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  1. A 2nd GK that is actually useful?

    I must be the only person who makes sure they have 2 good keepers then! Only do it if I'm at a big club but the thought of a back up or younger keeper letting me down in a big match is enough to make me do it when it's more than viable. My first choice will then play 25 league games and the majority or CL games. My 2nd choice will play 13 of the easier league games, cup games, dead rubber CL games and when my first choice is injured (usually when it's the biggest games of the season I find!!!). Neither ever comes and moans about game time. Been playing FM for so long that I'm stuck in old ways and still won't change regardless of what others do!
  2. Not just me who can't figure it all out then. The top 10 teams on rep on my save as of January 2033 are: 1: Arsenal 2: Sassuolo 3: Barcelona 4: Chelsea 5: Man City 6: Man Utd 7: Juventus 8: Stade Rennais 9: Bayern 10: Real Sociedad So Sassuolo who have never won anything or even played in the CL, get a tycoon takeover last summer and jump up from literally nowhere to the 2nd biggest club in the world. Juventus who have won 14 of the 18 Serie A titles and have been in the latter stages of the CL most seasons are shunted down in 7th. Stade Rennais who are also tycoon funded, won the last 3 CL's and French titles, moved stadium, have state of the art facilities and have a squad of world class players are down in 8th. Arsenal are bigger than Chelsea despite the latter being by far the most successful English team so far. Something hugely wrong somewhere I think.
  3. LLM - How do you pick your players?

    Like most I look for things like Bravery, Determination, Team Work, Work Rate, Natural Fitness and Stamina. However there are other factors that I consider to be important whilst looking for players. For example I recently joined Wrexham and all my strikers were either awful or didn't fit what i wanted them to do so I signed Striker A who is a real team player and I would have no qualms if he never scored because of the job he does and striker B has plenty of pace for the level but also has good finishing and composure. It's not always just about the attributes though either. Sometimes it can be beneficial to just look for that player who is going to be a pain in the arse for players at that level. For example on FM14 I signed Enoch Showumni for a couple of seasons at non league level. With him being over 200cm tall and having good pace for such a tall player he was every defenders nightmare.
  4. In my save the award has been won by: 2014 and 2015 Cristiano Ronaldo 2016 and 2017 Lionel Messi 2018,2019 and 2020 Luis Suarez 2021 and 2022 Neymar So that tells me that Messi doesn't win it every year on every save.
  5. Does FM15 address the old issues?

    I don't dispute that it COULD happen but I do dispute that my offer (which is 10 times what he accepted) was good enough to be considered and that I didn't deserve the red box of total rejection. I do understand however that coding this to be more realistic is probably difficult and I hope down the line somewhere that it is solved.
  6. Does FM15 address the old issues?

    The way that players out of contract are dealt with is still a problem but not just with younger players. For example, at the start of my current season I tried to sign a 37 year old Cristiano Ronaldo on a 1 year deal. He wouldn't accept anything below £100k a week which is fair enough until he then joined a Portugese team on £9.75k a week just days later.
  7. Tendency To Punch Attribute

    Cheers for this Eugene. Nobody I have asked has had a clue! My keeper has 16 handling, 16 anticipation, 14 composure, 14 concentration, 18 decisions and 10 tendency to punch. According to my ass man the strongest area of his game is "prefers to try and make the most of his good handling skills by coming off his line frequently to claim crosses and dominate his area" With all this in mind, I assume 10 is fine but I don't want it to go up because he is only 24 and will improve those attributes over time.
  8. Promotion to the Premier League... But no funds

    I had this problem a few months ago and I was asked to report it in the bugs forum. The budget gets set after the league season but before the play offs which you then go on and win but the budgets don't get reset. It killed my game because I didn't have a single PL standard player and couldn't afford to sign any.
  9. Tendency To Punch Attribute

    I have been wondering about this for a while so I hope somebody can help. What sort of number should the Tendency To Punch attribute be? In my mind at least, 1 would mean the keeper rarely tries to punch, 20 would see him trying to punch almost everything and anything around 10 is good because he would punch when he feels it is required. Am I barking up the wrong tree? Another reason I find it confusing is because it is under the goalkeeping attributes when to me it is a mental attribute?
  10. Scottish Lowland League

    I'm pretty sure there are many feeder leagues that are not on the game. SI have to set a limit somewhere.
  11. Pretty lame PC Gamer Review if you ask me (61/100)

    Got to say it... After reading that I have huge doubts that this person would actually play Football Manager and he is actually reviewing the sort of game that wouldn't appeal to him. His bit about the tactics was the most baffling. I used short passing all the way through the beta and won a league with a club that were outsiders to win it. His whole comments on that make him sound like a noob.
  12. World class solo goals

    Seen it a few times but I have to say I have played 1000s of matches so it is very uncommon. I remember once where the opposition had a corner which it was cleared to the edge of my box. My Centre Back (who is the best player I have ever seen) got there, ran down to the other end of the pitch getting around 3 players on the way before cooling slotting past the keeper into the bottom hand corner. A goal I will never forget!
  13. Am I too old For FM now??

    I'm 31 and been playing since 1999. Lost a lot of my life to FM over the years but I wouldn't change that for a minute. Also, I would of thought that FM would suit us "older" gamers more than teenagers or young adults? Younger people just want to play matches. I'm sure a lot of them must think we are mad doing all the stuff we have to do on the game to then only watch the games.
  14. Only a few things that are problems to me but I have seen that many others have complained about them as well: 1: Far too many goals. I am managing Notts County and despite only making a few loan signings and my team not being that great we have scored 34 goals in 10 league games. We beat Bristol City 7-0 and won at Chesterfield 9-2. 2: The goalkeepers are awful. I am probably the worst goalie on this planet but I could save some of the goals that go in on this game. 3: Far too many goals from distance flying in including free kicks. Don't want this to sound like me on a total negative. FM15 has been good so far in general and I have had no other problems. We are not that far off having another good addition to the FM series.
  15. Still playing FM14

    Still got a really good save going on FM14. I love FM to stop playing just because a new release is coming out even though I know 14 will never get played again come a few weeks. As time is limited though I have decided to stop looking for promising new regens and buy some big name players instead because I rarely do.