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  1. Things Could Get Messi

    Leave Scouting to your Chief Scout?

    I missed 18 as well so I'm also trying to figure out what I'm supposed to be doing. Back in the day I would simply employ 1 scout from each major country I wanted covering and another couple from the nation I was managing in. Knowing each scout could do a full search of their own nation in just 8 days made it very simple and I would always send each one back to their homeland about a fortnight before the start of a transfer window to ensure I had plenty of recent reports. I'm currently managing in the Championship on FM19 allowing the club to scout in Europe. Figuring out the packages bit was simple enough. Getting your scouts to actually do their job without having to ask someone else to assign the tasks though feels almost impossible. It don't seem to matter what I ask them to do, where to scout or what I'm looking for, they sit around and seemingly enjoy the chance to rob a living for weeks/months until I ask the Chief Scout to assign them jobs instead. Until I moved on to FM19, there wasn't a single part of the game where I wasn't 100% sure of exactly what I was doing and I was in control of pretty much every aspect of my club so this is taking some getting used to! Anyway, with scouts now also taking their pet tortoises for long walks during their scouting trips, it appears to be a very long process if you are asking for recommendations or a good quality player report from a nation where you have little knowledge. However, employing scouts with certain knowledge already can be a massive help by increasing the amount of players you have good information on basically straight away at a small cost of time and money. The scout can even be a bit worse attributes wise than you would like normally if they will give you an instant bigger choice of players. At my club currently in the Championship, I am allowed to scout anywhere in Europe but the highest package I have currently open is UK and Ireland for £120k. I am only allowed 4 scouts currently and our money is very tight. Thankfully, I luckily found a scout called Sjaak Van Der Helder (attributes and knowledge in screenshot below) for a wage of £550 p/w and have good knowledge of players from the majority of the European countries I currently need when having a search without having to upgrade my package.
  2. Things Could Get Messi

    Player dives

    Be grateful! I had a player booked for diving twice in the first half of a Champions League match. The final outcome from all of it saw me sell a key player to restore the peace. I think it's the only time in many years of playing that I have decided to fine a player for a 2 yellow dismissal. I can forgive most things that players decide to do but this was a step too far for me. This fine caused the player to become unhappy and sadly there was no suitable option on the conversation screen to either express my anger at the dismissal or to make it clear that his behaviour total warranted my decision.
  3. Things Could Get Messi

    Funny Screenshots Thread

    This has to be the fastest hat trick I have ever seen in all my years of playing FM. Sam Vokes found the net 3 times inside the opening 2 minutes and 9 seconds. The bad thing for me though is I am actually the Lincoln manager!
  4. Got to ask why you even doubted the idea. It's like asking if people would sign the current Cristiano Ronaldo on a free. Anyway, this guy could have acceleration and pace of 10 and he would still do a really good job for you. The rest of his attributes mean that his physical isn't that important as long as his role makes sense when he has slowed down. He's still going to have incredible vision and decisions making him more intelligent than pretty much any opponent you're going to come up against.
  5. Things Could Get Messi

    Can I survive my colossal FFP screw-up?

    There is a cap on losses you can make and how much the board are allowed to invest in the Championship. I'm guessing you thought each league worked the same for FFP. League One rules will no longer apply once you finish this season. The TV money is a big increase from League One so you should have no problems meeting FFP. Worth remembering as well that you get a good size payment at the end of each Championship season so if you are looking like losing a bit of money then don't panic.
  6. Things Could Get Messi

    Can I survive my colossal FFP screw-up?

    I'm also in League One and you get assessed each month. Under the rules, you are only allowed to spend a % of your annual turnover on wages. If you go over your allowed budget then you are put under a transfer embargo from the start of the next month until you reduce your wage bill. I'm pretty sure if your turnover is much lower than expected then your wage bill would be reduced for next season if you stay in League One. On your finances, go to your FFP screen and you will see what your situation is. This is mine as an example.
  7. You're more than welcome to come and sit with me during one of my long FM sessions and I will tell you when they are about to happen. Even trying to leave a player out for a game or 2 before hand fails as they just get injured in training instead!
  8. Things Could Get Messi

    Board request meeting

    I haven't but I only have a 1 year contract due to being at a lower league club and I'm already at the start of next season. If this occurs again then I will upload a save for you on a date just before it happens.
  9. Things Could Get Messi

