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  1. Idk if it has anything to do with ball speed but I dont mind more defensive-aware midfield. Yet I would like to see some sort of tactical awarness presented in the game. E.g. the gap between players cant be more than X yards, so when fullback is pressing hard, creating more space in between teammates, it triggers them to tighten it up and move towards that flank one by one, which obviously would create an ilusion that they move as a unit.
  2. One thing that really holds back ME for years is defensive movement as a unit, which seems nonexistent. Im pretty defensive-minded tactician(also youth coach irl) and I simply cant wrap my mind around some of these stuff in FM - especially defending the flanks and channels. You may see fullbacks pressing the wingers hard(which isnt a bad thing per se), while the whole team stays put. This creates humongous channel for the opossition players to slot in. Thats why 3 striker formation are so OP and 3 at the back pretty useless. But there is more of that. Ocasionally one of the CB gonna slot into DM strata to press, while his defensive partners stay put. Another huge gap created. IRL remaining 3 defenders tighten it up, forming some sort of back 3 in fromt of the aforementioned CB and wingers or central midfielders provides the cover in the wide areas. Thats not a rocket science. In fact, these are some basic defensive movements which FM lacks big time. With that in ME we would experience a whole new dimention of playing and enjoyng the game.
  3. MBarbaric, good point on that football stats needs a lot of context to be concidered relevant. Putting them in said context is what top analysts do all the time. You can even do that in FM to some degree, but its so time consuming due to the lack of proper collection and often presentation of data required. Taking into acount the fact that FM is only a video game I would rather go with my own less in-depth 'advanced stats" for the most part and - sticking with the GK saves made example - Im well aware of that its out of context and as you mentioned it doesnt really tell the whole story, but in the long run(in the course of the season) it "evens out" a little bit and you can really see that teams who allows way more shots on goal before recording a clean sheet generally defend worse and the context doesnt really matter that much(especially in FM).
  4. Guys, I completely agree with the fact that football just isn't the game of stats, so to speak. If it had been the case, Americans would have loved it already. But - as some of you metioned - stats still can be helpful to some degree. E.g. If i take total number of GK's saves made and divide it by total number of clean sheets kept, I can see how many saves GK has to make in order to keep a clean sheet. That then can indicate how good or poor is his team's defensive play(fewer saves required = better defense). Of course, it doesn't provide me with a winning formula. In fact, it doesn't provide me with any sort of formula whatsoever. But it can help me define whether the next match-up against said team would likely be a struggle(good defense), so Im more willing to analyse tactics/weaker points etc. or it should be an easy-peasy, so i just go with it, saving a lot of time and work. Stats are also very helpfull for players abilities evaluation. You can go with any sort of stuff, like tackles made per interceptions(shows whether a player is more inteligent or more agressive in his defensive play), total number of fauls given per dribbling/run(shows whether a player is more likely to draw a set piece rather than provide a meaningful individual run with the ball), and so on and so on. Thats why Im so into statistical aproach to the game> It gives you whole new perspective on things. E.g. In this test save Ive created yesterday there is Huddersfield sitting dead last in EPL at January 1st. If you go with traditional aproach and just look at the EPL table you are more likeli to say that "they just suck, there is no hope". Where in fact they DON'T. They sit middle of the table in almost every aspects of the game except finnishing, which means the addition of a good goalscorer(or two) could change things dramatically. On the other side of things is Crystal Palace, sitting 5th in the EPL, while being completely shambles in almost every aspects of the game. That means they are less likely to keep that pace for long period of time, and despite this seasons mild success, they might find themselves fighting against relegation as soon as next season. So, probably, if we were offered a DoF job at both Huddersfield and Crystal Palace, 99 out of a 100 would immediately go to CP and I would be the one that goes to Huddersfield, because they are one player away from being mid-table, while CP is one "come down to earth" from being prime relegation candidate.
  5. Of course, football is way more complex that baseball or american football, which are basically 100% set pieces, and Im well aware of that. But It doesnt mean that stats in football arent helpful, they are. E.g. said "key passes' mesures creativity and vision of a player for the most part. Then you can create your own advanced stats like total amount of passes to key passes, which can measure a players' likeliness of creative play(flair?). But in order to create those kind of advanced stats you must know the exact definition of the basic stats components, dont you? And Im here to get a clarification on some of these; especially in the quick sim. An why is that? Because I play FM with completely hidden attributes.
  6. Ok, after another hour or so of fooling around in an in-game analytics tool I might have cracked this for good! So, "chances created" are key passes(crosses included) that lead to a clear cut chance or a half chance defined by the match engine, while "key passes" can be also passes that dont create a CCC or HC defined by the ME, but are still concidered dangerous(assist scored from no CC or HC chances included). it turns out that FM-ish "key passes" are RL "chances created" for the most part, while FM-ish "chances created" are RL "big chances created". Now we can talk! And for the quick sim and full sim. Full sim means that game details for certain leauges are set to "all competitive matches", which simulates all those matches in the said leagues using match engine mechanics(you can re-watch them and see all stats), while quick sim is game details set to "none", which just creates some "random" basic game stats based on teams reputation(as far as Im concerned). Those games you cant re-watch etc. And what really concerns me right now is the fact that full sim stats are completely different from quck sim stats. E.g. there are plenty of players in quick sim with 80+ "chances created" and only 20-30 "key passes" which is IMPOSSIBLE to achieve via ME, because - as I said before - "chances created" stat is only a component of "key passes" stat which means "key passes" >="chances created"; never the other way round. Personally, I define an assist the way its done in ice hockey, meaning whichever player passes the ball to a goalscores is awarded with the assist and whichever player passes it to the assist maker is awarded with secondary assist. Thats it. No nonsense like whether it was a simple pass form FB to Messi who then driblled through 10 oposition players or simply beautiful 30 yard through ball for a CCC. Of course, you can then create tons of other more advanced stats for assists type etc.
