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  1. Seems GMG is for me. $5 cheaper than Steam and have a 25% off coupon too.
  2. The Nuuvem key has worked for me in Canada so perhaps you can find a buyer in North America for your key if it works in that region. Hopefully Sega can assist you though.
  3. Edited post. Seems Nuuvem supplied me a key for my region so I worried for nothing.
  4. Another region locked key here. I even emailed the vendor in August to ask if the key would be region locked and they said it wouldn't be. Hopefully they'll refund me or exchange for an alternative. I just don't get why the region locks weren't announced when pre-orders were being taken.
  5. The ability to zoom in to increase the font size was much needed. The past few versions I have barely played since I have my laptop hooked up to a 40" TV and sitting quite far away made it difficult to read. So far, from what I've played in Classic Mode, it is fantastic.
  6. Looks great, cheers. Interested to see Jimmy Greaves too but Spurs didn't sign him until the next season.
  7. That Spurs side is or was considered the greatest title winning side in the English game. Would love to see the screenshots for their players.
  8. I haven't spent time playing the recent iterations. I've hardly put time in for years to be honest. It's easy to criticise the game as the reason we stopped enjoying it as much but the truth is we have probably spent too much time on the game and got burnt out. I can think of a number of features that I'm not too keen on but that is down to me not having the time and patience to enjoy them. I have spent many many hours on CM then FM and was well rewarded for the little money I put it in. I'm not sure there is any other game that is such good value for money. Some fans of the game just aren't aware of when it is time to move on or take a break.
  9. Don't see a flaw in your argument as keeping possession can be wasting time and this is how I saw it working all along. When a team plays away from home at times they want to grab possession and frustrate the home team and crowd.
  10. This question just occurred to me. If a player has mentality of 20 and run from deep often, will he take the position of the 20 mentality and run forward from that? Or will he run from deep to the 20 position later to attack the ball? I'm thinking the mentality will effect his defensive position and the run from deep his attacking position.
  11. Could you list the shouts and perhaps we can discuss what we think they should do? I hate spoon fed info. personally.
  12. Not sure where to post this but I guess here will do. Could there be a sub forum for people who want to post their tactics. I have zero interest in these topics and imagine other people feel the same way yet they clutter up the board. I do enjoy the theory discussions a lot.
  13. Try lowering his creative freedom so he sticks to the instructions given to him. Set him to cross often from the byline as well. If he continues to the way he was reduce his run with ball slider to mixed.
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