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  1. personally dont think the new features justify a new game release and i have bought FM since the old cm93 days, I suppose its hard to constantly polish a product, what we really are paying for here in my opinion is a new skin new database tweaked ME and some features
  2. that's your opinion which of course you are entitled to have, and yes there were a lot of players who were disgruntled about the game, but there were al ot of players who loved the game, the game worlds the private league chat rooms, many friends were made in these rooms the community aspect of the game was better than the actual game but this is what made it quite enjoyable. The AI rights did work because the game wasn't tailored for the hardcore player and in general it was the hardcore player who had misgivings about the game. I loved logging on when it suited me, having a potter about, play some games, buy some players or have a blether with who was in chat log off. The thing is i played the game at my pace and how i wanted to do it. I wouldn't be amazed if they dipped their toes in the water at all again
  3. scout all the u21/u19 squads any players that have big clubs after them tend to turn out well, i usually bid on players that have the obligatory WNT PSG, Real Madrid, Chelsea, Man City, if you are quick sometimes you can steal a march and snap a few of these talents up.
  4. Im all depressed..... has it really been 4 years since the final servers for FML shut down, i fricken loved that game. i have bought every FM/CM since the year dot and nothing game the good crack that FML did Still got withdrawal symptoms i may have to start up the FML anonymous group. I would pay no bother a monthly sub for that game to come back, anyway back to normal
  5. so i have taken over Arsenal a few seasons into our online game #EUCFM and was thinking why did the previous management agree the transfer of a 29yr old Ongenda from West Ham till he does this hands down best individual goal i have seen in my FM history lol https://vine.co/v/Ol0hOWAhP31
  6. so I get offered the Eastleigh job in our on-line game and i take it. They are in administration and have no staff, just me, and all the players are getting loaned out by the administrators. I cant sign anyone, I cant sign staff, its tough going. Has anyone else experienced this in their game, if so, how long does it last, I keep on getting restructure debt messages but still I cant do jack all. When do I come out, I know the common sense answer, but in game when does administration get lifted, anyone else experienced it cheers
  7. sussed tactics at least for this patch the game is now less stressful
  8. I have always found FM pretty simple without sounding arrogant, after initial teething problems you always eventually suss out the engine. This is critical in on-line games as you are usually up against top players. In my present online game it has reached 30 seasons. Network games are about not being sacked, beating rival humans and also dominating your position against AI. I have devised a tactic that is very strong and will guarantee you success. It is pretty much plug and play, strict in game timers don't let you tweak tactics like you can in the single player so you need a tactic that is strong in all areas and will get you a high percentage of wins. Bed this tactic in and pay attention to the player roles and put the correct type of player in the right position. no round pegs in square holes don't get me wrong if you are a poor team playing against man utd at old trafford you will get beat, but if you have built up a decent squad you will get that win 9/10. OIs are set to AI and change through middle to normal when playing against a DM http://prntscr.com/3up30v http://prntscr.com/3up3j6 above is with a pretty weak Hamilton side punching above its weight in the SPL I could put lots of Jpegs up but they highlight the same thing have a bash and run it, bed it in, give your feedback, see if it works for you as well as it has for me. dogs http://www.mediafire.com/download/saigch4s6sg48qb/Alex_3142.tac
  9. so point of this thread is what exactly, attention whoring is my opinion stop whining and go have a dangerwank you will feel better
  10. also in the online game, tweak the game so the ass man actually uses your tactic under holiday settings. Atm the holiday settings are flawed and the ASS man replicates the shape but doenst play your tactic. EG i have developed a 442 Crewe in my crewe online game, if i go on holiday and ask my assman to use my tactics he doesn't use my tactic he reverts to a default 442 this makes an incredible difference to the online game and needs tweaked.
  11. important tweak for the network game which after playing 14yrs of cmfm online is that under timer red news items have an auto stop until answered or have a longer set timer of 5mins. Job interviews, job offers meetings with chairman's etc get auto accepted rejected when the timers continues, anyone who is experienced online with FM will know exactly what i mean.
  12. love the franchise buy like a slave to the game every year desperate for it to succeed , patch is poor, games bugged 14 of us play a network game, reputation is flawed, live updates in game faulty, as a product it feels unfinished.
  13. EUC network gaming boys all preordered it on steam, sitting greyed out atm in steam library
  14. timing is important, its easier to shift players after budgets have just been alocated in June, or after the "seasons expectations" update in december, also offer clubs flexability. If teams are not offering say 2m upfront offer him out for 2m in installments. I actually find it quite easy to shift players unless they are on abnormal wages then your market is significantly reduced to those clubs that will pay those wages ( a bug i hope they fix in fm14, where players that are unhappy and want first team football, or on free transfers will accept reduced wages as they are desperate for a route back into football)
  15. i find that players on high wages that i cant move on and i need to free up wages will always 99% of time accept a mutual termination off the DOF, where as they will 99% of the time tell me no
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