  7. All right, boys. I've just run a simple test. TOP 5 leagues full sim over a half of the season. And then used this in-game analytics tool for random matches to try to define what those stats actually are. And OMFG its all over the place! Sometimes a key pass is also a chance created, sometimes it is not; sometimes its also a cross, sometimes not; sometimes its an assist, sometimes its not! And sometimes its either or neither. And the worst part is two almost identical situations can be represented in stats either way. Im not gonna say that this makes those stats completely useless(yet obviously badly implemented), but this way it makes it so subjective that you can even treat those stats like a stats anymore. I think that this matter should be revisited by the devs at some point.
  8. Because its actually an "academical" term right now, that's used by every scouting/analytics websites/apps/databases. You can find the definition in the links below: http://www.squawka.com/en/football-stats-definitions https://www.optasports.com/news/optas-event-definitions/ And what Im trying to understand is how the game actually generate those stats, because its certainly not the way it suppose to be. Plus it differs depending on whether you quick sim games or sim in full details. And thats what confuses me the most, because I can very well understand what a "key pass" might be in full sim but utterly cant in quick sim; and obvioulsy I can't full sim every single league when many are unplayable by default.
  9. Guys, everything you say is probably truth, but the thing is: a) IRL "chances created" literally mean assists + key passes, so why it might be something else in the game? b) In my whole FM "adventure" I have never seen a player awarded with "chances created" after a run or something. Its either pass or cross thats converted into a shot, which is the way it suppose to be. BUT "key passes" are essentially not a component of "chances created" stats. Its almost all the other way round(In full details simulation) or completely unrelated(in quick sim). So, again, how am I suppose to interpret those stats? Funny thing is, I actually prefer it the way its calculated in the full sim rather than real life("key passes" could be interpret as a potential secondary assist), but when it comes to the quick sim it just doesnt make any sence at all.
  10. Hi, as a baseball fan I'm really into statistics and analytics, so I would like to know what all those stats in FM are about, because something just doesn't add up to me. E.g. "chances created" supposed to be a sum of assists and key passes(which are passes/crosses leading to scoring opportunity that weren't converted), yet in full details simulation FM also awards key passes to players whose passes weren't conrverted into any kind of shot. This implicates the fact that number of FM-like chances created must be lower that FM-like key passes. Yet stats created via quick sim shows many players with few key passes and assists but with lots of chances created. What the heck is this all about?
  11. HUNT3R, thanks for replying, but thats not etirely what my problem is. I already know how to use and navigate new scouting system, but it just lacks something, which is prescouting at the start of new save game. I always thought thats wrong(its been the case for years), but i really didnt bother that much as: 1. I couldnt compare it to any other scouting systems in other manager-type games; 2. I could easly workaround it and get ridiculous amount of reports within few days or so. Now its impossible(which is a good thing) plus I got really hyped by OOTP games recently and actually could compare the mechanics of those games. Obviously FM is far more superior, and always been, yet with OOTP games the prescouting aspects at the start of the new save game is a one thing FM could adopt, because right now its just pure nonsense when you have to scout players like Messi etc. to get scouting report on them.
  12. ypu can filter out player search screen however you want, but it doesnt help when you cant see players atributes and/or star rating; players that should be all well known and "prescouted" somehow from day one at the club.
  13. Im afraid its been like that for years, but this year its more obvious as SI decided to cut down scouts' abilities to search for many players at the same time. I had my scout at AC Milan searching for players in Italy for 4 seasons and he came back with like 10-15 reports in general! I myself could find more names after one weekend roadtrip through my hometown area watching some lower leagues games. But thats not the case anyway. The worst part is that you dont know anything or barely anything about players with top reputation unless your ingame alter-ego has good scouting atributes or you send your scout to watch tem. Really? is there anyone related to football that would have to scout f.e. CR7 to know his skills(atributes) or star rating in relation to your own players? i dont think so.
  14. Hi everyone! I've recently purchased FM 18 and managed to play 4 seasons with farly big club(AC MIlan), yet couldn't find any decent players for my team via new scouting system. So, I ran some tests, both for non-league clubs and top clubs with diferent types of my in-game alter-ego, just to figure out what the new system is all about, and results "amazed" me pretty much. Basically I found all things related to your club scouting system USELESS...a t least for first few months(years?) in the game, as all the knowledge about database comes from your in-game alter-ego scouting atributes, not from the scouting system your current club has. This is ridiculous! You could start new game at Manchester United with sundayleague experienced manager and you wouldn be able to see/know much/anything about wellknown wolrdwide(big reputaiton) players(f.e. Ribery or even CR7) despite your clubs scouting system is perfect! So whats the point of scouting system anyways?
  15. Its been the case since FM17, I believe. Ticking "have fewer stops..." in preferences doesnt help anything.
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