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  1. I have hired a foreigner Coaching staff, scout and physio and kept being told they need intensive language course for development. I know what affect this has on player but not staff.
  2. I manage a french national league, and cant find any players there in clairefontaine. my database size is large and league is until french national.
  3. Crash dump when renaming bookmark?

    is there a fix for this??
  4. Swap stikers postions?

    yea the main reason is because of my strikers preferred foots are only one sided. Auto changing striker position is much easier than manually swaping their position. No it donest work, the position disappears.
  5. I have two striker up front and i want them to swap postions but on swap position with.. option i could not find the name of the other striker and could not swap them t ogether. i can only swatch them manually inmatch live screen.
  6. Crash dump when renaming bookmark?

    no i dont save it to a folder, no i cannot delete the text when backspacing, backspacing to delete is not working. does it work for you?
  7. Crash dump when renaming bookmark?

    ok first click that glove thingy at the top>nations>England>click premierdivison, and while at premier division page click that globe thingy again>bookmarks>add this page to bookmarks>small box will appear to name it, I cannot change the name its bugged, just type anthing on that name box and it will crash. thanks. im using latest version 15.2.1, whats a real name fix? you mean the real players name ingame? yes its ticked
  8. So i go to premier divison and add bookmark then i want to rename it, after that it has crash dump everytime. so i cannot rename it. please fix this asap cuz i bookmark leagues.
  9. my b side is somewhere in non playable in spain, with no matches in fixtures. but when i look at the player history in players in my b team, it says they played matches.
  10. my to increase the rep of my b team?> its reputation is obscure.
  11. I'm in my 7th season and finally thinking about using my b team as first team experience for my players. I'm in la liga, and my b team is in non playable league. will adding good players in my b team help me get promoted to a playable league? also when my players are in b team, i know they use the same training facilities as my a team. but will they also use the coaches as well?
  12. I manage a club in npower league 2 and i'm in seasons 2. Everytime when i want to sign non-eu players the appeal keeps getting turned down. im preety sure the appeal gets accepted with higher league with big clubs. is this a bug or what? anyone?
  13. i already told you that in rule sheet or section, there are no non-eu rules noted there.
  14. I know that in LA LIGA BBVA its 3, in LIGA ald is 2, but what about in second division? is it 1? because there is nothing noted about the non-eu player rule in second division rule sheet. also in second division are all cotonou, russia and turkey consider eu? or is it only in liga BBVA and ald. I currently manage a club in second divison and just signed two non-eu players, for some reason i can only play with 1 for them at a time. chers
  15. I dont like having to click at the top right side everytime, for match speed setting in fm13. Also i like the horizontal style which was in fm12. isnt there a way to put it like the way it was in fm12?