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  1. Would it be possible to have some success if using only one tactic in FM12? And in that single tactic not having to use shouts? I'd like to create my own tactic but I'd like that one to be the only one I use, much like it was possible in the old days of CM/FM. It will take time enough I guess to iron this out and I just want to have some fun while playing without too much tinkering. I can answer the question that it is possible to use a single tactic in FM12 as I do it today but that's a downloaded tactic that is taking advantage of all the known exploits and while it is fun to score a lot and bring home silverware it also feels a lot like cheating... Thanks in advance!
  2. SLR88, you can actually delete the complete thread as there is nothing useful in it anyhow. Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the help c.ronaldo7 but I need the complete formulas for every part of the training. Not sure why I didn't think of it before but I tried the cunning way of using a website called "Google" and it worked like a dream!
  4. Hi guys, I'd like to make my own tool (for programming training purposes) for evaluating coaches but I cannot seem to find the formulas on here anymore... I'm sure I've found them before as I've made a tool before (console application, not that nice to use...) but maybe they're not allowed to be posted here anymore? I play FM12 myself so if I can have those formulas that would be the best but if not I'll take the ones for FM13 as it has only changed for GK handling if I have understood the posts on here correctly. Thanks in advance!
  5. I'll pay whatever it takes as it's only a game and I want the best team I can get. Still playing FM12 and I used to use "FM Scout" to find the best young players and snap them up early and save a lot of money but in my current save I'm relying on scouting and my scout's recommendations and this way buying good players and prospects gets a lot more expensive. With Spurs in the second season currently and managed to first get Levy to bring me Leandro Damiao for £27mil and then I managed myself to bring in Cavani in January and he was a bit more even if I remember correctly. Looking at the scout reports and the scout's estimates on the players they find it looks like it will continue this way, good players costs a lot! But to the OP's question, £88million for some regen striker on an earlier FM12 save is the most I've payed.
  6. In FM10 there was an instruction for when having a corner against you to put a man between the corner flag and the goal to prevent the corners towards the near post, is that gone in FM12? I can only find "close down corner taker" and that doesn't seem to have the same effect.
  7. You most likely already have "Windows Remote Desktop" (in "Accessories") installed so there is no need to download and install anything additionally.
  8. Or we could have the commentary in Swedish in ALL versions, it would make just as much sense to the vast majority...
  9. I play as Deportivo La Coruna who has a blue and white home-kit and an orange away-kit. It seems like every time we play away the orange kit is the one we use and that doesn't make much sence against teams wearing e.g. red. Is this a bug or is there an explanation? Thanks!
  10. I'm having similar problems playing in the Swedish league. The league itself is very low rep so winning it doesn't give a huge boost so it will take time to grow. I also read in another thread that just participating in CL will not give any big increase to your rep, it's when you win it it will be noticeable...hang in there....!!
  11. You're correct about both my complaints so I'll just go to the corner and hang my head in shame :o Also thanks for that hint about the sorting order!
  12. In the board meeting I get some suggestions of coaches that would be good to sign for my club and I offer them a contract. Then I get a new message saying that the board has cancelled the transfer as they don't feel that we need another coach...why the hell do you suggest people to me then???
  13. I think it's a bit strange when the board accepts an offer for your star player and then criticizes you for letting that player go in the monthly reports...it's not like it was my choice to offload him!!
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