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  1. I'm calling it Italy 1:0 Spain. Spain have looked a little shaky trying to break defensive teams down and also susceptible to the counter attack.
  2. Can we not ruin this good thread with more referendum sulking please? I'm not thrilled to see Sterling back in the squad but none of us know how good he has been in training this week. He'll probably get subbed if he's awful anyways. I reckon England pick up a comfortable 2:0 victory!
  3. Very interesting pitch design tonight!
  4. From a couple of my lads: - Avoids stronger foot - Dictates injuries to opposition - Enjoys cup-game suspensions
  5. There is an in-game volume slider under Preferences > Sound. Maybe SI could add this slider to the match preferences screen during a game?
  6. Firstly, I want to have my tactics screen sorted by the player roles as shown below: [/img] ... But then I want the rest of my players to be listed in order of position. At the moment the are all muddled up as seen below: [/img] How do I adjust this? It's driving me absolutely insane! Thanks!
  7. Can we get an official comment on this? Thanks for the patch
  8. I agree that it might be a little difficult for some. I'm sure SI would simplify it as much as they can. Whilst saying that, people don't need to use 'pressing traps' if they don't understand it. You can still win without them. It would just be a bonus feature for the FM tacticians.
  9. I don't think it would be too difficult. All you'd really need is a pop-up mini-map of the field so you can select which zones you'd like to press in. A mini-map like the prozone pitch would be a great way to select your zones. All you'd then need to do is select how aggressive to press.
  10. Hey all, I'm wondering if there is a way SI can improve the 'pressing' aspect of FM tactics. I think it generally does a good job but it could be more specific. Modern-day managers tend to press in certain areas of the pitch and not in others. Eg. Only pressing on the opposition's side of the pitch... only pressing down the flanks/through the center of the pitch. Managers such as Klopp, Simeone and Guardiola all have unique pressing styles that have a huge bearing on their team's tactics yet I don't think this is represented in FM as clearly as it could be. Does anyone think this needs changing or do you have specific work-arounds?
  11. But the context of the conversation in this instance usually involves a bid from a specific club. Thus, "I will let you go" refers to ONE club meeting your valuation and not ANY club. That's why I find the transfer-listing odd. Personally, i'd prefer it to be removed or for it to be a 'transfer-listed by request'.
  12. Surely this can't be right? Let's say that 'Player X' is upset that I rejected a bid from Man Utd for 10m and he's worth 25m. I then tell him that if a better offer comes in near 25m, i'll consider selling him. In this instance, i'm not saying "this player is no longer needed and anyone can have him." What i'm saying is "if Utd come back with a reasonable offer near your value, I promise too sell you." For this reason, it's a little unfair to transfer-list the player, especially if he is a first-team player. Think about C. Ronaldo's situation at Utd. Sir Alex promised him that he could join Real if they met the club's valuation. Sir Alex was not saying, "this player is transfer-listed if anyone is interested."
  13. Great work! Any chance of these graphics coming out soon? I'd be happy to download it even if it's unfinished
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