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  1. I can kind of agree that some players in lower leagues can be close to a top level especially in terms of phisical attributes, but again there are not many of them. Also their other attributes should be way below average(below 10). If that hasnt been the case(like in FM), they would have had played in top leagues already as a backup or something and for very cheap. But they dont, though.
  2. I gotta say, there might be something fundamentally wrong with the whole players research. It seems like there is some misunderstanding of attributes themselves, thus players are given wrong attribute values. Attributes are absolute numbers in the game, meaning "10" is always 10" no matter the league level. "10" also means average on 1-20 scale. If our reference point is whole players database, then there is no way that players in top leagues(like EPL La Lige etc.) can have attributes values below 15.Though, If top leagues are our reference point, then lesser players are way too OP. How player
  3. As I have been issued a warning and one of my posts got deleted, I would really like to apologise everyone that got offended by anything I wrote. Its always the case for me speaking english(Im much nicer in spanish or... german). That being said, I completely dissagree with the way its been handeled therefore with politics of this forum and all that. So Im done. Whats the point of writing anything here, when your post could get deleted cuz someone got offended or taged you as a spammer? I made my argument - valid or not - it was there. If you dissagree, then throw your argument at me
  4. I know that and I do so. Yet it doesnt change the fact that all that stuff affects simulation. You will still be bothered with tons of messages, screens etc. thatvyou dont care about. I just want to simulate from game to game with one click on continue button? Why I cant do so anymore? I cant holyday through either cuz then i might miss some nonsense player interactions wich gonna kill teams morale or whatever. It would be so much better if the sim stopped only for big injuries and transfer offers, like it used to. Yet it stops for anything and then force me through in-game social media screen
  5. I did. Still too much nonsense for me. I dream of a day when I be able to choose which option/module(or whatever its called) I want to use in my gameplay. Like you dont like scouting? Just disable scouting; or maybe you do like press conferences, so enable it. Or maybe you want to be DoF and simulate through seasons in 30 minutes? Why not? I just cant understand why this stuff isnt in the game yet? Other sports management games, far inferior to FM, have had it for years. And its so much fun as you can play the game trully your way.
  6. As a player with almost 25 years of CM/FM experience I can tell that this statement is paradoxically true and false at the same time. Obviously, progress in many aerias is evident, but there are also many things which "evolve backwards"(so to speak). Like press conferences, team talks, in-game social media(LOL), and all that clickfesty, repetetive nonsense, which doesent matter much(or at all), yet takes time even when delegated to your assistant(you still have to click through all those messages and screens). This actually killed my passion for this series. Yes, good match engine would b
  7. And one more thing. Discovering players actual attributes should take years of him playing at certain level of football. Can you really tell if a player is good after only few good games in some bush league? You cant and its always a crapshoot. Thousands of players every year are trafsered to a better teams this way and it very rarerly pans out.
  8. Actually, this is compeletly different thing. And its fine. I just want my scout, when compeleting his assigment(narrowing down that "between 10-15") to be compeletly wrong about his assesments. He might narrow it down to 12 but players actual absolute pace rating, which you could only see in editor, would be 9 - lets say. Of course, the better the scout, the more in line with actual ratings his assesment should be. But never perfect as you never know IRL.
  9. So, you clearly dont understand the concept. Its not about scale, wether its 1-20, 1-100, with or without decimals or whatever, its about the fact that your scout cannot be wrong about absolute value of a given attribute. When player is fully scouted you know exactly whether his pace is 20, 18, 17.6, or whatever scale you used. I want my scout to be compeletly wrong. Eg. players X dribbling rating in editor is 10 but my inexperienced scout watched him destroing some amateurs in an exotic league and thought "this guy has at least 15 dribbling" or whatever. Then you buy this guy and after few ga
  10. I still to this day cannot understand, why FM is so one-dimentional in that matter. I play a lot of OOTP games and they have that figured out quite while ago. Showing attributes as absolute numbers instead of weighted/adjusted to level of copetition scouting etc. Is just stupid. Whats the point of scouting when you already know what given player is like? Second - no talent randomness whatsoever. You never gonna see flameouts in this game and very rarely if ever some late bloomers. There is no fun in it anymore so I tend to hide the attributes completely. At least your scout can overestimate(bu
  11. My two cents in the topic. Ive been playing FM series for over 20 years now and I can only tell that every ME shenanigans, that we've been through over the years, are the result of nonexistent defensive play. Im certan that SI can program accurate, inteligent offensive movement. that looks like real football and produces similar statistical outcomes(as we all have seen it here and there), but they are just simply unable to replicate defensive phase of the game to counter that offense, so if they left it in FM, we would see almost handball-like results. Unfortunately, the problem is
  12. Both of them are complete strikers. Lukaku - on support, Martinez - on attack. Ive been using Conte-sque 3-5-2 for years. Funny and quite effective formation.
  13. Idk if it has anything to do with ball speed but I dont mind more defensive-aware midfield. Yet I would like to see some sort of tactical awarness presented in the game. E.g. the gap between players cant be more than X yards, so when fullback is pressing hard, creating more space in between teammates, it triggers them to tighten it up and move towards that flank one by one, which obviously would create an ilusion that they move as a unit.
  14. One thing that really holds back ME for years is defensive movement as a unit, which seems nonexistent. Im pretty defensive-minded tactician(also youth coach irl) and I simply cant wrap my mind around some of these stuff in FM - especially defending the flanks and channels. You may see fullbacks pressing the wingers hard(which isnt a bad thing per se), while the whole team stays put. This creates humongous channel for the opossition players to slot in. Thats why 3 striker formation are so OP and 3 at the back pretty useless. But there is more of that. Ocasionally one of the CB gonna slot into
  15. MBarbaric, good point on that football stats needs a lot of context to be concidered relevant. Putting them in said context is what top analysts do all the time. You can even do that in FM to some degree, but its so time consuming due to the lack of proper collection and often presentation of data required. Taking into acount the fact that FM is only a video game I would rather go with my own less in-depth 'advanced stats" for the most part and - sticking with the GK saves made example - Im well aware of that its out of context and as you mentioned it doesnt really tell the whole story, but i
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