Great post, logic and results! IMO nothing beats the versatility of the 4-1-4-1. Looking forward to your future post on the players you brought in to build your squad.
  14. Good thoughts this! I might try it for some cup matches, mate. I'm more fond of using Tav on MR than DR, normally. Your suggestion gives a nice unpredictable dynamic to the symmetry.
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