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  1. As from this season, Italian clubs meeting a set of criteria are eligible to register an U23 side. The only team to do this so far were Juventus, with their side in fact replicated in the game. However it seems that there is no possibility for other clubs to register an U23 side.
  2. That is only a small downisde to all the gems you uncover... It is however an abuse of scouting since you will have scouted most of the generated players
  3. Do you know whether in the new game it is possible for other clubs in Serie A to have an U23 team?
  4. I am thinking about starting a save in the Serie A, most probably AC Milan, but an important part of this would be the ability to set up an U23 side. Juventus U23 are in the game but I was unable to find information about how registering a new U23 side would work. Is there anybody that can advise whether this is actually possible and if so how it works/how long it took to be able to register the U23 team. Thanks
  5. I am starting my 4th season with ac milan.. i have won the league twice in a row and managed to reach the CL final.. however my captain doria and stephan el shaaraway have become unhappy .. i was forced to promise them that i would strengthen the squad, which in my opinion i did, given that i signed luke shaw, wanyama, and oliver of psg amongs others, bringing my bill to over 100 million. However i have recently been reminded that i need too keep my promises. What does it take ? and are players sold taken into account ?
  6. well im currently playing it on a core i5 .. this would not be my main laptop but i need it for school..running 3d without much stuttering on medium graphics and maybe 5 loaded leagues with 3 as playable without waiting ages for it to load ?
  7. It happened to me while managing the italian u23 squad, which is the only youth squad i have ever managed. I think it is a bug
  8. Hi guys I am looking to get a new laptop mainly for school.. I am interested in http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?cc=us&lc=en&docname=c03560803 since i can get it for pretty cheap.. Do you guys know if it would support fm14 and the fm15 to come in a good way ? Also does anybody know if there is a windows tablet or surface that can support the full version of FM decently well ? Thanks
  9. One thing I ve been trying recently and i would like to see if it actually helps is that once a youth reaches 1.5 star ability , instead of leaving them in the youth squad i put them with the senior side and make them available for youth matches. HAs anyone tried it and what are your thoughts ?
  10. I only need to say one thing...How many italian players played outside serie A in the 2006 world cup ?
  11. it could be done by uploading the save file..something similar to genie scout...i dont want to download genie scout though because i would be tempted to use it on players too xD
  12. btw just to update anyone who might see the thread.. he gained nationality after aproximately 6 weeks
  13. Hi guys i need to overhaul my staff again since contracts are basically all expiring in the next year and a half .. I would very much apreciate if someone could point me to a staff calculator or rating system of sorts which would not require me to manually enter the attributes of the staff. I need this mostly for coaches of course
  14. i think that since the status is awaiting paperwork and not sees no benefit, he has applied
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