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  1. Just to add to this I am seeing the same thing - managing in England and upgraded scouting package to the whole world but not allowing me to scout outside previous package without paying extra.
  2. With transfers I have had problems with my board. They are devastated that I failed to bring in any high profile players despite not giving me any transfer budget and having to reduce the weekly wage bill by £20k to come within budget. Like the issue you had everything isn’t linking up and being taken into consideration. I'm enjoying the match engine on the new game but feel there are lots of niggles and things not quite working right that affect the overall gameplay and don’t feel like the interface is as intuitive and easy to navigate as FM20. Another niggle was I had a poor season
  3. Yeah I think every single loan offer I have made over 2 seasons the club have insisted on a particular position and role and if you remove it they reject the offer. So becomes the choice between completing the loan on a less than idea basis or settling for lower quality players. Have had quite a few players recalled because been playing them in a different role than agreed even though playing them in the same position.
  4. Playing a lower league game interactions on player loans is incredibly irritating. I continually have managers of the clubs where I loaned players from complaining to me that I am not playing the player in the agreed position. Its in absurd scenarios such as it was agreed a player would be played in central midfield as an advanced playmaker but I am actually playing them as a deep lying playmaker. Surely the whole point of the roles is just to give a tactical framework for individual players. The way the loan system is working at the moment is like its publicly declared what "role" e
  5. Just about ready to throw my laptop out of the window and give up on the game altogther! Just cant score goals and no idea how to get my team scoring goals! Plenty of quality attacking players but only 24 goals in 28 games. I use simple logical tactics with players in the right positions and have tried making small tweaks to try and solve the issue but no difference. Strikers with good finishing and composure stats in great positions never taking chances and normally just rolling the ball back to the goalkeeper. Wingers either not crossing or take an age to get a cross in. Winge
  6. Many thanks both - I will give this a try tonight and see how it goes.
  7. Thanks Both - below is my full back would he be considered a good option as inverted full back? And on what duty would you suggest? Thanks
  8. Current tactic below. Just finished the season (2nd season since being promoted) and actually in terms of league position I finished 8th which was pretty good in terms of where you would expect a team in its second season after promotion to finish. Its more the style of play that I find so frustrating - I have a host of good attacking players but just dont create chances or score goals. Finished the season with a winless run of 9 games and only scored 6 goals in those games and didnt look like scoring any more than those 6!
  9. Made the changes suggested and things improved for about 10 games were we played good football and were scoring goals. And the usual thing happened that has happened every single time I appear to have found a tactic that works we completely regress and lose any idea of how to play attacking football. I am completely at a loss - my teams just dont pass the ball with any sort of purpose its so slow for example the central defenders even when they have a easy pass on to a midfielder just pass it back to the goalkeeper. And my wingers rather than crossing dribble towards goal and shoot from s
  10. Many thanks for your advice (and to the others who give advice). In terms of toning down the tactic what would you suggest in terms of areas to look at toning down a tactic for a newly promoted team?
  11. So you would recommend playing both a IFat and DLFat? My only concern there would be becoming less solid especially down the left hand side where I have a full back on attack. I did try and take off work the ball into the box and be more expressive but we still looked absolutely clueless in the final third!
  12. Hiya, I'm looking to get some advice on how to set up/improve my Leicester City team tactically on FM20. Have attached my current tactic below - not working in the slighest - 1 win in last 13 games - haven't scored in 8 of the games with no goals in the last 6. 20 goals conceded in the last 6. My team shows zero creativity in the final third despite having good attacking players and when we do finally create a chance my players attempts are finishings are equivalent to a pass back! On the other hand when the opposition get in and around my penalty area they are blasting in
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