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  1. I'm having great success combining Bloodlust v3 and Executioner v2, cheers @Totalfootballfan
  2. @Totalfootballfan Belated thanks for providing us with your tactics, I've been using them for years now. I have a quick question, I'm managing RB Leipzig, 9 seasons in and with a very good squad, at home I can use any of your tactics and do okay but I'm really struggling away against the so called bigger teams, i.e. Bayern and Dortmund, any advice on which tactic I should try and use for these matches? FYI I'm playing on FMT.
  3. Sorry @x3SNSDx3Tiffany but I only play it on Mac so have no idea about skins on tablets, best bet is to visit the skinning hideout and see if you can find help there https://community.sigames.com/forum/18-skinning-hideout/
  4. @mmitch19 I've made the skin available to download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/jgwuh9tptvd5rri/fmc-light.zip/file Just unzip it then add the file 'fmc light' to Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2020 Touch/Skins Make sure you have clear cache unticked and reload the skin ticked.
  5. @kingjericho Basically, if you download these default FMT skins Then add the full FM panels to skins/skin name/panels/player Credit to @GavinG and @bluestillidie00 as I'm basically using their skins merged so to speak.
  6. Thanks for taking the time to let me know Neil, much appreciated.
  7. So it seems the FMT update is out for PC, is it out for Mac also?
  8. I use panels from full FM in FMT which means I have the player profiles looking like the full version, no more boxes for attributes, yuck!
  9. Agree with all the above, the ME is flawed and causing serious issues, why are FMT users meant to put up with it?!? Poor form SI.
  10. Any idea which file controls the colour of the pitches? The default one's a too brown for my liking!
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