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  1. metal_guitarist do you do the so-called "player cleansing" to reset the year a player joins a club to reinvigorate the transfer market?
  2. Great stuff. Being a pain by asking but do you think before or after 10pm? Can't wait to get going after the transfers since the last update.
  3. Noticed that Mhytkharin (sp?) wage at Dortmund hadn't been adjusted following his big move. Can you amend for tonight?
  4. It is that time of the year when I am thinking about processing English promotions & relegations in FM2013, which is the single database change that I have made to every single FM game that I have owned. I'm quite interested in taking over QPR in the Championship, but I won't be able to sell any players because they all have contracts starting in 2012 (as all recently signed under either Hughes or Redknapp - or at least 90% of the squad). This brings me onto the question of player cleansing. I think this is the process of setting recent contracts back one year. In this instance, those contracts starting in 2012 are made to start in 2011, thus allowing in-game wheeling & dealing of recent real-life signings. I've seen some database updates in the editors hideaway and on other sites which proudly state that they have player cleansing within their updates. The question is, how easy is this to do en masse (if at all possible)? I don't want to download an update which includes player cleansing as I will then have to put up with all other changes. I like to have the raw, underlying data just as SI intended it to be.... but I do want to process these contractual changes. If I was to do this at QPR, I'd like to do it across the whole game... Can anybody help?
  5. Guys I've done this now and the stadium backgrounds are working an absolute treat. However, it seems that the downside of this is that the opacity and background selector is now disabled and the skin has reverted to an old default background (the Sega advertising hoardings) and I'm not sure where that is located to replace it. Is this correct or do you guys have both the backgrounds and the opacity/background selector working?
  6. I particularly like how the mini stadium pictures are showing up in a great number of the screenshots on here. Is it simple to make that happen? Any instructions would be greatly appreciated - at the moment I just have the coloured seats which change colour depending on team...
  7. As I stated, I have this actual ultrabook. I also read some mixed feedback so I was a bit undecided - but then PC World were having a ridiculous sale and I snapped it up for £450 on Windows 7 with a free upgrade to Windows 8. So I went for it. No regrets at all for general use and I'd be saying the same if I'd paid £600. Light, portable and a fantastic looking ultrabook. I've now got the full FM2013 on this machine. I don't know if this is relevant to you as each person plays the game differently, but I play about 4-5 leagues and I don't use 3D engine and it is plenty quick enough as the chap suggested it would be. Hope this helps.
  8. Yeh the demo is a good shout - completely forgot about that! To be honest I tend to only run 3-4 leagues so it sounds like I'll have no problem. Spot the pattern here - I don't play intense games but have very limited idea about spec and what works / doesn't work. Demo here I come..
  9. I've actually got the following laptop and I'm considering getting involved in FM13 again after a two year hiatus. http://www.pcworld.co.uk/gbuk/samsung-series-5-13-3-ultrabook-silver-17056551-pdt.html Anybody able to offer up any thoughts on how FM13 would run on this laptop before I spend £30 to find out?! I know that my graphics card is integrated but that doesn't concern me because I've always been a 2D / Commentary Only sort of player. Thanks
  10. This is a strange request I appreciate but could anybody repackage the skin as a .zip file and host for me? I do not have winrar and I am using a work laptop and therefore cannot download or install it either due to the block on .exe files. I have ued this skin each year and I am missing it - a lot!
  11. I wondered if anyboy could help me.. I am using the dark version of this skin and my ordinary stadium backgrounds are working fine on a matchday as antcipated. However, my deault background is not working, despite being in my own graphic fole wth its own config.xml. Do I need to perhaps change one of the other .xml files to force it to appear? Any help woul be appreciated Thanks THAKS
  12. Maybe I got an old update - I will wait for your update release tonight
  13. I just downloaded your latest update from the first page - am I right in thinking that you have made minimal changes to European competition, e.g. Man City are in but the Spanish qualifiers haven't been updated (Villarreal). I went for wholesale changes to bring everything right up to date - maybe this is the problem and I just have to accept minimal changes for now
  14. Cool - I will try but I'm pretty confident I had it right - obviously gone wrong somewhere! Have you ran your update through a second season then?? Are there any problems?
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