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  1. I must be the only person who makes sure they have 2 good keepers then! Only do it if I'm at a big club but the thought of a back up or younger keeper letting me down in a big match is enough to make me do it when it's more than viable. My first choice will then play 25 league games and the majority or CL games. My 2nd choice will play 13 of the easier league games, cup games, dead rubber CL games and when my first choice is injured (usually when it's the biggest games of the season I find!!!). Neither ever comes and moans about game time. Been playing FM for so long that I'm stuck in old ways and still won't change regardless of what others do!
  2. Not just me who can't figure it all out then. The top 10 teams on rep on my save as of January 2033 are: 1: Arsenal 2: Sassuolo 3: Barcelona 4: Chelsea 5: Man City 6: Man Utd 7: Juventus 8: Stade Rennais 9: Bayern 10: Real Sociedad So Sassuolo who have never won anything or even played in the CL, get a tycoon takeover last summer and jump up from literally nowhere to the 2nd biggest club in the world. Juventus who have won 14 of the 18 Serie A titles and have been in the latter stages of the CL most seasons are shunted down in 7th. Stade Rennais who are also tycoon funded, won the last 3 CL's and French titles, moved stadium, have state of the art facilities and have a squad of world class players are down in 8th. Arsenal are bigger than Chelsea despite the latter being by far the most successful English team so far. Something hugely wrong somewhere I think.