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  1. Boy am I glad I got a refund from Steam a day before the official release. The overheating and over processing was an issue in the Beta and part of me hoped it would be fixed for the full release so I kept a close eye on this forum yet this comment by Neil really doesn't instil any confidence at all. It's ridiculous to claim "yeah it's more demanding but it's not really an issue cuz it's not bricking your brand new Macbook Pro... carry on". I was running FM15 on a 7 year old macbook pro and it ran perfectly fine, yeah it got a bit hot and the fan would kick in at times during the 3d playback but it doesn't even compare to the energy and effort my brand new macbook takes to play FM16. Let's be honest here, it's not like you've upgraded the graphics to Fifa 16 levels... it looks fairly the same as fm 15 so I can't imagine it's anything other than bad optimization.
  2. I ended up selling Benteke. No point having two first team strikers that are injury prone. Everton got relegated at the end of the first season so I sniped Stones and Lukaku , fans weren't too happy but they were super cheap and I needed the English cover with Stones.
  3. Yeah same thing for me. I'm glad because he's been great for me.
  4. I actually ended up getting Lewandowski on a free. Offered him a ridiculous bonus package. Was shocked he accepted to be honest
  5. Hey Sabine, I really think you should start a separate post on the tactics forum regarding your tactics so that we can check it out and all help to make it better. I say this because I was completely fed up in my second season after my tactic no longer worked for some reason after dominating the first season. Regardless, gave your tactic a shot and it was amazing for me. Would be interested in seeing that mate.
  6. Hey Guys. Finally getting a chance to put some time into my Liverpool save. Work has been killing me for the past month!! Need some advice... coming up on January first season now and Man City have bid 20 mill for Coates and I've accepted. Need a replacement. My choices based on my budget and who would actually join me are : Subotic (can get him for 8-10), Hummels (requested a transfer, can get him for 12-13), Ryan Shawcross (12-14) Thoughts??
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