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  1. Brobs, i like ur tactic in FM 12, but this one is inconsistent for me. I have always struggled to win against weak team when they scored first and have real problem in defending set pieces.
  2. i was in first season and not in bad form with HSV, the team had just won München 2-0 before being beaten 8-1 i tried to use ur tactic again when the Tactical Familiarity was almost perfect and lost to Ausburg 2-1. The team was always dominated in Possession and can hardly get a shot on target. I tweaked it by reducing the number of long shots but it didnt work too. Dortmund played with a very fast tempo, and they closed down all my defenders really hard. We lost possession whenever Adler kicked the ball in the midfield (his kicking is only 11) I had problem with defending corners too and it caused quite a few easy goals to be conceded. i ll try ur new tac and post results
  3. my HSV losed 8-1 to Dortmund with ur tac...
  4. the better half, can u upload this tactic to other host sites, link Gamefront has died and i can't download it from zshare.