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  1. I would say the best way to implement it would be to have 2 DMs man mark opposing wingers...
  2. I have some ideas for the domestic cups which you may or may not like. Teams should be only allowed to play players from their country (i dont know if thats possible in the editor, if not then just from any of the home countries) the winner of the cups qualify for a super cup and that cup can grant a europa league spot perhaps. I did this for a czechoslovakian league and found it pretty interesting. also tried doing All Star teams for each of the countries but i couldnt get it to work.
  3. This is fantastic. I just feel like you did the CWC the wrong way round. Finalists of Bronze should go up to Silver Quarters etc. Having Gold finish in January seems a bit of a let down for what should be the biggest game of every year bar the world cup final. Also I think having no U18 players is fine (if you managed to create a proper U18 League system) as it would somewhat simulate college/high school football.
  4. Anyone know if we can increase our stats or am i stuck with 1 in everything for a long time ?
  5. Taking over the soon to be mighty Maidstone United. We have a good platform with a newly built 3G Artificial Pitch Stadium (2012) with (according to the wiki who knows about ingame) great expansion potential. Apparently they were also getting 1.5k+ attendance for Rythmian games so this should be a nice start. Profile Experience Will try my best to finish the challenge this year. I also hope its okay that I used the real name addons from sortitoutsi.
  6. Max Tactical for 20s in all stats there (18 in adaptabiliity) Then maxed working with youngsters and tactics training there for 5 star tactic training (decisions and teamwork are my fave stats)
  7. This is where i believe taking ALL of the sliders out of the game was a mistake. They should atleast have either kept a certain few sliders or atleast give us the option to specifically see what our attacking tempo width passing etc is. For Example: theres no way of knowing which has a deeper defensive line: "defend" strategy or "attack" strategy with "very deep defensive line"
  8. Ive found that using the Very Fluid philosophy and Defensive Mentality allows me to use midfielders in attack duties so they will actually make a lot of forward runs but will still be predominantly defensive minded. I play 4141 VF D with my flat 4 midfielders on attack duties.
  9. It was indeed, The borders went as for north as oxford. London was also part of Wessex but was a lot smaller then it is now. No london teams in this DB though
  10. Dont lower the quality of your own work because 1 guy wants to run your edited database with another beta edited database. There will always be issues when using multiple databases like this so let that guy just live with it. or figure a way to fix it himself with the editor. Very nice work though m8.
  11. Always love your tactics TBH. Would be interested in seeing how you would make a 4141 work. Im surprised theres no bog standard 442 released with this aswell ^^
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