    Board request meeting

    i had this problem as well on my save which I got around my asking my board for a new contract straight after. I missed my chance to accept/decline as my game went past the day it appeared in my inbox before stopping. However, shouldn't this be a "must respond" item? I consider this to be a very important inbox item personally. SI should certainly make sure this issue is fixed for the next patch.
  10. Things Could Get Messi

    Missing International U19 Squads

    I have this problem also. It seems that all the players eligible for under 19s are moved up to the under 20's. This is the same for all the major European nations in that under 20s international tournament (does it even exist???).
  11. Refuse to use the number 13 and any multiple of it (26,39,etc). I also won't use 31 because it's 13 backwards. Refuse to sign any central midfielder with the "shoots from distance" trait regardless of how good they are at it. I've had so many over the years who just shoot every time they are within 30 yards of goal and it just harms the team. The number of goals they cost you is a lot more than they earn you in my opinion. Can pinpoint with 99% accuracy when I will lose a couple of key players to minor injuries (just long enough to rule them out of that massive key match I have coming up) and which players they will be (if someone is in hot form or your 1st choice in a position is so much better than anyone else you have then beware). It doesn't matter how many FM's there has now been, this part of the game continues to be scripted / fixed to make your life more difficult.
  12. Yes it was that tactic. I know 11 was freak and lucky especially as my first 7 shots on target all went in but you'd think Lincoln had Premier League players given the standard and style of the football played. Got to be the best tactic I've ever seen on any version of FM. Sadly, too good to really use it again.
  13. The game has only been released for officially a week and you have already destroyed the match engine. This was so scary to watch knowing I only have a League 2 team. Deleting this tactic now because I won't feel much respect for myself if I continue to use it.
  14. Things Could Get Messi

    FM15 Why Is This Keeper So Bad?

    I do play ball possession and teams park the bus even if they are the one's at home. When I spent £20m on this keeper I was also very confident that I wouldn't find better without paying at least double. For nearly a year I can say I wasn't worried about him letting everything past him as it would happen on the odd occasion my defence would get breached and he didn't have much chance. However over the last 8 months, 40-45% of the goals he conceded came from 25 or 30 yard direct free kicks. If he is in goal and the opposition get this on target then you know it's in his net. I watch on extended so it's not just cutting me to the one's that go in or are very close. My 2nd choice keeper is also a lot weaker than this guy and has no problem saving similar free kicks.
  15. Things Could Get Messi

    Youth Intake ineffective

    I find it strange that people are still influenced by the star ratings given on an intake. From personal experience these can fluctuate in the early days that you know of their existence. Reloading your save because you only got 1/2 star prospects? What? As someone who has never done this I find it bizarre. I may be wrong but it suggests to me that you are less comfortable reading the attributes and information on weaker players (newgens in this case) than you would probably want to admit. Reloading also tells me that you want to develop youth talent but for whatever reason the odds need to be in your favour if you are to have a chance of achieving it. I don't have a problem with how you play your game btw but I do hope come the end of my post that you realise this way of playing is actually a little foolish. At my club, pretty much all my regens appear as half star potential. 2 stars CA in my senior squad suggests that player is top class. 1 star current players tend to be at around the stage where they are good enough to start for 80% of the teams in my league. That doesn't mean though I should restart because all my youths only have hope of playing in the league below. In fact, 12 of my current 24 man 1st team squad came through my academy and handed to me by my HOYD. The majority actually only had half star PA when I was first handed them. I also move kids up to my reserve squad as soon as I feel they are ready for it and some actually look totally unrecognisable 12 months later due to the high level of development from the pretty clueless kids I had first moved there. It goes without saying that it is highly likely you have thrown away much better players than the 1 you really wanted to keep. Saying that you "know" a player has no hope in FM is believing a myth, If you have access to hidden data then you might know but if you don't ever access this like myself then you don't know. I currently have an 18 year old playing in my 1st team. When Holland newgens appear each year I send my scout out instantly to gather up reports on players aged 15 and 16 and this kid popped up. His highest attribute was 10. I shouldn't have blinked. Bizarrely, the only reason I took a punt on this lad you would have seen as a no hoper was because he was the first ever to my memory that was recommended whilst being on the books of Achilles '29. I would praise my own brilliant inspirational mind perhaps there is more to fishing out the top talent than any of us will ever know.