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  1. Anxiietyyy : Very impressive season so far !! Question have you made major changes to your squad over the last few seasons? Also what formation/tactics have you been using?
  2. I am now in my 2 season and looking for a striker I have got bids for mitrovic and benteke accepted, unsure of which one to go for ? any advice would be helpful
  3. I am at the start of season 2 and have a bid a 10 mil bid for Papadopoulos from schalke and a 5.25 mil bid for umtiti which one would you go for ?
  4. Carmi out of interest what formation and tactics do you use ?
  5. iArsenal : Good to see you have had some success with alot of british players ! What team instructions do you use ?
  6. iArsenal: Whats formation and tactics have you been using ?
  7. Have just started 2nd season and I need a new left back having sold santos after a poor 1st season ! who would people recommend ?
  8. What role do people get the best out of RVP in ?
  9. Who do people appoint as there assistant in the 2nd season ??
  10. JEinchy In your 4-2-3-1 formation what roles and duties have you assigned to each position ?
  11. Help ! I have offers and contracts accepted for Marco Reus (15mil) and Marko Marin (17.5mil) but not sure which one to go for ? In the 1st transfer window of first season money isnt a prob
  12. tomtuck01 Looks like you had a very good season, what formation and what player roles have you gone with ?