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  1. I will be buying FM like I do every year but I no longer buy it on release. For the last few years, the release version has been to an unacceptable standard and we've had to wait for a couple of months for patches before it's been worth playing. Sadly, I no longer trust SI to release a game that isn't broken. When the opinions of FM21 are largely positive on this forum then I will happily spend my money. I hate saying this as I've been a loyal customer for many years. I hope SI win back some of my trust.
  2. Keeping a senior player for years despite him being much weaker than anybody else in the squad. I've currently got one who never let's me down when i need him to play, never moans and never asks for a wage increase when i offer him a new contract. He's now 30 and only plays about 15 times a season but I like having him about. If I need a shift doing in central midfield, he does it.
  3. My striker not becoming a Toulouse legend is something that bugs me. He has been at the club for over 14 years and has scored over 600 goals. Even scoring in a few Champions League finals hasn't helped him go past icon status. The guy should be worshipped with his returns on the screenshot. Yet a right back who was at my club for 6 years is a legend. PSG used to destroy him 3 times a season before doing me a favour and buying him from me.
  4. I've currently gone back to FM19 to continue an old save. I stopped on 9 June so the screenshot is my current transfer activity for players I'm looking to sell. I listed 4 players. I had offers matching my asking price for Diana and Saul. Heredia was listed for £86m and I accepted an offer of £80m. There is currently no interest in my other player. He is German so hopefully there is movement here when the Bundesllga window opens. I've never had any issues with selling players. PSG bidding for my keeper every week during a window for the last 4 years has been my only annoyance.
  5. Gone back to my Toulouse save on FM19. My primary target is to make sure my striker completes what is left of an amazing career. He turns 33 at the start of next season but still looks in great shape. Praying he can avoid injury for just 1 more year as he chases 500 Ligue 1 goals.
  6. When I decide that I want to look at 4 or 5 different coach reports on a certain player and each report is exactly the same. That tells me that only one member of staff writes the reports and everybody else just copies and pastes before sticking their name on top. It should be impossible for all my staff to have exactly the same opinion.
  7. Sergio Roberto started as a central midfielder. Seem to remember that he got moved to right back when Dani Alves left. I wouldn't consider him world class in any position. His reputation is higher than it should be because he plays for Barcelona and he has the "world class" tag as a result. You will see a similar situation with some young regens. They will be classed as "wonderkid" but their ability isn't near to that.
  8. I'm feeling bewildered. Perhaps SI were inspired by Manuel Neuer to include it in the match engine! Wolves win a throw in close to my penalty box with nearly 38 minutes played. They decide it's a brilliant idea to let Rui Patricio take it. He takes the throw and the ball is quickly passed back to him. Patricio does his best Neuer impression and gets tackled. My defence clear the danger which results in my striker having a clear run on goal and tapping into an empty net.
  9. One thing I noticed a long time ago was the AI really struggles when it comes to rating goalkeepers. You can have amazing staff but sometimes they are way out with what they are trying to tell you. Best thing to do is judge on everything you can see yourself and make your own conclusions.
  10. Great to see so many of you choosing to manage in France. I had a 25 season spell in charge of Toulouse on FM19. I like to build my club and develop talent so Ligue 1 was a perfect fit for me. It took me about 10 years but we were in the end superior to PSG. Saint Etienne became the 3rd best team in the league after a tycoon takeover around half way through the save. My favourite story though had to be that of Bastia. They started in the non playable 5th tier and worked their way up to Ligue 1 inside 12 seasons before establishing themselves in the top flight. Whilst I'm here, I f
  11. Seems very strange to me. I had to ground share with Bristol City for 1 season after reaching the Premier League. Ashton Gate should have also been one of the logical options for your club.
  12. I had a right back who had his determination drop from 16 to 6 over night. He was my first choice at the time. There was one notable change about his match performances which I picked up on very quickly. If he started a game slowly, his performance level would not pick up later on.
  13. This is the record of my regen striker at Toulouse. The save is still ongoing and he is now aged 32. He's also scored in plenty of big matches including finals over the years. Annoyingly, the fans don't even class him as a legend. What more do they want!?!
  14. Was the 2nd half performance really that bad? I've seen similar before but my team have missed all their chances in the 2nd half whilst the opposition have scored from their 2 breaks up the pitch. I'm not going to have a dig at them for that. My team also play better when they have to. I'm not going to tell them off for downing tools at 7-0 up because they are motivated when I need them to be.
  15. It appears he also has some attributes randomly set at the start of a save which will impact his PA. On FMInside he has 3 determination. He probably has hiddens that vary on a save by save basis too.
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