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  1. I haven’t really got into FM18, but after reading this thread I’ve started as Vitesse. Enjoying pre season so far but need to strengthen a few areas. Particularly need a Head of Youth Development, any recommendations?
  2. I enjoyed my Real Oviedo save, some good players and a 30,000 seater stadium.
  3. Have yet to do much as I've been away from the laptop for the majority of the weekend. Signed Wittwer from Thun for cover at left back, but I'm mainly lacking a right winger and don't want to use Gjorgjev too much as he's still learning. May bring someone in on loan for the season and rotate with Gjorgjev.
  4. I've been looking for a new challenge and after stumbling upon this thread I have decided that GCZ will be said challenge. Can anyone recommend a setup for this particular game? I usually just go with English, French, Spanish, Italian and German leagues loaded but feel like I may miss out on a lot of bargains from Scandinavia, etc in doing so.
  5. Just started a season with Real Oviedo, squads seems decent but I'm open to recommendations of players who can help a promotion push!
  6. Great thread. Never been Bilbao before but this thread has inspired me to do so!
  7. Birmingham fans - Are any of you managing to keep hold of Gray past January? He has that £5m minimum release clause and won't sign a new contract for me, ended up with him going to Watford.
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