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  1. Won Serie A 1st season with Sassuolo using !!!!!!!!!!!!!FM20.4.1BEOWULF442WAFKnapVOL3POSP103ALLCUPS, thank you very much Knap:-)
  2. In FM20 it seems impossible to get a goalkeeper´s average rating in a season above 7.00, also average ratings in general seems lower than FM19 or FM18.
  3. I have played championship manager/football manager since 1992 and this is the first time i uninstall the new game and install previous version, that´s how bad this years version is, i am sorry to say, i really hope there will an update coming out soon that will make the game fun to play, as it used to be.
  4. The average ratings seems broken after the latest update? Only my players involved in a goal, can get an average rating over 7, are there others having that experience?
  5. The average ratings for the players is lower than usual, espcecially for the goalkeeper... but it´s always like that, everytime a new FM comes out...
  6. I think the game is great like FM16, but i think the average ratings, especially for the strikers has become lower and it´s very hard to get a good price for the players you´re selling, that is just my experience so far....
  7. Yes have noticed that too.... My goalkeeper had 5 saves held and the team i was playing dominated the game... But i won 0-2 and their goalkeeper had an avg rating of 6,9 and my goalkeeper had 6,3??
  8. Hi, just wanted to know if anybody has tried to have a goalkeeper avg rating higher than 6,90 in a season... have even tried to play with FC Bayern and Manuel Neuer get´s like 6,85 every season... it seems very hard to get high avg ratings for goalkeepeepers in FM14... In FM13 i could manage to get 7,20 with good goalkeepers
  9. And it did:-) Has just finished 4th:-) CHL here i come:-) Thanks...
  10. Hi.... I just wanted to thank you for this very good tactic, i´ve just finished at 5th place with Norwich City in my first season:-)... Only 2 points fro CHL Qualification.
  11. Thank you very much for this tactic... I have performed above expectations in those seasons i´ve played with Fiorentina, FC Porto & Everton:-) I even won the CHL with FC Porto..... Very good tactic:-)
  12. The average ratings in FM2014 is very low... i am at postion 1. in serie a with Fiorentina after 30 games... and i don´t have many players with an average above 7.00? I liked the higher average ratings in FM2013:-) and hope they will make an update to change this.
  13. Is wondering why there never is any interest for my players, even though they are young and good... Having won several championships with both Ajax and St. Etienne and there is never any clubs who want to buy my players, they are never even wanted? Has anybody else noticed this? Or is it even a confirmed bug?
  14. Have played with Ajax Amsterdam for 3 seasons and have won the championship all 3 times, my players are young and playing very well, but there is never any clubs interested in buying my players, unless i list them for transfer??
  15. Thank you Mr. Hough, it´s a Very good tactic, i ended on 2nd place in serie A with Atalanta in my first season:-) and i didn´t even buy any players:-)
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