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  1. I started a game as Man City (after watching the documentary). I'm in the second season at the moment and have had to restructure the squad after the big names got tapped up, LOL. I was tempted to play with 2 full backs and to inside forwards to see if that made a positive difference. I'll give that a try
  2. Just wondering has anybody tried a different role for the single striker in the 4-1-2-3 formation?? I don't appear to score that many goals using the striker as an F9 despite creating tonnes of chances and dominating the game. Thanks in advance.
  3. Just wondering if anybody has come across this issue. When I click on a players now from the squad screen the player info screen comes up but the date of birth is missing If I then click the back arrow and then go back into the player info screen the date of birth comes back. I'm using the FM Base Dark skin, but the issues occurs in the default FM Skins too. I've cleared the cache and reloaded the skin from the preferences menu but I still have the same issue. The extra panels I have installed all relate to the match day screen. I don't have any additional panels for the default FM skins. Any ideas would be appreciated.
  4. Hi Michael, great work as always with your base skins. I'm completely new to playing around with panels. I've placed a match incidents overview panel into the skin to get kits to show, however as you can see there are no player names next to the cards and goals under the kits. I was just wondering if you can help by telling me which part of the code below would need to be edited to rectify this issue. Many thanks in advance match incidents overview panel <?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?> <panel> <layout class="arrange_vertical_attachment" alignment="top,extend" gap="0" offset="0" /> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="horizontal" inset="0" layout_children="true" /> <!-- team name --> <widget class="table" id="tntb" layout="160,-1,25" mode="fill_rows, stripe_rows" auto_size_rows="true" stretch_to_fit_rows="true" row_spacing="0"> <list id="column_properties"> <record index="0" auto_size="all" /> <record index="1" spec="title" alignment="left,centre_y" size="18" /> <record index="2" spec="title" alignment="right,centre_y" size="18" /> </list> <list id="column_display_properties"> <record index="0" alignment="centre" /> <record index="2" right="8" /> </list> <!-- stick the icon widget here --> <container height="160" width="160" col="0" row="0"> <layout class="stick_to_sides_attachment" alignment="all" inset="4" layout_children="true" /> <widget class="match_team_logo_picture" id="TeLo"/> </container> <!-- team name --> <widget class="label" id="mitn" spec="title" colour="match text" col="1" row="0" size="10" alignment="left, centre_y" /> <!-- score --> <widget class="text" id="mits" spec="title" colour="match text" col="2" row="0" size="10" alignment="right, centre_y"> <translation id="text" type="new" value="0" /> </widget> </widget> <widget class="table" id="miit" layout="40,-1" mode="fill_rows" row_spacing="0" auto_size_rows="true" fixed_size_rows="false"> <list id="column_properties"> <record index="0" alignment="centre" auto_size="vertical" /> <record index="1" spec="text, small" auto_size="vertical" alignment="left,centre_y" /> </list> <list id="column_display_properties"> <record index="0" id="icon" left="4" top="4" bottom="4" /> <record index="1" id="text, small" top="4" bottom="4" /> </list> <record id="default_properties" spec="text, small" colour="match text" /> </widget> </panel>
  5. Thanks for all the responses. I've downloaded FbKits from FMView (including default kits) which don't have a back of kit pack (to my knowledge). If I remove the effect from the default kit folder I get the same ghosting effect on my default kits in game. I'm assuming then I need to get some form of back of kits graphics to solve the problem. Thanks again.
  6. After downloading and installing some kit packs I have the following issue with kits on the tactical screen Does anybody else have this issue, and does anybody know how to fix it. Many thanks in advance.
  7. After downloading and installing some kit packs I have the following issue with kits on the tactical screen Does anybody else have this issue, and does anybody know how to fix it. Many thanks in advance.
  8. I've got the exact same problem. Also known of my subscribed items are not showing in game.
  9. Hi Michael, Just like to say great work on these skins, as always. I do have a quick query. Can you tell me what has happened in the screenshot below and how to fix it. Thanks for your help. Keep Up the good work
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