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  1. QQ: On Pilgrimage 4330, who should take the corners? If I don't setup anyone, it defaults to one of the DL DR, meaning only 1 player stays back, leading to exposure to counter. Thanks in advance!
  2. These are FM17 and FM18 tactics, not compatible with FM20. Check Knaps initial post on this thread to find a Google Doc with all the FM20 tactics he has created so far.
  3. Hey @RDF Tactics mate, what changes do you do when you go up against a Juve or Bayern on the latter stages of the CL? Cheers!
  4. To whoever is now getting bad results - remove "Get Stuck in" from your tactics and see how the next results are. Worked for me, as I had lost the last 6 games, and am now on an 11 unbeaten run, Big Teams included
  5. Hey @knap From all the tactics in the doc, and their many formations, what is the tactic with the most goals scored, and what is the tactic with the least goals conceded? Thanks!
  6. Hey dudes, Sorry to post again, but I finished the next season, and just had to share this magical season: - Super Cup: Won the Super Cup against the League's 2nd place - League: Lost 3 games during the season, but we were champions with a dif of 13 points to the 2nd place - Cup: Unbeaten - League Cup: Unbeaten - Champions League: We won the frickin' Champions League! We basically won EVERYTHING we participated on! And the next season already looks promising: Thank you Knap, y
  7. Hey dudes, Wanted to share my experience with this tactic. Followed @Intensa advice and used 18.3.0 WOF 343 P104 tactic (we've been always 2nd, always losing big matches), and these are the results: - League: Unbeaten until winning the league (before Tondela's match), then asked AM to do the remaining games, where he lost 2 of them. Alas, we broke the point record (difference was 23 points to 2nd place until AM came into play) - Cup: Unbeaten - League Cup: Unbeaten - Champions League: This is the only thing off thi
  8. Did you use the same tactic for every game, or do you switch home/away, underdog/top team, etc?
  9. Hey man, love this tactic, it helped me a lot. But I cannot get it to work on the "big matches", being against a superior team, or semi-finals/finals (I'm a now mid-table team, always in 2nd due to this wonderful tactic against all other teams). I've tried lowering the defense line, ease off tackles, even counter/defensive/contain without WBR/L forward runs, and I always get destroyed. What should I do master?
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