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  1. I need you to explain why you wanted the club to buy the stadium. I can't fathom what you would have gained and surely the rent was of little issue. At the moment, I see this as more your own fault rather than somebody else's.
  2. If I am only 1 goal in front with 10-15 minutes left, my usual move is to bring on a fast (17+ pace and acceleration) striker with good finishing. I know the opposition are going to attack me and push more players forward. My striker will often produce in this situation because he can thrive on the extra space and seal me the win.
  3. The best keeper I have ever owned on any version of FM. Screenshots are from the first season he was at my club after I bought him for £8m and how he looks currently on my save. He has so far made 225 league appearances for me in which he has conceded exactly 100 goals.
  4. I know that you're correct (obviously) with what you have said but this is an area of the game that bugs me and could still be improved. I'm sorry but for a player to have a "Perfectionist" personality but only 6 work rate is a big contradiction. I'm a Perfectionist myself because I always want to be the best I possibly can be at anything I do. As a result, I always give everything I've got. Trust me, if I was a professional footballer then my work rate would not be down at 6. Why would it be? The last place I'm going to down tools is the one where I most need them. This is just 1 example. I've seen many more where a couple of bits of information on a player have left me baffled because they pretty much are polar opposite. I do understand making everything 100% logical when it comes to regens is an almost impossible job though.
  5. I tend to save before each match with my line up and tactics already set up to go. Once every couple of seasons as a sort of average I will have to replay a match due to a crash or a rare power cut. When this happens I always hope for the same sort of result even if I lost and so I use the same line up, tactics and team talk as previously. However, my result often ends up very different with different players being amazing or bad so my changes later on during the match end up being altered from previously. Sometimes this crash works in my favour and at other times it certainly doesn't. My most recent saw a 4-1 win at home to Arsenal turn into a 2-1 defeat During all my years of playing FM, I've only once ever seen a match that I've needed to replay turn out exactly 100% the same as the original. So I suppose I could actually argue on that basis that a lot of outcomes during 1 match are nothing other than random. They need to be random to a point though otherwise a top FM manager with a world class team would have no real chance of losing the occasional match.
  6. Apologies guys. The hard drive went on my computer and I never saved to a cloud so I no longer have this save. Gutted myself as I had taken Lincoln to Premier League champions. When I get 5 years into another save then I will let you all know.
  7. Never done a Boro save and I won't have the chance to break my duck on FM19 either. There are always at least a few clearly talented youngsters around at the club and they've played a big in helping the club become an established PL side again. I am currently in August 2025 and they have a centre back and a striker looking capable of big things and I would happily spent a £30m+ fee on either of them. Here is how Dael Fry is getting on. The only reason he doesn't have many more England caps is because Gomez and Stones are both clearly a level above him.
  8. Think occurrence of illnesses is pretty random apart from I always seem to lose a key player with one just before my biggest match of the season! I have to say that simply because I still see the odd player getting flu during August.
  9. I had the same problem as you during this save. Having taken Lincoln up to the PL, loans have been important in helping me put together a strong side. However, they partly prevented me from being able to sign players on expiring contracts as the budget was tied up. Sadly, there are still many interaction parts of the game that either don't work like they ideally should and the game appears to lack any sort of intelligence at times when they occur. Still plenty of work for SI to do but I say it constructively rather than critically.
  10. Does being a mercenary mean a player has a high ambition attribute though? I'm under the impression from what other people have wrote previously in other threads that mercenary was only a negative personality. I'm actually autistic which is why I'm confused about it and it's also frustrating for me not being sure of what it means as FM is my one interest and I pride myself on knowing everything
  11. Have you got any higher earners that are running out of contract and you are planning to let them leave at the end of the season? If so then go to their contract section and click Set For Release. Your board should hopefully then be aware that you are going to have spare budget in the summer and let you make an offer.
  12. He has been a bit of a flat track bully on my save. He scored 1 and assisted 1 in his Premier League season before getting 12 of each in the Championship. He then had a good 2 year spell at PSV before heading to Wolfsburg where he mainly dried back up again. I'm now in August 2025 and he's just moved to Rennes where he will be team mates with Timothy Weah. This will probably be his last season as the legs are going pretty quickly now.
  13. I've got a back up save date 1st July 2025. If anybody else wants to see a certain player then feel free to ask below. Or feel free to message me if you just want a copy of the save. Brexit also didn't happen in my game.
  14. Is there anything that would entice me to have a go at managing in Denmark? I assume developing your really young players before cashing in is an important part of managing your club. Seem to remember the Danish Cup is similar to the French Cup in that each round is 1 leg and minnows get home advantage. A much better concept than the 2 leg ties we see in some countries designed to favour the stronger sides.
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