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    Played CM/FM since it very first came out some 20 odd years ago, this makes me very old!

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  1. My results: CPU: Intel i7-8700 CPU Turbo Frequency: 3.2GHz CPU Overclocked: No RAM: 16.00GB Dual-Channel DDR4 RAM Clockspeed: 2400 MHz GPU: Intel UHD 630 OS: Win 10 Home 64-bit Storage: 240GB SSD & 2TB HDD Benchmark A: 3 min 32 sec Benchmark B: 4 min 21 sec Benchmark C: 5 min 58 sec FM18 Computer Performance: 5 stars FM18 PC 3D Graphics Rating: 3 stars
  2. Have been buying the game since 1992 and will continue to do so, even if the time i get to play has gotten lesser and lesser. As soon as news for the next installment comes out i find it impossible to play the current version, so the sooner the Beta is here the better!
  3. Shame he's cheated with players fitness to get the results all season...
  4. How reliable is this? Would love to use it but not if it's gonna crash after a season or so.
  5. Cheers Mike will have a proper check over the weekend as at work today and obviously out tonight!
  6. Cheers for looking but i'm on a PC and don't think my problem was 'low memory', just a crash dump. Hopefully it'll help the other fella though.
  7. My game constantly crashes when using custom skins (Vitrex was the first one i noticed), the game will crash (dump) randomly when playing and then when i try to restart it just gets stuck on the loading screen meaning i have to remove the skin from the folder before i can play again. I am using all the usual graphic addons that i have used for many years and never had a problem until now, have also tried 'verifying game cache' in case something was missing but made no difference. Finding it quite annoying as do like to use backgrounds (i made the big pack over on Sortitoutsi a couple of years back) but now i can't even view them in my game As i said i have never ever had any problem installing and using skins, graphics etc but this year for some reason it appears impossible to use a different skin.
  8. When just all the English leagues are loaded how big is the DB?
  9. It appears to only happen when i have a downloaded skin in the 'skins' folder?
  10. Any luck with the changing of backgrounds mate? It seems for some reason your custom BG's are overwriting any packs we add for some reason.
  11. Probably been asked a million times but how do we set up a testimonial for our own players? I've had two now against other teams but never seen one for one of my own players.
  12. I guess its not impossible due to the finances we have but unrealistic as it would just never happen! Especially December of the first season.
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