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  1. It won't be running on the dates given in RL though because we will have the Euros in June and July 2021 now
  2. Loving the skin but one thing I miss is milestones before and after the match. Is it somewhere else or can I add it? Thank you
  3. How come I'm getting no prize money or TV money for La Liga. 2nd season now and the only income is from the europa league
  4. 2nd this. My players who don't start first team won't let me make them available for the b team meaning match sharpness is awful!!
  5. Same problem. Would rather see match condition then body language. Why is there no way of changing this like you can in squad view or tactics view.
  6. Hi can anyone let me know if this one will run FM well. Also predict how many nations I can run 3 or 4 star quality on large database? https://www.saveonlaptops.co.uk/9S7-179586-1007-MSI-GL72-7QF-1007UK_2067944.html
  7. I'm on the opposite end. Just won the league with Grasshoppers. Arsenal mean while have just won the champions league. Arsenal get a takeover, Wenger retires & the new owners want me! Couldn't turn it down. Now storming the league 15pts clear in March.
  8. Yeah having trouble with the link. Could you post a new link please.
  9. I've just started my 2nd season. Started with Grasshopper Zurich and won the Super League in Switzerland. 6 points above Basel. Arsenal won the Champions League then Wenger retired. I was made joint fav for the job. Applied and got it! (Felt weird all I've done is win a league title now I'm at the best club currently in Europe!!) maybe a bug. My transfer budget changed. Had 75k at Grasshopper and 65m at Arsenal. Would of been more but Steve Bold had already spent 45m on Gonzalo Higuaín.
  10. Took the Derby job mid way through November with them sitting in 16th. First few games where shocking with this tactic. Lost 6-0 to Watford away but stuck with it & ended up winning the Championship by 2 points! Bring on the Premiership!!
  11. I'm 6 points clear with Peterborough United at top of premier! 3rd season in the premier league last time I finished 13th so not got to good a team. I'm in January now. Was unbeaten in prem till Jan as well. This tactic is working ok for me so far....
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