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  1. So I'm experiencing the lagging glitch on FM Touch using macOS 10.14.4 and when selecting public beta I can't load my save game, I end up with this.. Please bring out an official patch asap!
  2. I'm experiencing the same issues with general gameplay and match engine, please fix asap, I tried using the beta but it wouldn't load my save game!!
  3. I thought the same, on my save I'm Hamburg and I've just become a club icon after 7 seasons and I had to win the champions league 3 years in a row, Bundesliga 2 years in a row and the German Cup, European Super Cup and World Club Cup before I became an icon!! I think I'd be a legend after all of that!
  4. Hi PBG, Thanks for the kind words, unfortunately though I haven't purchased full FM this year so have no intention to creation for full FM, even if I did decide to I'd have no way to test it I'm afraid.
  5. Hi all, I can now confirm that a light skin for FMT 19 is now available to download. Screenshots: There are still a few issues with the font colour on some screens, however I believe this is now perfectly usable and about the best job I can do! Special thanks to @Lucas @Ross Ingersoll @bluestillidie00 & @michaeltmurrayuk Download: https://www.mediafire.com/file/3v0i2alc0c7uu12/basetouch_light.zip/file
  6. @bluestillidie00 Thanks for the advice but I don't use any boxes in my skins graphics folder, it's obviously taking the FM19 purple from somewhere but I can't get my head around where from?! in my skin settings ,'FM purple' has been set to R: 255, G: 255, B: 255 but I still get the purple!! It's so frustrating as it's the very last panel that needs fixing!
  7. Thanks @Lucas and @Ross Ingersoll for the advice, FYI the faded text was a great tip! In the end though I downloaded last years FMT light base skin and have used the settings xml from that and all seems to be the 'correct' colour now. Just one issue I have is the 'purple' background for the top right options I can't seem to find how I control the colour, any ideas?
  8. Hi, FMT only I'm afraid, I no longer purchase or play full FM.
  9. Hi all, I'm creating a light skin for FMT and need a little help to complete what I've started. I'm just having a few issues where I can't find where to edit the font colours for certain areas, I've changed most to black which I wanted but some are still white and I can't find the font xml file or the code in the skin settings to amend this. Below are some screenshots that show how much I have done and where I still need to sort, I'd like to make this available to download so others who like light skins can use it, however I really want to fix the issues first. Credit to @Lucas as his Nexus skin has formed the basis for this skin which I have been editing and credit to @michaeltmurrayuk who has helped over the years with lots of skinning queries!
  10. Hi, I have managed to edit 'text' in the fonts folder but how do I change the main font colour to black also?
  11. Hi, Is it possible to remove the lines behind the player image? I'm using the FMT base skin but obviously they don't come with any panels that I can edit, I've only purchased FMT this year so I can't use the resource archiver to download the relevant panels etc. any advice would be much appreciated.
  12. Thanks MM. I guess i'm going to have to wait until the game launches to get these files from the resource archiver, they don't seem to be in the default skins panels folder you have uploaded.
  13. Hi, Can one of you very clever people please tell me if and how it's possible to amend the team names size and font, I feel they are too small in comparison to the other writing.. Thanks as always in advance.
  14. FM18 suffered from this the whole year despite patches, from day one commentary only was awful on FM18 and it's just as bad on FM19, I'm watching the game and suddenly see a goal was scored 10 minutes ago, ??? no goal flash, just the goal randomly appears!! 3d matches look like crap IMO, I prefer commentary only but it looks like after FM17 SIgames have just completely ruined it, what qualifies for a refund??
  15. I've only bought FMT this year, usually get the full game but end up playing FMT, I'm old school and don't like all the bells and whistles that come with the full game.
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