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  1. Sturridge had a pretty early hat-trick (and he really declined in this game after injuries) and my team's shots->shots on target->goals number scales nicely.
  2. I think press conferences are okay. It is good enough if you roleplay. I appreciate longer questions they added later.
  3. I hope stadium editor isn't a priority for SI. I hope they would rather focus on other features (like AI) than turning the game into a football club president game (I am also glad that we can't set the ticket prices for that matter).
  4. I began to wait till about January to buy the game. The game is less buggy, cheaper and when you start the cycle, you wait the same amount for each game. That doesn't mean that I criticize SI for their policies. It just makes more sense to buy later.
  5. What about using scouts' reputation? You can trust your scout more if his/her reputation is higher.
  6. But the developers said that for big features and improvements( like the new ME this year or the 3d match engine), they work more than one year to fully develop them. Releasing a new game every year would give them more money to work with and don't force them to release their new features as soon as possible.
  7. While playing with Fenerbahçe, I won the Euro Cup and played against PSG in the Euro Super Cup. My offensive game plan based on Andy Carroll's(and his backup's) aerial abilities. His backup was injured and Andy Carroll was playing with an injury. We were up by 1-0 and the team played fine against PSG. Then I subbed Carroll out because he was getting really tired and the team really struggled to play. Then they scored 2 goals in the last minutes and I lost the game like Bayern did in 1999 Champions League final.
  8. I do use cautious when calming a player down but otherwise have the same problem with you.
  9. I had to use Wellbeck in Fm11 for 10 straight games due to injuries and his stats was almost same as yours. It depends on your players and tactics. I had great success with King as poacher( not in Manu).
  10. You just described me, I also give extra credit to home-grown players and players who thinks me as their favorite personnels.
  11. "X team did it!" It's also one of my favorite lines for same reson.
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