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  1. I think what you have said is completely uncalled for. It strikes me as any criticism of SI results in comments such as yours. If you look at my previous comments you will see I have never been anything that rational and polite. It certainly brought a response from SI even if it was not the response we were expecting about an update. It is not too much to ask for an update on an issue that has been around since FM20 and not resolved despite a host of comments on this topic page. Rashidi - A tip about Customer Service - You would have better acknowledging my concerns and the concerns that others have raised on this topic, which has been 'under review' for months, and telling us what the position is. My remarks were made out of my frustration that is shared by many others that we bought FM20 and despite many concerns about crossing they were not fixed. We then went on and bought FM21 with an expectation the issue of crossing would be resolved only to find it is not. Instead of making attacks on your customers why don't you answer the simple question. Will the issue of crossing in FM21 be resolved with an update and when? If it will not be resolved please tell us that. Until you do that I am entitled to feel SI have something to hide and therefore the dishonesty remark is valid. I apologise if you find the remark offensive. In return for my apology you could reciprocate and answer my questions. Please understand our frustrations. Best wishes
  2. The silence on this issue is deafening. I have completely lost faith in SI games, not because they have not fixed this but because of their apparent dishonesty in not admitting they are unable to fix it; or are they? The issue goes back to January 2020 with FM20 and we were entitled to have it fixed for FM21. Clearly it wasn't. In relation to FM20 they eventually told us there would be no more updates. I hope that before long we will get an update to the FM21 game or are we going to have to wait until FM22? I FEEL TOTALLY LET DOWN BY SI GAMES AND WILL NOT BE BUYING FM22 UNTIL I KNOW THIS PROBLEM OF CROSSES TO DEFENDERS AND THE WHOLE ISSUE OF CROSSING AND OTHER THINGS ARE RESOLVED. You have not even fixed the issue of the referee in Newcastle United colours. Come on SI games lest have some comment.
  3. This issue is still showing as 'under review' That in itself is worrying as it was reported first in FM20 over a year ago now, never resolved and has appeared in FM21 as what many of us 'serious players' see as a major game play problem. I tell my staff at work (as do most other successful companies) that a company that does not listen to its customers will eventually fail. Sports Interactive are not listening to us! Crosses strike defenders almost every time. cross instructions i.e. float crosses, whipped, low are all ignored as are individual crossing instructions such as cross from deep. It is the single biggest problem that faces this game and tinkering around the edges with social media, press conferences etc is secondary to the key issue in the game and that is the match engine. When are SI going to tell us the conclusions of their 'under review' work. Telling us they are still working on it and expect a solution by ******* would be better than silence.
  4. I play with Newcastle and gave the referee a bollocking at half time for not getting involved more in the game.
  5. This was first raised in FM 21 in November 2020, now over 2 months ago. However it was also raised as an issue in FM20 in January 2020 and eventually we were told there would be no more updates or fixes to FM20 and it was left. I think we all had a hope that FM21 would be better. It isn't! The latest fix 21.2.2 1503138 ME did make some improvements but not much. Every time my wing back or wingers run to the by-line I know what is going to happen. The defender comes in, gets a leg to it and its a corner. I have never seen a cross get through. This happens even if the attacker has a chance to cross a couple of seconds before where they miss the opportunity and keep going until its too late. The workaround by setting the attacker to inverted, cross more often and dribble less helps. If this was real football the offending player who consistently fails to get a cross through in this way in would have such a severe boll***ing at half time their ears would be stinging for days. The issue is still under review. I appreciate that it may not be a simple one to solve but the time has come for a firm message from SI indicating WHEN THIS ISSUE IS LIKELY TO BE RESOLVED. For me its the most significant issue with the game.
  6. This needs some attention and should not be a difficult one. In my game the referee is always in clashes with Newcastle United home shirts
  7. I had this problem and have followed SI advice. I quit the game, reloaded it and re-loaded the save. Its fine now,
  8. There is of course. Don't buy it. That's the only way SI games would really step up is if they lost customers
  9. I am pleased to see the SI developers have this issue under consideration and welcome any solution as it has been a problem long before FM21 and certainly dates back to FM20. This was first raised as a FM20 issue in January 20 last year and earlier and we were all told there would be no more FM 20 updates and the focus was on FM21. I comment on this to say that it is not just an issue of crosses going out for corners but one of very few crosses getting past the defender. I would guess that there needs to be an increase of 33% of crosses or passes from the bye line getting through. My wingers and wing backs don't seem to understand the concept of cutting inside instead of the usual byline- cross-corner that is almost every time. As an experiment I used the editor to increase the crossing ability of these key players but it did not make a noticeable difference. 'Cross from deep' is a work around (and that's all it is) but even then, on the occasions when a player goes to the bye line (as they would do in normal football) the cross goes to the defender again. This is not just about crossing but also about crossing instructions. It does not seem to matter whether I have low crossed, whipped crosses or floated, the crosses still come in high. This is a great pity because the game play on FM21 is otherwise really good. In comparison to FM20 there are more one to ones on goalkeepers resulting in goals, more goal mouth scrambles and opposition instructions are followed much better. If you can get the crossing and crossing instructions in FM21 right you will satisfy a lot of your followers. Best wishes
  10. I am assuming that W Walton, who raised this issue is going to send a PKM. However I am finding that on occasions when the pitch is brighter the ball is difficult to see and needs to be more 'sparkling bright'. O have gone to skin colours and changed the colour of the ball, both winter and summer colours but the ball does not change. If that could be fixed it would help. I am not enclosing a PKM as you only have to play a game to spot it.
  11. I am enjoying a limited amount of success - very fragile position just outside the relegation zone- by using a defensive midfielder just in front of the back four instead of the central attacking midfielder. For tactics I use counter attack wing play. You will have to fiddle about with it though. In real life we need an experienced central defender, an experienced midfielder to support /rest Mowatt and a goal scorer to support/rest Woodrow.
  12. I have been playing FM and it’s predecessor CM since around 1992. I thought the FM19 match engine was a massive improvement but FM20 is a great step forward in graphics and game play. Positives are the players and the tackling look better although I have seen a few fouls and penalties where the graphics did not support a foul. One to ones are more realistic and could be better but in real football a good proportion of one to ones miss the goal. In FM20 players no longer run away from an opponent who possesses the ball and positioning reflects the players ability ratings. Defenders no longer head the ball from the byline to an attacker but leave it to go out for a goal kick There are of course improvements to make. Far too often wingers on the byline shoot instead of crossing and miss. There are issues with transfers and with positive team talks causing frustration but hopefully these will be resolved soon . There are lots of other non game engine issues that will get picked up. This is a massive programme and we all need to give it a chance to bed in and for improvements to be made I look forward to the next update One thing that really does bug me is the absence of a manual that can be downloaded and printed off . Explanations of what shouts do, how morale affects players, different tactical choices etc etc would be most welcome. Otherwise I am very happy with what I see so far
  13. Could there be an option to produce an update that puts the new match engine only into an existing version.
  14. I would like to see the simple ability to +1 or -1 notch on all or individual player abilities within the editor. Presently if you want to increase by 1 (or decrease) you need to type in the new number in full.
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