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  1. ive restarted my laptop and its now showing. thanks for your help
  2. its definitely update, i checked the version number on the game, ive reloaded steam and verified the cache but no joy. i took steam offline then back online but still doesn't shoe. any ideas?
  3. Hi All, I've gone into steam, library, tools and the editor isn't in the list. Any ideas? thanks tom
  4. future transfers question

    when the player arrives but it will be taken into account in your budget straight away.
  5. Looking for some help with work permits. I have a feeder club who I can loan players to who can't gain a work permit. Mine's in Belgium so it takes 3 years for the nationality to come in. If the player becomes an international regular in say 18 months will a work permit then be given or do i still have to wait the full 3 years before I can bring them back. thanks in advance
  6. Long Flat Throws

    I've tried using preferred moves on search but it doesn't bring up any players? I did post that in general issues but didn't get a reply.
  7. Long Flat Throws

    Hi all, Looking for players with a long flat throw, a la Delap and Shotton. Who else has the same ability?
  8. hi guys, I've tried to search for plays with certain preffered moves but it doesn't bring up any players even with no filters on. Is there a way to search for these? Thanks Tom
  9. Huge Database

    i know just easier to go huge. thanks anyway
  10. Hi Guys, I was wondering if there is an option for "huge" database as there was in FM11. If there is and anybody could let me know how to do it I'd be grateful. I tried to search for this but no results that I could find.
  11. steam message

    just had the exact same issue, thanks for the advice.
  12. only played him twice, once in champs league semi and once in the final and he scored in both. one off the bench at that.
  13. first season went well, league cup, league and champs league win, despite hernandez broken leg 6 months out, welbeck 3 months out and rooney6 weeks out all in march!!! Without these 3 (and I sold berba) diouf and macheda stepped up and I just about got by till rooney returned. weirdly though played barca in champs league final (after doing city on pens in the semi) and they started messi and villa on the bench, I was 3 nil up before they came on. They were a little tired but I couldn't believe my luck!!! Focussing on youth so not bought any first team players but brought in erick torres, carlos fierro, crisetig and delofeu for youth. Pogba and morrison played 10 - 15 games last season and both did well, hope to really get them involved and developed this year. Trying to have a summer clear out now but finding it very hard to get rid of players, managed to sell Park, Lindegaard and Carrick. Just a few more to ship out to make room for the kids.
  14. Hi guys, I know we'll find out when the blog comes out but from what was said on the podcast I'm looking forward to some developments within youth. It would be nice to see this changed to allow more depth (age groups or players) and to replicate deals such as Man Utd's brazilian deal and partnership with FC Twente. Also I was wondering if the new youth Champs league will be included which I think Spurs and Liverpool have teams in from England this season.