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  1. @michaeltmurrayuk: Michael, could you be more specific, how exactly should this line should be edited in order for the solid background box here to become transparent? Thanks.
  2. @michaeltmurrayuk: what would be the panel that is shown in the attachment? Would love to use it, don't know if I should use only one panel, or should I copy some other panels/files into the skin I am using (since I have compiled quite a few mods and panels into base dark skin, so it's essentially quite a Frankenstein-type thing :))?
  3. Guys, wasn't around for couple of days, hope it's not too late Files are attached, hope you will be able to use them. If you experience any issues, let me know. As for the instructions, just replace these panels in panels>match folder within the skin you are using. @Enos, @Carlito85, @cstan, use them at your convenience, hopefully you'll enjoy. MMurray IBH - my changes.zip
  4. @michaeltmurrayuk: thanks a lot, Michael! Worked perfectly (on top of splitting the panels, I admit I've completely forgotten part with "sel" codes...). I will now fiddle a bit more with sizes and the content of the panels until (hopefully) desired result. I have attached the screenshot of what I have done in the end.
  5. @michaeltmurrayuk: I know I might be considered as nuisance, but I am really curious (been trying all afternoon today, but without success) what I would need to do in order to have all three vertical panels (not only the right one) split in two (or even 3 if possible)? Thanks for any advice.
  6. D_LO, I do agree with you completely, my point was that I believe that passing and shots columns would be useful for "general audience" (at least for those who play in hi-res), which I believe was Michael's point when asking.
  7. Michael, I used to add here the columns with passing percentage, as well as the one with number of shots, in FM17 I was able to squeeze in also body language column. So, for me, it would just be great if you could have them added into the ratings panel.
  8. Guys, I need a bit of help, before trying to apply the results of my experiment with creating .ivf files: can video ad boards be used with any club, by simply adding the piece of code into the .xml file? if not, what should I do to activate LED ad boards for particular club (club in Serbian Super League, for instance)? If I understand correctly, using video ad boards, I will not be able to see other ad boards set for particular club/league? Thanks for all the assistance.
  9. I don't want to waste time and space here by repeating myself, but I assure you that it has been an update (I have closed the update window and am playing the game since then). What is even more interesting is that I am not experiencing some of the crashes I have been experiencing for the last couple of days, so, from my point, update or not, it's helpful and well appreciated
  10. As for me, it says exactly that, I have just noted that last night's version number was the same, and the game has been updated tonight once I have started it, and the version is still the same
  11. I have just started my game after yesterday night, and it has been updated (if I should trust Steam on this), but the version is again 17.1.2, what exactly is happening here?
  12. I will join the discussion just to avoid creating separate thread with the same questions, and to give my latest conclusions: - it doesn't have anything to do with antivirus of any kind (I was trying to play last night without any antivirus software installed, it crashed again); - as for the graphics packs, this also did not help in my case (was having problems running with base skins and all graphics removed); Two important things that I have noticed (for the last two days I have started paying attention to these details, so I can guarantee for the last 20-25 crashes, not for dozens of them that happened before): It happens if I leave the game by using alt+tab or WIN+D to get to desktop and work in some other program. After I return to the game, I am unable to click any buttons and cannot progress, I can only end the game through the Task Manager, If I stay out of the game screen for a couple of minutes (again doing something else, browsing, or mainly to work at some tables that I have created for my own analysis of the matches) I mainly receive "out of memory" error information with the same consequences as above; It happens also if I open any of game-related folders while running the game (in this case, it happens immediately, it is not necessary for me to do anything else and the amount of time out from game screen is irrelevant, it happens as soon as I get back to game screen); As for the in-game screens when this happens, to me it happens (in all the above cases) while I was on the Tactics screen, or when pausing the match in order to do some tactics changes (or enter the statistics into my sheets). I cannot recall if it has before happened at any other situations within the game. Hope this can be useful, at least to point the guys at SI where to look for conflicts or whatever.
  13. D_LO, unfortunately, I am using 1920x1080 resolution, so this is not the case, for sure. I suspect (can't check, since I am not at home) that it was the problem with the wrong (tactics panel) .xml files being included with the skin.
  14. Guys, Am I stupid? I just can't seem to be able to locate "team instructions" button on the tactics screen in this skin? Besides, the pitch is a bit too huge, to my liking. Btw, promising work, as usual.
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