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  1. Not too often you see the same player win all 3! Surely there should be an achievement for this!!
  2. I've just purchased the new MacBook Air with the M1 processor, it's replacing an older MacBook Pro (2016) which in turn was a replacement for an even older MacBook Pro (2012 - which I'm still using to this day to WFH). I used to buy Windows laptops but seemed to have no end of problems with them, at best they seemed to last a couple of years, I had a couple of Acer's, a Dell & a Toshiba, eventually I decided to take the hit and get a MacBook, I've never looked back since. The build quality and reliability is IMO second to none, plus the technical and customer support from Apple (but y
  3. @michaeltmurrayuk As always thank you ever so much for taking the time (your own time, non paid) to create this skin. It's much appreciated!
  4. Hi, Mac's are just as easy you just need to know where to place these items. You will need to go to the menubar at the top of the screen, click on GO, hold the 'alt' button to show LIBRARY (click on library) then look for APPLICATION SUPPORT / SPORTS INTERACTIVE / FOOTBALL MANAGER 2021. If you don't already have a folder names GRAPHICS just create one, place logo folders, facepacks, kits etc. into here. Skins go in the folder named SKINS. Then to display the graphics in game, go to preferences, untick the cache option and select reload skin.
  5. Hi Guys, I purchased a new MacBook in 2017 and dropped a ridiculous amount of money on it, yes I know what I would have got had I gone down the Windows route, however I'm an Apple guy! The spec for my machine is below, as far as I am aware (not much of an expert on these things) they are still quite decent specs to play FM on? However I tend to have to set my graphics quality as 'low' and even then the fans get quite loud during highlights (using 2d classic) and when holidaying. Are these specs now dated? Is the graphics card not that great? Your advice would be much apprec
  6. https://www.mediafire.com/file/t1ulr60mz2w1pzw/tactics.zip/file Download the above, place this in your skin folder under 'panels'
  7. @michaeltmurrayukThank you ever so much! I've done what you suggested and it's worked perfectly. Latest download for the WIP (almost fully useable now!) https://www.mediafire.com/file/i49ql3428rq4mi7/Light_Skin_v3.1.zip/file The remaining issues are shown below..
  8. Okay, I've managed to get these fonts to show but only in white so far, they only seem to appear when the RGB value is at least 1,1,1 if set to 0,0,0 it shows nothing, however 1,1,1 should be black so I'm really not sure what the connection is here.
  9. Hi All, I've been away from the forum for a short while what with Christmas, looking at trying to get more done on this although I really think I hit a brick wall much like @TimD who by the way I want to thanks for all your efforts!
  10. Fantastic work @TimD This is the exact reason I started this thread and made the skin available, it's great if people can chip in and add their own expertise to it, we might then finally get a light skin after all.
  11. Hi Tedesco, Unfortunately I require some assistance from more experience skinners to resolve these issues, i've made this skin available in the hope that we can as a community get this fixed.
  12. Hello, I'm working on an actual light skin not just one with a lighter background, so far I have achieved quite a bit of success but a few items are still not quite right. Here are some screenshots of the skin so far, first 2 are fine, the last 4 images show some issues. As you can see, the above issues are boxes being black with the text also black, plus the image directly above is missing the players name?! and the contract / transfer offer above this isn't showing certain items such as wage, preferred playing position etc. If anyone wants to have a look at t
  13. Hi @michaeltmurrayuk thanks again for uploading these skins and your continued assistance to our skinning community! I have one question, I would like to change the default font and having looked at the xml files it seems the name of the font should be 'GT-America-Standard-Regular.ttf' however when I add my font and rename it to this despite unticking the 'use caching to decrease page loading times' & both reloading the skin and restarting the game I'm still stuck with the default font. Any ideas?
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